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Google isn#39;t the same little search engine you remember. It#39;s now part of Alphabet, a new conglomerate started by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In honor of this coming-of-age, we#39;re paying homage to Google#39;s history with a few fun facts about the company:谷歌不再是你记忆中的小搜素引擎了,它现在是Alphabet的子公司。Alphabet是谷歌联合人谢尔盖#8226;布林、拉里#8226;偑奇新创办的联合企业。为了庆祝谷歌的成长,我们列举了一些关于谷歌的趣事聊表敬意:1. Google officially prefers dogs over cats比起喵星人,谷歌官方更喜欢汪星人The company#39;s love of dogs is written into its corporate code of conduct: ;Google#39;s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture. We like cats, but we#39;re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.;谷歌的公司行为准则里也提到了对汪星人的喜爱:“对们的感情是我们的企业文化不可分割的一个部分。我们也爱猫咪,不过我们是一家爱犬公司,所以,一般而言,如果有猫咪在办公室里活动的话,我们会很紧张。”2. The first Google Doodle was an ;out of office; message while Page and Brin went to Burning Man谷歌第一个涂鸦标志表达了“暂停营业”的讯息,因为当时佩奇和布林都去参加“火人艺术节”了On August 30, 1998, Brin and Page placed the Burning Man stick figure on Google#39;s logo to let everyone know they#39;d be attending the notoriously raucous music festival. Eventually these doodles became a tradition used to celebrate different holidays and events. There have been more than 2,000 doodles over the years.1998年8月30日,布林和佩奇把“火人”简笔画搬到了谷歌的标志上,让大家知道他们要参加著名的音乐节狂欢了。后来,每到节假日和重大事件纪念日,都有用涂鸦来纪念的传统。多年来,谷歌涂鸦已超过2000个。3.Google once went down for a few minutes and wrecked the Internet谷歌宕机几分钟,危及整个互联网Google experienced a 2-minute outage in August 2013, and it caused Internet page views to plummet 40 percent. Now THAT#39;S power.2013年8月,谷歌曾宕机2分钟,全球网络流量暴跌40%。这就是谷歌的强大影响力!4. Google was founded in YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki#39;s garage谷歌成立于YouTube首席执行官苏珊#8226;沃西基家的车库Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in Susan Wojcicki#39;s garage in 1998. Wojcicki eventually became a Google executive before becoming the CEO of YouTube in 2014. It#39;s always nice to get in on the ground floor!1998年,谢尔盖#8226;布林和拉里#8226;佩奇在苏珊#8226;沃西基家的车库中创立了谷歌。沃西基最终成为谷歌的一名高管,之后于2014年成为YouTube的首席执行官。在公司起步时加入总是好处多多。5. A python once got loose in Google#39;s New York offices一条巨蟒曾在谷歌纽约办公楼里失踪A Google employee#39;s ball python escaped in the NYC office on April 1, 2007. Since it was April Fools#39; Day, many people thought it was a prank. Unfortunately, it wasn#39;t. The python was eventually caught and returned to its owner.2007年4月1日,在谷歌纽约办公楼,一名员工的球蟒跑了出来。当天恰逢愚人节,很多人以为是一场恶作剧。不幸的是,这是真事。最终,这条蟒蛇被逮住还给了主人。6. As of 2009, Google has used goats to mow its lawn自2009年起,谷歌用山羊来修草坪In 2009, Google announced that it had started renting goats to graze on its lawn instead of using lawn mowers. This way is more environmentally friendly and definitely cuter.2009年,谷歌宣布不再用割草机,开始租用山羊来来草坪吃草。这种方法修草坪更环保,而且绝对很萌。7. Steve Jobs once called up a Google exec to complain about the color of the second ;o; in Google史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯曾给谷歌一名高管打电话,不满谷歌图标中第2个O的颜色。Jobs called up Google#39;s Vic Gundotra in 2008 to tell him that the second ;o; in the Google logo wasn#39;t the right shade of yellow. ;I#39;ve been looking at the Google logo on the iPhone and I#39;m not happy with the icon. The second O in Google doesn#39;t have the right yellow gradient. It#39;s just wrong and I#39;m going to have Greg fix it tomorrow. Is that okay with you?; Jobs told Gundotra, according to a post Gundotra published on Google+. Gundotra said that was absolutely OK with him.2008年,乔布斯给谷歌的维克#8226;冈多特拉打电话,说谷歌标识中第二个O黄色渐变效果不理想。冈多特拉在Google+上发表的一篇帖子中写道,乔布斯对他说:“我在iPhone上一直盯着谷歌的标识看,我对这个图标不太满意。Google中的第二个O黄色渐变效果不理想。这个颜色不对劲,我明天得让格雷格修改一下。这样可以吗?” 冈多特拉回答说当然可以。 /201508/394221

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