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在厦门地区中医院胸部整形厦门市欧菲医院专家大夫Ahh,sleep...You can never have enough of it,it seems.In fact,sometimes it literally feels like you arent getting enough.But,what if you stopped sleeping altogether.Strangely,science understands relatively a little about why we sleep or how it evolved in the first place.啊,睡觉觉...似乎觉是永远睡不够啊。实际上,有时候你真感觉睡不够。但是,如果你完全不睡觉呢。奇怪的是,科学界却对我们睡觉的原因 及其最初的成因知之甚少。After all,laying unconscious and dormant for hours on end while predators lurk hardly seems advantageous or smart.But we have discovered a few correlations.For example,adults to sleep between 6 to 8 hours at night tend to live longer.excessive sleep,however,can lead to medical problems including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.毕竟,在床上毫无知觉地躺几个小时 而捕食者蠢蠢欲动,看上去不是啥好事。但是我们发现了几种关系。比如,每天晚上睡6-8个小时的成年人寿命更长。相反,睡眠过多会引发疾病,包括冠心病和糖尿病。Similarily,chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to aspects of cardiovascular disease,obesity,depression and even brain damage.But what if you stop sleeping right now?Well,after your first sleepless night,Your mesolimbic system become stimulated and dopmine runs rampant.And this may actually trigger some extra energy,motivation,positivity and even sex drive.同样 长期睡眠不足也被与冠心病 肥胖 抑郁甚至是脑损伤划上关系。但如果你从现在起停止睡觉呢?在你的第一个不眠之夜后,你的中脑边缘系统会受到刺激,多巴胺疯狂分泌。这的确会带来一些额外的精力,动力,积极性,甚至是性冲动。Sounds appealing,but its a slippery slope.Your brain slowly begin to shut off the regions responsible for planning and evaluating decisions,leading to more impulsive behavior.Once exhaustion sets in,youll find yourself with slower reaction times and reduced perceptual and cognitive functions.After a day or two to have no sleep,the body loses its ability to properly metabolize glucose and the immune system stops working as well.貌似很有吸引力,但这只是个坑。你的大脑会逐渐关闭负责计划与 决策的区域,使人举止更冲动。当疲惫出现时,你会发现自己反应时间更长 感知和认知能力下降。一两天彻夜无眠后,身体糖代谢功能将会失衡 免疫系统也会停止工作。In some cases,three days of no sleep has led to hallucination.Care about how you look? Studies have shown a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and a persons perceived beauty.That is to say,sleep deprived individuals appeared less healthy and less attractive than when they were well-rested.在一些案例中,连续三天无眠会导致幻觉。在乎自己的形象?有研究已经发现了睡眠不足 和外界对个人外表认知的关系。也就是说,睡眠不足的人看上去比 休息好时更不健康 更没有吸引力。The longest scientifically documented case of being awake was 264 hours,or 11 days.And while they did develop problems with concentration,perception and irritability,the surprising truth is that they suffered no serious,long term health effects.In fact,no individuals under these documented conditions experience medical,physiological,neurological or psychiatric problems.科学记录下持续清醒时间最长的记录是264小时 或11天。尽管他们的确在集中注意力,认知和兴奋性上出了问题,令人惊讶的是 他们并未遭受严重而长期的健康影响。实际上,在这些案例中 没有一个个体 遇到了医学 生理 神经或是精神方面的问题。But there are limited studies and this doesnt mean permanent damage couldnt inflicted with more time.Sleep deprivation on rats,for example,generally lead to death after about two weeks.But scientists arent totally sure if they are dying from the lack of sleep or from the stress of constantly being woken up.不过目前研究有限,并且这也不是说更长时间后,不会出现永久性损伤。比如 被剥夺睡眠的老鼠,大多数在两周后死亡。不过科学家不敢肯定 它们是死于睡眠不足,还是经常被唤醒造成的压力。Perhaps we should look at fatal familial insomnia for an answer.A rare genetic disease of the brain which causes progressively worsening insomnia or sleeplessness leading to hallucinations dementia and ultimately,death.This disease has only affected around 100 people in the world but their average survial span was around 18 months.也许我们得从致命性家族性失眠症中找。这是一个罕见的大脑基因疾病 会使病患失眠不断恶化 并导致幻觉 痴呆 直至最终的死亡。在全世界,这种病仅影响到了100人 但他们的平均寿命只有18个月。Overtime,the lack of sleep becomes worse and the bodys organs begin to shut down.So,well lack of sleep wont necessarily kill you quickly,continuous sleep deprivation will have a negative effect on your body.Sleep tight,but not too much.日积月累 睡眠缺乏逐渐严重,身体器官逐渐停止工作。因此,睡眠不足不会马上置你于死地,但持续性睡眠不足会对你的身体产生负面影响。睡个好觉,但别睡太久。201503/363294厦门驼峰鼻矫正多少钱 栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201510/39200573 Questions with Anna Wintour与时尚女魔头的 73 个快问快答Hi, Im here for the interview with Anna.嗨,我是来这访问 Anna 的。Yes, Annas y, right this way into her office.好的,Anna 准备好了,走这边到她的办公室。Great. Uh...Im dressed okay, right? Not—yeah.好。唉...我穿得还可以,对吧?不--好吧。Anna, hi! Thanks for letting me come by. Im just here to ask you 73 questions and lets get right down into it. What time did you wake up this morning?Anna,嗨!谢谢你让我过来。我只是来这问你 73 个问题,那我们开始吧。你今天早上几点醒床?Five oclock.五点。What do you usually have with breakfast?你通常早餐配什么?Starbucks.星巴克。How long have you been in this office for?你在这间办公室多久了?Forever.一辈子。Whats one of your favorite things in this office?这间办公室里你最喜欢的其中一样东西是什么?My Clarice Cliff collection.我的 Clarice Cliff 收藏。Whats one thing in this office youve had the longest?这间办公室里你拥有最久的东西是什么?The desk.书桌。Can you write down the one fashion word you wish everyone would stop using?你可以写下你希望大家别再用的一个时尚字眼吗?Of course.可以。Thank you. Journey! Huh!谢谢。旅程!嗯哼!Anna. Here are the clothes for the December lead, what do you think?Anna。这里是给 12 月号主角穿的衣,你觉得呢?Virginia, wheres the color?Virginia,怎么没有其他颜色?Good point.说得好。Whats an accessory youve had for ages?你戴很久了的饰品是什么?My necklaces.我的项链。What is an item of clothing youve had the longest?你拥有最久的饰品是什么?I cant remember.我不记得。Do you have a favorite family heirloom?你有最喜欢的家族传家宝吗?My memories.我的回忆。Anna, Mr. de la Renta would like to ask you something via speakerphone?Anna,de la Renta 先生想要透过扩音器问你一些事?Certainly.没问题。Anna, I want to know what is your favorite type of flower?Anna,我想知道你最喜欢的花是哪种?Tuberose.晚香玉。How lovely, Anna.多可爱啊,Anna。Karlies y for you in the closet.Kalie 在饰间等你了。Okay.好。What is your favorite season in New York City?你最喜欢纽约市的什么季节?Spring.春天。Uptown or downtown?上城还是下城?Downtown.下城。Whats your favorite museum in New York City?你最喜欢纽约市的哪间物馆?The Metropolitan Museum.大都会物馆。Anna, how do you feel about Brooklyn?Anna,你觉得布鲁克林区怎样?New Silicon Valley.新硅谷。Whats your favorite musical of all time?你一直以来最喜欢的音乐剧是什么?Kiss Me Kate.《刁蛮公主》Whats a musical youd love to have a part of it?你会想要参与演出的音乐剧是什么?Sadly, I cant sing.很遗憾地,我不会唱歌。What is your favorite play?什么是你最喜欢的戏剧?I couldnt hear; Im sorry.我听不到;我很抱歉。Whats your favorite play?你最喜欢的戏剧是?Skylight.《天窗》Who is your favorite comedian of all time?谁是你向来最喜欢的喜剧演员?James Corden.James Corden。Who is your favorite action star of all time?谁是你向来最喜欢的动作巨星?Hugh Jackman.Hugh Jackman。If you had to name your absolute biggest phobia, what would it be?如果你必须举出一样你绝对最大的恐惧,那会是什么?Spiders.蜘蛛。Hi, Anna, nice to see you.嗨,Anna,很高兴见到你。Good question: leather or lace?好问题:皮革或蕾丝?Lace.蕾丝。Velvet or fur?丝绒或毛皮?Fur.毛皮。Vintage or new?复古还是新潮?New.新潮。Polka dots or stripes?圆点还是条纹?Both.都好。What would you never ever wear?你绝对不会穿什么?Head-to-toe black.全身黑。Okay. Well, you know, I wanted to tell you Ive been on this journey lately.好的。嗯,你知道,我想告诉你我最近去了这趟旅行。Besides lipstick and a phone, what are three items that you always have in your bag?除了口红和手机,哪三样是你一直带在你的包包里的东西?I rarely carry a bag.我很少带包包。Anna, what bag should I get my girlfriend?Anna,我应该买给我女朋友哪个包?Uh, this one.唉...这一个。Anna, Im so sorry—dont know why he came. Do you want me to call security?Anna,我很抱歉--不知道他怎么跑来了。你要我叫保全吗?Its fine.没关系。Anna, whats the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet them?Anna,你第一次见到某人时你会注意到他们的首件事是什么?Their smile.他们的笑容。Anna, theres no windows in here. Why are you putting those on?Anna,这里面又没有窗户。你干嘛要戴上那些?Hiding from you.躲开你。I...appreciate the honesty.我...很欣赏那诚实。Anna, theyre y for you in the planning room.Anna,他们准备好在企划室等你了。Good.很好。What are you ing right now, Anna?你现在在读什么书,Anna?Victoria by A.N. Wilson.A.N. Wilson 写的《维多利亚》。Whats your favorite book?你最喜欢的书是什么?Pride and Prejudice.《傲慢与偏见》Whats the last book you ?你最近读的书是什么?Enough by Gabby Giffords.Gabby Giffords 写的《Enough》。Whats a book you wish you had ?你希望你有读过的一本书是?War and Peace.《战争与和平》Whos the most fashionable literary figure?谁是最时尚的文学角色?Scarlett OHara.《乱世佳人》女主角郝思嘉。Who is the literary figure who has most inspired fashion designers?谁是启发时尚设计师们最多的文学角色?Oliver Twist.《孤雏泪》主角 Oliver Twist。Whats the best vacation spot?最棒的渡假地点是什么?Home.家。What country have you always wanted to visit?你一直很想拜访的国家是哪国?India.印度。What do you miss about England, if anything?你想念英国的什么,如果有的话?Humor.幽默。Whats the biggest difference between Brits and Americans?英国人和美国人最大的不同是?Humor.幽默。Whats the best part about your job?什么是你的工作最棒的部分?The people.人。How do you feel about horoscopes, Anna?你觉得星座算命怎样,Anna?I hate horoscopes.我讨厌星座算命。If you could make a documentary, what would it be about?如果你可以拍一部纪录片,它会是关于什么?Tennis.网球。How are you enjoying this interview?你还喜欢这次访问吗?Is it over?结束了吗?No. Not yet, sorry. Well, this room is delightful. Whats the most surprising thing in the September issue?不。还没,不好意思。嗯,这间房间很讨人喜欢。九月号最让人出乎意料的事是什么?Cooking with marijuana.用大麻料理。Whats the second most surprising thing in the September issue?九月号里第二让人惊讶的是什么东西?The cover.封面。What will you not find in the September issue?你不会在九月号里见到什么?Head-to-toe black.一身黑。How often do you play tennis?你多常打网球?As often as I can.尽可能常打。Who would you want on your team in doubles?你想要双打时谁和你同队?Mixed doubles: Roger Federer. Womens doubles: Serena Williams.混双:费德勒。女子双打:小威廉丝。What do you love most about tennis?你最爱网球的什么?Theyre gladiators.他们是斗士。Whats the best match ever played?史上最出色的一场比赛是?Roddick against Federer, Wimbledon final, . 年温布顿网球锦标赛决赛,罗迪克对上费德勒。Whats another sport you consider getting into?什么是你考虑开始投入的其它运动?Basketball.篮球。Anna, how many emails do you write each day?Anna,你每天写多少封邮件?I simply cant remember.我完全记不得。Correct.没错。Anna, whats your favorite cocktail?Anna,你最喜欢的鸡尾酒是什么?I dont drink.我不喝酒。Your water, sparkling or flat?你的水,气泡水还是白开水?Sparkling.气泡水。Coffee or tea?咖啡还是茶?Coffee.咖啡。Favorite food?最喜欢的食物?Avocado.鳄梨。Least favorite food?最不喜欢的食物?Broccoli.花椰菜。Favorite dessert?最喜欢的甜点?Coffee ice cream.咖啡冰淇淋。Whats your guilty pleasure?你的罪恶享受是什么?Watching Homeland.看 《国土安全》影集。These tuberose just came from Mr. de la Renta.这些是 de la Renta 先生刚送的晚香玉。Wonderful.太棒了。Wow, that guy is smooth.哇,那家伙真会做人。Anna. Rogers on the line; he wants to know where you want to have dinner next week.Anna。费德勒在线上;他想知道下星期你想在哪晚餐。Balthazar.Balthazar 餐厅。Mr. Federer, Balthazar it is.费德勒先生,是 Balthazar 餐厅。Anna, what kind of phone do you have?Anna,你拿哪种手机?A flip phone.一掀盖式手机。Whats the greatest invention of all time?史上最棒的发明是什么?Anything by Apple.任何 Apple 发明的东西。Stationery or email?信纸还是电子邮件?Both.都有。Letter or postcard?信还是明信片?Both.都有。What have you learned from your father being an editor of the Evening Standard?你从你当《标准晚报》编辑的父亲那学到什么?Perseverance.不屈不挠。What have you learned from your brother as an editor of The Guardian?你从你当《卫报》编辑的弟弟那学到什么?Great reporting.出色的报导。What have you learned from your children?你从你的孩子那学到什么?Love.爱。What is a skill that can never be mastered?什么是一项永远没办法精通的技能?For me, learning Chinese.对我来说,学中文。Whats your biggest regret?你最大的后悔是什么?I dont have one.我没有后悔的事。Whats the least true rumor about you?什么是关于你最不真实的谣言?Theyre all true.那些谣言都是真的。Anna, last question: Can you put back on those sunglasses and take a selfie with my phone?Anna,最后一个问题:你可以戴回那些墨镜然后用我的手机拍张自拍吗?Ive never taken a selfie, and I dont plan to start now.我从没自拍过,而我也不打算现在开始。Fair enough, Anna. Well, thats it. This is great talking to you, and maybe Ill see you around at award shows, things like that, you know.好吧,Anna。嗯,就这样了。很高兴和你聊天,或许我会在时尚大奖秀,那样的场合之类看到你,你知道的。Maybe.可能吧。201507/386141厦门自体软骨隆鼻好吗

厦门哪家整容医院比较好The potato pieces are still there,马铃薯碎片仍然存在essentially, just sitting in the digestive juices.本质上来说 只是被浸在消化液中It would then pass into our colon接下来它会经过我们的结肠and would, effectively, sit in the colon然后留在结肠里and would just not be digested and would give us serious tummy ache.不被消化 会造成严重的腹痛Then he sees whether the mechanical gut fares any better接下来他要研究机械内脏能否更好地处理with the cooked potato.烹煮过的马铃薯With the raw potato,当实验对象是生马铃薯时we saw the pieces were coming out almost as they went in.我们看到马铃薯碎片从始至终几乎没有变化With the cooked potato because weve got a less rigid structure,应对熟马铃薯时 因为它的结构已不再坚固we can start to digest it and release all the nutrients out.于是我们开始消化它 使之释放出全部营养This time, the gut has indeed reduced the cooked potato to a pulp.这一次 模拟内脏确实使熟马铃薯成为了浆液But to discover what advantages cooking might have for the body,为了研究烹煮对身体的益处Martin wants to test马丁要测定how much energy the digestive system has released from the potatoes.消化系统从马铃薯里获得的能量总量He adds a reagent to the raw potato marked with an R他向生马铃薯中加入一种试剂 标记为Rand to the cooked potato, marked with a C.也向熟马铃薯中加入这种试剂 标记为C201505/376458厦门治疗脸部痤疮哪家效果好 Britain is defending the introduction of new guidelines on alcohol consumption, now among the strictest in the world.英国正在为出台的新饮酒量指南辩护——目前是全世界最为严格的。Any level of alcohol is not safe, says the guidelines, and recommended levels have been drastically cut.根据指导原则,任何级别的酒精都是不安全的,建议的饮酒量大幅减少。Critics say it is just scaremongering by a “nanny state”.批评人士说,这只是“保姆政府”的危言耸听。It’s for the public to take their decisions on what they do.But I hope they will protect themselves. 公众对自己的所作所为作出决定,但我希望他们会保护自己。And actually, people are pretty savvy, intelligent about their health. Many people will take this on board.事实上,人们都很聪明关注自己的健康。很多人都会将其纳入考虑范围。Officials insist the new guidelines are based on firm scientific evidence, confusing some who understood that moderate drinking can be good for you.官员们坚称新的指导原则是建立在坚定的科学基础上,这让一些认为适度饮酒有益健康的人感到困惑。All my days of drinking, it has always been known that red wine is good for your blood and the Mediterraneans have it every meal time and it was a bit of a shock to know that it’s not good to have any type of alcohol.我每天都喝酒,一直认为红葡萄酒对血液有益,地中海人每餐都喝,对任何种类的酒都不益健康我感到有点震惊。Britons are now advised to drink no more than six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine per week, far less than what is recommended in other countries.英国人现在建议每星期饮酒量不超过6品脱啤酒或7杯酒,远不及世界其它国家推荐的量。译文属。 /201601/420870厦门美白祛黄晒斑哪家医院好

厦门地区瑞兰隆鼻费用Heres How to Decide If Its Time to Change Jobs 年终转职潮你也心痒痒?专家告诉你转职好时机Im Cat Miller, and this is DiceTV.我是 Cat Miller,欢迎收看 DiceTV。Changing jobs can lead to a lot of good things—better pay, better title, better location—but, changing jobs too frequently can cause you to appear disloyal, and not worth the time and money to hire and train. So, whats the right balance? How frequently should you change jobs and whens the best time to do it?换工作可以带来很多好事--更优渥的薪资、更棒的职称、更好的地点--不过,太常换工作可能会让你显得不忠诚,且不值得投入时间和金钱雇用跟培训。那么,怎样才是正确的平衡呢?你应该多常换工作,然后什么时候是换工作的最佳时机?First thing to consider here is your personal life. You cant ever change jobs without looking at the bigger picture. Whats going on at home? Do you have big changes going on that youll need to attend to? Its imperative to make sure the timing is right on the home front before you make any decisions.在这要考虑的第一件事是你的个人生活。你不能没从更宏观的角度来看就换工作。家里目前有什么事?有什么你会需要处理的重大改变吗?在你做任何决定前,确定那时机就家庭方面来说是对的十分重要。Next, consider emotional and relational factors. What are your relationships like at work? Do you agree with the companys direction, the companys values? How important are these factors to you? These choices are all highly personal, and youll need to decide for yourself how significant they are to you. Once youve evaluated the personal elements that will factor into a change, now you can start to think more in terms of strategy.接下来,考虑情感和关系层面的因素。你在工作上的关系怎样?你认同公司方向、公司的价值吗?这些因素对你来说有多重要?这些选择极为个人,你会需要自己决定它们对你有多大意义。一旦你评估过这些会影响转职的个人因素后,现在你可以开始更就策略面去思考。Beginning with tenure—how long have you held your current position? Have you been there long enough or too long? It typically takes about three years to master your specific job, and after that point, learning tends to slow. So after around three years, you should consider either moving up or moving on. But bear in mind, thats just a guideline, not a rule. Do you still feel like youre learning in your role? Or do you feel like youve learned most of what you can and would get more out of tackling something new?从任期开始--你目前工作做多久?你在那职位够久还是太久了? 通常要花大约三年来专精特定工作,过那时间点后,学习通常会变慢。所以在大概三年后,你得考虑向上爬或是离开继续前进。不过记住,那只是个方针,不是规定。你仍觉得你在这角色中持续学习吗?还是你觉得可以学的大部分都学完了,挑战新事物会得到更多?Lets say three years does sound right to you—your personal life can handle a change, youre reaching the end of the third year, and you feel like youve really mastered the job. Now its time to think about the length of your previous positions. How will the position youre leaving now affect your resume? If you have a history of holding jobs for a year, a year and a half, it may be better to hang on a little longer, or focus on an internal promotion rather than a complete change. Even though three years is typically a long enough commitment to avoid job-hopper status, it might be more beneficial to show that youve stayed with the company a little longer than that.假设三年听起来对你是恰当的--你的个人生活可以应付改变、你快到第三年的尾声,你觉得你真的已经摸透那工作了。现在是时候想想你以前的工作做多久。你现在离开的职务会怎样影响你的履历呢?如果你有待在不同工作一年、一年半的经历,那再等久一点可能会比较好,或是专注在内部升迁而非整个转换跑道上。即使三年任期通常已经够长,能避免常换工作的名声,不过显示出你待在公司比三年还久一点可能会更有利。Another factor to look into is how a change would affect your benefits and finances. What happens with your healthcare? Your familys healthcare? 401(k)? Can your time your job change strategically to get the most out of these? For some, benefits may not seem like a top concern, but its important to make sure you understand your plans and arent going to jeopardize your entire familys healthcare unnecessarily. Ultimately, the decisions up to you. Theres no perfect resume and every situation is a little different, so you have to use your best judgement.另一个要审视的因素是换工作会怎样影响你的福利和经济。你的健保会怎样?你家人的健保呢?401(k)退休福利计划呢?你能够有策略地规划换工作的时间好从中获得最大效益吗?对有些人来说,福利可能不太像是首要考量,但确保你了解你的计划,且不会不必要地危及全家人的健保是很重要的。终究,决定权在你手上。没有完美的履历,而且每个状况都有些差异,所以你得利用最准确的判断力。Oh! And dont quit your job until youve secured a better offer, unless, of course, you have a very, very good reason. I know, I know, thats obvious, but now you cant say that I didnt warn you. Im Cat Miller, and this is DiceTV.噢!还有不要在找到一个更好的工作前就辞职,除非,当然,你有非常、非常好的理由。我知道、我知道,那还用说,不过现在你就不能说我没有警告你了。我是 Cat Miller,这是 DiceTV。201601/420832 厦门祛疤专业医院厦门哪家医院鼻子打玻尿酸



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