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泉州省妇女医院整形中心永春开双眼皮多少钱From romantic dinners a deux to cosy evenings spent watching TV and munching popcorn on the sofa, spending time with your other half can be a calorific affair.  从浪漫二人晚餐,到窝在沙发上看电视吃爆米花的温馨之夜,和你的另一半腻在一起可能是你长胖的原因。  Now, a new survey has revealed that being in a relationship is the single biggest cause of weight gain - superseding more obvious causes such as overindulging on holiday or comfort eating after a break-up.  现在一项新的调查表明,谈恋爱已经取代了假日吃喝和分手后的的暴饮暴食等更加显著的因素,成为了长胖的最大原因。  62 per cent of those polled said they gained up to one stone after committing to a relationship, with just under three quarters saying they thought their partner had gained weight too.Two thirds of the couples surveyed said that they have put on weight together.  62%的受调查者称,他们在谈恋爱后体重增加了约14磅,将近3/4的人说他们认为自己的另一半也长胖了。2/3接受调查的爱人称他们双方的体重都增加了。  Portion size is the main cause of the problem for women, with more than half of the women asked saying they regularly match what their male partner eats.  食物分量的增加是女性长胖的主要原因,超过一半的受调查女性称她们的食量会和自己另一半的相匹配。  As a result, 56 per cent said this meant they ate portions of a far larger size than normal, which contributed to them piling on the pounds.  结果就是56%的女性认为她们比平时摄入了更大量的食物,这导致了她们的体重增加。  Couples#39; activities also contribute to weight gain with 30 per cent saying that they spend most of their quality time curled up in front of the TV, and 21 per cent saying they spend most of their time together eating at home.  情侣的活动也是导致体重增加的原因。30%的受调查者称他们把大部分的黄金时间用来看电视,而21%的人大部分在一起的时间都在家里吃饭。  Another 20 per cent said that eating out as a couple formed the bulk of their time spent together.  还有20%的受调查者说他们在一起的大部分时间都在外出就餐中度过。  But although food forms a major part of time spent as a couple, more than a quarter of those surveyed said they would like to be healthier, with over a tenth attempting to cut down on the amount they eat and drink with their partner.  虽然食物占据了情侣共度的很大一部分时间,但超过1/4的受调查者称他们希望能更加健康,超过1/10的人试图降低两个人一起饮食的分量。  Along with spending more time eating together, the survey also found that standards of behaviour get more relaxed the longer a couple is together.  除了花更多的时间一起就餐,这项调查还发现一对情侣在一起的时间越长,他们的行为标准就更加轻松随意。  Just under half of couples said they burp in front of their partner while a quarter of women polled said they shave their legs and armpits less once they feel settled in a relationship. 25 per cent said they were comfortable enough to pass wind in front of a partner.  将近一半的情侣表示他们会在另一半面前打嗝,1/4的受调查女性称她们一旦在恋情中稳定下来,刮腿毛和腋毛的频率就会降低。25%的人说在另一半面前放屁并不会尴尬。  A spokesman for Diet Chef, which carried out the survey, said: #39;This survey has revealed some very interesting results, and it’s surprising to see how complacent people can be when they are in a relationship.  发起这项调查的Diet Chef网站的一位发言人说:“这项调查揭示了一些非常有趣的结果,你会惊讶地发现人们一旦陷入恋爱会有多么满足。”  #39;It’s widely known that people tend to put on a little bit of weight once they have found love, but what we didn#39;t expect to find was that the weight gain is on average a stone, if not more.  “大家都知道,人们一旦找到了真爱,体重会有所增加,但我们不知道的是增加的体重平均会达到至少14磅。”  #39;#39;We appreciate the role food plays in a relationship, and whilst enjoyment of food is great, it’s important to stay healthy and monitor what you eat on a daily basis, especially portion size.#39;  “我们感谢食物在恋爱中的作用,享受美食是非常棒的,但保持健康、监控每日饮食尤其是食量,也是非常重要的。” /201309/254733泉州市中医院几点上班 4. Oprah Winfrey has just returned to the No. 1 position on the Forbes celebrity list after two years in second place and a drop in income of million since last year. She is broadly acclaimed as the queen of entertainment, and has enjoyed an amazing career as a talk show host, media proprietor, actress, and producer. However, Oprah began her life in poverty, and in her earlier career she endured numerous setbacks, such as getting fired from her job as a reporter because she was ”unfit for television, ” and fired as the co-anchor of weekday news on WJZ-TV, which resulted in her being demoted to morning TV. Clearly those organizations didn’t recognize the incredible talent they were squandering.4. 奥普拉·温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)在福布斯名人榜上重返第一名的位置,此前两年她位居第二,去年收入减少了8,800万美元。她被公认为是业的女王,她同时还是脱口秀节目的主持人、媒体经营者、演员和制片人,成绩斐然。然而,温弗瑞从小在贫困家庭中长大,在她职业生涯的早期,她承受了数不清的挫折,例如她在做记者的时候被解雇,原因是她“不适于上电视”,后来她在WJZ电视台与同事共同主持工作日新闻节目,但又惨遭解职,降级去了一档早间电视节目。显然,这些机构都没意识到他们白白浪费了一个极为出色的人才。 /201308/253513The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young person who stayed at home all day playing games, with dim prospects for the future -- in other words, a loser. Yet as the term went viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all backgrounds began to embrace it.“屌丝”一词原是对那些既没钞票又没相貌,整天在宅家里打游戏,前途一片渺茫的年轻人的侮辱性称谓,换个词说就是失败者的意思。但随着这一词语走红网络,各种背景的中国年轻人都开始自嘲为“屌丝”。It has become a self-deprecating counter to the gaofushuai, or the ;tall-rich-handsome, ; those with status, success, and bright futures. The number of people who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is slowly transforming into a descriptor of the ordinary Chinese citizen who faces everyday struggles and hardships.和这一自贬词语相对的是“高富帅”,就是“个子高,有钱又有貌”的人,他们有地位,活得很成功,前途一片光明。而管自己叫“屌丝”的人越来越多,这一词语也渐渐演化成了中国市井小民的代名词,他们每天都要面对各种艰辛,努力谋生。This infographic, created by Sohu Business, posits that the time of the sought-after high-end Chinese consumer, drawn to high-end brands and other symbols of status, may be ending. In their place, the diaosi are poised to become the mainstream consumers in China. It also hints at a future turning point: China#39;s underdogs just may become the country#39;s mainstream.这些图表由搜狐财经制作,从中可以看出中国高端人群人热衷于名牌商标和其它象征高档地位商品的时代已经过去了,现在“屌丝”成了中国主流消费者;另一个转折点是,草根阶层成为中国的主流群体。Ever since GDP growth dropped to 7.8 percent in 2012, the Chinese economy hasn#39;t been quite as robust. Affected by the economic environment, China#39;s luxury goods consumption has substantially declined, giving business people a big headache.自2012年中国GDP增长下降至7.8个百分点之后,中国经济发展也趋向疲软。受经济环境影响,中国奢侈品消费量大幅下跌,商人对此大为头痛。We#39;ve heard that the diaosi#39;s main profession is ;moving bricks; , but this doesn#39;t seem to be the real situation ...我们知道屌丝的主要工作是“搬砖”,但事实好像并非如此……Programmers and media industry workers had the highest percentage of self-identified diaosi, but only fewer than 10 percent of civil servants self-identified as diaosi.自称为“屌丝”的人群中,有很大一部分人都在编程和传媒行业工作,只有不到10%的公务员自认为是“屌丝”。The diaosi identity is strongest in the 30 to 39 year-olds, with more than 80 percent identifying as such.自认为“屌丝”人大多是30至39岁的人,他们占到所有屌丝人口的80%以上。 /201307/248601泉州卧蚕眼消除

泉州市欧菲做整形Amazingly for the British, who love queues, there is no formal line-up----the bar staff are skilled at knowing whose turn it is. You are permitted to try to attract attention, but there are rules about how to do this. Do not call out tap coins on the counter, snap your finger or wave like a drowning swimmer. Do not scowl or sigh or roll your eyes. And whatever you do, do not ring the bell hanging behind the counter---this is used by the landlord to signal closing time. The key thing is to catch the bar worker‘s eyes. You could also hold an empty glass or some money, but do not wave them about. Do adopt an expectant, hopeful, even slightly anxious facial expression. If you 1ook too contented and complacent, the bar staff may assume you are aly being served.   就爱排队的英国人而言,酒吧里看不到正式的排队,这令人感到惊讶。酒保有本领知道该轮到谁了。你可以做些动作引起酒保的注意,但有规可循。不要大声嚷嚷,不要在吧台面上敲击钱币,不要叭叭地弹手指,不要像快淹死的人那样挥动手臂,不要绷着脸,不要唉声叹气,不要翻动眼珠。在不该干的事当中还绝对不要摇晃挂在吧台后面的铃,那是酒吧老板用的,表示关门时间到了。关键是你要让酒保看见你。你可以举起空杯子或钱,可不要摇晃。你脸上可以流露等待、期望,甚至略带焦急的表情。你如果显得太心满意足的样子,酒保会认为他们已经为你提供务了。 /200803/28683泉州隆胸哪里好 泉州市欧菲美容医院做整形好吗

泉州种植牙齿哪家医院最好的A Boeing 747 was flying in the night sky of the Pacific Ocean. The captain got on the loud speaker:; Travellers, one of our engines was out of order , therefore we’ll arrive in Tokyo an hour late .; 一架波音747飞行在太平洋的夜空,喇叭里传来机长的声音:“旅客们,我们的一个引擎坏了,因此我们将晚到达东京一个小时。”After a short while, the trumpet rang out again:; Everybody, the second one of our four engines went wrong, we will reach Tokyo late three hours as a result.; At this time, the passengers started disturbance. 过了一会儿,喇叭再次响起:“诸位,我们四个引擎中又坏了一个引擎,为此我们将晚到三个小时。”这时,乘客开始骚动。Someone said:; In case another engine is down again , we’ll be up here all night.; Moreover, a chap got to shouting unendurably:; I do not choose to take your awful airplane any longer, let me get off quickly.;有人说:“万一再坏一个,我们得呆在天上一整夜了。”还有已经受不了的,大叫:“我再也不坐你们的破飞机了,快让我下去。” /201303/230138 Bring Your Dog To WorkA recent study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that bringing your dog to work could help to lower office stress and boost employee satisfaction.带着你的去工作最近在国际期刊《工作场所健康管理》的一项研究表明,带上班可以帮助减少办公室压力和提高员工的满意度。 /201305/237822在泉州激光祛斑价格泉州打美白针医院




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