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A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything. 9619 18397

A: I need something to eat, please.B: Tell me what you're hungry .A: I feel like champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare.B: Untunately, we're out of filet mignon at the moment. May I suggest the porterhouse instead?A: Well, I prefer filet, but porterhouse is good, too.B: Perhaps I could interest you in chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: Just the champagne will be fine, thank you.B: You'll see this charge on your amenities .A: That's fine.B: It won't be long until your food is delivered. I know you'll enjoy it. 01

ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) also known as ISIL, and DAESH seemed to appear very suddenly, out of nowhere, in . By 9 June of that year it had proclaimed a new Worldwide Caliphate with its leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi as Caliph.ISIS(伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国)也称ISIL(伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国)年,“达伊沙” 不知从何处突然出现年6月9日,ISIS声称建立了一个新的哈里发政权,其首领贝克尔·巴格达迪为国家的领导人ISIS insists on calling itself the Islamic State (to the chagrin of many Muslim countries around the world) but in spite of tales of almost unimaginable horror coming from the lands ISIS now control it has proved almost impossible the west to understand what motivates ISIS and how to deal with them. This ignorance is fuelled, in great part, by ISIS themselves. They either prevent westerners from entering their domains or capture those who do enter, use them as hostages and then torture and kill them in a variety of increasingly gruesome ways while capturing the deaths on camera and disseminating them around the world to underline the power and uncompromising nature of ISIS. However, while there is much we do not know about ISIS, some key facts have come to light about their motivations and goals. So here is our top list of things that ISIS really wants.ISIS坚持自称伊斯兰国(全球很多穆斯林国家对此颇为不满)尽管ISIS的领地上发生了大量令人惊骇之事,但是西方诸国对此类事件的动机难以理解也束手无策,而这种无知很大程度上对ISIS的行为起到了推波助澜的作用ISIS不准西方国家的人进入他们的领地,或是将“擅入者”作为人质,以用之不尽的可怕手段来折磨直致杀死他们ISIS还会将人质遭折磨致死的过程录像并散播出去,以展示自己的权威和强硬的本性虽然我们对ISIS所知甚少,但是通过几个事实,我们可以更了解他们的动机与目标以下是我们列出的件ISIS所求之事.To Be Seen As Separate From And More Islamic Than Al Qaeda.欲与基地组织割袍断义,并更加极端行事ISIS started out in 1999 as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, fighting in the Iraqi insurgency and ming the Islamic State of Iraq in . It advocated the use of extremely violent methods which led to discontent amongst partner organizations. By they had cut all ties with Al Qaeda, Al-Qaeda will not pledge allegiance to the Caliphate and their methods are criticized by ISIS as not being extreme or Islamic enough.ISIS源起于1999年建立的伊拉克基地组织年,该组织在伊拉克暴乱中奋战,并建立伊拉克伊斯兰国,ISIS因崇尚使用极端暴力手段引起合作组织的不满年,ISIS与基地组织割袍断义因为ISIS认为基地组织不再效忠于哈里发,他们的做事方法也不够极端或者不够“伊斯兰”Indeed when ordinary Syrians in the north of their country became fed-up of ISIS control and their brutal imposition of an extreme brand of Islam they rebelled. Fighting alongside them was the local Syrian Al-Qaeda cell – al Nusra. While Al-Qaeda and ISIS share many of the same intrinsic core beliefs and are both extreme terrorist groups they operate in fundamentally different manners. ISIS believes that it is necessary to establish territorial control and promote a Caliphate. Al-Qaeda are working towards the end goal of a caliphate but do not necessarily expect it to be established any time soon. ISIS believe that the declaration of the new Caliphate in was the first time in 00 years that true Islam actually existed. Followers of ISIS believe that it is not possible to be a proper Muslim without pledging allegiance to a Caliph. The caliphate of the Ottoman Empire is regarded as a sham and all those who fail to pledge support to Al-Baghdadi (including Al-Qaeda) are failing in their duty as proper Muslims.叙利亚北部的平民百姓开始反感并反抗ISIS的控制及其极端伊斯兰式的野蛮残暴同样对抗ISIS的还有当地叙利亚反对派组织虽然基地组织与ISIS在本质上有些许相同之处,但是他们的运作方法却有根本上的差异ISIS认为,建立地方控制来发扬哈里发政权是必要的基地组织虽以建立哈里发政权为战斗目标,但是时间上并没有那么紧迫ISIS认为,年新哈里发政权的建立意味着伊斯兰的真正存在,而这也是00年来的第一次ISIS的追随者相信,一名合格的伊斯兰教徒应誓死效忠哈里发他们认为奥斯曼土耳其帝国的哈里发政权是一个骗局,那些没有誓死追随巴格达迪(包括基地组织)的人都算不上一个合格的穆斯林教徒9.To Liberate Istanbul And Raise The Flag Of Allah Over The White House.9.解放伊斯坦布尔,真主入住白宫ISIS has understood the need to engage with people on modern platms and as such they are expert operators of Social Media and will engage with select reporters if the collaboration will be of some benefit to them. In they worked with Vice News to create a documentary to disseminate their beliefs to the Western World. In this documentary they threatened to attack Istanbul.ISIS明白他们必须在现代化的平台上与人交战,他们善于利用社会媒体,也会与特定的记者合作,前提是对他们有利年,ISIS与维斯新闻合作,拍了一部纪录片,以向西方世界宣扬他们的信仰在这部纪录片中,他们威胁要袭击伊斯坦布尔Turkey and Syria have been engaged in a long running dispute with Syria and Iraq concerning the building of the Ataturk Dam on the Euphrates River. This dam, built in the 1990s has helped regulate the availability of water in South East Turkey but it has, as a result, limited the amount of water reaching Syria and Iraq. ISIS threatened to liberate Istanbul to ce the opening of the dam. In the same ISIS heckled the US, goading it to send soldiers who could be humiliated. They threatened to invade the west, capture women and orphan children and prophesied that the Flag of Allah would be raised over the White House. ISIS has further called on Muslims around the world to work together to kill million Americans in retribution the Muslims killed by the west.土耳其长期以来与叙利亚和伊拉克冲突不断,原因就是幼发拉底河上的阿塔图尔克大坝(Ataturk Dam)该水坝于世纪90年代建成于土耳其南部,用于水的分配管理,叙利亚与伊拉克境内的可用水也减少ISIS威胁要“解放”伊斯坦布尔,以迫使他们打开水坝在这盘影像带中,ISIS一直在刁难美国,意图激怒美国派兵,好“供”他们羞辱ISIS威胁要侵占西方各国,捕获妇女和孤儿,并预言真主的旗帜定会插在白宫之上ISIS还号召全球的穆斯林国家共同努力,杀掉00万美国人以祭奠被西方各国杀害的穆斯林教徒8.Defeat The Armies Of Rome At Dabiq8.在达比克镇大战罗马军队The town of Dabiq in Syria has a symbolic importance to ISIS that goes far beyond its strategic value, so important, that ISIS has used the name of the town as the name their propaganda magazine. This importance harks back to a statement in a hadith (a saying of the Prophet Mohammed) which claims that the armies of Rome will meet the Armies of Islam at Dabiq where there will be a battle in which Islam will be ultimately victorious. This battle is part of the final Armageddon, or end of days and the battle of Dabiq will precede the conquest of the world bee Jesus will return to lead the armies of Islam.叙利亚的达比克镇对ISIS而言非常重要,其象征意义超越了其战略意义,ISIS甚至用达比克来命名其宣传杂志这一重要性要追溯到穆罕默德圣训圣训称,罗马大军将在达比克镇与伊斯兰军队交战,且伊斯兰大军会完胜这场战役是世界末日善恶决战的一部分在耶稣重新领导伊斯兰大军之前,达比克战役就是他们征世界的序曲It is not quite certain who ISIS considers to be the modern day Rome. The term could refer to Turkey as Istanbul was the capital of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire in the time of Mohammed or it could be any western led army or coalition, indeed any grouping that opposes ISIS. ISIS itself appears to be almost desperate to entice the armies of the west to Dabiq, In November the of the gruesome beheading of Peter Kassig, the American aid worker showed the executioner boasting that his body was to be buried in Dabiq stating they were waiting the armies to arrive.我们不知道ISIS会将谁看做现代版的罗马,不过最有可能的是土耳其,毕竟在穆罕默德时期,伊斯坦布尔是拜占庭(东罗马帝国)的首都当然,也有可能是西方国家军队或联盟总之,只要反抗ISIS,就会被其当作死敌ISIS费尽心机要把西方军队引到达比克镇年月,美国救援人员皮特卡塞格被斩首,丧心病狂的刽子手将过程录制下来,并声称将Peter的身体埋在了达比克镇,等待美国大军的到来7.To Adhere To A Hardline Interpretation Of Islam7.坚持伊斯兰的强硬路线It has become fashionable those who condemn ISIS to claim they have nothing to do with Islam this is not factually correct. Many (indeed most) Muslims do not subscribe to or agree with ISIS hardline interpretation of Islam but that does not mean that they are not Islamic or that they are not interpreting the Koran and other Islamic texts their own ends. ISIS are Islamic fundamentalists –to fail to understand this is as wrong as failing to understand that extremist Christian groups can be both extreme and Christian. 9% of polled Saudi Arabians agreed, when asked that ISIS conmed to Islamic beliefs. This might not be surprising coming from Saudi Arabia where people follow a strict Wahhabist m of Islam but it is instructive. Any religion is open to both moderate and fundamentalist interpretations. It is more correct to say that the beliefs and practices of ISIS are not in line with modern moderate Muslim belief any more than moderate Christians believe in stoning women adultery.越来越多的人谴责ISIS,声称他们与伊斯兰并无关系,其实这一观点并不正确许多(其实是大部分)穆斯林教徒不赞同ISIS的伊斯兰强硬路线,但是这并不意味着ISIS不信仰伊斯兰教或是不遵从《古兰经或其他宗教文献的圣训ISIS是正统伊斯兰教,这跟极端基督教组织既是极端分子又是基督教徒一样沙特阿拉伯的一项民意调查表明,9%的人认为ISIS与伊斯兰教义相符沙特阿拉伯信奉的是伊斯兰教里是最为严格的瓦哈比派,这个结果并不意外,反而提醒了我们:每一种宗教都有温和派和基要派ISIS的信条与做法并不符合现代温和主义的穆斯林信条,但是一点儿也不比温和主义基督教(温和主义基督教徒认为通奸的女子应乱石打死)更过分If we ascribe modern western or, indeed, modern Muslim, values to ISIS it will only lead to analysts and opponents to make mistakes in understanding what ISIS want. Indeed, understanding the Islamic beliefs of ISIS is one of the keys to understanding their motivation which is to live life exactly as ordained by the Prophet Mohammed. ISIS believe it is the duty of all Muslims to do this. ISIS believes it is at war, surrounded by non-believers (any Muslim who does not subscribe to their strict interpretation is considered an apostate) and hostile neighbors, struggling to establish their religion in exactly the same way as Mohammed all those years ago.如果我们把现代西方,或者是现代穆斯林等同于ISIS,只会让对手或分析家误解ISIS真正所求理解ISIS的伊斯兰教信条是理解他们的动机——完全照先知穆罕穆德的规定生活的关键之一ISIS认为所有穆斯林教徒都有义务这么做他们觉得自己已经处于战争之中,敌人是非信徒(所有不遵守ISIS严格信条的穆斯林),以及他们虎视眈眈的邻居,要竭尽全力照穆罕默德的指引建立起自己的宗教6.Execute All Those Muslims They Believe To Be Apostate6.处决所有叛教Hand in hand with their desire to follow the teachings of Mohammed faithfully, ISIS believes that those Muslims who do not live exactly as they require are apostate, they follow a doctrine of Takfirism which requires all true Muslims to expose those who are apostate. There is no room movement – to be a proper Muslim you must follow a hard line, pure, Sunni belief or you can legitimately be called apostate.ISIS希望可以如实的遵从穆罕默德的教诲,而那些不遵守的穆斯林教徒都是叛教者ISIS遵从Takfirism教条,要求所有真正的穆斯林教徒揭穿叛教者一名合格的穆斯林教徒必须遵循强硬路线,纯粹的正统派信条,否则你就是叛教者,对此没有商量的余地While all Muslims are required to honor the Koran and the sayings of Mohammed these are not the only requirements ISIS sets out Muslim life. According to their interpretation anyone who touches or sells any drugs or alcohol is apostate. Wearing the wrong type of clothing is bidden and a beard is mandatory. Belief in or the following of any evolution from the strict m of Islam promulgated by Mohammed is considered to be anathema as Mohammed was guided by divine wisdom and theree proposed the perfect religion which has no need of change. Those who are takfir have to be executed in order to save the world from their sin. ISIS do not permit their followers to vote in elections – so any Muslim living in any democracy who has voted is apostate as is any Muslim who has run office (this includes all Muslim heads of state). ISIS are Sunni Muslims and theree consider all other types of Muslims to be apostate including all Shiites. They consider the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and the Wahhabist leaders of Saudi Arabia to be apostate as none of them practice Islam in its original and there perfect m. The latter is particularly ironic as it is believed that much of the funding ISIS comes from Saudi Wahhabists and its beliefs are founded on the extreme Wahhabism of the 1930s.所有穆斯林教徒都必须遵从《古兰经以及穆罕默德的教诲,但这并非ISIS对教徒的唯一要求根据ISIS对《古兰经的,接触或贩卖毒品和酒的人也是叛教者,不允许穿错衣,必须蓄须只要信仰与穆罕默德教规稍有不同,就代表着他已被诅咒,因为在ISIS看来,穆罕默德是被神所指引的,他们的完美宗教不需要任何改变为了让世界免受他们的罪恶,takfir教徒必须受到惩罚ISIS不允许他们的追随者选举投票,,任何一个生活在需要投票选举的民主国家的穆斯林教徒都是叛教者,就像为政府卖命的穆斯林教徒(包括所有穆斯林国家的首脑)一样ISIS是正统的穆斯林,他们认为其他类型的穆斯林教都是叛教者,包括所有什叶派教徒他们认为穆斯林的兄弟教,沙特阿拉伯的基地组织和瓦哈比派的领导者都是叛教,因为他们并不遵从原始且完美的伊斯兰讽刺的是,ISIS的大部分基金来自于沙特的瓦哈比派,他们的信仰也是建立在世纪30年代的极端瓦哈比主义智商翻译:由敬雯 审校:祝冉华 前十网 0A has emerged of a thirsty pig chugging three bottles of beer in front of a group of chuckling friends.一段视频显示,一头貌似口渴的小猪快速的喝下了3瓶啤酒,身后一帮看客们被逗的咯咯直笑The footage starts with the pig, seemingly outside a bar, skilfully picking up an empty bottle bee dropping it to the floor when it realises there is no beer left inside.这看起来是在一个酒吧外面,视频开始时,这头小猪巧妙地捡起一个空酒瓶,在发现里面没有酒后,又将瓶子扔到了地上One of the onlookers then hands the hog a full of bottle of beer which it gratefully downs in seconds.接着,其中一名围观者把一瓶酒给了这头猪,它在几秒钟内乐滋滋的一饮而尽When the pig finishes the beverage it again drops the bottle to the ground and looks another.喝完后,它再次把瓶子扔到地上,接着寻找其他瓶子The animal then finds another full bottle that was being rested on the ground by a drinker and promptly chugs its contents down as the onlookers erupt with laughter.随后它又发现了一个醉汉旁边有一瓶,捡起来咕咚咕咚的给喝光了围观的人们大笑起来After seeing no bottles available in the immediate area the pig waits until one of the men watching the hilarious scene unfold hand it the dregs of his beer, which its downs in a matter of seconds once again.发现附近再也没有啤酒了,这头猪于是默默地等待着,直到一位看热闹的人看到这滑稽的一幕,笑着把他的啤酒给它,它再一次一口气喝光Not content with its alcohol fix the pig then picks up one of the bottles it had finished moments earlier, ensuring it had consumed all the beer it could have.仍不满足的这只猪又捡起之前喝完的瓶子,确认里面真的一点儿酒也不剩了The caption with the clip, which was uploaded to sharing website LiveLeak last Monday, says the footage was taken in Mexico.这段视频于上周一上传至视频分享网站LiveLeak,标题称其拍摄于墨西哥The has been generally well received although some viewers claimed the pig is a victim of animal abuse.该视频很受欢迎,不过还是有部分浏览者认为这头猪受到了虐待One viewer remarked: Theyve turned the pig into an alcoholic. As funny as you think it is, it animal abuse.一位观看者说道:“他们将猪变成了酒鬼虽然这看起来很好笑,却是动物虐待”But another said: That was nice of those gentleman to share their beers.不过另一位观看者则表示:“这些绅士人很好,他们把自己的啤酒分享给了小猪” 58

Shocking footage of a South China fisherman butchering an endangered sea turtle weighing over 0 kilograms as locals clamored to snap up the meat has gone viral on social media.日前,中国南方一名渔民屠宰一只体重超过0公斤的濒危海龟、而当地人都在争相抢购海龟肉的一则令人触目惊心的视频在社交媒体上迅速传播开来The giant leatherback sea turtle was caught off the coast of Xuwen county in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, where fisherman sold off the flesh 70 yuan ($) a kilogram.这只巨大的棱皮龟是在广东省湛江市徐闻县的海边被捕获的,渔民将海龟肉以每斤70元(折合美元)的价格卖了出去Upon hearing news of the rare catch, a crowd soon swarmed to buy a piece of what is considered a regional delicacy.在听闻抓住一只罕见海龟的消息后,人群很快聚拢了过来并抢购龟肉,他们认为这是一种难得的美味The meat sold out in two hours. It was not yet reported whether wildlife authorities were inmed.海龟肉不到两小时就被抢购一空了目前还没有报道野生动物部门是否知情此事Leatherbacks are second-class State-protected animals in China, where experts say the species is at risk of extinction within years.棱皮龟是中国国家二级保护动物,专家们表示,这一物种有可能会在年内灭绝According to the Wild Animal Conservation Law, anyone who illegally catches or kills State-protected wildlife can be criminally prosecuted.根据《野生动物保护法,任何非法捕获或者杀死国家保护动物的人都可以被提起刑事诉讼 818Book Seats订座A: Good morning, Banquet Reservations. What can I do you?早上好这是宴席预订部需要为您效劳吗?B: Yes, Id like to book a banquet in a private room at 7:00 p. m. the day after tomorrow.是的我想预定后天晚上7点的一个包间A: Would you like Chinese, Western, Japanese or Korean cuisine?饭菜需要中国式,欧美式,日本式还是韩式?B: Chinese food, please.中国式A: how many people?有多少人?B: Let me see, persons.我想一下,有个人A: Yes, Mam, persons. How much food per person? The minimun charge a private room is 0 yuan per person.个人,知道了那么每个人用餐的价位是多少?我们包间每个人的最低用餐价位是0元B: 0 yuan per person.我要每个人0元的价位A: 0 yuan. And what drinks are you going to have?0元那么您需要什么样的酒水?B: Just get y Henessy X.O.. Were going to order other drinks at the dinner time. All the drinks are on consumption basis?现在就订轩尼诗X.O.吧至于其他酒水,到吃饭的时候再说吧所有这些酒水也算消费吗?A: Yes, Mam. May I know your name, please?是的,女士请问您贵姓?B: Galley Spencer.格力·斯宾塞A: Yes, Ms. Spencer. And your telephone number?好的,斯宾塞女士,请问您的电话号码是多少?B: 650-856-19. By the way, could you fax the with the name of the banquet room? My fax number is 650-856-18.650-856-19顺便问一下,能否帮我把宴会房间的名称和菜单一起传真过来吗?我的传真号码是650-856-18A: Yes, 650-856-18. Well be sure to fax you the with the name of the banquet room, Ms Spencer. Is there anything else I can do you, Ms Spencer?好的,是650-856-18我们会将您的宴会房间的名称和菜单一起传真过来的斯宾塞女士,还需要我为您做点什么吗?B: No, thanks.没有了,谢谢A: So, allow me to confirm the reservation: the reservation is made by Ms. Spencer, a Chinese banquet people at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. The price is 0 yuan per person excluding drinks. Well prepare Henessy X.O..那么请允许我确认一下您的预定:您是斯宾塞女士,预定一个包间,宴会是中餐,个人,时间是明天晚上7点,价位是每人0,酒水除外,酒水是轩尼诗X.O.B: That fine. Thank you.很好,谢谢您A: My pleasure. We look ward to seeing you soon, Ms. Spencer.很高兴为您效劳斯宾塞女士,我们期待您早日光临 1931

Orderamp;Deposit订单与定金S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS1: 30% deposit.付30%的定金S: You can be ordered.你可以订购的S3: When are you going to place an order?你打算什么时候下订单?S: When shall we deliver?你什么时候交货? S5: Where shall we deliver?货送到什么地方?S6: Would you like to order it?你想要订购吗?S7: You can pay a deposit first.您可以先付定金S8: May we have a deposit?请您先交保金好吗?S9: Would you please make a down payment?请您付定金好吗?S: Will you write it down here?您能写在这里吗?S: Please sign the order m.请在订货单上签字好吗?S: Would you please sign your name here?请您在这里签名好吗?S: Do you make order now?您现在是不是就下单?S: When did you order it?您是什么时候订货的?S: Would you order some more?您要不要再订购一些?S: Have you got your password with you?您带护照了吗?5.Nosepass5.朝北鼻Nosepass looks like someone glued big, false nose onto a lump of granite and then tried to hit it with a car. It so angular and dumb looking, if you squint hard enough you could realistically mistake it a potato cos-playing as Johnny Depp.朝北鼻像是个粘着巨型假鼻子的花岗岩人,分分钟要以鼻撞车的样子它看上去又笨又蠢,如果你使劲斜眼看它,你可能会真的误以为那是一个土豆在Cos约翰尼·德普According to its official Pokedex entries, Nosespass, well, nose functions almost identically to a compass and can often be found pointing due north unless someone has farted in that general direction fairly recently. Far from being something someone pulled out of their ass, this trait is based on something called the ethmoid bone. Found between the skull and nasal cavity, in birds the ethmoid bone is said to be linked to their ability to sense the earth magnetic field. Although humans also possess an ethmoid bone, we cant use it to sense magnetic fields or even to ruin credit cards. That explains why Nosepass has such a huge, oversized nose to make up the fact if it had normal, human proportions it wouldnt be able to sense magnetic fields or stick iron filings to its face.官方的神奇宝贝条目上写着,朝北鼻鼻子的功能和指南针差不多,如果没有人在附近放屁的话鼻子还可以辨别北方朝北鼻的这一技能灵感来源才不是从人屁股里排出的什么东西!而是基于一种叫做筛骨的东西筛骨在颅骨和鼻腔之间,据说鸟类的筛骨与它们所具有的地球磁场感知能力相关尽管人类也有筛骨,但我们无法用它来感知磁场或甚至是干扰信用卡的使用这就说明了为什么朝北鼻的鼻子那么巨大了:如果朝北鼻长着和人类比例一样的普通鼻子,它就不能感知磁场或是吸引铁块了.Klefki.钥圈儿Klefki is a bunch of keys. There probably a much funnier way we could word that, but we didnt know how we could make fun of a Pokemon that aly looks exactly like something we have nestled in our pockets two inches to the left of our nuts. Were actually going to stop talking about this thing just because were that intrigued about what in the hell a ;set of keys; that is also somehow a fairy could be based on that would make it so cool.钥圈儿其实就是串钥匙或许我们能找个更好玩的说法描述它,但是这太为难人了!明明看起来就像是装在口袋里面的、离小鸡鸡只有两英寸远的玩意儿,怎么可能配得出有趣的解说!实际上这个话题说到这儿就够了,我们实在是太好奇究竟这外形就是;一串钥匙;的精灵的灵感源于何物,因为这想法真是太酷了A pagan tradition of blaming faeries your problems. More specifically and in more words, Klefki is partially based on an old superstition that faeries liked to entertain themselves by stealing keys and other similarly inconsequential objects. As a result, followers of the Pagan faith sometimes blamed missing keys and other such shenanigans on faeries, because theyre whimsical like that. And that explains why Klefki, which is a fairy type Pokemon, is noted as being a big fan of ;collecting; keys, which it presumably steals from people whore stupid enough to try locking their flimsy wooden doors in a world where foot long snakes made of diamond hard coal exist.你们造,异教徒中有个习气,那就是将问题怪罪于精灵具体来说吧,就是酷炫钥圈儿设计有一份部分来源于一个古代迷信传说精灵们闲来无事喜欢偷些钥匙之类的小东西玩,所以如果异教徒们丢了钥匙,或是被整蛊了等等,就会说;这是精灵干的;——因为精灵就是这样顽皮!这下你能理解钥圈儿为什么是精灵属性,为什么成了钥匙收集癖,而且大多数钥匙还是偷来的了吧~对了,那些被偷了钥匙的愚蠢人类,也不想想这个世界还有英尺长的大岩蛇这种存在呢,居然以为锁住了那道薄薄的木门就能有什么用?3.Sudowoodo3.胡说树In the games, Sudowoodo is a Pokemon that blocks access to a critical in-game path by disguising itself as a tree until the -year-old protagonist sprays it with a squirt bottle. If that sentence doesnt aly make you feel a little uncomtable, we should also point out that Sudowoodo looks like someone drew a caricature of a child molester face onto a Slim Jim.在游戏里,胡说树会将自己伪装成一棵树,挡住关键路径不让人通过但是,岁的主角只是拿起洒水器浇了点水它就让路了!如果这样说了你还觉得这没什么不好的,那我就再形象一点——胡说树长得就像Slim Jim肉棒上长了一张恋童癖的猥琐脸!Now, it never really explained in the games or anime why this Pokemon has such an intense need to disguise itself as a tree, especially when it explicitly mentioned that it hates one of the things trees need to live: water. However, it stated that Sudowoodo is a rock-type Pokemon. This has led fans to surmise that Sudowoodo is based on petrified wood, or wood that has undergone the process of fossilisation and become rock. This is supported by Sudowoodo name, which could be viewed as being a phonetic spelling of the word ;pseudo,; which means ;false,; and the word wood with an extra ;O; slapped on the end style. Meaning Sudowoodo name literally translates to ;false wood#3;,; or something that looks like wood, but isnt. Then again, maybe we were onto something with the Slim Jim idea.无论在游戏里还是动漫里,都没有解释说这个神奇宝贝为什么一定要伪装成一棵树而且那么明显,这;树;它不像其他树,它怕水啊!当然,那是因为胡说树不是草属性的,而是岩属性的对于胡说树这样的奇葩设定,粉丝们不禁脑洞大开,认为胡说树的原型就是木化石,或是正在渐渐变成化石的木头这可以从胡说树的名字中得到验:;sudo;就像;pseudo;的音译,在;wood;后缀上保持和谐的单字母;o;,整个名字就可以拼读成;假的树;啦,或者是看着似是而非的东西当然,说不定Slim Jim肉棒也对胡说树的形象设计有一份贡献呢~.Keldeo.凯路迪欧There no real way to get around this, so were just going to say it: other than the fact it isnt being weirdly sexualized, Keldeo looks like a fan-drawn My Little Pony character. Wed make a joke or something to go here, but just by mentioning the words ;My Little Pony; in a derogatory manner weve aly ensured the best jokes are going to appear in our comments anyway when people come to yell at us.想要避而不谈这一事实?呵呵,你想多了!所以呢,真正的勇士敢于直面这样的事实:凯路迪欧不仅神奇地没有性别之分,它看上去还像是由《小马宝莉的粉丝根据动画中的小马形象创作出来的本来我们是可以讲个段子或婉转点引出这事儿,但是!我们简单粗暴地提到;小马宝莉;这一事实,是因为相信高手在民间啊,当人人都跑来围观时,最佳段子一定会出现在里!Rather than being based on a children cartoon that is inexplicably popular with adult men who shouldnt be allowed near kids, Keldeo is actually based on a combination of a Chinese Unicorn and the fourth, and youngest, member of the Three Musketeers, dArtagnan. If youre wondering how a magic horse is linked to a novel by Alexandre Dumas, Keldeo is the fourth and final member of the so-called ;Swords of Justice.; If that not enough proof you, Keldeo tail is also somewhat reminiscent of dArtagnan signature and exceedingly pimp feathered cap.凯路迪欧才不是以莫名其妙深受一帮本该被禁止与儿童接触的成年男性欢迎的卡通动画为基础呢,其形象结合了中国独角兽和《三个火手中最年轻的第四个成员达达尼昂的特征如果你在想到底是多神奇的一匹马才能和大仲马的小说扯上关系的话,那么我们要告诉你,凯路迪欧也是游戏中所谓的三位;圣剑士;中第四名同时也是最后一名被接纳进去的成员如果这还不足以说你的话,那么凯路迪欧的尾巴是不是让你觉得似曾相识呢?那就是达达尼昂那充满个性的皮条客羽毛帽啊1.Dunsparce1.土龙弟弟Dunsparce looks like a cheap, Chinese knockoff of a rejected Disney design. It such an offensively off-putting and ugly design that if you put its image onto a t-shirt, the words ;TapOut; automatically appear next to them. It would almost be kind of cute in an ;accidentally hit with a shovel; sort of way if it wasnt also almost five feet long. Luckily, according to the Pokedex, Dunsparce is also super rare, because apparently in the Pokemon universe, a five foot, bright yellow snake with wings can escape detection quite easily. Our guess is that these things are so butt ugly, nobody ever bothers looking them.土龙弟弟看上去就像是廉价的中国山寨版迪士尼设计,而且还是不合格的!它的设计真是又倒胃口又丑,简直让人无法直视,真是丑到只要你把土龙弟弟的图片印在T恤衫上,;在下认输;的字样都会自动浮现在图像旁边了!它已经,丑到深处自然萌,要是它没有近5英尺的身长的话,或许它也算是;不小心手滑才打了一铲子;的那种萌了吧幸运的是,根据神奇宝贝图鉴所示,土龙弟弟十分稀有,因为很明显在神奇宝贝世界中,这条五英尺长还长着翅膀的嫩黄色;蠢;蛇很容易掩人耳目然而我们是这样想的:土龙弟弟实在是丑到极致了,以至于根本没人愿意找它们Apparently Dunsparce rarity isnt just a quirk of the game, but a subtle nod to its inspiration, the Tsuchinoko. That a species of snake native to Japan that can supposedly leap several feet into the air, speak in fluent English, and escape detection by curling into a hoop and rolling away at high-speed. Like Dunsparce, the Tsuchinoko is exceptionally rare and a bit of a lard-ass since it noted as being fatter in the middle that it is at either end. As youve probably guessed, the Tsuchinoko is a cryptid and there no real proof it exists or ever has existed. Nevertheless, rumors and legends of its existence continue to persist across Japan to this day, which presumably led to its inclusion in the Pokemon series as Dunsparse. Why they chose to honor this piece of peculiar, traditional Japanese folklore with a Pokemon that looks like someone asked a slug with self-esteem issues to paint a self-portrait is anyone guess.很明显,土龙弟弟的稀有并不仅仅只是游戏的噱头,而是对其原型槌子蛇的一种微妙的肯定槌子蛇是一种日本土生土长的蛇,传闻它可以跳跃到数英尺高的空中,还说得一口流利英文,一遇到危险就绻成一团,飞速滚走和土龙弟弟一样,槌子蛇极其稀有,还有个;肥屁股;,因为传闻中槌子蛇身体中间比它的两端更胖一点机智如你,可能已经猜到了,槌子蛇是一种神秘生物,目前为止并没有任何真凭实据能够实它的存在尽管如此,有关槌子蛇的流言和传说直到今天还在日本广为流传,这大概也是神奇宝贝系列土龙弟弟诞生的原因吧至于为什么他们要选择通过这样一只奇形怪状、看起来就像是一条自尊过剩的鼻涕虫的自画像的神奇宝贝来向这段既特殊又传统的日本民间故事致敬,你猜?审校:敖有没 来源:前十网 519

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