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They can grow more than two metres long and weigh as much as three men. But the giant tortoises of ice age North America were even larger. Florida does have tortoises today, but on a much smaller scale. This is the gopher tortoise. 他们能够长到3米长,重量可与3个成年人的体重相当。但是在冰河时代的北美洲,巨型陆龟体型甚至更加巨大。佛罗里达现在也有乌龟,但是他们的体型很小。这就是穴居沙龟。Tortoises are cold-blooded animals. They rely on external temperature to keep themselves warm. Although Florida is plenty warm enough for much of the year, during the winter months, it can get cold. So to survive the winter, gopher tortoises must burrow and hibernate underground. The colder it gets, the deeper into their burrow they go. 乌龟是冷血动物。他们依靠外部温度保持自身温暖。尽管佛罗里达一年中的大部分时节都温暖如春,但是在冬天的几个月里,气温还是十分寒冷。因此,为了撑过寒冬,穴居沙龟必须在地下挖掘洞穴来进行冬眠。天气越寒冷,他们挖掘的洞穴越深。Giant tortoises, however, cant burrow. And they sleep above ground. They need relatively warm temperatures all year round. The fact they were in Florida during the ice age means that paradoxically the climate must have been more stable and even milder than it is today. So we know something of the climate, but what about the vegetation and the landscape. How did that look 13,000 years ago? 然而,巨型陆龟却没有挖掘的技能。他们在地上冬眠。他们一年都需要相对温暖的气温。这看起来与现实相驳,而事实上,他们可以在冰河时代的佛罗里达生存正意味着那时的气温一定比今天更加稳定,更加温和。因此我们可以推测出当时佛罗里达的气候,但是13000年前的植被以及地貌又是什么样子呢?Today Florida is one of the wettest parts of the continent, especially the vast swampy area known as the Everglades. Flooded grasslands stretches as far as the eye can see.如今,佛罗里达是北美洲湿度最高的地区之一,尤其是像佛罗里达大沼泽这样的一篇巨大的沼泽地。人们的视线内遍布着在侵泡在水中的草地。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载.201308/254544。

Business商业报道Japanese firms shop abroad进军海外Armed with a strong yen以强势日元攻破海外市场Why Japan Inc has been going on a foreign spree为何日本企业转而血拼海外MR TICKLE and Mr Bump are leaping into bed with Hello Kitty.奇先生与妙中的挠痒痒先生和莽撞先生癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉,蹿上了凯蒂猫的床。Sanrio, the owner of the bow-adorned feline, said on December 6th that it had acquired the Mr Men franchise from Chorion of Britain.三丽欧公司是戴蝴蝶结猫的主人,该公司于12月6日说其已从英国购买了奇先生的特许经销权。The deal, for an estimated 3 billion,brings the Japanese design and licensing firm 86 playful characters who have delighted toddlers in 30 countries and shifted 100m books.这次交易估计价值为30亿日元使得日本这个设计和经销公司拥有了86个曾给30个国家幼儿带去欢乐的幽默好玩的人物。该书在市面上售出上亿本。Corporate Japan is on an overseas shopping spree.日本的公司在海外疯狂地进行兼并扩展。Japanese firms spent a record billion on some 620 foreign companies in 2011, according to Dealogic, a firm that measures such things, exceeding the previous record of 466 deals worth billion in 2008.据专门衡量公司并购的研究机构迪罗基表示,2011年日本公司耗资800亿美元收购了620个左右的外国公司,从而打破了2008年创下的750亿美元购得466企业的历史记录。When Japan Inc went shopping abroad in the 1980s, it was a sign of strength.二十世纪八十年代,日本公司往海外开疆拓土时,那时是国力强盛的标志。Japanese companies were sping their wings because they were growing. This time, it is a symptom of weakness.这次是其国力衰退的征兆。The past year in Japan has been wretched.过去的一年对于日本来说是凄凄惨惨的一年。An earthquake and tsunami in March wrecked factories and disrupted supply chains, creating shortages of all sorts of crucial components. Radiation fears hurt exports.今年3月发生的地震和海啸摧毁了工厂使供应链瘫痪,导致各种关键零部件严重短缺。A strong yen walloped profits.人们对幅射的担忧影响了出口。Floods in Thailand interrupted the distribution of electronics and car parts.坚挺的日元蚕食了利润。泰国的洪水中断了对电子和汽车部件的配送。Corporate-governance scandals cast a black cloud over blue suits nationwide.公司、政府丑闻层出不穷,像乌云黑压压地笼罩在这个岛国上空。The Japanese population is ageing and shrinking.日本的人口在老化缩减。The economy is sluggish. Consumption is lacklustre.经济不景气。消费萎靡不振。So Japanese firms find it nearly impossible to expand domestically.故日本公司在国内几乎找不到可以扩展的地方。At the same time, thanks to crises elsewhere in the rich world, the yen is extraordinarily strong.同时,幸亏其他发达国家的经济危机,日元非常地坚挺。It has appreciated by 45% against the dollar in the past four years.在过去的四年中,日元对美元已升值45%。And having learned thrift during their own banking crisis a decade ago, Japanese firms are flush:日本从其十年前的危机中学到了节约开的教训,日本公司利润丰厚:big listed companies are sitting on a cash pile of ¥60 trillion.大的上市公司坐拥价值60万亿的现金。With all this buying power and few opportunities at home, it is hardly surprising that Japanese firms are snapping up foreign companies, especially in fast-growing emerging economies.随着国内购买力低迷和机会减少,日本到处抢滩海外市场尤其是高速发展的新兴经济体则不足为奇。Unless we grow were not able to stay alive simply by staying in Japan,若国内有市场,我们则仍继续呆在日本求生存。explains Tadashi Yanai, the boss of Uniqlos Fast Retailing, a big clothing firm.装巨头优衣库的老板柳井正解释道。The time is ripe for foreign deals, he chirps.他感叹道向海外进军的时机成熟了。The economic crises in America and Europe have pummelled share prices, making companies cheaper to acquire.美国和欧洲的经济危机使公司股票严重缩水,使得收购公司易于反掌。Back in the 1980s Japanese firms hunted trophies such as golf courses and film studios.回顾二十世纪八十年代,日本公司海外扩张的战利品包括高尔夫球场和电影制片厂。Now they are taking a more pragmatic approach, buying solid firms in fast-growing markets and filling gaps in their product lines.现在他们采取更务实的策略,即从高速增长的市场中购买实体工厂以填补其生产线的空白。For example, Kirin, a big Japanese brewer, is acquiring a majority stake in Schincariol, a Brazilian one, for .6 billion.例如,日本的啤酒制造巨头麒麟啤酒以26亿美元的代价获得了巴西的Schincariol公司的股份控制权。The Japanese beer market is flat; Brazils is growing by 10% a year.日本的啤酒市场非常平淡;巴西的啤酒以年均10%的速度在增长。The biggest deal of the year was when Takeda, a Japanese drug firm, bought Nycomed, a Swiss one, for 1 trillion.今年最大的并购当数日本的医药公司Takeda以1万亿日元将瑞士药厂Nycomed收入旗下。Almost 40% of Nycomeds sales are in emerging markets.新兴市场占据了Nycomed将近40%的销售。Japanese trading houses are hungrily buying energy projects, especially those involving shale gas.日本商行迫不急待出手能源项目尤其是涉及到页岩天然气的项目。This year they spent billion, up from less than billion in 2010.今年他们在这些项目上的投资从2010年的不到30亿美元上升到100亿美元。The pace of such deals accelerated after Japanese nuclear-power plants were suspended following the nuclear accident at Fukushima in March,在今年3月福岛核事故发生后,日本原子能工厂项目被中止,使得许多日本人担心国内能源供应。which made many Japanese worry about their energy supply.故日本加大了收购海外能源的步伐。Toshiba spent .6 billion on Landis+Gyr, which makes smart electricity meters for homes.东芝在制造家用智能电表Landis+Gyr身上投资了16亿美元。Sony paid .4 billion for control of its cellphone venture, Sony Ericsson, a stake in the record label EMI and other stuff.索尼花了84亿美元以控制手机企业索爱,且获得了百代唱片公司和其他公司的股份。This time really is different这次是真的与往昔不同In the past, Japanese firms would parachute in bosses from Tokyo to run the show.在过去,日本公司从东京空降一批高层来接管新兼并的企业,Many were monocultural and mediocre.很多高层人员近亲繁殖,水平一般。Now, Japanese firms wisely rely on local talent.现如今日本公司明智地依赖当地人才。Many of the new generation of Japanese executives have lived and worked abroad,许多新一代的高管们具有在国外生活和工作的经验。notes Shinsuke Tsunoda, the head of mergers and acquisitions in Japan at Nomura, a Japanese securities house.值得留意的有野村券交易所并购的Shinsuke Tsunoda领导。This means they are more comfortable doing deals with foreigners, and they are better at integrating the foreign firms they buy with their new Japanese owners.这意味着这些高层人员与外国人打交道更舒,而且他们能更好地整合所并购的海外企业而非本国企业。The foreign shopping spree is internationalising Japanese industry by the back door.抢滩国外市场使日本企业使通过幕后交易达到国际化目的。Japan Inc is acting like a massive sovereign-wealth fund, placing its money abroad to earn investment income at home.日本公司就像巨大的主权财富基金,将钱投资于国外为本国获得投资收入。When old people retire, they tend to live off their savings.当老人退休后,他们凭储蓄度日。They supply capital to younger, sprightlier, cash-strapped folk, who put it to work and pay dividends or interest to the retirees.并为年轻有为,朝气蓬勃且资金拮据的新一代提供资本用于投资。年轻人则付红利或利息给退休人员。That is, roughly speaking, what Asias ageing archipelago is starting to do.大致说来,这正是这个日益老龄化的亚洲群岛正开始做的事。 /201305/238482。

Firefighters use water to battle a towering inferno.消防员用水来扑灭熊熊燃烧的大火,You might wonder if water could also stifle an erupting volcano.你或许想知道水是否也可以用来扑灭喷发的火山。Actually, this experiment happens every timea volcano erupts at the bottom of the ocean.事实上,每次海底火山喷发就是对此进行的一个实验。What happens when a volcano erupts underwater?当海底火山喷发时,都发生了什么呢?Well find it out on todays moment of science.我们今天就跟随科学一刻栏目一起探个究竟吧。Most of the worlds volcanic action happens an average of eight thousand five hundred feetunderwater.世界上大多数的火山活动都发生在海平面以下平均8500英尺的地方。Deep beneath the waves there are an estimated one million volcanos.在海底大约有一百万座火山。As with land volcanos, molten lava pushes up from beneath the sea floor at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.至于地面上的火山,就是由华氏几千度的炽热的岩浆从海底向上冲出而成。Ocean water cant “put out” the volcano the way firefighters put out a fire,海水并不能像消防员灭火一样扑灭火山,but it does have aprofound effect on what happens to the lava once its out of the ground.但是当岩浆冲出地面时,它确实能起到不小的作用。The biggest difference between undersea and land volcanos has nothing to do with waters wetness, but with its pressure.扑灭海底火山和地面的火山最大的不同在于水的压力,与水的湿度并没有关系。At these depths, the water pressure can be two hundred and fifty times more powerful than air pressure at the Earths surface.在这样的深度,水压可以是地面上空气压力的250多倍。This prevents bubbles from forming in the lava, eliminating the likelihood of an explosive eruption like some land eruptions are.压力可以阻止岩浆中形成气泡,这也就消除了地面火山爆炸性喷发的可能性。Instead, lava squeezes out of the ground like tooth paste out of a tube, forming glassy rock formations that look like long, stacked pillows.相反,岩浆就像牙膏挤出管子那样挤出地面,形成一道道玻璃般的岩层,看起来就想是一条长长的堆叠的枕头。The pressure is so high that steam never even forms where lava touches water.压力是如此巨大,以至于这些岩石接触到海水时连水蒸汽都还无法形成。You could be in a boat over a giant, erupting volcano, and never even know it was there.因此,你或许就曾经驾船行驶在一个巨大的喷发的火山上而丝毫没有察觉。So,you cant put out a volcano with water.所以,用水不可能扑灭火山。But on our next program, well find out whathappened to a town that tried to do this anyway-and in a way succeeded!但是在我们下一期的节目中我们将会告诉您一个镇子曾经试图这样做,而且从某种程度上来说,他们成功了! 201405/294998。

If youre planning a trip to Greece in the future, youll want toschedule a visit to the temple of Apollo at Delphi.如果有一天,你打算去希腊旅游,你可能会将特尔斐的阿波罗神庙列入行程单。This famoustemple was the home to the Pythia, a specially chosen andtrained woman who, according to legend, channeled the voiceand wisdom of Apollo, the god of prophecy.阿波罗神庙的女祭司皮提亚,传说,皮提亚是掌管预言的阿波罗神钦点传达预言和智慧的女祭司。Generals,politicians, and private citizens of the ancient world flocked to Delphi to question the Pythia andseek her divinely inspired advice.古时候,将军、政治家、普通百姓蜂拥而至,只为求得宣示的神谕。Ancient scientists and philosophers attributed the oracles power to vapors that bubbled upthrough a chasm and spring running through the oracles chamber inside the temple.古代的科学家和哲学家称,神谕的力量来自从深坑冒出的袅袅蒸气以及神庙内殿神龛喷出的泉水。Inhalingthese vapors, according to the ancients, induced a trance-like state that endowed the oracleswith divine prophetic power.祖先们认为,吸入气体,飘飘欲仙,并赋予了神圣的预言神力。Around 1900, excavations at Delphi revealed no chasm orescaping gases, and so the ancient accounts were discredited.直到公元1900年,科学家挖掘遗址,并未发现所谓的深坑,也没有飘散的气体。实前人的记载并非属实。Until recently, that is Geological surveys of the area have detected two faults, or cracks in theearths crust, intersecting directly under the oracles chamber.直至最近,在对当地进行考察中,发现了地壳有两道断层或裂缝,正好交错于神庙内殿神龛下面。Samples from Delphic spring waterand rock from the intersecting faults revealed traces of several chemicals including ethylene.特尔斐泉水的样本以及断层裂缝岩石的样本中提炼出几种化学物质,其中包括乙烯。Tests have shown that when administered in proper dosage, ethylene can result in a trance state.实验显示,适当剂量的乙烯使人精神恍惚,Those affected are conscious, able to sit upright, can answer questions, and afterwardsexperience amnesia.但是神志清醒,可以笔直地坐着,可以回答问题,但是可能很健忘。Some subjects react violently, screaming and throwing themselves about.有些个体变得很暴力,大吵大闹,疯疯癫癫。Such reactions to ethylene are consistent with ancient reports.这些对乙烯的反应和前人的记载吻合。Unlike their Greek predecessors,modern scientists leave Apollo out of the picture.与希腊的祖先不同,现代科学家慢慢解开了阿波罗神庙的面纱。But once again, science gives at least partialcredence to something that was once considered only a myth.至少,曾经我们对曾认为是神话的事情有所了解了。201407/310283。

This is the first week of season 11.I cant believe its been 11 seasons.这是第11季的首周秀 真不敢相信这都第11季了Its crazy to me,but like they say,If you work hard and you make risky investments,you can never retire.我惊呆了 但是 正如人们所说 如果你拼命工作还搞风险投资 这辈子就别想退休了You know part of what i love about the show is that i get to talk to about amazing people like one of my guests today,her name is Diana Nyard. she is 64.我喜欢这个节目的原因之一 就是它能让我有机会和各种牛人交流 比如我们今天的一位来宾 她叫Diana Nyard 今天64岁She just became the first peoson that swarm from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. amazing!她刚成为在没有防鲨设备的保护下 只身从古巴游到弗罗里达的第一人 太牛了Thats incredible. 64. She swarm 110 miles in two days.不可思议 64岁 两天游了110公里And just to put that in perspective for you,to drive 11o miles in Los Angles would take 6 days.让大家了解这是什么概念 在洛杉矶开车110公里 需要6天时间So...the facts.I always say that age is just a number.You shouldnt, it really should not define who you are.是真的 我常说年龄只是浮云 你不应该 不应该让年龄束缚自己And another one of my guest today,Simon Cowell,hes 53 years old.今天我的另一位嘉宾 simon cowell今年53岁And he stays young by wearing child size T-shirts.他让自己保持青春的方法是穿童装Thats so good for him.I think its important to do things that make you feel young.这太拽了 我认为努力使自己保持年轻时非常重要的But i feel that im looking forward actually to aging.不过 我到时很期待当个老年人I want to get older.Because there are things...for example,there are things to look forward to like applesauce.我想要变老 因为有些东西 比如说 苹果酱就十分值得期待You can eat it literaly whenever you want when youre old.等你老了后 想吃就吃Heres something else Im looking forward to.还有下面这玩意儿也是我想要的I was watching TV the other night,and I saw this infomercial.有一天我正看电视 看到了这则广告Sit,relax,ride with an Acorn Stairlift,the worlds leader in stairlifts.边坐 边滑 边放松 认真Acorn滑梯 全球电滑梯佼佼者Thats right. dont left limited mobility keep you from going up and down you stairs, even outside.没错 别让行动不便成为你上下楼的绊脚石 郊外也一样The Acorn Stairlift has a pedded seat and backrest for maximum comfort.acorn 电滑梯特别配置了加垫的座椅和靠背 为你提供最舒适的享受And it even runs during power outages.And Im the king of my own castle again.即使断电 电滑梯也能正常运行 我的地盘我又可以做主了For your free no obligation information,call now.预知更多详情 请致电See how happy they were?They were happy.They werent eat applesauce ,just happy.And dont get me wrong.看到他们有多开心了吗 满满都是幸福啊 他们还没吃苹果酱呢就这么开心 别误会我的话I think its fatastic we have technology for people who need it.我觉得为有需要的人士提供技术持是一件功德无量的事I dont understand though why we have to wait until were older to enjoy things like that.我就不明白 为什么非要等到老到需要它们时才享受这些产品So,look what i got right here.Take this bad body for a ride.Here I go.Hello, how are you?所以 看我把什么弄来了 老娘来溜它一圈 我来了 你好 怎么样Yeah,eat your heart out. Diana Nyad.Have I gone 4 steps yeat,at all?没错 羡慕妒忌恨吧 滑上四个台阶没By the time I get up there,Ill need one of these.I actually ,I will be that old.等我滑到最上面 我会需要它的 事实上 到时候已经够年纪使上它了Can you imaging getting to the top and realize you forgot your ing glasses.试想一下当你滑到上面 突然发觉把老花眼镜给落下了Oh,no,Ive gotta go back down.Oh,I cant, oh,yes,I can.天哪 我得滑回去 下不去了 哦 原来可以No, I dont wanna go, Im gonna go this way.还是不下去了 我要往上走了I was...I have momenturn.Come on Acorn. Here we go. All right.我可以控制方向的 来嘛 我们走起 好了Its pretty blouse.Nice color on you.衣真不错 颜色很衬你Its like corel or something,isnt it? Should wear that more often.珊瑚色还是啥的 对吗 你应该常穿这一件Hi,how are you?This is really great!嗨 还好吗 感觉太棒了Id like to thank my guests,Simon Cowell,Diana Nyad.我要感谢我的来宾Be kind to one another,everybody.This is...I actually think they they sped it up on televison,I think...各位 请善待他人 这真是 老实说我感觉它们在广告里滑得更快些I feel like the queen of my castle though,I really do.有种我的地盘我做主的感觉了 真心的They should put one of these at Universal.Cause...really really fun.他们应该给环球影城也整一个 因为实在是太好玩了Well now that Im almost at the top.Olivia, I think you should make me dance.差不多要到终点了 来点音乐让我跳舞吧注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/260439。

Unless youre an entomologist or a beekeeper, beestypically inspire one thing: fear.一提到蜜蜂,大家能联想到的可能是“可怕”,昆虫学者或养蜂人当然例外啦。But most bees are non-aggressive, and only sting when provoked.但是,大多数的蜜蜂是没有攻击性的,蜜蜂蜇人那是万不得已的!In fact, once youget beyond the stinger, bees are pretty fascinating.事实上,蜜蜂是伟大的建筑师,而绝非仅仅是蜇人。Beehive construction begins with finding a suitable site.蜂巢建造的第一步:Scout bees seek hollow spaces in trees and human-made structures.侦察蜂寻觅合适的搭建处。Such spaces must be able to hold at least six and a half gallons, andhave a small entrance that faces south for warmth.侦察蜂在树林间或人造建筑物中寻找至少6.5加仑的空间,并且有面朝温暖南方的入口。Once theyve found the perfect spot, the scouts prepare the site by clearing away loose wood orother rubbish and coat the space with a dried tree resin called propolis.一旦侦察蜂找到绝佳的建造蜂巢点,它们会做好准备工作:清理掉松动的木材或其它杂物,在表层涂上叫蜂胶的干树脂。Worker bees then take over, secreting wax to build the hive.下一步轮到工蜂了,工蜂用蜂蜡建造蜂巢。Starting from the top and workingdown, they build combs-layers of hexagonally shaped cells with passageways along the walls toallow bees to move between combs.先搭建巢基,逐层往下,每个蜂房都是六边形的。蜂房与蜂房间要留有空隙以便蜜蜂出入。Each layer of cells has a specialized purpose.每个蜂房都有特殊的作用。The uppermost cells store honey, followed by pollen-storage cells.最上面的蜂房是储存蜂蜜的,下面一层是储存花粉的,The bottom layers aredesignated for infant-rearing.再下层是幼虫变成工蜂的孵化室,Just beneath the pollen cells are brood cells where larvae becomeworker bees, and off to the side are cells housing drone bee larvae.最下层是育婴室,两侧居住的是雄蜂幼虫。Last, but certainly not least,special cells are set aside to shelter infant queen bees.当然,特殊的蜂房是留给有着尊贵地位的蜂王的。A typical nest has about 100,000 cells with a total surface area of about twenty-seven square feet.标准的蜂巢有100,000个蜂房,连上表层大概有27平方英尺。Most of the cells are used to store the more than forty pounds of honey required to feed a beecolony during the winter.大多数蜂巢储存了40多英镑的蜂蜜足够整个蜜蜂家族度过整个冬天了。They may not win any awards, but bees are clearly some of natures most accomplished architects.虽然,蜜蜂从未因此获奖。但是,它们无疑是大自然最杰出的建造师。 201406/307822。

This way, I want you to move, to follow me now.到这边来,我想要你移动,现在跟着我。Follow you now.现在跟着你。For the first time in two days, Yako is on edge in an instant.亚科2天以来第一次瞬间到了边缘。Just behind the scene. He knows we are here, and he can hear us. Aha.别看后方。他知道我们在这里,他听的到我们。啊哈。It’s difficult, because what you see is business.是有点困难,因为你看到的是一次狩猎。Yeap.Just stay there.对啊。就呆在那里。Yeap. I will do exactly what he tells us.对啊。我会按照他告诉我们的去做。Go go go, He’s still watching us.加油加油,他还在看着我们。But the young leaves a massive, and normally they are reluctant to leave their area, because this is his area.但年轻的离开了一只巨大的,通常他们都不愿离开他们的区域,因为这是他的领地。Ahm, it’s more he can hear us and see the movement.对,这是他能听到,看到动作。Anyway from here, this is his area, he’s not gonna leave it.反正在这里,这是他的领地,他是不会离开的。So I can we should all leave.所以我想我们都应该马上离开。201307/246745。