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井冈山市无痛隆鼻收多少钱吉安做双眼皮价格吉安人民医院做去疤手术多少钱 78. It's up to... 由······来决定 用法透视 "to"后面接代词宾格或名词,表示"由......来做决定;取决于......;是......的职责"。 持范例 1. Do you want to eat a Western or Chinese meal? It's up to you. 吃西餐还是中餐?由你来决定。 2. It's up to us to help those in need. 我们有责任帮助那些有困难的人。 3. It's not up to you to tell me how to do my job. 用不着你来告诉我怎样做我自己的工作。 会话记忆 A: I'm looking forward to our son's graduation this weekend. 我盼着这个周末儿子毕业呢。 B: Yes. So am I. But what will he do after graduation? He really needs to go to college. 我也是。不过他毕业后做什么呢?他需要上大学。 A: Well, dear, we can't force him to go to college. It's up to him. 可是亲爱的,我们不能强迫他上大学啊,这得由他决定。 B: I know that but he has to learn to be independent. He can't just keep living at home. 我知道,但他得学会自立,他不能老待在家里 /200705/1351498. ... only too well... ······很······ 用法透视 "only too"表示"very"之意。但有时在语气上也有"太过分了"的含义,应予以注意。 持范例 1. I know only too well how you feel. 我很了解你的感受。 2. I'm only too pleased to help you. 我很乐意帮助你。 3. The holiday was only too short. 假期太短了。 会话记忆 A: Harry is so down that he won't talk to anyone. 哈利好沮丧,不和任何人说话。 B: I know only too well what that's like. 我很能知道那种感受。 A: What do you mean? 你什么意思? B: I was very sad when I was laid off last year. 去年我被解雇时我也很沮丧 /200706/14635吉安市中医院美容中心

吉安保仕柏丽医院整形中心去眼袋好不好A group of students was told that a small democratic country had been invaded and had asked the U.S. for help.在一项研究中,一群学生被告知某个民主小国在遭到侵略后向美国寻求援助。And they had to make a decision. What should they do?学生们必须决定怎么办。他们该怎么做呢?Intervene, appeal to the U.N., or do nothing?干预,向联合国申诉,还是袖手旁观?They were each then given one of three descriptions of this hypothetical crisis.这个假想的危机有三种不同的解释,他们每人听到其中的一种。Each of which was designed to trigger a different historical analogy:每个解释意在引起对不同历史事件的类比:World War II, Vietnam, and the third was historically neutral.二战,越战,或者一个中性的事件。Those exposed to the World War II scenario made more interventionist recommendations than the others.听到二战类比的学生比其他学生更多地建议美国干预这场危机。Just as we cannot ignore the literal meaning of words,正如我们不能忽视词语的字面意义,we cannot ignore the analogies that are triggered by metaphor.我们也无法忽视由暗喻促发的类比。Metaphor matters because it opens the door to discovery.暗喻很重要,因为它开启了发现的大门。Whenever we solve a problem, or make a discovery, we compare what we know with what we dont know.每当我们要解决问题,或做新的探索时,我们就把已知和未知进行比较。And the only way to find out about the latter is to investigate the ways it might be like the former.而我们发现未知的唯一途径就是探讨未知和已知有何相似性。Einstein described his scientific method as combinatory play.爱因斯坦曾把他的科学方法描述为组合的游戏。He famously used thought experiments, which are essentially elaborate analogies, to come up with some of his greatest discoveries.他在其有名的思想实验中,实质上就是复杂的类比中,成就了一些最伟大的科学发现。By bringing together what we know and what we dont know through analogy,当我们用类比把已知和未知联系在一起时,metaphorical thinking strikes the spark that ignites discovery.暗喻的思维就会点燃发现的火花。Now metaphor is ubiquitous, yet its hidden.暗喻虽然无处不在,却是隐藏身形。But you just have to look at the words around you and youll find it.而你只要注意周围的用词,就可以找到它。201704/506453安福县蓝光祛痘多少钱 I want to talk today about今天我所要讲的是Ive been asked to take the long view,他们让我谈谈长远的观点and Im going to tell you what I think are the three biggest problems for humanity from this long point of view.我要告诉你们,我认为,从长远来看,人类面临着三大问题。Some of these have aly been touched upon by other speakers, which is encouraging.其中有些问题已经被其他讲演者提到了,这是很鼓舞人心的。It seems that theres not just one person who thinks that these problems are important.看起来远不止一个人认为这些问题意义重大。The first is -- death is a big problem.第一——死亡是一个重大的问题。If you look at the statistics, the odds are not very favorable to us.如果你看看统计数据,形式对我们来说并不乐观。So far, most people who have lived have also died.到目前为止,大部分曾经活过的人,都已经死了。Roughly 90 percent of everybody who has been alive has died by now.大致来说,所有人类中百分之九十的人目前已经死亡了.So the annual death rate adds up to 150,000 --因此,年死亡率总计就是15万——sorry, the daily death rate -- 150,000 people per day,对不起,日死亡率——每天15万人,which is a huge number by any standard.以任何标准看,这个数字都是巨大的。The annual death rate, then, becomes 56 million.那么,年死亡率就变成了5千6百万人。If we just look at the single, biggest cause of death, aging如果我们只着眼于死亡的最大的单一因素,衰老it accounts for roughly two-thirds of all human people who die.大约有三分之二的人因此而死。That adds up to an annual death toll of greater than the population of Canada.这些每年因衰老而死亡的人数比加拿大的人口还要多。Sometimes, we dont see a problem有时,我们无视于问题之存在,because either its too familiar or its too big.因为要么这个问题太熟悉,要么这个问题太大了。Cant see it because its too big.因为问题太大了,所以我们看不见。I think death might be both too familiar and too big for most people to see it as a problem.我认为,死亡对我们来说,既过于熟悉也过于巨大,因此大多数人都不会把它当做一个问题来看待。Once you think about it, you see this is not statistical points;一旦你想一下,你就会发现这并不是统计数字而已。these are -- lets see, how far have I talked?这些是——让我看看,我讲了有多久了?Ive talked for three minutes.我已经讲了三分钟。So that would be, roughly, 324 people have died since Ive begun speaking.那么,从我开始讲话到现在,有大概324个人已经去世了。People like -- its roughly the population in this room has just died.这个人数就像——大概有这个房间里的那么多人刚才去世了。Now, the human cost of that is obvious,死亡给人类带来的损失是很明显的。once you start to think about it -- the suffering, the loss --如果你开始细想,死亡带来的痛苦、损失its also, economically, enormously wasteful.从经济上来说,这也是一种巨大的浪费。I just look at the information, and knowledge, and experience光从信息、知识和经验来看,that is lost due to natural causes of death in general, and aging, in particular.一般而言,它们都因人的自然死亡而消失了,尤其是因衰老而造成的死亡。Suppose we approximated one person with one book?假设我们把一个人比作一本书,Now, of course, this is an underestimation.当然,这对人来说是低估的。A persons lifetime of learning and experience is a lot more than you could put into a single book.一个人一生的学识和经验,远不能为一本书所容纳。But lets suppose we did this.但让我们这么假设吧。52 million people die of natural causes each year corresponds, then, to 52 million volumes destroyed.每年有五千两百万人因自然原因而死亡,那么,相应的,五千两百万册书也毁灭了。Library of Congress holds 18 million volumes.国会图书馆有一千八百万册藏书。We are upset about the burning of the Library of Alexandria.亚历山大图书馆被烧毁让我们深感惋惜。Its one of the great cultural tragedies that we remember, even today.这是一大文化悲剧,我们直到今天还记忆犹新。But this is the equivalent of three Libraries of Congress -- burnt down, forever lost -- each year.但死亡造成的损失,相当于每年有三座国会图书馆的藏书灰飞烟灭,永远消亡。So thats the first big problem.因此,这是第一个重大问题。And I wish Godspeed to Aubrey de Grey, and other people like him,我要祝奥布里·德·格雷和他的同行们成功,to try to do something about this as soon as possible.祝他们在这个问题上尽早有所进展。201607/456472吉安医院祛斑

井冈山市人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Whenever somebody tells you to set your sights lower the trajectory of this country should give you hope Previous generations should give you hope. 每当有人告诉你要将眼光放低点这个国家走过的道路应该给你带来希望前几代人的经历应该给你带来希望What young generations have done before should give you hope Young folks who marched. 在你之前的一代又一代年轻人做过的一切应该给你带来希望无论是在塞尼卡福尔斯And mobilized and stood up and sat in from Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall. 还是在塞尔玛或是在石墙当时那些参加游行 动员起来挺身而出 进行静坐的年轻人Didnt just do it for themselves they did it for other people Thats how we achieved womens rights. 他们不仅仅是为自己这样做他们这样做是为了别人就是这样 我们获得了妇女权利Thats how we achieved voting rights Thats how we achieved workers rights Thats how we achieved gay rights. 就是这样 我们获得了选举权就是这样 我们获得了工人权利就是这样 我们获得了同性恋权利Thats how weve made this Union more perfect And if youre willing to do your part now if youre willing to reach up and close that gap. 就是这样 我们使我们的合众国更趋完美如果你们愿意现在就来尽你们的职责如果你们愿意竭尽所能Between what America is and what America should be I want you to know that I will be right there with you If you are y to fight for that brilliant. 缩小美国现状与理想之间的差距我想让你们知道 我会与你们站在一起如果你准备为美国实现这个十分简单Radically simple idea of America that no matter who you are or what you look like no matter who you love or what God you worship. 却又非常美好的想法而奋斗不管你是谁 不管你的外貌如何不管你爱的是谁或敬拜什么样的神You can still pursue your own happiness I will join you every step of the way Now more than ever, now more than ever. 你仍然可以追求自己的幸福我会在前进的道路上与你并肩迈出每一步与以往任何时候相比 与以往任何时候相比America needs what you the Class of 2012, has to offer America needs you to reach high and hope deeply. 现在美国都更需要你们2012届的同学们 所能贡献的一切美国需要你们高瞻远瞩 胸怀大志And if you fight for your seat at the table and you set a better example and you persevere in what you decide to do with your life. 如果你们为争取自己的发言权而奋斗树立一个更好的榜样坚持做你们一生中立志要做的事情I have every faith not only that you will succeed but that, through you, our nation will continue to be a beacon of light for men and women. 我坚信 不仅你们会取得成功而且由于你们的努力 我们的国家将继续是为全球每一个角落的男人和女人Boys and girls, in every corner of the globe So thank you. Congratulations God bless you. 男孩和女孩照耀航程的灯塔因此 谢谢大家 向你们祝贺上帝保佑你们God bless the ed States of America上帝保佑美利坚合众国201610/467406 And I looked at her. Where am I sitting? Maam, Im in first class And this was the first time I had flown in first class. 我看着她 我在哪坐 女士 我可是坐头等舱这是我平生第一次坐头等舱And they have seats in first class that are made for former tight end from Stanford university. 而且头等舱的座位简直太适合我这位前斯坦福大学的近端锋了They are wide seats and I sat down, feeling the room that I had and then they come over and offer you a drink. 座位非常宽敞 坐下后我还能感到有空间剩余然后乘务人员还专门提供饮料Now I dont drink, I usually just have water on planes but this was first class, I decide to make an exception. 我一般不喝 因为我一般在飞机上只有水喝但这是头等舱 我打算破例I look at the woman and I say Would you please bring me some perry ade?. 我对空说能给我来点梨酒吗Now I have my drink Weve pulled back from the gate. 我喝着我的饮料飞机已经离开航站楼Were going down the runway and the captain comes on the speaker and says I would like to welcome you all. 正在跑道上准备起飞 我听到扬声器中 机长说欢迎大家乘坐To flight 4873 going to Miami I had a nice drink. 飞往迈阿密的4873次航班我喝得很舒I had a wide seat I was first class. 位置也很宽敞我是头等舱乘客But I was headed in the wrong direction Now why do I tell you this story?. 但我却飞错了方向为什么我要把这个故事讲给你们In the spirit of the patriarchs of my family Because the first thing about vision I want you to understand. 这是本着我家父系传统的精神因为关于异象我首先想要你们了解的是Is to understand deep in your heart as you enter a world with aspirations, with goals. 你们需要在心中深刻认识到在你满怀志向和目标进入这个世界时Is to always understand that first-class in life. 你总需要理解生活中的;头等;Has nothing to do with where you sit on an airplane First-class in life has nothing to do with the clothes you wear. 同你在飞机上坐哪毫无关联生活中的;头等; 无关于你穿的什么衣Or the car you drive, or the house that you live in First-class is about and always will be about the content of your character. 开的什么车 住的什么房子头等永远都只关乎你个人的品性The quality of your ideas the kindness in your heart. 你思想的品质你心中的善良This is first class ive found first class from the high-rise projects of Newark. 这才是;头等;我找到了;头等; 从纽瓦克的高层建筑项目To the nice homes of Beverly Hills ive found first class in drug treatment centers in my city. 到贝弗利山的好房子我找到了;头等; 从我城市的戒毒中心201611/476799吉安去眼袋手术费用青原区妇幼保健人民医院纹眉毛多少钱



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