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大理子宫内膜移位症的原因大理白族自治州中医医院治疗妇科怎么样Afghanistan#39;s first female pilot is seeking asylum in the U.S. after receiving death threats from the Taliban and members of her own family.在接到塔利班和家人成员的死亡威胁后,阿富汗首位女飞行员向美国寻求庇护。Capt. Niloofar Rahmani came to the U.S. in 2015 to train with the U.S. Air Force. That training ended earlier this week, but Rahmani says she#39;s too afraid for her life to go back.拉赫马尼上尉于2015年来美国参加空军训练。训练本周早些时候结束,但赫马尼说,她很担心自己的生活不敢回去。Rahmani was 10 years old when the U.S. removed the Taliban from power in 2001. At 18, she enlisted in Afghanistan#39;s air force and became a bit of a celebrity when she earned her wings in 2013.美国2001年推翻塔利班政权时拉赫马尼10岁。18岁时她在阿富汗空军役,2013年在飞行中就小有名气。That#39;s when the threats began. In an interview, Rahmani said members of the Taliban had threatened to kill her and members of her family. She also said distant relatives had threatened the same.这就是威胁开始。在一次采访中,拉赫马尼说,塔利班成员曾威胁要杀了她和她的家人。她还说远亲同样发出威胁。Rahmani says that if she#39;s granted asylum she#39;ll continue flying, either for the U.S. or as a commercial pilot.拉赫马尼表示,如果她获得庇护将会继续飞行,无论是为美国政府,还是作为一名商业飞行员。译文属。 Article/201612/486367永平县人民医院医生的QQ号码 If it keeps me healthier than I如果吃药能使我更健康would otherwise be, and hopefully mentally alert,头脑更灵活then, you know, it#39;s doing its job那它就起到功效 and thank you very much.我就不胜感激了I believe in my heart that it#39;s not good.但我内心认为药物是不好的I don#39;t think it#39;s a good thing.我觉得吃药不是件好事情We#39;re not meant to take them.我们不该用药物In the old days, they didn#39;t take them. They just died, you know.过去的人们从不吃药 他们顺其自然I don#39;t like it but I... I am...我不喜欢吃药 但是 我It#39;s part of my life.这是我生活的一部分It is my life, actually.实际上 这就是我全部的生活Millions of people turn数百万人每天靠药to pills every day to prolong their lives,来延长他们的生命but there are some who believe medicine但也有些人 比如约翰·斯图尔特could also be used to bring it to an end, like John Stuwart.认为药物能用来结束他们的生命 If there was such a thing as a simple pill that you could take,如果世上有如此简单的药物preferably with a large Scotch,配上一大杯苏格兰威士忌下and go to sleep and not wake up,就能让你长睡不醒a lot of people would prefer that,不知多少人想要得到这样的机会in fact would leap at the chance.利用这样的机会 Article/201503/366843It#39;s our final night in Beijing.这是我们在北京的最后一夜了We#39;re back in the heart of the modern city我们回到这座现代城市的中心and its most exclusive street where the new rich come to shop and eat.来到专门供新贵们购物和吃饭的街上We#39;re cooking with a chef who is leading the capital#39;s food revolution.我们将要和一个引领首都美食革新的厨师一起烹饪Chef Da Dong brings tradition大东师傅在厨房and innovation together in culinary theatre把传统和创新结合在一起and his specialty is, of course,the nation#39;s favourite - duck!当然他的最擅长的是,中国人的最爱——烤鸭This proud Beijinger became a chef on his father#39;s advice在听从他父亲(当厨师)永远不会挨饿的建议后that he would never go hungry.这位自豪的北京人成了一名厨师He#39;s dedicating himself to reviving the reputation of Chinese cuisine(中国菜的名声)在被多年的压迫和贫穷破坏后after it was blighted by years of oppression and poverty.他全力振兴中国菜的声誉This is the big difference.这是最大的不同Chefs before in China only knew about the region.以前中国的厨师只知道厨房Actually, they never had the opportunity, all the time or the money, to travel anywhere else.事实上,他们从来没有机会或者钱,去其他地方旅游This is one of his signature dishes,他的招牌菜之一sweet and sour duck balls in the crispy yam basket.酸甜香酥素鸭块This is not like sweet and sour you#39;ve ever seen anywhere.这种酸和甜是你在其他地方从来没有尝到过的It#39;s like the duck has given birth to the duck balls and that#39;s the duck eggs.这很像鸭子生下球状的鸭蛋It#39;s all very poetic.很有诗意Inspired by this beautiful creation,we#39;re now cooking for him,被他美丽的创意所打动,我们准备用他美味的烤鸭making our Da Dong style dishes, using his delicious Peking duck.为他做我们自己的大东风味菜肴We will show them.我们马上就要展示给他们看A Cantonese and a Taiwanese can take on a Beijinger.一个广东人和台湾人要同一个北京人较量I#39;m doing a twice cooked crispy duck and apple salad.我在做回锅鸭和苹果的色拉I#39;m inspired by the flavour of the fruitwood,我的灵感来自于果木的味道you know, they use the apple trees,the pear trees.你知道,他们使用的苹果树,梨树This is like the way that they slice and carve their ducks就像他们对鸭子进行切片和精雕细琢一样so I thought maybe we#39;ll do some apples in little pieces.我想我们会切些苹果的小薄片Oh, beautiful.哇,太美了This is kind of like carving a duck.这个有点像切鸭肉Now for the duck.现在该切鸭肉了The leg meat is more juicier, more succulent腿上的肉更多肥肉,汁也多and because I#39;m going to fry it again,因为我要油炸它I need that juicy, meaty part我需要汁多的,那部分肥肉and then I#39;m just going to chop it into bite-size pieces.然后我要把它切成一口大小Rough is OK, even with the skin.未经加工的肉很好,即使带着皮I#39;m just going to put a little bit of five spice,我只要放一点五香粉just a little bit. It really does help to bring out the flavour of the meat.只要一点点,它非常有助于提肉味And then, corn starch and we#39;re y to deep fry.然后是把肉和玉米淀粉拌一下,准备进油锅炸The duck only needs a minute in the wok.鸭肉只需在锅里炸一分钟即可As it#39;s aly cooked, I#39;m just sealing in the flavour.由于鸭子已经熟了,我现在只要让它入味就好While it#39;s hot, the outer edges where the cornflour, like this...油比较热,但我们还是要等到外面的玉米粉,像这样lovely golden and crisp.变成金色和脆脆的We#39;ll just drain the excess fat.我们只要把多余的脂肪耗掉就好Next is the salad dressing.下来是做沙拉酱I#39;m using XO sauce, a spicy seafood sauce made from dried shrimp,我用的XO酱,辣海鲜酱,虾米dried scallop and chillies.干扇贝和辣椒Then I#39;m going to use some of this Tian ming jiang.然后我要用一些甜面酱The sort of sweet bean paste.这种甜面酱A little bit of sugar,一点点糖a little bit of black rice vinegar.一点点黑米醋It#39;s going to be sweet and sour. Right.它就会变得又酸又甜,对How#39;s the sauce? It#39;s OK.It#39;s a little bit too vinegary.酱怎么样,还好,只是有一点点酸I think I need more of the sweet bean paste and a little bit more sugar.我觉得需要更多的甜面酱和一点糖If it#39;s too vinegary, you just add a little bit more sugar.如果太酸的话,你加点糖就好了So, a little spicy, sweet...有点辣,有点甜……Lovely.很可爱That#39;s like ducks playing in spring time.这很像春天到了鸭子在嬉戏 Article/201507/383897大理多发性子宫肌瘤治疗方法

巍山县妇科疾病多少钱大理哪里有做无痛人流 But I quite like lying back...我真喜欢躺这儿I quite like lying here and just getting to it.我好喜欢躺这儿 输这东西Do you feel any drug effects?你感觉到药物作用了吗Zero -not at all five -al lot.0是完全没有 5是感觉强烈Three.3Do you like the effects you are feeling now?你喜欢你现在的感觉吗Four.4-Would you like more of what you#39;ve received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5Do you feel high?感觉兴奋吗Three.3Do you feel intoxicated?你有喝醉的兴奋感吗Three.3The team were used to watching people lose the plot.这个团队过去常常看着人们失控Using this method they#39;d gathered data from enough subjects他们用这种方法搜集足够多主体的数据to know what was an average brain response to alcohol and what wasn#39;t.然后获得大脑对酒精反应的平均水平Yeah.We have about ten minutes more of the infusion.是啊 我们还要注射十几分钟Oh good. Good.哦 好的 好的There#39;s ten more minutes of the dose going up?还有十几分钟的剂量Oh are you toying with me now?你们在玩我呀Don#39;t... I#39;m just...别 我只是-It#39;s been a long day right? -It#39;s been a long...-感觉很漫长 是吗 -漫长啊You know I#39;ve been working hard...你知道 我一直在努力Its not just the personal sacrifice Dave.这不只是个人牺牲 戴夫You deserved this.这是你应得的I#39;ve earned this.我争取来的重点解释:1.lie back 向后靠(休息)例句:She was so weak and exhausted that she had to lie back.她这样虚弱和疲备以致不得不把身体向后靠着。2.used to 过去常常例句:He is used to eating out all the time.他已经习惯在外面吃饭了。3.toy with 漫不经心地摆弄, 轻率地对待, 不十分认真地考虑例句:While she was talking to me, she toyed with a pencil.她一边和我说话,一边摆弄着一铅笔。 Article/201507/389417洱源县妇幼保健医院做彩超多少钱

南涧县人民医院在那儿Why Do Americans and Canadians Celebrate Labor Day?劳动节怎么来?How#39;s this for a strange idea: a day off from work in honor of work itself? Actually, that is what Labor Day (celebrated in the ed States and Canada on the first Monday of every September) is all about.这样一个怪点子如何:从工作中放一天假来纪念工作本身?事实上,那就是劳动节(在美国和加拿大是每年九月的第一个星期一庆祝) 那就是劳动节的意义。The first American Labor Day was celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882, as thousands of workers and their families came to Union Square for a day in the park. It was not a national holiday, but had been organized by a union to honor workers and their hard efforts with a rare day of rest—halfway between July 4 and Thanksgiving. There were picnics and a parade, but there were also protests. The workers had gathered not just to rest and celebrate, but to demand fair wages, the end of child labor, and the right to organize into unions.第一个美国劳动节是于 1882 年 9 月 5 日在纽约市庆祝,数千民劳工和他们的家人到联合广场在公园度过一天。那并不是个国定假日,但由工会安排来用一天难得的休假感念工人以及他们的辛劳--在 7 月 4 日和感恩节之间举行。有野餐和游行,但也有抗议活动。工人们不只聚集来休憩和庆祝,也聚集来要求合理工资、童工的终结,以及组织工会的权利。During the period known as the Industrial Revolution, many jobs were difficult, dirty, and dangerous. People worked for 12 hours, six days a week, without fringe benefits such as vacations, healthcare, and pensions. And if you were young, chances are you were doing manual labor instead of your As and fractions. Children as young as 10 worked in some of the most hazardous places, like coal mines, or factories filled with boiling vats or dangerous machines.在被称为“工业革命”的时期,许多工作都是艰辛、肮脏且危险的。人们一周工作六天,一天工作十二小时,没有任何额外福利,例如休假、健保,以及退休金。如果你年纪小,可能你那时是在做苦工而不是在上 A 跟算数学分数。十岁那样年纪的孩子在一些最危险的场所内工作,像是矿坑,或是充满滚烫大缸或危险机器的工厂。Trying to win better pay, shorter hours, and safer conditions, workers had begun to form labor unions in America and Canada. But the companies they worked for often fought hard to keep unions out and to suppress strikes. At times, this led to violent battles between workers and business owners, with the owners often backed up by the police, or even the military.试着争取更好的工资、更短的工时,以及更安全的工作环境,工人们开始在美国和加拿大内组织工会。但他们效力的公司常激烈抵抗,以将工会屏除在外以及压制罢工。时不时地,这引起工人和老板间火爆的冲突,老板们往往有警方或甚至军方撑腰。In the following years, the idea of Labor Day caught on in America, with official celebrations reaching 30 states. But then came the violent Haymarket Square Riot of 1886, which led to the deaths of several policemen and workers in Chicago and the execution of four union leaders. After that, many labor and political groups around the world had begun to mark Haymarket Square on May 1, which became known as International Worker#39;s Day.接下来几年内,劳动节的理念在美国盛行,正式庆祝活动延伸到三十个州。 但接着发生了 1886 年激烈的干草市场广场暴动,那导致芝加哥数名警员和工人的死亡,以及四位工会领袖的处决。在那之后,全世界许多劳工和政治团体开始在五月一日标上干草市场广场,那天后来变成以国际劳动节著称。In 1894, President Grover Cleverland signed the law, making Labor Day a federal holiday in America, only days after he had sent 12,000 soldiers to end a violent railroad strike that resulted in the death of several people. The original September date was kept, partly to avoid the more radical associations of May 1.1894 年,格罗弗·克里夫兰总统签署法条,使劳动节在美国成为一个联邦法定假日,仅仅在他派出一万两千名士兵去结束一场造成数人身亡的铁路罢工后。原先九月的劳动节日期被保留着,部分是为了避免关于五月一号那较激进的联想。Canada also created its Labor Day in 1894. But in spite of this new holiday, it would be a long time before the changes that workers wanted became a reality.加拿大也在 1894 年设立了自己的劳动节。但尽管有这新的节日,在工人们想要的改变成真之前,仍距离一段很长的时间。In 1938, during the Great Depression that left millions without jobs, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a law, calling for an eight-hour workday, a five-day workweek, and an end to child labor—some of the first federal protections for American workers.1938 年,在使数百万人失业的经济大萧条期间,富兰克林·D·罗斯福总统签下一个法案,要求八小时的工作天、五天的工作周,以及童工的终结--一些对美国劳工最早期的联邦保护法案。As America and Canada celebrate Labor Day, most of the two countries#39; children enjoy a day off from school. But it is important to remember that there was a time that every day was a labor day for children in America and Canada. And unfortunately, the same fact remains true for millions of children around the world today.在美国和加拿大庆祝劳动节时,这两国的孩子们大多都在享受一天不用上学的假日。但很重要的是要记得,曾有段时光美国和加拿大的孩子天天都是劳动日。而不幸地是,相同状况在今日全球数百万名孩童身上仍是真实的。 Article/201507/385269 It may be that I could有这样的可能show you a plate like this in two years#39; time两年以后再给你展示一下这个培养皿where not only all six fail,不仅仅这六个失效but the one I#39;ve got up my sleeve and而且 我正在研制的in my head that I#39;m going to give her would also fail.和即将研制的抗生素 也会失效Organisms divide so fast, every 15 minutes,有机体分裂很快 每十五分钟一代that within a day or two days,一两天之内 there will be billions of them.就会产生几十亿后代You need one to learn how只要一个有机体to get over the antibiotic and that#39;s it.能逃过抗生素的作用 就够了It#39;s game over.你就玩完了Nature wins on this occasion.这种情况下 自然最大Dr Gant has just one final antibiotic he can try.甘特医生只剩最后一种抗生素可以尝试But he also realises that with any antibiotic,但他也知道使用任一种抗生素there is a cost.都是有代价的They actually make us more vulnerable to disease.实际它们上会使我们更易受到疾病侵害Because bacteria also have the power to protect us.因为其实细菌对我们 也有保护作用We would not be here without bacteria.我们不可能完全不携带细菌We need them, we can#39;t live without them.我们需要它 离不开它 Article/201503/364282大理东方治疗妇科炎症好吗大理做人流多少费用



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