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佛山高明区男科挂号佛山南海区前列腺炎多少钱There was a farmer who fell and broke his hip while he was plowing, and his horse immediately galloped five miles to the nearest town and returned, carrying a doctor on his back.一位农夫在犁田时,不慎跌倒摔伤了屁股,他的马立即飞奔到五哩外最近的小镇,载了一位医生回来。;That#39;s a pretty smart horse,; the farmer#39;s friend later observed.;Well, he#39;s not really so smart,; the farmer said. ;The doctor he brought back was a veterinarian!;一个朋友看到后便夸赞说:“你这匹马真是聪明!”农夫说:“也没有你想的那么聪明啦!它带来的是一位兽医!” /201305/240534顺德区乐从医院专家咨询 Going on holiday not only makes you feel good while you’re there – you reap the health benefits for months, new research shows.新研究显示,度假不仅让你在当时感觉良好,而且给你的健康带来的益处可维持数月之久。Jetting off to exotic destinations such as the Maldives cuts your blood pressure, helps you sleep better and bounce back from stress, it found.研究发现,乘飞机到马尔代夫等颇具异国情调的旅游目的地度个假,不仅会让你的血压降下来,而且有助于改善你的睡眠,帮助你从压力中恢复过来。The benefits last at least a fortnight longer than the vacation and can be felt for months in some cases it is claimed.度假带来的益处可在假期结束后持续至少两周,据称有时还能持续数月之久。Experts say workers should always take their full holiday entitlement each year – as many as one in three don’t – to reap the benefits.专家认为,员工应当充分享受其每年的休假权,从中获益——而事实上,多达三分之一的员工没有休掉年假。The study compared key health markers in holidaymakers visiting Thailand, Peru or the Maldives, with people who stayed at home and continued working.此项研究将去泰国、秘鲁或马尔代夫等国度假的人的主要健康指数与留在家里继续工作的人进行了对比。The average blood pressure of those on holiday dropped by six percent while the workers saw their blood pressure rise by two percent over the same period.度假者的平均血压降低了6%,而同一期间继续工作的人的血压则上升了2%。The sleep quality of holidaymakers improved by 17 percent while that of the non-holidaymakers deteriorated by 14 percent.度假者的睡眠质量提高了17%,而不度假者的睡眠质量则下降了14%。The study also found the ability of vacationers to recover from stress – known as the stress-resilience test – improved by 29 percent.通过压力恢复力测试,研究还发现,度假者从压力中恢复过来的能力提高了29%。There was a 71 percent fall in stress resilience scores among workers.假期工作的人这一能力的得分则下降了71%。Tests showed a fall in blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of diabetes, trimmer waistlines and enhanced mood and energy levels, with the effects sustained for at least two weeks after returning home.测试表明,度假者的血糖水平降低了,患糖尿病的风险减少了,腰围变细了,情绪和精力均有所改善,而且这种影响可以在度假回家后持续至少两周。 /201302/224959佛山哪家治早泄的医院比较好

佛山包皮过长的费用是多少佛山市顺德区中医院男科大夫 More than 116 million Americans deal with chronic pain each year. And that pain doesn’t go away when people have to go to work.超过1.16亿的美国人每年都要应付慢性疼痛。当人们不得不去工作时那些疼痛不会消失。“The number of people with chronic pain is outrageous,” says Scott Bautch, MD, CEO for Allied Health Chiropractic Centers located in Wisconsin. “We need to make jobs friendly for them, but they need to know how to adjust in the jobs they have.”“患有慢性疼痛的人数是令人惊讶的,” Scott Bautch说,医学士,位于威斯康辛州的专职医疗中心的CEO。“我们需要使工作对他们友好,但他们需要知道如何在自己的工作中进行调整。”It can be difficult to cope with chronic pain on the job, but not impossible. Here are some ways to get your employer to be more accommodating, as well as tips for managing pain at work.很难应对工作中的慢性疼痛,但并非不可能。这里有一些方法让你的雇主更通情达理,也是解决工作中疼痛的小贴士。Follow the 30% ruleIf this is true for you, try to use no more than about 30% of your grip strength and muscle energy in your elbows, wrists, shoulders, and other parts of your body.遵循30%的原则如果你也是这样,尝试在你的手肘、手腕、肩膀和身体其他部位使用不超过30%的握力和肌肉能量。Change positions oftenSitting or standing in one position for too long can exacerbate pain. If you work at a desk, get up and move around every 15 minutes or so, says Dr. Bautch. And don’t feel guilty about it—studies show break-takers are as productive—sometimes more—as people who don’t take them.经常改变姿势坐或站在一个位置太久会加重疼痛。如果你在桌前工作,每15分钟左右起来移动一下,Bautch士说。不要为此感到愧疚,研究显示进行休息的人和不进行的人一样有时更有效率。Reduce stress “You don’t have to stop working, but sometimes you just can’t do the things you used to do,” she says. “I always say, ‘If my body could keep up with my mind, it would be a force to be reckoned with’.”减压“你不必停止工作,但有时你就是不能做你过去常做的事情,”她说。“我总是说,‘如果我的身体能跟上我的脑袋,这将是不容小觑的力量。”Educate your employer “You need to have a dialogue about your condition—what it entails and what your limitations and abilities are. But make sure they know you are an asset in the company; you can’t do certain things, but you can make up in other areas.”教育你的雇主“你需要有进行一次对话关于你的状态——工作需要什么以及你的局限和能力是什么。但是确保他们知道你是公司的一项资产;你不能做某些事情,但你可以在其他领域弥补。”Avoid travelThere are a handful of reasons why people with chronic pain should not be world travelers. For many people with chronic pain, a change in pressure, which is a given on a plane, can be a symptom trigger. What’s more, it’s difficult to get up and move around to avoid stiffness, particularly on long flights. On top of this, anti-TNF medications, used to decrease inflammation, also suppress the immune system. On a plane, you are exposed to more germs.避免旅行有几个原因为什么慢性疼痛的人不应该成为世界旅行者。对于许多患有慢性疼痛的人来说,飞机上获得的压强变化可以触发一种症状。更重要的是,很难站起身四处走动来避免僵硬,特别是在长途飞行时。除此之外,抗肿瘤坏死因子抗体药物,用来消炎,也抑制免疫系统。在飞机上,你暴露在更多的细菌中。Be prepared for a flareIf you work full time, then you spend nearly as much time awake at your office as you do at home. Treat your workplace like your home—make yourself comfortable and be prepared for flare-ups.为疼痛发作做好准备如果你全职工作,那么你在办公室和在家里花差不多一样的时间醒着。把你的工作场所当作你家,让自己舒以及为疼痛发作做好准备Avoid repetitionIf you are going to live with a job that necessitates repetitive motion, you will have to be able to get away from the task frequently, at least four to five minutes an hour.避免重复如果你将接受并忍受一项需要重复运动的工作,你将必须能够经常摆脱任务,至少一个小时有四到五分钟。Get savvy about ergonomicsMake sure your work space is comfortable for you; have an ergonomic chair, wrist cushions, and use dictation software if you have difficulty typing.了解人体工程学确保你的工作空间对你来说是舒适的;弄一个人体工程学的椅子,手腕的软垫,如果你打字有困难就使用听写软件。Stick to a routineAlmost all chronic illnesses are better managed when you can stay on a routine. Getting enough sleep, eating well, taking medications and making time for exercise are all critical to staying healthy.坚持常规几乎所有慢性病在你可以保持常规时都很好应对。充足的睡眠、饮食良好、用药物以及为运动腾出时间都是保持健康的关键。Pick the right shoesSpring gave up wearing heels years ago. She couldn#39;t run through an airport in them, and they exacerbated the pain in her knees. But finding the right shoes required even more trial and error.“ It took me years to figure it out, but I did. It is all part of a learning process.”She said.选择合适的鞋子春天穿年前放弃了穿高跟鞋。她不能穿着它们跑过机场,它们加剧了她膝盖的疼痛。但是找到合适的鞋子甚至需要更多的试验和错误。 “我花了多年来搞定它,但是我做了。这是一个学习过程的全部。”她说。Adjust your work“You might be able to mix and match jobs if you can find employers who are friendly with that,” Dr. Bautch says.调整你的工作“如果你能发现雇主对其友好的话你可能会混合和匹配工作,”Bautch士说。Ask for what you needPeople with chronic pain should tell employers what they need to do their job. And if you have a problem getting it, there are organizations that will advocate for your rights.要求你所需要的东西患有慢性疼痛的人应该告诉雇主他们需要什么来做他们的工作。如果你有困难得到它,将有组织为你谋权利。Be flexibleYou can still do something you are passionate about, you just have to be flexible and make adaptations. Adapt, stay open-minded, and find a way.灵活你仍然可以做一些你感兴趣的事,你只是不得不灵活并进行调整。适应,保持思想开明,并找到方法。 /201212/213902南海经济开发区人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

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