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2019年12月12日 09:28:05 | 作者:大河晚报 | 来源:新华社
Time to stop play-acting and spit out the tea是时候停止演戏,摒弃茶党思维了The Republicans are not being serious about the deficit共和党人没有认真对待赤字问题THIRTY billion dollars is a lot of money for anyone except America’s government. In Washington it is a bagatelle: about what the feds spend in three days, or less than 2% of the predicted budget deficit for this year. Yet in the peculiar battle that is now raging over the budget for a fiscal year aly half over, billion is all that now separates the Republicans and the Democrats, who have been bickering for the past 14 months over the details. Because neither side thinks it can afford to back down, the risks of a government shutdown are rising fast; without an agreement, the government will run out of money on April 8th.300亿美元对任何人来说都是一笔巨款,但对美国政府来说不是。对华盛顿来讲,300亿美元只是小菜一碟:大概相当于联邦政府三天的开销,预计还不到今年财政赤字的2%。然而在这场持续了将近半个财政年度的罕见战争中,就是这300亿美元成为了共和党人和民主党人的分歧所在,在过去的14个月中双方一直在为细节问题争吵不休。因双方均不想为之让步,政府倒闭的风险正迅速增加;如果达不成协议,到4月8日政府将无运转资金。Some irresponsible people, on both sides of the political aisle, think that a temporary shutdown would not matter all that much. A fair few Democrats hope that the Republicans will be blamed for their intransigence, as they were at the time of the last shutdown, in 1995-96 (though they may be disappointed on that score, since public opinion swung against the Republicans in 1996 only after their leader, Newt Gingrich, made a fool of himself over a seat on Air Force One). Those of a tea-partyish persuasion imagine that they will be politically rewarded by their supporters for sticking to their guns, and that the only good government is one on enforced leave.两党中有些不负责任的人认为政府暂时倒闭不会有太大影响。相当一部分民主党人认为毫不让步的共和党人应受谴责,正如1995-1996年间政府倒闭时共和党人备受指责一样(虽然对此他们倍感失望,因为1996年公众批评共和党人完全是因为其党首纽特·金里奇为了空军一号的一个座位而犯傻)。那些持茶党思维的人认为坚守立场会得到其持者的政治持,而且一个好政府是被迫“休假”的政府。In the short term, it is true, a shutdown would be far from catastrophic; soldiers will continue to fight; aircraft will not collide; Social Security (pensions) cheques will mostly continue to be automatically sent out. But it would still be highly disruptive, not least for government employees who will not get paid, and it will inconvenience people and businesses in countless ways. That is no small matter while the recovery remains so fragile.确实,短期来讲,政府关门绝不是什么灾难性事件;士兵会继续战斗,飞机不会坠毁,绝大部分社会保险也会自动发放。但它仍极具杀伤力,特别是对那些拿不到薪水的政府工作人员。它也将给公众和企业带来诸多不便。在经济恢复仍旧脆弱的背景下,这绝不是什么小事。More worrying than a shutdown itself would be its implications. If the politicians’ attempts to resolve one year’s budget end in acrimonious collapse, what hope is there of reaching agreement on issues that require both sides to take much more political punishment? Later in April another battle looms, this time over the need for an extension to America’s debt limit, currently set at .3 trillion and now very close to being reached. A row over the fiscal 2011 budget might not alarm investors too much; a fight over authorising money that ultimately could be needed to pay international creditors is quite another thing.比政府倒闭更让人担忧的是其暗示意义。如果政治家们解决一年预算问题的努力都付诸东流,两党严重分裂,那又有什么希望让双方接受更多的政治让步,就诸多议题达成一致呢?四月后期另一场战役也会打响,这场战役关于是否需要放宽美国的债务限额。目前债务限额为14.3万亿美元,且已逼近底线。因2011年财政预算产生的严重分歧可能并不会使投资者过度担忧;最终可能还需要政府资金付欠债权国的债务,而就这笔资金产生的争论则是另外一种景象了。201104/130973Spring has just sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means an annual natural spectacular is just a couple of weeks away, deep in the heart of Texas.春天已经来到了北半球,这也意味着在德克萨斯州的中心地区,一年一度的自然界盛事即将到来。There are no other natural wonders in the rugged Texas Hill Country. No awe-inspiring canyons, no snow-covered peaks or rain forests or raging mountain streams. Most of the time, the appeal of this tapestry of cedar and oak trees, lazy streams, and low limestone cliffs is more modest. 德克萨斯州崎岖的希尔山地没有什么奇特的自然景观。那里既没有让人产生敬畏之心的大峡谷,也没有白雪皑皑的山峰,更没有热带雨林或者奔腾的山间溪流。一年中的大部分时间,人们在这里看到的就是杉树和橡树枝繁叶茂,小溪缓缓流淌,以及低矮的石灰崖延伸至远方,一切都显得那么平淡。But there’s nothing modest about a Hill Country spring. In 1991, George Oxford Miller published a book of photographs of the region. In the text, the environmental photojournalist wrote that "excitement comes in small packages." He found what he described as "air unadulterated with human additives, stars undimmed by city lights, the uninterrupted sounds of nature, and fields of flowers unblemished by footprints." 但是,希尔山地的春天绝不平淡。1991年,环境摄影师乔治·米勒出版了一本该地区的摄影集。米勒在书中写道,“这里纯净的空气没有被人类活动污染,满天的繁星没有被城市的灯光遮掩,大自然的声音没有受到惊扰,无际的野花没有被踩在脚下。”Four hundred species of flowers, including Indian paintbrushes, prickly poppies, flowering herbs, and the most compelling blossom of all - the bluebonnet, the Texas state flower.德克萨斯州有400多种野花,包括印第安火焰草、蓟罂粟、草药花、以及盛开怒放的德克萨斯州花矢车菊。201103/129589中国总理温家宝爷爷是一位干实事的爷爷。在3月5日的中国全国人民代表大会的演讲中,他回顾了过去一年的政府工作,提出了今年的优先任务和将在这次大会上通过的新的五年规划。与负责任的监护人一样,温爷爷照顾到了其监护之人的生活的方方面面。China's economic blueprint Take fiveThe prime minister lays down how China’s economy is to look in 2015“GRANDPA WEN”, China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao, is a hands-on patriarch. In his annual speech to China’s National People’s Congress on March 5th he reflected on the government’s work over the past year, its priorities for this year, and its new five-year plan, which the congress must ratify. Like a good guardian, Grandpa Wen neglected no aspect of his wards’lives.On top of the stern duties of safeguarding price stability and national security, Mr Wen promised to enhance national creativity, enrich philosophy, arouse an innovative spirit, resolutely oppose extravagance—and ensure one hour of physical exercise in schools every day.The aim of all this enhancing and arousing is, by the end of the decade, to turn China into a xiaokang society. The term traces back to the Confucian “Book of Songs”, and suggests a moderately prosperous society that can begin to enjoy the fruits of its labours.To help China on its way, Mr Wen set a target for economic growth of 7% a year for 2011-15. The figure should not be taken too literally. A target of 7.5% for the past five years did not stop China growing by more than 11% over that period. Still, the target is lower than it was in the previous plan, suggesting that the pattern of growth now matters as much as the speed.Indeed, Mr Wen said the country’s development is neither balanced, co-ordinated nor sustainable. It relies too heavily on investment and on swallowing natural resources and too little on consumer spending. The income generated is unevenly divided: between profits and wages, rich households and poor, coastal provinces and inland regions, the cities and the countryside.The prime minister also admitted that China had failed to meet at least three targets he set in the previous five-year plan. Two related to China’s service industries, which last year accounted for 43% of its GDP and 35% of its employment. Countries at China’s stage of development typically have service sectors approaching three-fifths of GDP.Most of China’s more lucrative services markets, such as for telecoms, are dominated by stateowned enterprises (SOEs). The “investment hunger” of the SOEs, which borrow cheaply from state banks as well as recycle outsized profits, is a chief cause of China’s unbalanced development. Mr Wen promised to implement no fewer than 36 guidelines for opening the “glass doors” preventing private investment in many fields not explicitly reserved for the state. Such fields include transport, power and municipal utilities.Regrettably, in the year ahead these liberalisations may be offset by efforts to stop the economy from overheating. The government is trying to contain inflation by squeezing credit. And although it urges banks to keep lending to smaller companies, lenders are sure to turn private borrowers away before disappointing state-owned ones. If necessary, Mr Wen says, the government will also control prices by “administrative means”.Liberal-minded types will take some comfort from Mr Wen’s promise to “press ahead” with making the yuan convertible for capital-account transactions, a commitment missing from his previous two reports. He also promised to push forward with the “market-based reform” of interest rates. The hope is that freer rates would better reward household savers, discourage excessive investment and possibly allow private borrowers to get loans from state banks by offering to pay higher rates. But Chinese leaders have often before promised to liberalise rates.China’s idiosyncratic pattern of development is never easy to categorise. To some it represents a new model of state capitalism: “a Beijing consensus” to rival the “Washington consensus” first identified by John Williamson of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Others think China is moving closer to the Washington model. Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomics, a consultancy, argues that it has made solid progress on eight of Mr Williamson’s ten commandments, including fiscal discipline and an openness to foreign trade and direct investment. To follow through on its promise to liberalise interest rates would make a welcome ninth.201103/129414美国总统奥巴马26日对流行乐巨星迈克尔·杰克逊突然去世表示哀悼。白宫发言人吉布斯说,奥巴马总统把杰克逊称为了不起的表演者和音乐界的偶像,但他也表示,迈克·杰克逊在私生活方面是个悲剧。“I talked to him about it this morning,” Gibbs said. “He said to me that obviously Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer and a music icon and I think everybody remembers hearing his songs and watching him moonwalk on television during Motown’s 25th anniversary.”“But the president also said aspects of his life were sad and tragic,” Gibbs continued. “His condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss.”06/75964

AIDS艾滋病Get your act together, guys;筒子;们,一起行动吧!Two UN reports on AIDS are coming out this month. That is one too many联合国将于本月发布两份艾滋报告,其中一份纯属多余。SOMETHING odd is going on in the international AIDS establishment. December 1st has been designated (as it is every year) to be ;World AIDS Day;. That is a signal for the ed Nations to put out a report on the state of the epidemic. This year, though, there are to be two reports.国际艾滋机构出现了一件怪事:12月1日被定为每年的;国际艾滋日;,这意味着联合国将会就艾滋状况发布一份报告。可是,今年的报告实际将会有两份。On November 21st UNAIDS, an agency created in 1996 to deal specifically with the then-newish disease, published its assessment of the situation. This reaffirmed what has become clear recently: that the epidemic is being beaten back by the widesp deployment of drugs, in combination with changes in the behaviour of those most at risk. The annual number of deaths has fallen to 1.8m, from its peak of 2.2m in 2005. New infections have also fallen, from a peak of 3.2m in 1997 to 2.7m last year. The report went on to outline what it calls an investment framework, designed to deal with the epidemic in the most cost-effective way. This builds on an analysis published in the Lancet in June by Bernhard Schwartl?nder, UNAIDSrsquo;s director of evidence, strategy and results. It attempts to prescribe, for each part of the world, the mixture of drug treatment, condom-promotion, prophylactic circumcision and so on that will bring most benefit to the fight.11月21日,联合国艾滋病规划署(成立于1996年,是一个专门应对当时才刚兴起的艾滋病机构)发表了一份艾滋现状的评估报告,重申了近来一些显著的事实:得益于药物的广泛使用及最易感染人群行为的改善,艾滋病出现消退之势。年死亡人数从2005年220万的峰值降至180万,新增感染人数也同样减少,从1997年的320万最高值跌至去年的270万。该报告继续阐述所谓的投资框架,旨在最合算地应对艾滋病。投资框架由艾滋规划署官员施贺德6月发表在《柳叶刀》的一篇分析报告而来,它试图为世界每个地区都开一份有助于艾滋抗争的综合处方,包括药物治疗,推广使用避套和预防性包皮环切等等。On November 30th, however, a joint report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the ed Nationsrsquo; Childrenrsquo;s Fund (UNICEF) and;yoursquo;ve guessed it;UNAIDS comes out. What it will say is still under wraps. But WHO and UNICEF are also sponsors of UNAIDS, so the duplication of effort looks odd.然而,11月30日,世界卫生组织,联合国儿童基金会和联合国艾滋病规划署又将发布另一份联合报告,报告内容尚未对外界透露。由于世卫组织和儿童基金会同时是艾滋规划署的发起人,所以这样的重复工作有点奇怪。Both sides seem miffed by the otherrsquo;s actions. Michel Sidibeacute;, the head of UNAIDS, described the production of separate reports as ;costly and inefficient;. Gottfried Hirnschall, the WHOrsquo;s director of HIV/AIDS, says it had been agreed that in 2011 the three organisations would work together and jointly release a single report.双方似乎都因对方的行为略显愠怒。联合国艾滋病规划署事务长西迪贝称两份独立的报告;费钱又没效;。世卫组织艾滋病司司长赫恩斯歇尔则说三者经过商定,决定于2011年携手合作并发布联合报告。Though the AIDS epidemic has been knocked back by the huge sums of money now being thrown at it (about billion a year at the moment, in poor and middle-income countries), continued success requires an uninterrupted supply of drugs;and therefore of the cash to pay for them. The state of the worldrsquo;s economy means politicians are looking for any excuse to save money. Not a good moment to be squabbling.尽管由于巨量的投资额(目前每年投150亿美元给贫穷国家和中等收入国家),艾滋病暂时得以消退。但持续的成功需要不间断的药物供给;;当然还有购买药物的资金。世界经济的现状意味着政客们正寻找一切可能的借口省钱。这可不是一个互相争吵的好时候。epidemic n.传染病, 流行病assessment n. 估价; 评价framework n. 构架, 骨架duplication n. 副本; 复制inefficient adj. 无效率的knock back 回击163661

Britain to Hold Independent Inquiry into Iraq War英对卷入伊拉克战争进行独立调查British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a broad, independent inquiry into the country's involvement in the Iraq war. But despite considerable pressure, Mr. Brown said the inquiry would not be held in public.英国首相布朗宣布就英国卷入伊拉克战争的问题进行一次范围广泛的独立调查。但是尽管有很大的压力,布朗说,这次调查将不公开进行。Speaking before the House of Commons, Mr. Brown said since British military operations in Iraq have ended, the time had come for a thorough inquiry into the war.布朗在下议院讲话时说,既然英国在伊拉克的军事任务已经结束,现在是对战争进行彻底调查的时候了。"I am today announcing the establishment of an independent privy counselor committee of inquiry. It will consider the period from summer 2001, before military operations began in March 2003, and our subsequent involvement in Iraq right until the end of July this year," he said.布朗说:“我今天宣布成立独立调查顾问委员会。该委员会将调查从2001年夏天到2003年三月军事行动开始之前,以及我们随后参与伊拉克战争直到今年7月结束为止这段时间。”The prime minister said the inquiry would be fully independent with access to all relevant British documents and witnesses. Mr. Brown said he expected it to last about one year.布朗说,这次调查会完全独立,可以查阅所有和英国有关文件,探访人。布朗说,他预期这次调查将进行大约一年。"I have asked the members of the inquiry that the final report of the inquiry will be able to disclose all but the most sensitive information, that is, all information except that which is essential to our national security," he added.他说“我已经要求委员会成员,这个调查报告的最终结果除了最敏感的信息以外将会公布于众,也就是说,除了最重要的国家安全问题外,其他所有的信息都可以公布。”Prime Minister Brown said the disclosed findings would be debated in parliament. But, he said the inquiry itself would be conducted in private. 布朗首相说,公布的结果将在议会进行辩论。但是布朗说,调查本身将在私下进行。That displeased those who had pushed for a full public inquiry into the war, among them Nick Clegg, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats.这使得那些推动进行公开调查卷入伊拉克战争原因的人士感到非常不快,尼克·克莱格就是这些人士当中的一位,他是反对派自由民主党的领导人。"A secret inquiry conducted by a clutch of grandees, handpicked by the prime minister is not what Britain needs. Does the Prime Minister not understand that the purpose of an inquiry is not just to produce a set of conclusions, but to allow the people of Britain to come to terms with a mistake made in their name," said Clegg.克莱格说:“由一伙贵族,首相精心挑选的人所进行的秘密调查不是英国所需要的。首相先生难道不明白调查的目的不是仅仅为了得出一套结论,而是要允许英国民众明白以他们的名义所犯的错误。”Mr. Brown said a private inquiry would encourage witnesses to speak out more freely. He also said the investigation would not seek to lay blame.布朗说,私下调查可以鼓励见人更自由地讲话,他还说,这次调查不会追究责任。"As I have made clear the primary objective of the committee will be to identify lessons learned. The committee will not set out to apportion blame or consider issues of civil or criminal liability," Brown explained.他说:“就像我已经清楚地表明的那样,这个委员会的主要目标不是指明所得到的教训。这个委员会不会追究责任,不会考虑民事或是刑事责任的问题。”That comment did not go down well with the leader of the opposition Conservatives, David Cameron.这种说法没有顺利地得到认可,反对派保守党的领导人戴维·卡梅伦反驳说:"If mistakes were made we need to know who made them and why they were made," he said.“如果犯了错误,我们需要知道是谁犯了这些错误,为什么犯了这些错误。”Britain has held four different and more specific inquiries into the Iraq war. This one is designed to be the most comprehensive.英国已经对伊拉克战争进行了四次不同、也更为具体的调查。这次调查是所有调查中最全面的一次。British forces were based mainly in southern Iraq, around the city of Basra. They ended full military operations at the end of April and fewer than 500 British troops remain in the country. Britain says 179 of its troops have died in Iraq.英国军队在伊拉克主要驻守在南方城市巴士拉附近。他们四月底结束了所有的军事任务,目前只有500名军人留守在伊拉克。英国说,179名将士在伊拉克战争中殉职。06/74404

On the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, U.S. President Barack Obama has emphasized that America is not at war with Islam. The president made his remarks at the Pentagon Memorial.在9/11恐怖袭击九周年之际,奥巴马总统强调说,美国不是在和伊斯兰作战。奥巴马总统是在五角大楼纪念地说这番话的。President Obama spoke after laying a wreath at the memorial to the 184 people killed when Islamist militants hijacked a commercial airliner and slammed it into the side of the Defense Department headquarters.奥巴马总统在发表讲话前,向缅怀184名死难者的纪念地敬献了花圈。事发当天,伊斯兰激进分子劫持了一架商务客机,并使飞机撞上了国防部总部大楼的一角。Flowers had been placed on many of the memorial's stone benches, each of which bears the name of one of that day's victims.纪念地的很多石凳已经摆放了鲜花。每一张石凳上都刻着当天一位死难者的姓名。Calling the Pentagon "hallowed ground," the president told the families of those who died nine years ago their loved ones will not be forgotten.奥巴马总统将五角大楼纪念地称为“神圣的地点”。他对九年前那些遇难者的家人说,他们的亲人将不会被忘却。"I thought it must seem some days the world has moved on to other things. I say to you today, that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever," he said.“我想,有时候世界看起来一定已经转向了其它事情。我今天要对你们说,你们的亲人将永远被铭记在我们国家的心中。”The president alluded indirectly to the controversy over a plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near the area of the 9-11 attacks in New York, and to a Christian minister who Friday called off his plan to burn the Quran in protest.奥巴马总统在讲话中间接提到了近期的两起争议事件:在纽约市9/11袭击遗址附近建造一个伊斯兰活动中心和一座清真寺的计划以及一位基督教牧师星期五称他将取消焚烧《可兰经》以示抗议的计划。201009/113593

The iPod is so popular, even its commercials are capable of catapulting careers. iPod如此受欢迎,即使它的广告也能推动一种新兴职业的诞生。 ;One, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more.; ;一,二,三,四,告诉我你爱我爱的更多。; You look at an artist like ;Spice;, the song ;One, two, three, four; and this is a song that. It had cracked the very, very bottom part of the Billboard chart but you know, it starts running in Apple commercials and literally until next week, boom, its No. 20; boom, its No. 10. 你看Spice这样的艺术家,这是一首名叫;一,二,三,四;的歌。它在榜单中的成绩跌落低谷,但是你要知道,它在苹果公司广告的里却是红得发紫,而且到下周它将由第20位瞬间升至第10位。 Harry Schum is the star of the hit TV series ;Glee;. But you might not recognize him here, in Apples dancing silhouette commercial. 哈里;斯科姆是热播电视剧《欢乐合唱团》的当红演员。但你可能在苹果的舞蹈剪影广告中认不出他来。 Id always heard that Steve Jobs, you know he has to prove it. Hes particular and he wants things simple. And I think thats what shaped a form of silhouettes. A person dancing, maybe do extraordinary moves, but a silhouette.So it made you feel that, hey, I could be one of those people holding this iPod having fun and I just thought it was so genius. 我一直听说史蒂夫;乔布斯异于常人,你知道他不得不明自己。他独具慧眼,想要事物简约而不简单。我认为一种形式的轮廓就很好的诠释了这一观点。一个人跳舞,也许在做着不寻常的动作,但它只是一个剪影。它使你觉得,嘿,我也可以像这些人一样手持iPod在这里面玩耍,我只是觉得只有天才才能想出这样的设计。词语解释:1. commercial a. 商业的2. silhouette n. 剪影3. extraordinary a. 非比寻常的 201111/162806

Itrsquo;s not clear why, exactly, heavy traffic could cause premature birth. Air pollution from car exhaust could have something to do with it. Some studies have found that women exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide were up to twenty-five percent more likely to have a preterm baby than women in areas with cleaner air. Itrsquo;s also possible that loud noise from highways and freeways could play a role by disturbing pregnant womenrsquo;s sleep. Losing sleep typically causes stress, which is linked to premature birth. Whatever the specific cause, these studies at the very least suggest that loud, heavy traffic, and pregnancy donrsquo;t mix.目前尚不清楚,究竟为什么,交通繁忙可能导致早产的确切原因。从汽车尾气造成的空气污染可能与之有些联系。一些研究发现,暴露在高浓度的一氧化碳中的妇女比在空气清洁的地区的妇女高达早产的可能性高达百分之二十五。公路和高速公路的巨大噪音也有可能会干扰妇的睡眠。失眠通常会导致压力,而压力与早产有关。无论具体原因是什么,至少在这些研究表明,发出巨大噪音的繁忙交通应当与妇分离。164915

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