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广州天河引产哪家医院比较好广州治疗宫颈粘连哪家医院最好Get organized, learn how not to spend more than you earn, and you#39;ll soon find thinking about money makes you a lot less anxious.有计划一点,学会避免入不敷出,你很快就会发现,想到钱的问题不再让你那么焦虑。You Will Need你需要Observation观察Budget预算Plan计划Loved ones爱的人Hobbies习惯Financial counseling (optional)财务咨询(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Observe your spending1.观察你的出Spend one month tracking everything you spend. Don#39;t try to change anything, just observe what you spend and write everything down. Use this information to make a budget.花费一个月的时间来追踪你的出情况。不要试图改变,只是观察一下自己有哪些出,然后把一切都记录下来。根据这些信息来制定预算。STEP 2 Anticipate stress2.预期压力Put together a monthly budget and a financial plan. Decide on what you#39;re saving for, or whether you#39;d like to have extra money to pay down debts. Then, find items in your budget on which you can cut back, no matter how small they are. Add the leftover money to savings or debt repayment.另外制定一份月度预算和财务计划。决定为某个目标而储蓄,或者是否愿意有额外的钱来偿还债务。然后看一下预算中哪些项目可以削减,无论是多么小的项目。把节省下的钱用来储蓄或偿还债务。STEP 3 Look to friends3.向朋友求助Get emotional support from people who care about you. With close friends and family, be honest that money stresses you out, suggest free and low-cost activities you can do together, and ask them to suggest some, too.向关爱你的朋友寻找精神持。与亲密的朋友和家人在一起,坦诚地说出金钱给你造成了多大的压力,建议一起进行免费或低成本的活动,邀请他们也提出一些建议。Consider a financial counseling service to help you reorganize your debt. Even one meeting will lend perspective.考虑使用财政咨询务来帮你重组债务。即使是一次会面也可以让你有所收获。STEP 4 Live in the moment4.活在当下Consider unhealthy reactions to stress and do the opposite to reduce the risk. Don#39;t give in to dwelling on worst-case scenarios.考虑对压力的不健康反应,做相反的事情来减少风险。不要沉溺于最糟糕的情况。STEP 5 Try hobbies5.养成一些爱好和习惯Find cheap or free hobbies to add to your routine. The repetitive motion and focus of needlework can create a meditative state that slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Cooking at home can also be a fun way to unleash your creativity and save money on eating out at the same time.寻找一些比较便宜或免费的习惯。刺绣的重复性动作和集中注意力可以达到冥想的状态,减缓心跳,降低血压。在家中烹煮也是发挥创造力的好方法,同时还可以节省外出就餐的费用。According to a 2008 report by the American Psychological Association, 80 percent of Americans identified the economy as a significant cause of stress, up from 66 percent 6 months before.根据2008年美国心理协会的一份报告,80%的美国人认为经济是造成压力的主要原因,比6个月前的66%有所增加。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/315550广东省长安医院婚前检查 Whether you’re an Oscar nominee or a new mom with an upcoming high school reunion, these tricks will get you into that va-va-voom dress without splitting the seams.无论你是奥斯卡提名人还是即将参加高中同学聚会的新妈妈,下面的技巧将帮助你不需减肥就穿上那款性感的裙子。You Will Need你需要An anti-bloat mini-diet抗肿胀迷你餐A colonic irrigation结肠冲洗A lymphatic-drainage massage淋巴排毒A slenderizing body wrap使身体苗条的包布Body-slimming undergarments纤体内衣Steps步骤Check with your doctor before embarking on any quick weight-loss technique. Losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous.准备尝试任何速成减肥方法之前一定要向医生咨询。过快减掉太多体重可能比较危险。STEP 1 Get rid of the bloat1.戒除膨化食品Get rid of the bloat. Four days before the big event, stop eating foods that encourage your body to retain water, like salt,white b, and pasta, and foods that cause gas, like broccoli and cauliflower. And stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol, and carbonated beverages, which also can cause bloating by irritating your gastrointestinal tract.消除肿胀。重大活动之前四天,停止食用促进身体吸水的食品,比如盐,白面包,意大利面,和导致气体产生的食品,例如西兰花和花椰菜。远离咖啡,茶,酒精和二氧化碳饮料,这些饮品也会刺激胃肠运动,导致身体肿胀。Don’t chew gum—it makes you swallow air, which then gets trapped in your tummy, causing it to swell.不要嚼口香糖,这会导致你吸入空气,困在胃里,从而导致腹部肿胀。STEP 2 Get cleaned out2.冲洗结肠On the morning of your event, get a colonic irrigation. Some people are as much as seven pounds lighter afterward.在参加活动的当天早上,冲洗结肠。一些人之后体重会减少七磅。Some stars book themselves into a spa before the Oscars for a week of juice fasting and daily colonics.一些明星在参加奥斯卡颁奖典礼之前会在水疗机构预订一周的禁食和每日结肠冲洗。STEP 3 Drain your face3.淋巴排毒Go for a facial—but not just any kind. Have one that includes a lymphatic-drainage massage, which will draw fluid and trace toxins out of your face, and puffiness along with it.去做一下面部保养——但不是任何一种都可以。选择含有淋巴排毒的面部保养,可以使面部的液体和毒素排出,从而避免肿胀。STEP 4 Wrap it up4.包裹身体Have a body wrap. The secret of many A-list stars, it can make you a whole size smaller—for your special night, anyway—by ridding your body of water weight and tightening the skin.把身体包起来。许多身体苗条的明星把身体包起来可以通过减少身体水分,收紧皮肤,让你的衣小一码。STEP 5 Pack it in5.塑身衣Add some insurance by wearing one of the many body-slimming undergarments on the market. That way, even if you abuse the canapes, you’ll still be safe!选择市场上一款塑身内衣,这样可以多一重保障。这样,即使不太小心,你也仍然很安全。Some slimming undergarments are made of a fabric that, with repeated wearing, supposedly reduces cellulite!一些纤体内衣使用的布料多次穿着之后可以减少蜂窝组织。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/321107广州摘环公立医院

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广州天河看妇科病哪个好 Responding to questions on US President Barack Obama#39;s Asia trip in April, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says though China is not on the schedule, relations between the two countries have maintained stable growth.就美国总统奥巴马的4月亚洲行,中国外交部表示,尽管中国此次并未在美国的访问计划内,但两国之间的关系保持稳定。;The two sides have remained in close contact and cooperation to push for the construction of a new pattern of relationship between great powers. The healthy and steady development of China and US relations is in the interest of the two sides, and is beneficial for the prosperity and peace of the entire Asia-Pacific region,; said Hua Chunying, Spokeswoman of Chinese Foreign Ministry.中国外交部发言人华春莹表示“为推进构建中美大国关系新模式,两国保持着密切接触和合作。中美关系的健康和稳定发展符合双方利益,对整个亚洲-太平洋地区的繁荣与和平具有益处。” Article/201402/275809广东广州不育需要多少钱佛山那些医院输卵管造影最好



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