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Why are Toyota#39;s profits soaringToyota announced a full year net profit of .7 billion, three times as much as last year. CNN#39;s Diana Magnay has more.日本汽车业巨头丰田集团发布2013财年(2012年4月1日至2013年3月31日)财报,财年实现销售额220641亿日元,同比增长18.7%;营业利润13208亿日元,同比增长271.4%;净利润9621亿日元,同比增长239.3%。。上季度营业利润同比增长111%,是大众汽车集团的2.2倍。美国市场表现良好以及日元大幅贬值导致出口增加是丰田业绩大增的重要原因。Four year net profit of US.7 billion for the world’s largest automaker, that’s 3 times as much as Toyota made for the same period last year. And several factors contributing to that, one of which is of course the weak Yen, which has been a huge boon for all Japanese exporters making their products less expensive overseas and also every dollar earned converts back to more Yen in profits back home. But that contributed just .5 billion to those numbers. Other factors which helped with a massive cost cutting exercise, and of course an increase in sales, almost 9 million cars sold for the last fiscal year. The company is citing modest recovery in the US, of course, which is its largest external car market, and improving demand from emerging economies here in Asia. It’s a bit of a difficult 4 years for Toyota, starting really with the 2008 financial crisis, then of course the great Japan earthquake 2 years ago, destructing production lines and a series of product recalls which affected Toyota’s image and its bottom line, so the president had a message really that despite these stellar results, what he was aiming for was sustainable growth beyond immediate business shocks or currency fluctuation, a sustainable growth that would lead to true competiveness, true competitiveness for Toyota going forward. Diana Magnay, CNN, Tokyo. /201305/239490Do your shoulders feel tense after sitting at the computer for long periods? Take a cue from dogs and cats, who stretch their shoulders all the time—have you ever heard one complain about a long day at the office?长时间坐在电脑前,肩膀是否感到紧绷?从猫咪和那里得到启示,他们一直都是伸展肩膀的,你有没有听过他们抱怨一整天忙碌的疲累?You Will Need你需要Comfortable clothing舒适的装A floor地板Steps步骤STEP 1 Lie on floor1.躺在地板上Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight and together and your arms straight out from your sides against the floor.平躺在地板上,双腿伸直并拢,双手向体侧伸出,放在地板上。STEP 2 Bend elbows2.屈肘Bend your elbows at 90-degree angles so your fingertips point straight up toward the ceiling and your palms face forward.肘部90度弯曲,这样指尖指向天花板,手掌向前。STEP 3 Drop back hands3.放下手背Drop the backs of your hands toward the floor, keeping the elbows bent at 90-degree angles and your shoulders and upper arms on the floor. Stop when you feel a comfortable tension. Hold for about 10-30 seconds.手背向下转动,肘部保持90度,肩膀和前臂放在地板上。当你感到舒适的压力的时候停止。坚持10至30秒。STEP 4 Roll arms forward4.向前转动手臂Roll your arms forward so that your palms face down and your fingers point toward your feet. Again, stop the rotation once you feel that comfortable tension. Hold for about 10-30 seconds.向前转动手臂,这样手掌就向下放在地板上,手指指向双脚。感到舒适的压力的时候停止转动。坚持10至30秒钟。STEP 5 Repeat stretch5.重复Repeat the stretch, rotating your arms up and down again, three to five times. Try to go slightly further into the stretch each time, being careful not to cause any pain.重复这个伸展运动,再次上下旋转手臂,三至五次。每次伸展的力度都稍微大一点,小心一点,不要造成任何伤痛。Dogs and cats tend to stretch when they wake up—gentle stretching upon awakening increases the blood flow to your muscles and can prevent everyday injuries.和猫醒来的时候都会伸展一下,醒来时轻柔的伸展运动可以促进血液向肌肉的流动,预防日常受伤。视频听力译文由。 /201405/298709

But Bruce Lee disappeared almost as quickly as he emerged on July 20th, 1973,dying of a brain edema just weeks just before Enter The Dragon was released.但是李小龙来也匆匆 去也匆匆 1973年7月20号,距;龙争虎斗;的公映仅数周时 因为脑水肿而去世。The cause was put down to an allergic reaction to a painkiller.原因归结于对止痛药的过敏His death sent shock waves around the world,他的离世震惊了全世界prompting the biggest public gathering in the Hong Kong history.造成香港有史以来最大的公众悼念会He was laid to rest in Seattle with former students Steve McQueen and James Coburn as coffin bearers.他被葬在西雅图,其弟子史蒂夫·麦昆和詹姆斯垫·柯本为他抬棺I had decided to sent Bruce#39;s body back to Seattle.我打算把小龙的遗体带回西雅图It was not a popular opinion emm... in Hong Kong because,they thought Bruce#39;s their son in Hong Kong, but that#39;s what I decided.呃... 香港人不赞成这么做,他们认为小龙是香港的子孙 但是我还是按自己的想法做了Bruce Lee#39;s sudden death left vacuum as the world clamoured to see more of this new Asian superstar.李小龙的猝死给世界留下了空白,人们都渴望再睹这位新兴亚洲巨星的风采。A rash of Bruce Lee look-likes in copycat films emerged,inspiring a wholly film genre, known as Bruceploitation.盲目模仿李小龙的电影大量涌现,却也引出一种新的电影题材 叫做李氏打斗片。 Article/201403/277884

He hit the post!他打中了立柱!And Chelsea are one penalty away! But that#39;s what they were in Moscow.切尔西离冠军一步之遥!和莫斯科之夜一样。重点词汇: penalty 点球例句:We were given a penalty kick after one of our players was hit. 我们的一名队员被对方撞倒后,我们队得到一次罚点球的机会。 视频介绍:点球大战第五轮,气氛异常紧张,双方都不容有失,一切压力都落在了拜仁的施魏因施泰格和切尔西的德罗巴身上。 Article/201405/293966

  西尔康 (Celcom) ,亦译为天地通,是马来西亚一个先驱移动电话务提供者,使用013和019拨号。这个公司设立于1988年,属于马来西亚电讯公司,简称马电讯(Telekom Malaysia)。王力宏代言视频。Hi I’m LeeHongPower is excitement,Music is soul ,Soul defines rhythm,Rhythm excites,Excitement is power.Celcom, The power is in your hands! Article/201403/277604


  This shows you how to make a face mask out of pumpkin. This mask brightens and calms your skin, as pumpkin is filled with natural acids and antioxidants. Give your skin some natural goodness working from the outside in.这段视频教给你如何用南瓜制作面膜。这种面膜可以让你的皮肤更加亮泽,更加光滑,因为南瓜中含有天然的酸性物质和抗氧化剂。让皮肤从外到内享受滋润。You Will Need你需要1/2 Cup Fresh Pumpkin Pulp半杯新鲜的南瓜瓤2 Eggs2个鸡蛋1 tsp Honey1茶匙蜂蜜Step 1: Prepare The Pumpkin1.处理南瓜Cut open a pumpkin and scoop out the outside. Remove the seeds and discard. Take 1/2 cup of the pumpkin pulp and put it in to a bowl, then blend until smooth.切开南瓜,把瓜瓤取出来,丢掉瓜籽。取半杯瓜瓤放到碗里,然后搅拌至光滑。Step 2: Add The Eggs And Honey2.加入鸡蛋和蜂蜜Add the eggs and the honey to the pumpkin pulp and mix well.向南瓜瓤中加入鸡蛋和蜂蜜,混合均匀。Step 3: Apply The Face Mask3.涂抹Gently apply to the face using a brush or your fingertips. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a towel.用刷子或指尖轻轻地把混合物涂抹在脸上。15分钟后用温水清洗,用毛巾擦干。Thanks for watching How To Make A Pumpkin Face Mask.感谢收看“如何制作南瓜面膜”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/253171

  这是小贝第一次做客肥伦秀,在访谈过程中小贝提到了他退役之后的生活以及为儿子当裁判的囧事!采访后期提到了Hamp;M为他创立的内衣系列---Beckham Bodyware 结尾有福利!小贝和肥伦都向观众展示了自己身上穿的由小贝设计的内裤,精不容错过! Article/201402/274994Smokers are less healthy, more likely to be absent from work, and use more medical services than nonsmokers. Support your significant other to live smoke-free.相对于不吸烟的人,吸烟者的身体更不健康,更有可能缺勤,使用的医疗务也更多。持对你很重要的另一半,帮助他们戒烟。You Will Need你需要Determination决心Doctor医生Anti-smoking products戒烟产品Exercise运动Incentives奖励Steps步骤Step 1 Support them1.持他们Support your significant other in their choice to quit smoking. Quit together if you smoke.持对方做出的戒烟的选择。如果你也吸烟的话,一起行动。Step 2 Clean the house2.打扫房间Clean the house and get rid of any smoking-related materials.打扫房间,扔掉任何与吸烟有关的物品。Step 3 Talk with a doctor3.与医生谈话Talk to a doctor about products that have been successful in helping smokers quit.与医生谈话,了解已经成功帮助吸烟者戒烟的产品。Step 4 Talk to your partner4.与伴侣谈话Talk to your significant other about the benefits of quitting smoking. Focus on good health, your family, and the money that will be saved.跟伴侣谈话,讨论戒烟的好处。集中在健康,家庭和省钱方面。Step 5 Avoid temptations5.避免诱惑Avoid places or activities that they associate with smoking.避免让他们和吸烟联系起来的场所或活动。It usually takes more than one attempt to quit smoking. If they slip up, help them refocus on their goal.要戒烟通常需要多次尝试。如果他们失败了,帮助他们重新树立目标。Step 6 Start working out6.开始锻炼Join a gym and start working out together.加入健身馆,一起开始锻炼。Step 7 Give incentives7.给予奖励Offer them an incentive to quit smoking. Use the money you save to enjoy a vacation or a smoke-free night on the town.采取激励措施,鼓励他们戒烟。用省下来的钱度假或在小镇上度过一个无烟的夜晚。Smokers die approximately 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers do.吸烟者比非吸烟者的寿命短大约13至14年。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/233138

  Scientists aly knew that if we overate科学家已经知道 如果我们吃得太多fat cells blow up like balloons脂肪细胞就会像气球一样膨胀to hold more and more fat.从而容纳更多脂肪But to their surprise, the research team found that the fat cells让他们感到惊讶的是 研究小组发现were also manufacturing脂肪细胞也会产生一种a hitherto unknown hormone, leptin.迄今为止从未发现过的激素 瘦蛋白To find out that the fat cell was itself producing a hormone对于脂肪细胞自身可以产生激素and actually actively participating并且积极地参与到互相连通的in a communication network was again revolutionary.脂肪网络当中的发现是一项革命性的进展It#39;s changed the way we view fat tissue ever since.它改变了我们看待脂肪组织的方式It#39;s not as dumb as we thought.它并非如我们想象般迟钝A dumb cell was turning out to be a smart storage system.迟钝的细胞意外地成为了活跃的储存系统The fat cells of the thin mice were manufacturing lots of leptin.瘦老鼠的脂肪细胞产生了大量的瘦蛋白The researchers quickly discovered研究人员很快发现that the obese mouse had none.肥胖老鼠体内没有任何瘦蛋白So researchers gave the fat研究人员向胖老鼠体内注入了mouse leptin to see if it would stop eating.瘦蛋白 观察其是否能够停止进食The results were profound. The研究的结果具有重要的意义mice lost 40% of their weight after just four weeks.老鼠仅四周就减掉了百分之四十的重量 Article/201307/246634


  US to support Syrian opposition,fighting terrorism美国持叙利亚反对派 打击恐怖主义US President Barack Obama says he believes terrorism remains the most direct threat to America at home and abroad.美国总统奥巴马表示他相信恐怖主义仍然是美国国内外最直接的威胁。The president made the comments, while addressing the Class of 2014 graduation ceremony at the US Military Academy at West Point.总统在西点军校2014年毕业典礼上发表了此番言论。Obama devoted most of his speech to counter-terrorism, particularly in Syria where extremists are spilling across borders and where a civil war has killed more than 160 thousand people.奥巴马讲话的大部分内容在反恐问题上占了很多篇幅,特别是在叙利亚极端主义分子正跨国界蔓延,而且这个国家的内战已造成160多万人死亡。 Article/201405/302134。

  蓝草三兄弟:Jonny,Robbie和Johnny所组成的The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys三重奏给我们带来令人眼花缭乱活力表演。你可知道他们都还没到16岁吗? Article/201401/271171


  At the southern edge of the North China Plain lie the Qinling Mountains.在中国北方平原的南部边界坐落着秦岭。At 1,500 kilometres long, they run like a backbone through the middle of China. Deep within the mountains is a maze of remote valleys and forests, home to strange and wonderful creatures.1500公里的蜿蜒崎岖宛如横穿中国的脊梁。深山中隐藏着偏僻幽寂的山谷与森林,这里是那些神奇生命的乐土。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:a maze of(街道、房间、地道)错综复杂;迷津;eg. The tented ceiling hides a maze of water pipes.形似帐篷的天花板上隐藏着迷宫似的水管。eg. I followed him through a maze of narrow alleys. 我紧随他穿过一条条迂迴曲折的窄巷。 /201408/320754

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