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长春治疗宫颈癌哪里做长春哪里治疗宫颈炎最好一开始就有一个新气象Have a new look to start off with.A: The purpose of making a work plan is to provide guidelines our work.So from next quarter,we will carry out our work according to the revised work plan.B: We hope so.A: We hope to have a new look to start off with.B: Ok,we will do our best.不折不扣地执行carry it out to the fullA: Dont you think the sale of next quarter is unreasonably high?B: The fact is,we made the plan after thorough market investigationwith the review and approval of the relevant departments,so I think it is workable.A: I do doubt its feasibility.B: Anyway,we have to carry it out to the full.Im confident you can see the second half year sales take off like a rocket.遵守工作计划implement the planA: So,that all there is to it.Has everyone got a clear idea?B: Yes,we have.What shall we do next?A: What you can do is to carry it out.I hope you can really implement the plan.B: No problem.安排得井井有条arrange everything wellA: Any suggestions or corrections on the new work plan?B: We should make sure to arrange everything well.Then there will be no obstacle.A: Right.We should have a better preparation.You can go to the head of your departments in case of any problem.B: Why dont we set up a panel?立即着手immediately set in motionA: Theree,I propose that we immediately set in motion to establish a new logistics center.B: It easier said than to be done. 565长春阳光电话 面试英语口语Lesson51:About Reasons Leaving经典对话:9.Untunately I have had to leave my position on of the discoutinuance of the business.由于公司停业,我不得不离开而另寻工作99.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is to gain more experience in a eign trade company.本人离开现职的惟一原因是打算到外贸公司获得更多的经验930.Im leaving that company to be with my aged parents and care them here.因本人需要与年迈的父母一起生活并照料他们,故而离开了那家公司931.My reason leaving my present employment is with the desire of improving my position.我打算离开现职,意欲寻求更好职位93.I left the company just a week ago,because I disagree with the general manager.由于与总经理意见不一,我于一周前离开那家公司933.I prefer working in private enterprises to public sector because the mer is more energetic while the latter is rather stable.我较喜欢在私营机构工作,因私营机构比较有活力,尽管公营事业比较稳定9.Untunately I have had to leave my position,as my employers have been ced to liquidate their business due to the worldwide economic adversity.很不幸,由于这次世界性的经济危机,我的雇主不得不结束业务,我不得不离职935.I left them solely because they made a reduction in their establishment.由于该公司裁减编制,我离职936.My reason wishing to make a change at this time is that there seems no opporty advancement in my present position,and I feel that my ability and training,as well as my interest in my work,should lead to advancement and a higher salary.目前打算离职的缘由是我似乎没有晋升的机会,以我的工作能力、所受训练,以及我对工作的热情,应该获得晋升和较高薪水937.I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope.My pre-sent employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.我希望有机会充分展现自己工作能力,从事更大范围工作之需要,这是我急于离开现职的主要原因本人现任职公司老板对我的工作雄心颇为赞许,愿协助我另谋他职938.The reason why I wish to leave my present employer is that I hope to widen my experience and take a new turn in the development of my career.我希望转职的原因是想有一个新的发展方向和扩展自己的接触层面939.The reason leaving my present employment is that I see no chance further advancement.由于目前的工作缺乏发展的机会,故本人打算离开90.I left my work because I think my potential and ability could be better employed in a large,high-grade corporation like yours.我离职的原因是认为自己的潜力在如贵公司一样具规模的机构中更能进一步发挥91.I am desirous of leaving the office in order to gain more experience in advertising business.我希望转职的原因是打算在广告行业发展9.My desire at this time is to get into the publishing industry because I believe it has a bright future.我目前的愿望是要加入出版行业,因为我相信这一行业的前景非常光明93.I left them a tnight ago,owing to a disagreement with the president Mr. Liu.由于本人和总裁刘先生意见不一,两星期前辞职了9.I enjoy my tenure at A company but I feel it is time to move on to a new challenge.我十分喜欢在A公司的工作,但我认为现在应该是接受新的挑战的时候了95.I left my job two years ago because I wanted to further my study abroad.我两年前离职的原因是想到国外深造96.I left the company due to the closing down of the company business.由于本人务的公司结束经营,故本人需另寻工作Notes 注释:1.discontinuance n.停止,停业.aged a.年老的3.private a.私人的.enterprise n.事业,企业单位5.public sector 公营机构6.stable a.稳定的,平稳的7.liquidate their business结束业务, liquidate v.清理,清算 3566这些图片都是在芬兰经受那场大暴雨的前一刻,被瞬间抓拍的。这场超级暴风雨,被称作“超级气囊”。These dramatic images were taken in the moments before a powerful thunderstorm struck parts of Finland.  这些图片都是在芬兰经受那场大暴雨的前一刻,被瞬间抓拍的。来 /201008/111453吉林长春妇保医院看病贵么

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