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蛟河妇幼保健院做人流There is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death, according to the largest ever medical study carried out on the subject。A team based in the UK has spent the last four years seeking out cardiac arrest patients to analyse their experiences, and found that almost 40 per cent of survivors described having some form of “awareness” at a time when they were declared clinically dead。Experts currently believe that the brain shuts down within 20 to 30 seconds of the heart stopping beating – and that it is not possible to be aware of anything at all once that has happened。But scientists in the new study said they heard compelling evidence that patients experienced real events for up to three minutes after this had happened – and could recall them accurately once they had been resuscitated。Dr Sam Parnia, an assistant professor at the State University of New York and a former research fellow at the University of Southampton who led the research, said that he previously that patients who described near-death experiences were only relating hallucinatory events。One man, however, gave a “very credible” account of what was going on while doctors and nurses tried to bring him back to life – and says that he felt he was observing his resuscitation from the corner of the room。Speaking to The Telegraph about the evidence provided by a 57-year-old social worker Southampton, Dr Parnia said: “We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating。“But in this case, conscious awareness appears to have continued for up to three minutes。“The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly, he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three minute intervals. So we could time how long the experienced lasted for。“He seemed very credible and everything that he said had happened to him had actually happened。”Dr Parnia’s study involved 2,060 patients from 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria, and has been published in the journal Resuscitation。Of those who survived, 46 per cent experienced a broad range of mental recollections, nine per cent had experiences compatible with traditional definitions of a near-death experience and two per cent exhibited full awareness with explicit recall of “seeing” and “hearing” events – or out-of-body experiences。Dr Parnia said that the findings of the study as a whole suggested that “the recalled experience surrounding death now merits further genuine investigation without prejudice”。Dr Jerry Nolan, editor-in-chief of the journal which published the research, said: “The researchers are to be congratulated on the completion of a fascinating study that will open the door to more extensive research into what happens when we die。”人们的灵魂真的会出窍吗?据英国《独立报》10月7日报道,由英国研究人员开展的一项医学研究表明,在人死亡(心脏停止跳动)之后,生命其实并未停止,“灵魂”还在活动。研究人员在过去四年里致力于对心脏骤停患者的经验进行分析。结果发现,有40%左右的幸存者描述称,他们被宣布临床死亡时存在某种形式的“意识”。研究还获得了令人信的据,明患者在心脏停止跳动后仍经历了长达两到三分钟的真实事件,且恢复知觉后患者能清楚回忆起发生过的事情。目前,专家认为大脑在心脏停止跳动后的20到30秒就会停止工作,这意味着死者不可能再意识到任何事物。此项研究涉及来自英国、美国和澳大利亚15家医院的2060名病人,研究成果发表在医学杂志《复苏》上。在幸存者当中,46%的人经历了广泛的精神记忆,9%的人的经历符合濒死体验的传统定义,另有2%的人表现出充分的意识,可清楚回忆出“所看”和“所听”到的事情,也被叫做“灵魂出窍”的体验。纽约州立大学助理教授萨姆·帕尔尼亚是此次研究的牵头人,他表示自己此前认为濒死经历只是些幻觉事件,但一名男性患者给出了“非常可信”的解释,他所述的一切确确实实发生过。。这名患者是57岁的社会工作者索桑普顿,他说,在医生和护士尽力抢救他的时候,他感觉他正在房间的某个角落在注视自己的知觉复苏过程。“我们知道,心脏停止跳动后大脑就无法运作。但这个案例中,患者的自觉意识似乎在心脏停止跳动后持续了3分钟。他描述了发生在病房的所有事情,更重要的是,他听到了一台机器的两次信号声,而该机器每隔三分钟响一次。因此我们可以推断意识持续的时间。”帕尔尼亚说。《复苏》杂志主编杰里·诺兰表示,这项研究为将来对这个主题更广泛的研究开启了一扇大门。 /201410/334730长春大学第一医院阴道紧缩1. After your base coat, apply your background polish and let dry. I’ve chosen a light blue , but royal blue or red is also pretty with this design! As an optional step, I’ve added a light sparkling glitter as well (any will do!).先涂上一层底色,刷到光而平,然后晾干,我选了淡蓝色,你也可以选择宝石蓝或者红色,都很漂亮。下面的步骤可选,刷一层透明的带亮片的指甲油。 /201312/267941The ice cream had been cut into a half-moon slab that was dense to the touch and so cold my fingers went numb. It required teeth. It tasted as if it had been made on a planet with stronger gravity, concentrated yet airy, and smoking cold all the way down.冰激凌被切成半月形,摸起来很刺激,冰得我手指发木。你得牙口好才行。它尝起来像是在另一个星球制作的,那里的地心引力更大。它浓郁、空灵,一直冒着冷气。It’s hard to be astonished by ice cream these days. We’ve grown inured to the exotic, with a new generation of indie Baskin-Robbinses flaunting flavors like banana curry, Sichuan peppercorn, miso, garlic and lox.如今很少有什么冰激凌能让你感到震惊。我们已经习惯了新一代独立冰激凌店打出的各种奇怪的口味,比如香蕉咖喱、花椒、味增、蒜和熏鲑鱼。But there are other, older ice cream parlors, tucked away in ethnic enclaves in and around New York City, where the flavors may seem exotic but are familiar to and beloved by those who make them; where ingredients like seaweed and pine sap are not tokens of acquired worldliness but occasions for nostalgia; where even the standard ice cream textures (that is, creamy or icy) don’t apply. Over the last several weeks, I’ve traveled from New Jersey to Westchester County, N.Y., to seek out some of the more intriguing and undercelebrated shops.但是其他一些更老的冰激凌店藏在纽约市里和周围的少数族裔聚居区里,那里的冰激凌口味可能听起来有点怪异,但是制作者熟悉也喜欢这些口味;像海藻和松香这样的配料不是刻意添加的俗气象征,而是为了怀旧;甚至连冰激凌的质地(奶油状的或冰的)也可能不是常见的。在过去几周里,我走遍了纽约州,从新泽西到韦斯切斯特县,寻找一些更有趣而没有得到足够赞美的冰激凌店。The ice cream I ate with my teeth isn’t ice cream as Americans know it. Called kulfi, it is an Indian dessert dating back to the Mughal Empire, made from milk simmered until thick as cream, caramelized and nutty. I had tried it many times, from freezer bins at grocers and at restaurants high and low, but never fully submitted to its charms.有一种冰激凌需要用牙齿咬,它不是美国人所说的那种冰激凌。它叫印度冰激凌,可以追溯到莫卧儿王朝时代。它是把牛奶用文火慢煮,直至和奶油一样浓稠,然后加入焦糖和坚果。我试过很多次,从杂食店的冰箱到各种层次的餐馆,但是从未完全被它迷住。Then I arrived at Kwality Ice Cream, which has, among other locations, a tiny storefront in Jersey City on a strip of henna salons and Indian cash-and-carries, a few blocks from the PATH station at Journal Square. (Only three stops from Lower Manhattan, folks.) It has three flavors of kulfi to get giddy over: malai (in which the rich milk reduction is steeped with cardamom pods), pista (pistachio, with a nubby rind of nuts) and kesar (saffron, the lushest).然后我去了瓦利蒂冰激凌店(Kwality Ice Cream),它有很多分店,在泽西城有个小小的店面,位于一个布满美甲店和印度现付自运店的狭长地带,离日报广场(Journal Square)的PATH车站只有几个街区之遥(伙计们,离下曼哈顿只有三站)。其中有三种口味会让你着迷:玛莱(malai,浓郁的浓缩牛奶里面充满了豆蔻夹),开心果(pista,外面布满了坚果)和凯萨尔(kesar,含有藏红花,是最昂贵的)。Kwality has traditional American-style ice creams as well, including some confusingly labeled kulfi. “They are kulfi-inspired,” the salesclerk said. One named Mawa Kulfi approximates the flavor of kulfi’s caramelly milk base, which is sort of like vanilla ice cream minus the vanilla; faloodeh, a floatlike drink of kulfi and rice vermicelli, is reimagined as Faloodeh Kulfi, a self-sufficient ice cream permeated with rosewater and crunchy with basil seeds.瓦利蒂也有传统的美式冰激凌,其中一些也称为印度冰激凌,让人迷惑。“它们是受到印度冰激凌启发而设计的,”店员说。有一款名叫马瓦印度冰激凌(Mawa Kulfi),它的味道接近于印度冰激凌中的焦糖味牛奶基料,就像没加香草的香草冰激凌;还有一款叫法露德印度冰激凌(Faloodeh Kulfi),它是用印度冰激凌和细米粉丝做成的,有点像上面浮有冰激凌的饮料,它是一款完满的冰激凌,弥漫着玫瑰水,含有罗勒籽,所以有嚼头。Here, too, are thandai, a buttery compound of cashews, almonds and pistachios; chickoo, laced with a fruit that conjures malt and spun sugar; and pan masala, named after (and studded with) the sprinkle of seeds, nuts, lime, cloves and menthol that you might throw into your mouth at the end of an Indian meal. It half stings, like toothpaste.这里还有桑代(thandai),它是用腰果、杏仁和开心果组成的黄油状的混合物;奇库(chickoo),它用一种水果进行装饰,这种水果让人想起了麦芽和棉花糖;泛马沙拉(pan masala),它点缀着瓜子、坚果、酸橙、丁香和薄荷,它就是以此命名的。你可以在一顿印度大餐之后把它一下子放入口中。它有点刺激性,像牙膏那样。Try to scoop up the ice cream at Cedars Pastry, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and it stretches upward, tugging at the spoon, resisting. The tackiness comes from a base of kashta, Lebanese clotted cream, skimmed off the top of boiled and slowly cooling milk and mixed with glassy teardrops of mastic resin. There are mainstream flavors like chocolate and strawberry, but pay them no mind. The stretchiest varietals are plain kashta, chewy yet icy at once, and the less sugary, better balanced kashta with pistachio.去布鲁克林湾脊区的香柏糕点店(Cedars Pastry)挖一勺冰激凌,会发现它向上拉伸,拽着勺子,不肯松开。它的粘性来自于黎巴嫩凝结奶油(kashta)基料,它是从沸腾后慢慢晾凉的牛奶表层撇出来的,加入了透明的泪滴状的松香。这里也有一些主流口味,比如巧克力和草莓,但是不要理会它们。有两款最粘:一款是纯黎巴嫩凝结奶油,很有嚼头,而且冰感十足;另一款是不那么甜、味道比较均衡的含有开心果的黎巴嫩凝结奶油。Dondurma, Turkish ice cream, is traditionally made with goat’s milk, mastic and salep, which is derived from the bulbs of wild Anatolian orchids. These flowers are now endangered, so Lezzetli Ice Cream, which recently started selling its homage to dondurma at the Hester Street Fair on the Lower East Side, substitutes Japanese konjac powder. The ice cream is churned in a machine, frozen, then beaten with a long rod (as is traditional) until it clings to itself. Of the four flavors currently available, Chios vanilla, named after the Greek island where the mastic tree grows and thoroughly colonized by flecks of vanilla bean, is the doughiest; pull it and you can see strands part, as with string cheese.土耳其冰激凌(Dondurma)传统上是用羊奶、乳香脂和兰茎粉做成的。兰茎粉来自安纳托利亚野生兰花的球茎。这种花现在濒危,所以莱泽利冰激凌店(Lezzetli Ice Cream)用日本魔芋粉代替它。该店最近开始在下东区的赫斯特街头集市(Hester Street Fair)上向土耳其冰激凌致敬。这里的冰激凌是在机器里搅拌,冷冻之后再用长杆(这是传统做法)搅拌,直至变得粘稠。目前供应的四种口味中最粘稠的是希俄斯岛香草冰激凌(Chios vanilla),希俄斯岛是希腊的一座岛屿,上面生长乳香黄连木,这款冰激凌里布满了香草豆。你拉一下,能看到细丝断裂,就像奶酪那样。Paleteria El Sabor de Michoacan is an unassuming Mexican shop in New Rochelle, N.Y., about a half-mile from the Metro-North station. On my visit, none of the ice creams in the freezer case were labeled, but the salesclerk kindly recited them all. Best were tequila, a shade of blue somewhere between swimming pool and Tulum, tasting almost like the real thing, albeit with the edges buffed; lime, fluorescent green and seethingly tangy; tres leches, loaded with chunks of milk-and-cream-soaked cake; and mamey, hibiscus pink and tasting of almonds, raspberries and sweet potato pie.米却肯味道冰激凌店(Paleteria El Sabor de Michoacan)是纽约新罗谢尔的一个朴素的墨西哥店,离大都会北站约有0.5英里。我去那儿时,冰柜里的冰激凌都没有命名,但是店员友好地把它们介绍了一遍。最好的是龙舌兰(tequila),它的蓝色介于游泳池和图卢姆的大海之间,味道很接近龙舌兰,但没那么刺激;酸橙(lime)是荧光绿色的,味道刺激浓郁;“特别好色”(tres leches)里面有浸满牛奶和奶油的大块蛋糕;曼密苹果(mamey)有着芙蓉花的粉红色,尝起来像杏仁、树莓和红薯派。Sweet Dynasty, next to a gas station on a noisy avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, favors the standard voluptuous American style of ice cream, in flavors like purple taro (almost a deeper, rounder vanilla) and red bean (not too sweet, a rarity for this flavor). Also lurking is durian, the fruit so notoriously smelly that in some Southeast Asian nations it is illegal to eat on mass transit. Even in the freezer case it’s clearly trouble, the only ice cream to have a lid tamped over it. Odd, because it proved to have no scent at all, only the fruit’s vaguely sweaty flavor, a swirl of custard, papaya, caramelized onions, butterscotch and cheese.甜蜜朝代(Sweet Dynasty)在布鲁克林日落公园一条喧闹的大街上,在一个加油站旁边。它倾心于标准的、撩人的美式冰激凌,比如紫色芋头(差不多是颜色更深、更圆的香草)和红豆(不太甜,对这种口味来说比较少见)。店里还潜伏着榴莲口味,大家都知道这种水果闻起来很臭,在东南亚的一些国家,在公共交通工具上吃榴莲是违法的。即使在冰柜里,它也显然是个麻烦,它是唯一一种用盖子密封起来的冰激凌。奇怪的是,它实际上完全没有怪味,像是蛋奶冻、木瓜、焦糖洋葱、奶油糖和奶酪的混合物。Sundaes and Cones started out in Brooklyn, before moving to the East Village. Here green tea yields just enough bitterness to prove its origins; black sesame tastes more exactingly of its title ingredient than any I’ve had. But wasabi is strangely deracinated, all flavor and no heat. To the south, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory has the scenic advantage of a cinematically claustrophobic Chinatown block (plus Xi’an Famous Foods next door, for lamb face as a chaser). Scoops are wildly generous. Zen Butter captures the essence of cold sesame noodles without their slickness. But other flavors, like a pleasant but umami-less soy sauce, occasionally go out of focus.圣代和圆筒冰激凌店(Sundaes and Cones)最初在布鲁克林,后来搬到了东村。这里的绿茶味冰激凌有一丝苦味,刚好可以明它的出处;黑芝麻冰激凌尝起来比我吃过的其他以黑芝麻命名的冰激凌更具有浓郁的黑芝麻味。但是山葵酱口味却奇怪地与众不同,什么味道都有,就是不冲。中国城街区往往如同电影画面,会导致幽闭恐惧症,而南边的中国城冰激凌工厂(Chinatown Ice Cream Factory)在那里算是赏心悦目的(旁边还有个西安名吃店(Xi’an Famous Foods),里面的羊脸值得一试)。这里每一勺的量都很足。禅宗黄油(Zen Butter)充分捕捉到了冷芝麻面的精髓,但没那么滑。不过其他口味,比如令人愉快但不够鲜的酱油,有时会有失水准。Thai ice creams tend to be more crystalline and sweeter, at least the ones found at SkyIce in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which does well with evanescent flavors like cucumber lime and lychee rose; and at Tea Cup Cafe in Elmhurst, Queens, which serves, amid a clutter of Blythe dolls and Polaroids, ice creams suffused with green tea, military in color and tasting almost burned, and Thai thea, garish orange with a distant floral tinge.泰国冰激凌一般更透明,更甜,至少布鲁克林公园坡的天冰冰激凌店(SkyIce)里的是这样的。这家店擅长做那些味道逐渐消散的冰激凌,比如黄瓜酸橙味的和荔枝玫瑰味的。皇后区埃尔姆赫斯特的茶杯咖啡店(Tea Cup Cafe)除了有一堆布娃娃和宝丽来相机外,还供应充满绿茶的冰激凌,它是军绿色的,尝起来像烧焦了;这里的泰式冰激凌是绚丽的橙色,带有淡淡的花香味。The Greek owners of Fresco Gelateria, in the East Village, honor their roots with a beautifully light goat cheese fig gelato, with the fluffiness of goat cheese and just enough honey and fig to approach rather than fully embrace sweetness. Across town, at Cones, in the West Village, corn ice cream comes with a toasty undertone and a dusting of cinnamon.东村壁画冰激凌店(Fresco Gelateria)的希腊裔店主用漂亮的淡羊乳酪无花果冰激凌来向自己的祖籍致敬,羊乳酪的松软以及份量刚刚好的蜂蜜和无花果让这款冰激凌有点甜,却不是很甜。在城的另一端,西村圆筒冰激凌店(Cones)里的玉米冰激凌有烤面包的底色,外面撒了一层肉桂。One last stop: Johnny Air Mart, a Filipino market in the East Village, for a tub of Magnolia ice cream, produced by a California-based company run by a Filipino-American family. Cross your fingers that they have macapuno ube, coconut mixed with sweet purple yam, purple as hydrangea, creamy and expansive. This is the Filipino vanilla, the baseline, the comfort you return to after other flavors inevitably fall short. It tastes as if you’ve been eating it your whole life.最后一站:约翰尼空气市场(Johnny Air Mart)。它是东村的一个菲律宾市场。来这里是为了得到一杯木兰冰激凌(Magnolia),它是一个菲律宾裔美国家庭经营的加利福尼亚公司生产的。祈祷他们有macapuno ube口味吧,它是椰子和甜紫薯混合物,具有绣球花那种紫色,柔滑,昂贵。它像是菲律宾的香草冰激凌,在其他口味让你失望时,你可以从它那里获得安慰。它吃起来像是你一直都在吃的那种冰激凌。 /201407/313185辽源第一人民中医院人流套餐

吉大第三医院宫颈囊肿长春无痛人工流产较佳时间Does he only go on trunk roads? Chinese carpenter takes to the streets in his hand-crafted WOODEN car中国木匠造木头汽车上路You probably twigged straight away that this is a car made out of wood.一看你可能马上就知道这是一辆木头制成的汽车。It#39;s being driven in Shenyang, Liaoning province in China, by its maker-carpenter Liu Fulong.这辆车的制造者来自中国辽宁沈阳的木匠师傅刘福龙。The 48-year-old branched out and spent three months on the wooden-electric car.这名48岁的木匠师傅花3个月时间建造了这辆木质电动车。Mr Fulong has no formal training in car design and gave up on education after primary school, but still had the skill to build a car that can reach almost 20mph when fully charged.福龙先生没有接受过专门的汽车设计培训,上完小学就没读了,但是他依然有能力建造这么一辆汽车,在充满电的情况下,最高时速可达20英里。The sudden appearance of the car on the open road evidently caused some amusement, with one driver smirking as Mr Fulong trundles along.光天化日之下这辆车出现在道路上显然让人们觉得很好玩,其中一名司机看到后都傻笑了起来。The car has wing mirrors, a horn,indicators and, of course, head lights to illuminate the root ahead.这辆车拥有后视镜,一个喇叭,指示器,以及车头灯来照亮前方的道路。 /201411/339736乾安县妇幼保健院不孕医生Fashion Spotlight: the trials and tribulations of trends时尚聚光灯:流行趋势的考验与磨难Trends: a very controversial topic. What is so appealing about them, anyway? Although they’re intended to be lighthearted and fun, they don’t always end up that way. To some, they may seem like little fashion challenges that one can play around with, but that’s not always the case. This week, I want to address common critiques of trends.流行趋势,这是一个非常有争议的话题。归根究底,它到底有那里好?!尽管流行趋势意在给人带来更多轻松和乐趣,结果却往往并非如此。对于一些人来说,新的流行趋势不过是一个小小的时尚挑战,最后完全可以驾驭,但对于另一些人来说不适用。本周,我想谈谈对于流行趋势普遍存在的几个看法。Trends, like camouflage print scarfs, are a fun way to revitalize your look.流行趋势就像迷围巾,以一种充满乐趣方式让你精神起来。Trends inevitably convey a very strong message. When coming from elite fashion magazines, they can imply, “You have to be this thin, or this tall, or this skin tone to be able to pull off this look.” But how is that real if we all are different shapes and sizes? This is definitely something worth thinking about.流行趋势总是不可避免地传达出一种强有力的信息。论及精英时尚杂志,它们总是暗示“你必须要如此瘦小,或如此高大,亦或有着如此肤色,才能穿出如此感觉。”但如果我们的体型、穿衣尺码各不相同,这种时尚对我们是否还适用?这绝对是一个值的思考的问题。Some may say that this is not the case at all. Although trends are portrayed in a very specific manner in fashion magazines, part of the fun is taking that as an inspiration and, in turn, doing whatever you want from there. Let’s pretend that the biggest trend right now is the crop top. For example: although that crop top might not work on me the same way as the model, I can think about playing around with different waistlines and silhouettes created by my clothing. It’s true that it’s not exactly the same, but who said we all need to take those magazines so seriously anyway?有的人可能会说事实并非如此。虽然流行趋势以一种非常具体的方式在时尚杂志上被表现出来,它们仅供,而且其中一部分只是被当做一种灵感来源,从读者角度来看,大家也只消各取所需。假设现在最火的流行趋势是露脐上装,举个例子来说:虽然那身露脐装穿在我身上不会有和模特一样的效果,我可以考虑通过自己搭配的饰来达到同样卖弄腰线和轮廓的效果。这确实和模特穿着不尽相同,但毕竟咱们也不用真拿杂志当回事吧?But there’s always the haute couture fashionista who will say that trends are particular. And that’s partly true: A crop top is a crop top, and there’s not really any other way to make something that’s not a crop top a crop top. And if I feel like I can’t pull off a crop top, I’m excluded from the latest and greatest fashion trend of the moment. It makes me not “fashionable” enough for haute couture that season.但总是有一些时尚女装迷认为某种流行趋势是特定的。这说来也有些道理:露脐上装就是露脐上装,没有什么别的方法来把其他的衣变成露脐上装。而如果我感觉我可能不能很好地驾驭一件露脐上装,那么我就被排除了在当下最新流行趋势之外。这让我对于当季高级时装来说不够“时尚”。This makes fashion sound really exclusive. But trust me, it’s not. Fashion is all about self-expression, and the way we view it really makes all the difference. There are no “rules” in fashion,only opinions. You really can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. At least here in the ed States, no one’s going to punish you for what’s on your body. So take a risk. The trends are there for your inspiration, but in reality the world is your oyster when it comes to deciding what style you want to adopt. If you don’t like the current trends, start your own trends! Even if they don’t become universally popular, you’ll look like the best version of yourself that you could imagine, and that’s something beautiful.这样说来时尚真的有排外性。但是相信我,这并非事实。时尚不过是一种自我表现,差异来源于我们看待它的方式。时尚没有所谓的“规则”,有的只是不同的看法。 你当然可以再任何时候穿上任何你喜爱的衣。至少在美国,没有人会因为你身上穿的衣而惩罚你。所以冒冒险吧。流行趋势的存在不过是为了激发你的灵感,在你个人的着装风格这个问题上,世界尽在你掌握之中。如果你不喜欢当下的流行趋势,就引领你自己的潮流!即便你的搭配不是普遍追捧的款式,你会展现出你所能想象到的最好的一面,那才是真正的美丽。So even though I’ll be forecasting trends in the upcoming weeks, don’t feel tied down to them. They’re simply suggestions for how to change your image if you’re feeling festive or daring in the fashion world. Take them as a challenge and a one-of-a-kind way to express yourself.所以即便我将预测下几周的流行趋势,请不要被它们所束缚。有时我们收到气氛感染,心情愉快,想要换个形象,有时我们只是单纯的想要大胆尝试,此时,流行趋势不过是给你个参考。请把它们当做小小的挑战和表现自己的独一无二的方式吧。 /201405/294036吉林长春市妇女医院在线咨询

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