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长春治疗乳腺增生的治疗Don: Is it true that certain colors affect how we think and behave, or how we perform at work?唐:某种特定的颜色会影响我们的思维、行为或者在工作中的表现,这是真的吗?Yael: Great question. And in fact, psychologists have found that colors very well may influence our mindset and behavior. For example, studies have shown that red colors can help you concentrate and do better on tasks that require attention to detail. And blue colors may enhance your ability to excel at creative work.雅艾尔:很棒的问题。实际上,心理学家发现颜色很有可能影响我们的思维和行为。例如,研究表明红色能帮助人们集中注意力,以出色完成那些精细的任务。蓝色可能会提高个人能力,使你更擅长创新性的工作。Don: Thats interesting. But why? Why is red good for detailed work?唐:真有趣。但为什么呢?为什么红色有利于人们进行详细的工作?Yael: I was getting to that. Psychologists think that we learn to associate colors with various moods and emotions. So, for example, for most people red signals danger and caution. So being in a reddish environment, or seeing red images on your computer screen or whatever, triggers that danger signal in the brain, which makes you more aware and alert. You may not literally feel afraid or in danger, but youre in a state of greater awareness and attention.雅艾尔:我正打算说呢。心理学家认为,我们学会将颜色与心情、情绪联系起来。例如,大多数人觉得红色代表愤怒和谨慎。因此置身于红色的环境或者看见电脑屏幕上出现红色图案等等,都会触发大脑内危险的信号,使你变得更警惕。也许你根本不觉得害怕或者恐惧,那是因为你处在意识和注意力更强的状态中。Don: OK. So Im guessing that blue is similar. And so far as we tend to associate blue with openness and freedom.唐:好吧,我猜蓝色也差不多。到目前为止,我们倾向于把蓝色与开放、自由联系起来。Yael: Right.Blue is known to have a calming effect, which is good for free-flowing, creative work.雅艾尔:很对。众所周知蓝色具有镇定作用,这有利于人们进行自由自在,富有创意的工作。Don: But some hues of blue can seem kind of depressing.Do all kinds of blue have the same affect?唐:但有些蓝色调看起来让人感到压抑。是不是所有的蓝色都有相似的效应呢?Yael: No, actually. Some blues are kind of downers, and some bright reds are more upbeat than they are cautionary. In those cases, the effects are reversed.雅艾尔:其实不然,部分蓝色调有镇定作用。有些明亮的红色会让人更加乐观,而不是更加警惕。在这些情况下,颜色的作用会逆转。Don: But the point is that colors—whatever they may be—affect our behavior.唐:但重点是颜色——不论哪种颜色——都会影响我们的行为。Yael: Right.雅艾尔:对。原文译文属!201210/205343长春孕前体检哪个医院好 做人流好的医院长春

长春中日联谊医院有微创手术吗Business商业报道Bookselling售书业前景Spine chilling令人胆战心惊Mass-market retailing changed publishing before the e-bookE书时代近在眼前,纸书商改出版策略SNAZZY technology is a twist in a narrative aly several chapters long.先进科技已经在小说故事中纠结了好几个章回。Mass-market retailing has changed the publishing industry:图书市场零售业改变了自己的出版业策略:these days books are as likely to be found beside steaks and saucepans as they are to be bought in specialist stores.现如今,人们在牛排、炖锅旁找到售书点的概率就如在专门店买到书的概率一样小。The story turns on whether broader changes in bookselling will stifle literature.故事发展成售书业的变化日益扩大,它是否会扼杀文学这一问题。Dan Brown will survive. Would Dante?丹布朗能够幸免于难,但丁也会么?For most of the past century, governments across Europe protected book prices; many still do.在前一世纪大部分的时间里,欧洲的政府都在保护图书的价格,很多国家依然这么做。Even in America, apart from dime-store romances, few titles were sold outside bookshops.甚至在美国,除了小商品店里的言情小说,其他种类的图书在书店以外的地方几乎绝迹了。But in the 1970s stores like Borders and Barnes amp; Noble applied a supermarket maxim to print:但在20世纪70年代,诸如鲍德斯、巴诺这样的书店却都奉行着超市售书箴言:pile them high and watch them fly.只要把书摞高,人们就会抢光它。Waterstones did the same thing in Britain and top titles started selling in the hundreds of thousands, even millions.英国的华特史东书店也这样做,这使得畅销书开始了以成百上千甚至是百万册的数量销售的历史。Just as book superstores forced out many independents,就像超级书店独立出来很多自立门户的店铺一样。so supermarkets and other mass retailers have since crowded the book chains.超市还有其他的零售商业也开了很多图书连锁店。In Britain, when price regulation was disbanded in 1997, supermarkets rushed in and now sell a quarter of all books, according to the way that Nielsen, a market-research outfit, calculates it.根据市场调研机构Nielsen的统计,在英国,97年价格管制被撤消的时候,超市蜂拥而入并开始销售市场1/4的图书。Belgium and Finland mimicked this trend.比利时以及芬兰也纷纷效仿这一趋势。This has been good for ers:这对于读者来说是个好消息。in Britain the average price of a book has fallen by 15% since 2003, reckons BML Bowker, a book-marketing consultancy.图书市场顾问鲍克出版社的数据显示,03年英国图书的平均售价下降了15%。And demand has grown: consumers spend the same amount on books, so they must be buying more.而图书需求量也上升了:消费者在图书上花费同样多的钱,图书的价格降了,这样他们购买的书更多了。Those independent bookshops that survived the chain war in America and Britain have held sales and prices steady.那些在美国、英国连锁店之战中幸存的个体书店,久维持着图书的销量还有价格的稳定。Meanwhile, mass retailers find books such a draw that they lure in customers by selling some titles at a loss.同时,销售商发现一个赚钱的方法,他们以亏本地销售一些图书来吸引顾客购书。Higher turnover should also be positive for publishers.按理说出版商应该也得到更高的利润。But mass retailers demand discounts of up to 60% for bulk orders, shrinking margins.但大批订货的商家向出版商索要高达60%的数量折扣,这反而使得利润减少了。All sides prosper when books sell quickly.只要书卖得快,各家都会得利。But, unlike groceries, if books dont sell, retailers return them to the publisher—and do not pay.但是,与日常用品不同,如果书籍卖不出去的话,零售商就把书返回给出版商—并且不付返回的书费。So, when a book with a large print run flops, publishers end up with an expensive pile of recycling.这样,当一本大量印刷的书籍不好买,出版商就得最终以高价来回收它。That is why some publishers have stopped doing new deals with the likes of Costco, an American warehouse retailer, which likes to order very large print runs.这就是为什么一些出版商停止与类似于美国的科思科这样的连锁店做生意的原因。因为这些商店喜欢订购大宗的货物。Few people will mourn publishers;losses from increased price competition and new technology like e-ers.像e书读者一样,很少有人来吊唁出版商因日趋激烈的价格竞争以及日益发达的科技而导致的损失。The question is whether these trends undermine the quality of books which are being published, by breaking a business model that has let firms focus on variety and range.问题是,这些趋势会不会扰乱商业模式—使出版商不再专注于扩大图书规模增加图书种类,从而降低出版的书籍的质量。Publishers have good reason to shiver at the decline of traditional bookshops.在传统书店数量减少的情况下,出版商感到害怕是正常的。To fund the discovery and promotion of new authors, they have relied on books that sell steadily over a number of years.为了资助发掘和宣传新作家,出版商们依靠那些很多年来都销售平稳的书籍来维持运营。Yet mass retailers stock a few hundred new blockbusters.但是,零售书商们也储存着几百个新的畅销巨作。At first sight there is no reason for concern.乍一看,图书业没什么让人担心的问题New works are abundant—40% more titles came out in Britain in 2010 than in 2001.新作品很多—英国10年出版的新作品数量比01年高出了40%,But this obscures a starker trend: “mid-list” titles are selling in smaller numbers in America and Britain.但是它掩盖了一个严峻的趋势:“销售量居中”的图书,在美国和英国的销售量少了。This matters for cultural life, because most literary fiction and serious non-fiction falls into that bracket and much of it could become uneconomical to publish.这会影响到人们的文化生活,因为大部分的文学小说还有严肃类非小说作品都属于这一范畴,以至于很多这种书出版起来可能毫无利益可言。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/232421 吉林省妇幼保健医院怎么样长春可以检查月经失调的医院



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