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2019年11月22日 18:03:55来源:飞新闻

More than 1,370 people aged 60 or over go missing every day in China, according to a new report.一份最新报告称,我国每天都有超过1370名年龄在60岁及以上的老人走失。The White Paper on the Lost Elderly, released last Sunday, states that Alzheimer#39;s disease and other forms of dementia are a major cause of such disappearances.于上周日发布的《老年人走失状况白皮书》称,阿尔茨海默症以及其他类型的痴呆症是老人走失的一个主要原因。72% of senior citizens reported missing have trouble with their memory, while 25% have been diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s, according to Xiong Guibin, co-author of the report, which was jointly issued by Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute and online content aggregator Toutiao.这项由民社会救助研究院与在线内容聚合平台今日头条共同发布的报告,其合著者熊贵彬介绍称,被报走失的老年人中,72%存在记忆方面的障碍,25%被诊断出阿尔茨海默症。What is compounding the problem in China is the large number of elderly people living alone in less-developed rural areas, whose relatives have migrated to cities to find better-paying jobs. These people are at greater risk, the report warned.报告警告称,目前在我国欠发达农村地区,许多老人因为亲人移居到城市寻找薪酬更好的工作而处于独居状态,这些老人走失的风险更大,加剧了这一问题的严重性。The report calls for the establishment of a national network to record and find missing people, and recommends that aid centers arrange specialist personnel to look for missing persons.这一调查呼吁建立一个全国性的网络来记录和发现失踪人口,并建议援助中心安排专业人员寻找失踪人口。It also suggests that local governments in areas with large population outflows cooperate with social groups to assess the living conditions of seniors citizens left at home, and explore effective methods to prevent such citizens from going missing.该报告还建议,大量人口外流的地区的当地政府,应与社会团体合作,以评估留守家中的老年人的生活条件,并一起探索有效的方法来防止这些人口失踪。 /201610/470461。

  • ATamp;T faces an uphillbattle to convince US regulators that its proposed .4bn purchase of TimeWarner will not unfairly distort the media and communications industries afteropponents of the deal said the combined entity would wield too much marketpower.ATamp;T面临着说美国监管机构的艰难战斗,以明其拟议中的854亿美元收购时代华纳(Time Warner,见上图)不会不公平地扭曲媒体和通信行业。此前这笔交易的批评者表示,合并后的实体将拥有太多的市场力量。America’s largest telecomsgroup by market value announced on Saturday it would pay 7.50 a share forthe owner of CNN, HBO, which produces Game of Thrones and Veep, and WarnerBrothers, Hollywood’s largest film and television studio.美国市值最大的电信集团上周六宣布,将付每股107.50美元,收购美国有线电视频道CNN和HBO以及好莱坞最大影视制片公司华纳兄弟(Warner Brothers)的东家;HBO制作《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)和《副总统》(Veep)等电视剧。But the deal sparked immediateopposition over the weekend and looks set to be one of the first and biggesttests of the next president’s antitrust policy.但这笔交易在周末立即引发反对,看起来将给下一任总统的反垄断政策带来首批和最大考验之一。Donald Trump told a Gettysburgrally that he would block it if elected president and Al Franken, theDemocratic senator for Minnesota, said it raised “some immediate flags aboutconsolidation”. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, told N’s Meet thePress he shared those concerns, saying “less concentration I think is generallyhelpful, especially in the media”.唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)在盖茨堡的一个集会上表示,若当选总统,他将阻止这笔交易。明尼苏达州民主党参议员阿尔.弗兰肯(Al Franken)表示,此举引发了“一些有关整合的即时警示信号”。希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的竞选搭档蒂姆.凯恩(Tim Kaine)在全国广播公司(N)的《与媒体见面》(Meet the Press)节目上表示,他也有那些担忧,表示“我认为一般而言集中度较少会有帮助,尤其是在媒体领域”。The purchase faces at least ayear of regulatory scrutiny. In a joint statement, senators Mike Lee and AmyKlobuchar, the chairman and ranking member of the Senate antitrustsubcommittee, said the deal “would potentially raise significant antitrustissues, which the subcommittee would carefully examine”.这一收购面临至少一年的监管审查。参议院反垄断小组委员会主席、参议员迈克.李(Mike Lee)和参议院反垄断小组委员会副主席、参议员埃米.克罗布彻(Amy Klobuchar)在一份联合声明中表示,这项交易“潜在将引发重大的反垄断问题,本小组委员会将仔细研究”。“I think ATamp;T is goinginto this knowing they have an uphill battle,” said Amanda Wait, an antitrustpartner at Hunton amp; Williams, a Washington law firm. “Any Clintonadministration will take a tough look at it. The key issues here will bewhether owning Time Warner content harms competition or whether it makesATamp;T stronger.”“我认为ATamp;T在达成这笔交易的时候明白自己将有一场艰苦的战斗,”何威律师事务所(Hunton amp; Williams)华盛顿办公室的反垄断业务合伙人阿曼达.韦特(Amanda Wait)表示,“希拉里政府将从严对待。这里的关键问题将是,拥有时代华纳的内容会不会损害竞争,抑或它将使ATamp;T更强大。”The cash and stock deal, worth7.50 a share, brings together the telephony pioneer started by AlexanderGraham Bell in the late 19th century with an entertainment group that has itsroots in the early days of Hollywood.这笔现金和股票交易相当于每股价值107.50美元,它将把亚历山大.格雷厄姆.贝尔(Alexander Graham Bell)在19世纪末创建的电话务先驱与根源可追溯至好莱坞早期的一家集团合为一体。Randall Stephenson, ATamp;T’schief executive, expressed confidence that the deal would be approved, sayingthere was no overlap between the two businesses. “This is not a horizontaldeal. This is a vertical merger,” he told journalists on a weekend conferencecall. You would be hard pressed to find examples where vertical mergers havebeen blocked.”ATamp;T首席执行官兰德尔.斯蒂芬森(Randall Stephenson)表示相信,这笔交易将获得批准,称两家公司的业务没有重叠。“这不是一笔横向协议。这是一次纵向合并,”他在上周末的一个电话会议上对记者们表示。你很难找到垂直合并被阻止的案例。”ATamp;T will point regulatorsto the 2013 purchase of NUniversal by its rival Comcast, a deal which wascleared after regulators imposed concessions on the cable operator. “Theantitrust division has received some complaints about Comcast’s NUniversaldeal,” said Ms Wait. “They will take a hard look back at their experience tosee if those remedies worked.”ATamp;T将向监管者指出2013年N环球(NUniversal)被其竞争对手Comcast收购的先例,那笔交易在监管者强制要求有线运营商Comcast作出让步后获得批准。“反垄断部门接到了一些针对Comcast收购N环球交易的投诉,”韦特表示,“他们会认真回视自己的经历,看看那些补救措施是否起到了作用。”Time Warner has agreed to paya .7bn break-fee to ATamp;T if it opts to sell to another buyer whileATamp;T will pay Time Warner 0m if regulators block the deal, according totwo people close to the negotiations.据接近谈判的两个知情人士透露,时代华纳同意向ATamp;T付17亿美元的分手费——如果它选择卖给另一个买家,而ATamp;T将向时代华纳付5亿美元——如果监管者阻止这笔交易。 /201610/473513。
  • Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham says Americans are ;fully capable; of making up their own minds about 28 classified pages that discuss possible foreign support for those who carried out the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.前美国联邦参议员格雷厄姆说,美国人民“完全有能力”对28页有关外国持2001年9月11日恐怖袭击的机密材料做出判断。The pages are from a joint congressional committee report that came out 14 years ago, but then-President George W. Bush ordered that chapter not be included in the public release of 800 other pages. Some officials with access to the chapter have made comments alluding to Saudi Arabia, but without being able to offer details the exact connections suggested remain a mystery to most of the country.这些材料出自一个国会联合委员会14年前撰写的报告,但当时的总统乔治·W.布什下令,不准把这一章节与其他800页材料一道公诸于众。一些看过这一章节的官员曾经发表,暗示沙特阿拉伯与9/11恐怖袭击有关,但未能提供确凿细节。Graham has been a strong advocate in the push to have the pages released to the public. He said a White House official told him President Barack Obama would make a decision by June and that he viewed that as a ;step in the right direction.;格雷厄姆一直坚决主张公布这些材料。他说,一位白宫官员向他透露,奥巴马总统将于6月做出决定,他认为这是“朝着正确的方向迈进了一步”。The 9/11 Commission and the congressional committee have definitively determined Saudi Arabia had no intent to support al-Qaida.9/11委员会和国会委员会坚信,沙特阿拉伯没有持基地组织的意愿。 /201605/443177。
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