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To remain fit and healthy, you need a balanced diet including essential vitamins and minerals. But what if your diet consists mainly of staples like rice, b, or corn because other foods are not available or affordable? If so, you will likely develop ;hidden hunger,; a deficiency in essential micronutrients.为了保持健康强壮,你需要含有基本维生素和矿物质的均衡饮食。但要是你的饮食主要以米、面包或玉米那些主食所组成,因为其它食物难以取得或负担时该怎么办呢?如果是这样,你很可能会得到“隐性饥饿”,一种基本微营养素缺乏症状。Although often invisible, hidden hunger negatively impacts health and development, and ultimately, economic well-being. About one-third of the worlds population suffers from hidden hunger, mostly in developing countries. This is more than the population of Europe, the Americas, and Australia combined.尽管常常看不见,隐性饥饿会对健康和发育造成负面影响,最终还会影响经济安全。大约有三分之一的世界人口受隐性饥饿所苦,大多位在发展中国家。这比欧洲、美洲以及澳洲加起来的人口数还多。Hidden hungers impact starts early. Nutritional deficiencies during the first 1,000 days, between the start of a mothers pregnancy and the childs second birthday, impede the childs ability to properly grow, learn, and ultimately reach his or her full potential. It can be devastating for long-term health, and ultimately, societys growth and prosperity.隐性饥饿的影响很早就发生。头一千天内的营养缺乏,母亲期开始到小孩两岁生日间的一千天,营养缺乏会阻碍孩童正常生长、学习、最后发挥他或她完全潜能的能力。这对长期健康会造成严重后果,最后甚至危及社会成长及繁荣。Fortunately, the world is fighting hidden hunger. And as part of this effort, DSMs Nutrition Improvement Program is an experienced and reliable partner, driven by our Quality for Life promise. We work with international and local partners, and develop safe, affordable, and nutritious products. They are of the highest quality and tailored to the needs of people in the developing world.幸好,全世界正在打击隐性饥饿。作为打击隐性饥饿的一份子,DSM的营养改善计划是有经验且可靠的伙伴,动力来自我们对“质量生活”的承诺。我们与国际和当地伙伴携手,研发出可靠、可负担且营养丰富的产品。这些产品有最优良的质量,且针对发展中国家人民的需求量身打造。An example of the many successful solutions provided by DSM is our micronutrient powders. Sprinkled over a meal, these powders are widely accepted because they are easy to use and do not change the foods color or taste. Studies show that these micronutrient powders are effective. We can also fortify both staples and processed foods, such as snacks and beverages. In addition, for people with specific nutritional needs, we developed tailor-made solutions, such as micronutrient blends used in therapeutic foods and dietary supplements.DSM 所提供许多成功解方的例之一是我们的微营养素粉。洒在餐点上,这些营养素粉广泛被接受,因为它们使用容易且不会改变食物的颜色或风味。研究显示这些微营养素粉能产生效果。我们还可以增加日常主食及加工食品的营养价值,例如点心和饮料。此外,对有特别营养需求的人们,我们发展出客制化解决方案,例如用在医疗食品及营养补给品中的微营养素混合剂。Leading global economists suggest that improving nutrition is the best investment that can be made in global health and development. We want a healthier life and brighter future for everybody. Together we can end hidden hunger.全球杰出经济学家们提出,改善营养,就是对全球健康和发展所能做出的最棒投资。我们想要所有人拥有更健康的生活以及更美好的未来。我们能齐心替隐性饥饿画下句点。201701/487858We have a to say a huge congratulations to you. You recently got engaged. Thank you.我得真诚地跟你说声恭喜,因为你最近订婚了。谢谢Congratulations, to your lovely wonderful boyfriend, Dave Franco.也要恭喜你帅气幸运的未婚夫戴夫·弗朗克。Are you going to have a big bachelorette party?你会办一个盛大的单身女郎聚会吗?No, I dont think so. Im not—you know, yeah, Im not a big—我想不会。我不是——我不是一个很...I feel like I passed a age of being super into... go to Vegas, get a stripper!我觉得自己已经过了那个年纪我不再想跑去赌上一把,或者叫一个脱衣舞男。I just went to a great bachelorette party that was wine tasting and was wonderful.我刚去过一个很好的单身女郎聚会,I had a bad—Ive only been to one bachelorette party that had a stripper她们的活动就只是品酒,我觉得这就很好。我有过一个很不好but there were only four of us at the bachelorette party including the bride.我只去过一次有脱衣舞男的单身女郎聚会。包括新娘在内,一共只有四个人。So it was like the most intimate situation with a stripper.那次大概是我离脱衣舞男最近的一次。It was just like is anyone going to touch him?我在想,有人会去摸他吗?It is looking into your friends eyes while a mans package is swinging around your face. One of the people I think was my mom.每次你看你朋友的时候,旁边就有个男人的阴部晃来晃去。四个人中的一个是我妈。And were back to people depositing something in your mouth when youre asleep.那我们接下来聊聊当你睡着的时候,有人往你嘴里塞东西那件事儿。I bet youre great fun at a bachelor party. I betout loose.我敢打赌你在单身汉聚会上一定玩得很开心。玩疯了那种。I dont know that Ive ever been to a bachelor party. I have been to a bachelorette party.我没参加过单身汉的聚会。我只去过单身女郎的聚会。You were dancing. Thats what I used to do before.你跳了会儿舞。我以前经常这么干I recognized you. Do you just cover yourself in whipped cream? Now I get it.我认出你来了。你身上只涂了生奶油?我懂了。I was recently in Montreal. It apparently is a very popular place for bachelorette parties.我最近去了蒙特利尔。人们很乐意在这里开单身女郎聚会。There is like nine of them every night. It is like the Vegas for Toronto.每天晚上都差不多有九个。感觉就像是加拿大的城,There is always a task. Is that a thing, a task at a bachelorette party?总有项目。单身女郎聚会上有什么活动吗?Oh, yeah, there are games where you have a card on your head and it says ask him how big his penis is. Hilarious.有的,有一个游戏是你在额头上贴一张卡片,上面写着,问问他的阴茎有多大。很搞笑I was a gimmick for their party.我在这种聚会上就像个笑话一样You didnt like it? No. It is all right. What did you have to do?你不喜欢吗?还好啦。你要做的是什么?I dont remember. I was eating. I know there is a bupebupe straw. Can you say straw?我记不清了。我在吃。有一个吸管,能说这个吗?Yeah, I have got tons. I dont think they are just for bachelor parties.没事啦,我有一大堆。这个吸管可不仅仅用在单身派对上。Wake up. Breakfast. Pancakes. Sometimes not just a straw.起床,吃早餐,吃煎饼。有时不止吸管。201705/510373

Robotics, once the stuff of science fiction, is aly in economic reality for workers around the world.机器人技术,一种曾属于科幻的东西,已经成为了现实,帮助世界范围内的工人们进行工业生产。But automations ability to do the jobs humans do faster, better and cheaper carries a price, says World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.不过,世界行长吉姆·金表示,与人类相比,自动化能将工作做得更快、更好且成本更低,是有代价的。;Accelerations in technology are changing the landscape.“技术上的发展进步正在改变情形。We estimate that two thirds of all jobs that currently exist in developing countries will be wiped out by automation.;我们估计,目前存在于发展中国家的所有工作,将有三分之二被自动化技术夺走。”That represents millions of workers in countries that now provide much of the low price labour for consumer goods from clothing to smartphones.这意味着,在那些目前提供大量低廉劳动力的国家,数百万工人将失业,包括装制造、智能手机组装等领域。But the loss of livelihoods could have far-reaching repercussions including the mass migration of displaced workers.但生计的丧失将产生深远的影响,可能导致大量流离失所的工人进行大范围的迁徙。Its a situation of right for both opportunity and conflict, says economist Diane Lim at the conference board,在这种情形下,既能带来机会,也会引发冲突,经济学家戴安娜·林说道,a global business research organization.她是一家全球商业研究机构的董事会成员。;You know, some countries are gonna be capitalizing on that by saying Come here, we need you to do work here.“你们知道,有些国家正在利用这一点,说‘来这里,我们需要你在这里做工作。’And other countries are going to put up a stance and says No, we dont want you.然而其他国家可能采取的立场是‘不,我们不需要你’,And so its gonna affect the global economy.;所以会影响全球经济。”The World Bank says its an urgent issue, given the many serious conflicts around the world世界表示,这是一个紧迫的问题,因为世界各地的许多冲突十分严重,including the worst refugee crisis since the second World War.包括第二次世界大战以来最严重的难民危机。Lim says automation will force us to redefine human labour.林说,自动化将迫使我们重新界定人力劳动。;Just because we have automation replacing those types of jobs doesnt mean automation can replace all kinds of jobs.“自动化仅仅能取代某些类型的工作并不意味着自动化可以取代各种工作。So in particular, there is gonna be growing demand for all kinds of service-providing industries rather than goods-producing industries.因此,特别是对各类务提供行业,而不是商品生产行业的需求将不断增长。(There is room for the human touch still?) Yes.;(人类还有是有用武之地的是吗?)当然。”The World Bank says its unclear how fast automation will cut jobs, but Kim says the time to act is now.世界表示,自动化将会在多长时间内削减人类工作还不清楚。但是金表示,我们必须现在就采取行动。;And so for every country in the world,“所以对于世界上的每一个国家来说,we have to think very seriously about what is the investments we need to make right now必须非常重视我们现在所需要进行的投资,in order to prepare ourselves for the economy in the future.;以便为今后经济发展做好准备。”The U.S. has not been immune.美国也受到了影响。Most studies suggest automation, not trade was responsible for most of the manufacturing jobs lost between 2000 and 2010.大多数研究表明,2000年至2010年间大部分制造行业工作岗位的丢失,都应归因于自动化而非贸易。201706/512509

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201610/464458

  The agreement is one of the most satisfying of Rockefellers career.该协议是洛克菲勒职业生涯中最得意的一笔Hes forced his biggest rival to hand over a fortune in exchange for an iron ore mine he never had much interest in owning.他逼迫他的最大对手吐出一笔财富 以换取本来就没有多大兴趣拥有的铁矿石Rockefeller may have gotten the better of Carnegie but their deal has drawn the attention of another rival who envisions something even bigger.洛克菲勒诚然是打败了卡内基 但他们的交易已经引起了另一个对手的关注 这位对手的野心更大America has expanded more in the last three decades than any country on Earth.美国在过去三十年里的发展是地球上任何其他国家都无法比拟的Covering the bth of the continent, its prosperity is built on oil, steel and electricity.横跨美洲大陆 其繁荣是建立在石油 钢铁及电力上John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan amassed mind-boggling fortunes and became targets.约翰·D·洛克菲勒 安德鲁·卡内基和J·P·根积累了令人难以置信的财富 也成为人们打击的目标But after teaming up to put their man in the White House,theyre now free to do whatever they want.但是他们联手找人入住白宫之后 就可以自由地为所欲为了201607/452005

  The jungle there are wild and dangerous,just like the weather.那里的丛林让人难以驾驭 就像这天气一样My mission is to show you how to survive in the after mouth of tropical storm.我的任务就是向你展示 怎样在热带风暴肆虐之后生存下来China gets hit by more typhoons than in the other country on earth.中国所遭受到的台风袭击 要比世界上的其他国家多得多The southern part gets more quite often.The winds are access hundred miles an hour.华南地区更是台风频发之地 台风最大风速超过每小时数百英里One storm dump over 3 foot of rain.Guess what,Ill arrive bang in the middle there.Here we go!热带风暴带来的降雨量可达3英尺 你猜怎么着 我刚好和一场热带风暴邂逅了 我们走着瞧吧Typhoon Parma has aly killed hundreds of people in the Philippines for making its way here accross South China sea.台风帕尔马已经在菲律宾 夺走了上百条人命 然后所向披靡 跨过中国南海 到达这里It was rain in the river just a bursting point.倾盆大雨让河堤快要崩塌了The water level in this river is rising by 20 feet less than the day.这条河的水位线 一天内上升了20英尺with rivers in flat and mountians by the rainstroms staying alive in this wildness just get a whole loptoper.由于河水泛滥 山体遭受大雨冲刷 让求生变得难上加难Im aly go for this!The truck gone.We need get into this.我准备好了 跳 卡车已经开走了 我们得进入丛林当中Theres amount of rain in this water, its gonna be arise fast.We want get up in this creek.这里的水位会上升得很快 我们得尽快上岸 During the World WarⅡ the mountain here became refugee for communist guerrillas who were fighting the Japenese in this forgotten theatre of the War.在二战期间 这里的丛林曾是 共产党游击队的根据地 他们就在 这个快被遗忘的阵地上与日军顽强作战Jungles like this can be sanctuary or living nightmare.这样的热带丛林既可成为避难所 也会成为恶梦Right now it feels like the second option.在现在看来 更倾向于后者201607/453781。

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  Failure, seen properly, is just a recognition of fast learning.失败如果理解恰当的话 在某种意义上也是一种快速学习So I have training wheels, which I try to put on this concept within X, to try to help everyone get comfortable with the idea.所以我会用“辅助轮” 即我尽量把这个概念放到X中来 以此尽量让每个人都能舒地接受这个想法Heres an example. Youre working on a project.例如 你正致力于一个项目It either has an Achilles heel or it doesnt.它可能存在某个薄弱点 也可能没有Would we like to discover that Achilles heel if it exists, now or later?如果它真的存在的话 我们想现在去发现那个薄弱点还是先放放以后再说If you say later, youve just signed up to be intellectually dishonest.如果你想以后再说 其实你就签了理性欺骗的条约Youre not really going to sign up for that.当然不是真的去签条约As soon as you acknowledge that should it have an Achilles heel,一旦你承认它应该存在某薄弱点wed like to know about that now rather than later,我们就该知道 要现在处理而非以后再说then it becomes the right way for us to behave to check to see if it has an Achilles heel, now, right now.那 对我们来说 该做的就是去行动 去检查看看是否真的有薄弱点 就是现在 立刻马上If it has the Achilles heel, well end the project and well go find something better to do.如果真有薄弱点 我们就可以结束计划 然后找更好的去做And if it doesnt have an Achilles heel, we can move forward with that increased level of excitement and certainty that were on the right track.如果没有呢 我们能够更加兴致高昂地去实施项目并且坚信自己选择的路是正确的Lets pretend that you are setting out to make a time machine at X and you have two choices.我们假设 你正打算在X实验室造时光机 你有两个选择One, to cause a pebble or a mouse to move backwards one minute in time, to actually cause some small amount of time travel, or一是让一个卵石或者一只老鼠 回到一分钟前 事实上就是进行小范围的时间旅行 或者to design the user interface for the cockpit of the time machine.为时光机驾驶舱设计用户交互界面I think we can all agree in this particular example that working on the user interface for the cockpit,我想 这个特例中我们都会同意 选择致力于驾驶舱的用户交互界面once you get it done it will look like youve made progress一旦你成功 就大有成就了but you havent, youve made motion.但你没有成功 就只是动动机器而已We can all sit there, look at your cockpit and say the chances that we succeed are exactly the same as they were before.我们可以一起坐这儿 看你的驾驶舱 而且可以精确地说 我们成功几率跟之前人们的成功率完全一样Weve not actually made any progress because all of the risk was on the part you chose not to do.事实上我们没有任何进步 因为全部风险都在你没选的那一项里What you should have done first was the other one.你首先应该做的是另一项Our shorthand for this at X is we joke #MonkeyFirst.在X实验室 为了好记 我们戏称它为“猴子第一”Similar to the time machine, if youre trying to get a monkey to stand on a pedestal ten feet high and recite Shakespeare monologues跟时光机差不多 如果你正尝试让一只猴子站在 某10英尺高的台座上并背诵莎士比亚的独白and you have a choice between training the monkey first and building the pedestal,而且你可以选择先训练猴子还是先建基台if you build the pedestal first when your boss walks by hes like, ; Hey nice pedestal!;如果你选择先建基台 你的老板可能走过来很高兴地说 嘿 很漂亮的基台And then you feel good.你很开心You just did something useful, you just got a little bit of attaboy.你刚刚做了很有用的事 并且得到了一点儿赞许Thats why people do that.这就是人们会选择先这么做的原因了But youve utterly wasted your companys money if you build the pedestal first.但是如果先建高台的话 你已经完全浪费公司资金了啊Because all of the hard part is getting the monkey to recite Shakespeare.因为最难的部分是让猴子背诵莎士比亚If you can get the monkey to recite Shakespeare如果你能让猴子背诵莎士比亚we can always build the pedestal afterwards.之后我们总有机会建高台的But if you cant, thank goodness we didnt spend a moment or a penny building what turned out it to be a useless pedestal.但是如果你不能让猴子背诵诗词 有幸的是我们没有浪费任何时间和金钱去建设一个没有任何使用价值的高台Now, in order to get a culture at X to do that, we need to reward people when they do it.现在 为了让人理解并践行X的这一文化 我们需要在人们这么做时奖赏他们So when someone raises their hand and says,所以当有人举手说; My project looks really good but Ive discovered“我的项目看起来真很好 但是我发现I dont think its going to work out,它可能没法实现because of this subtle but important issue,;因为它存在着一个看起来很微小但是很重要的问题and those ten people now need to find a new jobs.而且那十个人现在需要找个新工作了If we say, ; Sucks to be you, ; no one at X will ever again raise their hand and say that.如果我们说“你们简直糟透了”X里永远不会再有人举手这么说了But if we say to them, ; Hey, that was awesome.但是如果我们对他们说“嘿 那很让人敬畏了What incredible intellectual honesty you just displayed, and good critical thinking to have discovered this.你表现的理性诚实以及发现这问题的良好批判思维 多么令人难以置信啊Were going to work super hard to find all of you new jobs somewhere at X or at Alphabet.我们将会超级努力地为你们所有人找到在X或者Alphabet里的新工作Were going to give you all bonuses for having ended your project so thoughtfully.因你们如此贴心地结束项目 我们会付全部的奖金Take long vacations and then when youre done, come back and join another project here,给你们放个长假 结束后回来加入这里的其他项目and get going again with extra levels of passion, because now youre working on something.并继续以饱满的热情再开始工作因为你享受你正致力于的事that you dont secretly know is going to fail at some point in the future,你不会再隐隐觉得未来在某处会失败了which is how you would have felt if you had stuck on your old project.;那种如果你执着于 老项目就会有的那种感觉”People are sad when they have to end their projects.到他们不得不放弃项目的时候 人们会伤心的They dont end of their projects lightly.他们结束得并不轻松But because theyve come to understand that ending their project is just being intellectually honest,但他们已经明白结束项目仅仅是变得理性诚实its driving for high efficiency, which is why we use the word factory and tie it to moonshots.这是为了高效的推进 这就是为什么我们把“工厂”跟月球发射器联系起来Because were trying to systematize innovation.因为我们正尝试系统创新Were trying to drive to high efficiency innovation.我们正尽力推动高效创新的实现And that can best be done by being honest when youre on the wrong track.而且要实现它 最好的办法就是你走错路时要诚实And that is failing fast.这就是快速失败201706/513045And as soon as I was having that thought,bang, I hit him.正当我想着呢 嘣 就撞上了It felt like hitting a wall.I thought Id killed him.就像撞上一堵墙 我以为他被我撞死了I remember the impact, and I remember screaming,and I remember my first emotion was,if that had hit my head, Id be dead.那撞击 那惨叫都还记忆犹新 我第一感觉就是 要是撞上了脑袋 我就死定了I was just looking at him,he was just in tears holding his leg.我就站在一旁看着他 他忍着泪水 紧紧抓着腿And I just,its the worst, worst feeling Ive ever had.于是我 那真是我一生中最糟糕的时刻It wasnt the mountains that got us.It wasnt the crevasses or snakes.高山困不住我们 裂缝毒蛇也无法羁绊我的脚步Just this rare, rare occasion,you know, it was the camera.万万没有想到 竟是摄像机 给了我几乎致命的一击But, you know, thats part of the job.Thats part of fighting to get that camera close to the action.但这就是工作的风险 必须让摄像机近距离拍摄下这一过程You know, Simon looks like hes been in a boxing match.西蒙就像是刚从拳击场下来的人But the suns shining, and, you know, were alive.但太阳依然灿烂 我们还活着Our expedition is over.我们的探险告一段落Its time to leave this frozen land and head for home.是时候离开这冰天雪地 回温暖的家了The last two days have pushed me to the limit and beyond.最近两天的经历 令我超越了自己的极限Lets get into this.I aly had a huge respect for the forces of nature.上吧 我一直对大自然的力量充满了敬畏But that respect has just grown dramatically.但此时 这种敬畏才达到了无与伦比的高度Okay, Im wet, cold, and Ive got to act fast.浑身又湿又冷 我必须迅速行动What Ive learned is that even when you control the elements,它又教会了我 即便你掌握了各种要素You never have true control over the environment.也无法真正掌控周遭环境And the worst can happen at any time.悲剧随时都有可能发生201703/498517TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/469990

  I love living in a place where I get to enjoy rainy weather, because I love the smell of rain!我喜欢住在可以享受雨天的地方,因为我喜欢雨的味道。And Squeaks likes jumping in puddles!Squeaks喜欢踩水洼。But there are some places where there’s almost never any rain.但一些地方几乎不下雨。They’re called deserts, and they’re the driest places on Earth!它们被称为沙漠,是地球上最干旱的的地方。In deserts, there’s so little rain that sometimes you have to wait a whole year just for one rain storm!沙漠几乎没雨,有时等整整一年才能有场暴雨。So things that live in the desert, like plants and animals and even people,所以沙漠中的生物,不管是植物、动物还是人,need special ways to survive when therere so little water.都需要特殊的方法才能在几乎没水的时候生存下来。They also need special ways to deal with the temperature in the deserts.它们也需要特别的方法来应对沙漠中的气温。Because deserts aren’t just very dry. They can also be very hot or very cold.因为沙漠不仅仅是非常干旱,也会极热或极冷。Hot deserts are the kinds of deserts you might have heard about before.你可能以前听说过炎热的沙漠。They’re incredibly hot—just like as hot as the middle of the summer, all year!它们出奇的热,就像全年都是仲夏的热度。Though they can also get pretty chilly at night.尽管晚上它们也会变得相当寒冷。Hot deserts don’t have a lot of big leafy plants that can help provide shade during the day,多叶植物白天能遮凉,晚上能像毛毯一样保温,or anything to hold in heat at night like a blanket.但炎热的沙漠中却难见它们的踪迹。But not all deserts are hot. There are actually cold deserts, too!但不是所有的沙漠都是热的,也有非常寒冷的沙漠。During the summer, cold deserts aren’t too cold, but when it gets to winter, they’re freezing!在夏天,寒冷沙漠并不太冷,但一到冬天,它们会冰冻。When you think of the cold, you might think of snow.当你想到冷时,你可能会想到雪。But it hardly ever snows in cold deserts, even though it so cold.但在沙漠里,就算很冷,也基本不下雪。There might only be a tiny bit of snow or rain all year.这里全年可能会下丁点儿的雨或雪。Whether their desert is hot or cold,不管沙漠是冷是热,all the plants and animals that live in deserts have to be really well prepared to live in such an extreme place.所有沙漠中生活的动植物都要在这种极端的地方做好生存准备。One of the main things that’s hard about life in the desert is that there’s so little water.在沙漠生存艰难的一个主要原因是这里几乎没水。So, Squeaks, what do you think plants or animals can do to make sure they have enough water?所以,Squeaks,你认为动植物怎么做才能保它们有足够的水?That’s right! Some of them have special ways to hold on to whatever water they can find.说得对!一些动植物确实有特殊的方法来储存它们找到的任何水。Like a cactus! Cactuses are plants that live in deserts,拿仙人掌举例!仙人掌是沙漠中的植物,and they have thick stems where they can store water for a long time.它们有粗粗的茎来长时间储水,It’s almost like they have a water bottle built into their bodies!就像它们体内有一个水瓶一样。So even though it doesn’t rain very much,所以尽管沙漠下雨不多,whenever it does rain, a cactus will soak up lots of water and save it up,但不论何时下雨,仙人掌都会吸收大量的水,并把它储存起来,so it has water until the next time it rains.维持到下次降雨。But that’s not the only way to get water when it hardly ever rains.但这并不是在几乎没雨的情况下获取水的唯一方法。Do you know what kind of animal this is, Squeaks? You’re almost right!Squeaks,你知道这是什么动物吗?说得差不多。It does look a lot like a bunny rabbit, but this is actually a different kind of animal, called a jackrabbit.它确实很像小兔子,但却是一种完全不同的动物,它叫长耳大野兔。Jackrabbits live in hot deserts in the ed States and Mexico,长耳大野兔生活在美国和墨西哥的炎热沙漠中。and they mainly get their water from the plants they eat.它们主要是从所吃的植物中获取水分。They also do something kind of funny to make sure they get as much water as they can: they eat their poop!它们也会做一些有趣的事来确保获得尽量多的水,它们会吃掉自己的便便。This way they can get any water that might have been left in it.这样它们就可以吸收里面残留的水分。The other thing that’s really hard about living in a hot desert is that it’s so...hot!在炎热沙漠中生活艰难的另一个原因是它太热了。That’s why jackrabbits have those huge ears.这就是长耳大野兔耳朵巨大的原因。They’re big so that the jackrabbit can cool off really quickly.大耳朵能使长耳大野兔迅速降温。So jackrabbits don’t do much during the day, when it’s the hottest. They sleep instead!所以长耳大野兔在白天,尤其是最热的时候不会做什么,而是睡觉。They’re mainly active early in the morning and in the evening,它们主要是在早晨和傍晚活动。when the sun isn’t as high in the sky so it’s a little cooler.那时太阳不是很高,天气有点儿凉。They’re also active at night.它们也在晚上活跃。But what about animals that can choose to live wherever they want, like humans?但是那些可以像人类一样随心所欲地选择居住地的动物呢?Well, people have lived in deserts for an incredibly long time,人们在沙漠生活了很长一段时间,and we’ve come up with all kinds of ways to survive there.我们想到了各种生存办法。But some humans live in the desert using some of the same ways as the other animals that live there.但有时人类与居住在这里的动物使用相同的沙漠生存之法。People who live in deserts can choose to wear special loose clothes that allow the breeze to cool them off.居住在沙漠中的人类可以选择穿特别宽松的衣,这样微风就能给他们降温。These clothes work a lot like a jackrabbit’s ears, letting people catch a breeze and cool off quickly!这些衣的功能就像长耳大野兔的耳朵,让人捕捉到风来迅速降温。People also have to avoid the intense heat of the hot desert sun.人们还必须避免炎热沙漠中太阳的酷热。You could try bringing an air conditioner with you wherever you go,无论你走到哪里,你都可以带上空调,but some people use another way to stay cool.但一些人使用其他的方法来保持凉爽。They only go out when the sun is low! Just like many desert animals.就像许多沙漠动物一样,他们只在太阳不高时外出。Some people will wake up early when the sun is just rising, and get things done in the morning.一些人在太阳刚刚升起时就醒来,在早上把事做完。Then during the hottest part of the day, they’ll rest in the shade.到了一天最热的时候,他们就在阴凉处休息。And then when the sun is setting, the air gets cooler,当太阳降落,天气变凉时,and everyone can go outside again without getting too hot.他们就不用冒着炎热再次外出了。Squeaks, do you remember which other animal also does this?Squeaks,你记得什么动物也是这样做的?That’s right! Jackrabbits are active in the mornings and evenings, too!答对了,长耳大野兔也是在早上和晚上活动。And there are lots of other desert animals that live this way too, like coyotes, birds, and even porcupines!许多其他的沙漠动物也是这样生活的,如丛林狼、鸟类和豪猪。Animals that are most active at sunrise and sunset are called crepuscular.在太阳升起和落下时最活跃的动物被称为黄昏行性的动物。And it turns out that being crepuscular is a pretty good lifestyle for people in the desert, too!实践明,在黎明(或黄昏)时活动对于沙漠中的人类来说是一种相当好的生活方式。There are so many interesting way to live, even in a place as dry as a desert.世界上有许多有趣的生活方式,即使是在干旱如沙漠这样的地方。No matter how they choose to do it,不管人类和其他的动植物怎么选择,the people, other animals, and plants that live in deserts have to be pretty tough.在沙漠中生活都是非常艰苦的。Thanks for joining us for this SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀。If you want to keep learning and having fun with me and Squeaks, be sure to click the red Subscribe button.如果你想继续学习,与Squeaks和我共度美好时光,一定要点击红色订阅按钮。Thanks and we’ll see you next time, here at the Fort!感谢收看,下次再见,我们在沃思堡等你!201706/514878TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/477454

  By 1987 Clack was off to this apparent goldmine of tetrapods,1987年,Clack出发前去寻觅这个显露的四足动物宝藏taking along a student, Per Ahlberg. It was a big undertaking.随行的是当时还是学生的Per Ahlberg,这是一项艰巨的任务And of course it was possible that we were going to find almost nothing, or at least nothing new,当然我们很可能一无所获,或者至少找不到新的东西so the potential was there on the one hand for a spectacular success所以那里的前景是一方面可能获得巨大的成功and on the other hand for a considerable embarrassment.另一方面也可能受到重重阻碍At first it looked more like embarrassment.一开始,看起来更像是受到了阻碍As the week wore on, or the first two weeks wore on we still hadnt found the, the locality that we were looking for.时间一天天过去,最初两周我们都没能找到我们一直寻求的地点。We were beginning to think are we on the right mountain?我们开始思考我们是不是爬错了山Then Clack saw something.后来,Clack有了发现It was covered with dirt and soil. It very nearly got thrown on the scrapheap,它被泥土覆盖住了,差点把它扔进了垃圾堆but fortunately we brushed some of the dirt off and we could see part of a skull.幸运的是,我们刷走了一些泥土,看到了一部分头骨Clacks team had not found the transitional form between fish and tetrapods,Clack的小组并没有找到鱼和四足动物之间的过渡型物种but she had found something almost as rare.但她却找到了另一种非常罕见的动物It was another species of Devonian tetrapod, a species called acanthostega,它是另一种泥盆纪四足动物,叫做棘螈different from Jarviks but clearly sharing the same 2ncestry and, therefore, also related to humans.它和Jarvik的动物不太一样,但它们显然来自同一个祖先,所以它也和人类有关Acanthostega was only the second complete Devonian tetrapod ever to be found.棘螈是迄今发现的第二只完整的泥盆纪四足动物201702/493854

  At the southern end of the earth,在地球的最南端after four months of total darkness, the sun once more rises over Antarctica.经历了整整4个月的黑暗后,太阳重新在南极上空升起Now at last the Emperor penguins abandon their huddle.现在,皇帝企鹅们终于不用再挤在一起了The males are still carrying the precious eggs雄企鹅们仍然看护着它们的宝贝that theyve cherished throughout the Antarctic winter.在整个漫长的南极冬夜,它们一直呵护着自己的蛋With the returning sun the eggs hatch.随着太阳的回归,蛋也开始孵化Other birds have not even arrived.其它鸟还没有到来But the Emperors by enduring the long black winter have given their chicks a head start.而皇帝企鹅却熬过了一个漫长黑暗的冬天,因而它们的宝宝也有了领先的优势These youngsters are now y and eager to make the most of the brief Antarctic summer.现在,这些小家伙们已经做好准备,急切盼望着享受南极那短暂的夏天201702/494129。

  Entrepreneurs want to change the world, want to have a significant impact, dont want to just build a company.企业家们希望改变世界 希望产生深远影响 他们不仅仅想建立一家公司They want to build an industry.他们希望开启一个行业They dont want to just create another product or service, they really want to fundamentally improve aspects of peoples lives.他们不仅仅想创造出另一种产品或务 他们希望根本改善 人们生活的各个方面But J.P. Morgan doesnt want to be confined to just one industry.不过J·P·根不希望局限于仅仅一个行业之中He wants to own them all.他想要所有东西As the head of the biggest investment bank in the world, Morgan has unrivaled power and influence, and hes returned to his old ways.作为世界最大投资的领袖 根有着无可匹敌的权力和影响 他回归了自己的老办法Only now hes taken the House of Morgan to another level.只是现在 他将根财团引向了另一个高度Morgans reach was very broad in American industry.根在美国工业中涉足范围很广He becomes the most respected, reliable and trusted figure, not only because of the power and wealth that he wields, but just because of his character.他成为了最受尊敬 最可靠 最值得信赖的人物 不仅因为他具有巨大的权力和财富 还因为他的人品After a two-year depression, the U.S. Treasury has become perilously close to bankruptcy.经过两年的萧条 美国国库已接近破产的边缘And there is only one man the government can turn to.政府能找的人只有一个J.P. Morgan is called to Washington to help.华盛顿请J·P·根前去驰援We think of bankers now as just greedy bankster-gangsters.我们将家看成是贪婪的吸血鬼Morgan was maybe one of the greediest of all, but he also really had this side of him which just said I have faith in men, I have faith in the country, and I am going to lend it.根或许是其中最贪婪的 但他还有一面 他相信人 相信国家 他愿意借钱给它Morgan puts together a loan worth over 0 million, almost billion today, and bails out the federal government.根给了国家总共1亿多美元的贷款 折合现在的将近30亿美元 以帮助联邦政府摆脱困境Saving the American economy from complete collapse.这也让美国经济避免了完全崩盘J.P. Morgan was really the countrys banker.J·P·根是真正的国家人Today when you think of that, its inconceivable.现在想来可能不可思议But he would loan the country money, when the country was in trouble.但他愿意借款给国家 帮助国家摆脱困境Morgan obviously was looking at the national interest in the context of his own, that is, saving the U.S. Treasury was an act of basic self interest, but it was an act of nationalism.根显然是在国家利益中看到了自己的利益 也就是 挽救美国国库 也符合他自己的私人利益 不过 他的举动肯定也有爱国因素201606/448885


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