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看电影学英语:Dreamgirls《追梦女郎精讲() -- :53: 来源:   影片对白  Curtis: A girl like you can get hurt out there if you ain't got somebody protecting you. Now, I'm here to do that you, baby. But you got to believe me. You got to trust in me. I ain't gonna disappoint you.  Deena: Come on, Effie? What do you say?  C.C.: Come on, Effie.  Effie: Well, Mr...  Curtis: Curtis Taylor, Jr.  Effie: Curtis Taylor, Jr., our manager, says we're singing behind Mr. Jimmy Early tonight!  Deena: Oh, baby, I love you!  Lorrell: This business sure has got a lot of ups and downs!  Host: Are you y the Thunder Man? Now, he's all the way down in the basement, and he ain't coming up unless he can hear you!  Marty: Let's hit it, boys. Showtime.  Jimmy: Hey, Marty, I said no mayonnaise, man. How many times I got to tell you? No mayonnaise on the chicken sandwich!  Marty: We got bigger problems, baby. I warned you to lay off the women that you work with. There's plenty other ladies out there.  Jimmy: Well, who got time to go out and find them, Marty? I'm always working, baby.  Marty: Yeah, 'cause Marty always keeps you working.  Jimmy: Hell, yeah. That's why I keep letting you give me the wrong sandwich. Let's go get this money now. Is everything set?  Marty: Yeah, Jimmy's down with the two girls.  Curtis: This is a group. It's either three or nothing.  Jimmy: Hey, man, who is this guy?  Curtis: My clients always work together.  Jimmy: I know you. Didn't you sell me my Cadillac?  Curtis: Yeah, yeah. In addition to my management company, I have a Cadillac dealership on Woodward Avenue.  Jimmy: Yeah, well, my kitty needs a tune-up. And Jimmy only works with two, baby.  Marty: Sorry, brother, it's two or nothing.  Jimmy: Those the girls right there? I think three is gonna work out just fine. Ladies! Ladies. Ladies, thank you so much. You're saving Jimmy's life. Thank you so much, ladies. I'm at your feet. You see that? I'm at your feet, baby. Thank you so much. And I'd do anything y'all. Anything. You hear what I'm saying? Anything. Exactly what would you like Jimmy to do you, baby?  妙语佳句,活学活用  1. Let's hit it  这一句就相当于汉语中的"走吧",意思是"let's go, or let's do it"Hit 是一个老美很喜欢用的词,表示"开始去做某事"例如摇滚乐团的主唱常会看看吉他手, 键盘手, 贝斯手准备好了没, 如果大家都准备好了的话, 他就会大喊一声:"Let's hit it."  . Lay off  这里的意思是"解雇",例如:When they lost the contract, they had to lay off a hundred workers.  这个表达法最初用来指"暂时性的解雇",在经济萧条的时期,公司会暂时性地解雇一些员工,等情况好转之后再聘用回来但90年代后随着经济规模的缩小,这个片语转指"永久性的解雇"  3. Work out  Work out 在这里指"suitable and go smoothly, prove effective or successful",例如:I wonder if their marriage will work out.  . Be at someone's feet  这个片语也写作sit at someone's feet,意思是"Be enchanted or fascinated by someone",当用来指被女性的魅力折时,有点像汉语中的"拜倒在……的石榴裙下",例如: Dozens of boys are at her feet. 学英语 看电影 女郎你能在网上买到全世界所有的东西- :57:8 A:Aunt Cindy, do you shop online often?辛迪阿姨,你经常在网上购物吗?B:Yes. It's very convenient and the price is even lower.是啊这很方便而且价格还更加便宜呢A:Last week, I tried to buy some books online, but I didn't know how to pay them?上周,我试着在网上买几本书,却不知道该怎么付钱B:You should open an at the online bank first. After that, you can buy anything online.你得先在网上开一个账户然后,你就可以上网买东西了A:Are there many things online?网上的商品多吗?B:Sure. You can find everything all over the world. Let's check it out online!当然了你能买到全世界所有的东西我们来上网看看吧A:Oh, what's this? Second-hand cellphone store?哦,这是什么?二手手机商店?B:Yeah, this one is very famous with a good credit among on-line customers. It's like an open free market. If you want to change your cellphone a new one, you can sell the old one here.是啊,这家店很有名,它在网上顾客中有很好声誉它就像是一个开放的市场如果你想换一个新的手机,你可以到这里来把你的旧手机卖掉A:Really? How to do that?真的吗?怎么卖呢?B:Take some pictures of the thing you want to sell, then upload it onto line with a brief description about it and leave your connecting number. Then your stuff will be sold by auction.先给你要卖的东西拍几张照片,把照片上传到网上,再附上物品的简要说明和你的联系方式,这样你的东西就会照拍卖的方式在这里出售了A:That's amazing. I'd love to try it later. Oh, an on-line virtual supermarket?这真是太棒了我以后一定要试一试哦,有个网上虚拟超市?B:Let's click to check it out.我们点击进去看看A:Oh, I got it. It simulates the real supermarket, which makes it feel so real. Mom will love it. She loves shopping in supermarkets.哦,明白了它是仿照了真的超市,这使它像真的一样我妈妈会很喜欢的她最爱逛超市了B:No doubt about it. Shopping online will get more and more popular. It's a real revolution about people's consuming habits.毫无疑问网上购物会越来越流行的这是人们消费习惯上的一场真正的革命A:Are there any disadvantages about it?那它有什么不足呢?B:It takes some time the stuff you buy online to arrive. But I think this problem will be solved soon.你在网上买的东西需要一点时间才能到你手中不过我想这个问题很快就会被解决的Toilet paper or toilet tissue is something we dont really appreciate it until we dont have it. Did you know an average person uses 1.6 meters of toilet paper per visit to a public convenience? A recent study focuses on toilet usage patterns the city of Shanghai.对如厕者来说,公共厕所能免费提供手纸当然是件受欢迎的事上海静安区的共厕试点发现如厕者每次使用的卷筒纸长达为1.6米请问要那么多手纸干嘛用?Really? Another study on how we use toilets? What does it say? 376

欢乐游乐场 你想玩什么?--1 :: Daniel:Wow, the ferris wheel over there is so big. I'd like to take a ride on it.   哇,那边的天轮好大啊我想去坐   May:It is called Energy Collector.   那叫聚能飞船   Daniel:Look at your right-hand. Is it the zone of the Lost Maya Kingdom?   快看你的右手边那时失落的玛雅主题区吗?   May:Maybe. Oh, I see the Jungle Flying Train. I once rode it. It was very exciting.   可能吧哦,我看到丛林飞车了我曾经坐过,太刺激了   Daniel:I want to have a try later.   我想一会去试一下   May:Me too. Daniel, look at your left side. Can you see the Air ce Ants?   我也是丹尼尔,看你的左边你能看到蚂蚁战队吗?   Daniel:Wow, that's my favorite. It's like a superman shooting right up into the sky.   哇,那是我的最爱我坐在上面感觉像个超人,一直冲向蓝天   May:Good, you can make your dream come true here.   好啊,你在这里可以梦想成真了   Daniel:Of course. After this, I want to show you to the Haunted House.   可以啊在这之后,我想带你去鬼屋   May:So you can prove you are a man.   这样你就可以明你是个男人   Daniel:Bingo!   回答正确!   May:It's just you!   那就是你!

Tongdaodashu or Tongdao, a web celebrity, published two posts on his WeChat , listing the behaviors that make men and women appear mean or low. What are these behaviors? Do you agree with that? 38700,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Traveling can refresh your relationship旅行可以刷新你的爱情 Making memories together创建共同的回忆Every moment of time spent with your partner creates a basis your relationship. 与你的伴侣在一起的每一刻为你创建一个基础的爱情Your memories are your common riches and achievements. 你们的记忆是你们共同的财富和成就Since life is too short you should try to create as many pleasant memories as you can. 因为生命太短暂,你应该尽量创造尽可能多的愉快的回忆When you become old, youll be able to recollect warm and precious memories of your youth, sitting on the sofa together with your beloved.当你变得老了,你将能够和心爱的人一起坐在沙发上回忆你们的青春的温暖和珍贵的记忆【知识点讲解】too...to...太…以至于不能;例句:He hit her on the head, causing her too to spurt blood. 他击中了她的头部,她也开始流血Im going to need some lemon juice too to put on the salad. 我需要一些柠檬汁放到沙拉里.He warned himself to be careful, but he wanted, too, to be bold. 他警告着自己,须要小心; 可是他又要大胆.《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 71

我听不懂法语-19 :51:39 A:Does she make any sense to you?你能听懂她的意思吗?B:No. It's all Greek to me.不我一窍不通A:She's speaking French, not Greek.她说的是法语,不是希腊语B:I know that. I mean I couldn't understand her at all.我知道我是说我完全不懂她说的A:Me neither. All I have to do is study French hard.我也是我要做的就是努力学法语B:I wish you the best of luck.祝你好运Gibson, 55, and his wife married in Australia in 1980 and have seven children together.

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