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黄冈市麻城县男科医生武汉华夏男子切包皮May I suggest that we use plastic bags to pack the food, instead of using paper bags?可不可以用塑料袋来代替纸袋包装这些食物呢?I am afraid it would cost more.这恐怕会加大我们的成本吧I do not agree with you. Using plastic bags is harmful to our sustainable development.我不同意你的说法使用塑料袋包装不利于可持续发展I think it is a good idea, because plastic bags will be stronger than paper bags.我认为这是个很好的办法,因为塑料袋比纸袋结实What do you think we should use to case the vase?我们该用什么来包装这些花瓶呢?I think we should use wooden boxes to case them, because they are fragile.我认为我们应该用木质的盒子来包装,因为花瓶是易碎物品I think we should use thick plastic bags to case the vase, in this way we can avoid breaking and at the same time easier to deliver.我认为我们应该用塑料袋来包装花瓶,这样一来的话我们既能够避免打碎花瓶,同时运输起来也会更容易一些What should be paid attention to in packaging?在商品包装上应注意哪些问题?Packaging should be done on the basis of security, sanitation, circulation and economy.包装原则要基于以下几个方面:即安全、卫生、流通和经济The exterior appearance is quite essential: theree you must make your package beautiful and well done.商品的外观是非常重要的,一定要使你的包装非常美观、讲究 dangerous and poisonous goods, the nature and the generally adopted symbol should be marked conspicuously on each package.对于危险品和有毒的货物,在每件包装上应有醒目的标记及性质说明What procedures do you have in package inspection?对包装的检验都包括哪些程序?It includes the inspection, measurement and computation of the feature of the package.它包括对产品包装的特性进行检查、测量和计量The inspection of package is the process in which comoparison and assessment are made between the package features and the standardized requirement.包装检验就是将包装特性与规定的要求进行比较和评价的过程 673武汉什么是包皮手术 Apply a patent 专利申请A: Mr.Li, I want to apply a patent in your country, but I dont know about China Patent Law. Would you please tell me the essentials?李先生,我想在中国申请专利,但我对中国的专利法不太了解,您能给我概要地讲讲吗?B: Yes, of course. The aim of the Patent Law is to protect and encourage inventions and to promote the development of science and technology. The law came into effect in 198. It comprises 8 chapters with 69 s.当然可以,专利法的制定是要保护和鼓励专利发明,促进科技发展我国的专利法于198年生效,共有8章69款A: How does a eign enterprise apply a patent in China?外国企业怎样申请专利呢?B: He has to appoint a patent agency designated by our government to act as his patent agent. And this is usually done by the Patent Agent Department.他必须委托一个由我国政府设立的专利代理部门执行此任务通常有专利代理部门执行A: How long is the duration of patent right an invention according to the law?根据这个法律,发明专利权的期限是多久?B: years.年;act as;是;担当;的意思例如:Ill act as interpreter. (我来当翻译);;apply ;是;申请;的意思;;essentials;意为;要领,概要;例如:The book deals with the essentials of English grammar. (这本书论述英语语法的要点);;the Patent Law;是;专利法;的意思;;come into effect;意为;生效; 9孝昌县人民医院看前列腺炎好吗

武汉什么样的是早泄第一句:Your passport, please.请出示护照A: Your passport, please.请出示护照B: Here it is. And here is my vaccination certificate.给你,这里还有我的种痘书A: Thank you your cooperation.谢谢你的合作第二句:Show me your passport, please.请出示护照A: Show me your passport, please.请出示护照B: Here you are. And here is my ticket and entry card.给你,这里还有我的机票和入境卡 在海关时,海关人员让旅客出示护照时还有以下委婉的说法:May I see your passport, please? 我能看以下您的护照吗?Do you have your passport? 你有护照吗?或者很简单地说:Passport, please. 请出示护照 198湖北省汉口泌尿系统在线咨询 A teenage girl in Spain has been admitted to hospital after it emerged she was playing a terrifying new uicide game called the Blue Whale Challenge.一位西班牙女孩在玩儿了一项名叫《蓝鲸挑战的“自杀性倾向游戏”后选择自杀,随即被送往医院抢救The -year-old was saved from killing herself after her family found out she had signed up to the challenge.在这名岁的女孩的家人发现她接受了自杀挑战之后,她得以从自杀中被救了下来It will add to concern that the challenge - thought to be behind a string of teenage suicides in Russia - is gaining popularity in Western Europe.这个游戏曾经是俄罗斯一系列青少年自杀事件的罪魁祸首,大家都深感忧虑,因为这个游戏正在西欧流行The game encourages youngsters to complete a series of challenges, including cutting themselves or carving symbols into their bodies该游戏煽动青少年完成一系列挑战,比如用刀割伤自己或是在自己身体上刻画符号The girl is understood to have been contacted by a mystery Internet user at the start of the month who asked her if she wanted to commit suicide and sent her basic instructions.据了解,这个女孩在本月初与一名神秘的网友进行了接触,那个人问她是否想要自杀并且给了她一些指导性意见Spanish radio station SER said she agreed to do everything she was asked and send photographs as proof, as well as erase online exchanges to ensure she left no traces of messages.据西班牙广播电台透露,她完全听从要求并且会发送照片作为明,还要仔细清除上网痕迹以确保没有留下任何可被追踪到的信息She reportedly began a series of daily challenges soon, which included self-harming herself on her arm with a knife and going to a nearby station to watch high-speed trains rush据报道,此后不久她就开始了每天的挑战,比如用刀自残她的胳膊、到附近的火车站看高速行驶的列车Last month Devon and Cornwall Police PSCO Kirsty Down posted on Twitter: Whoever created this horrible game is sick. Parents: Please be aware of this game. Talk to your children about it if concerned.上个月,德文郡和康沃尔郡警察局的科斯蒂·唐在Twitter上发文称:“无论是谁创造了这个游戏,他都是病态的父母们,请留意这个游戏如果你的孩子跟这个游戏有接触的话,请务必跟他们谈谈” 567武汉割包皮要用多少钱

武汉市第三医院首义院区有治疗前列腺炎吗A: I have a little problem with room 5.B: Problems are what we're here , sir. Please tell me your problem.A: This room is filthy with cockroaches. B: Were you wearing your glasses when you noticed them, sir?A: I've aly seen nine of them and, as they say, eight is enough! B: Sir, sometimes a fast elevator ride makes our guests see spots.A: You are not in a position to question my vision or my statement!B: I'm very sorry, sir. Will you please hold while I transfer you to my supervisor? 07 华中科技大学同济医学院附属协和医院龟头炎症武汉市华夏男科医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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