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And so they will with drink.对饮酒也是如此Their relationship with alcohol has changed.他们和酒精的关系改变了Its become a much more regular part of their life它变成他们生活中最平常不过的一部分much more at centre stage than previously.处在比以往更重要的位置You constantly think about it.你会不断的想着它Wake up -youre thinking about it. Asleep -youre thinking about it.醒来时想着它 睡觉时想着它I dont think it strikes you at the time那时候你喝的多频繁 喝的量多大how often youre drinking and how much you are也不可能停下来until you try to stop.直到你想戒掉Thats what happened to me -I tried to stop.我就是这样 我尝试过戒掉I m not in control no more.我不能控制自己了I m not able to get up so...我不能站起来了 所以I knew what the drink was making me...我知道饮酒已经让我Its making me... How can I put it?让我... 怎么说呢Dependent on it.对它有了依赖I m starting to become dependent我开始依赖酒精and something I said I would never be我以前说过我永远不会上瘾Im slowly becoming.但是我慢慢变得依赖它了What also starts to slowly change饮酒的量也慢慢改变is the amount youd need to drink to get the same effect.你需要喝的更多以便得到同样的效果重点解释:1.much more 多得多例句:I cant take much more of this.我再受不了这个了。2.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。3.able to 能做 ...例句:He was able to cast off such an uninteresting task.他终于摆脱了这么一项乏味的工作 201508/393826A World Health Organization study says ;unhealthy environments; are linked to an estimated 12.6 million deaths every year and that countries arent doing enough to stop the problem.世界卫生组织的研究指出,“不健康的环境”每年会造成1260万人死亡,而这些国家没有做足够的工作来解决这个问题。According the WHO report, factors like chemical exposures, climate change and pollution in air, water and soil are to blame.据世界卫生组织报告,影响因素包括接触化学品,气候变化和空气、水和土壤污染。The reports data is from 2012, but the organization is using it to represent a yearly trend.该报告的数据来自2012年,但组织用它来表示每年的趋势。Air pollution was linked to the most deaths, especially in southeast Asia and the Western Pacific.空气污染与为数最多的死亡有关,尤其在东南亚和西太平洋地区。Pollution comes from combustion, and were burning fuels to produce energy, to produce heat, to drive our cars. All the things we think about in terms of our day-to-day life contribute to this.污染源于燃烧,我们通过燃烧燃料产生能量和热量,驱动我们的汽车。我们每日做的事情都在促成污染。Air pollution is happening both indoors and out and is linked to cancer, heart disease and other respiratory diseases, which cause 8.2 million deaths every year. This is higher than other organizations previous estimates.空气污染包括室内和室外,它与癌症、心脏病和其他呼吸系统疾病有关,每年造成820万人死亡。这比其它组织以前的估计要高。Certain fuel types commonly used to cook can create residue inside a home. And secondhand smoke is also contributing to poor air conditions.通常用于烹调的某些燃料能在家里产生残留物。二手烟也有助于恶劣的空气条件。WHO is proposing solutions, like improving commuter transportation and banning tobacco.世界卫生组织正在提出解决方案,如改善通勤运输和禁止烟草。However, malaria and other infectious diseases are declining thanks to better health care and water access but are still killing hundreds of thousands of people.然而,疟疾和其它传染病的下降得益于更好的医疗保健和供水,但仍然造成千上万的人死亡。译文属。201603/432268栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201507/385405TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/407024The Australopithecus teeth, because theyre big and flat,南方古猿的牙齿 大而平were very effective at crushing this food and fracturing it into two pieces.因此对碾压食物 将其分成两半非常有效Oh, thats cool.太酷了That certainly fractured it!肯定把胡萝卜碾断了But how did they deal with raw meat?但是它们咬生肉如何呢OK, its set, my hands are out.放好了 我手出来了Big, flat teeth crushing raw meat doesnt work very well.大而平的牙齿碾压生肉 效果不怎么好Think of trying to smash a steak with a hammer -想象一下用榔头猛捶牛排it doesnt break it into many pieces,它没法把牛排碾碎 it turns it into a bloody mess.只是将其变成血肉模糊的一片Peter now prepares the jaws of a more recent ancestor彼得现在在安装一个 晚一些出现的古人颌骨 who may have been a hunter.他可能是名猎人Are these teeth more effective at dealing with this new diet?这些牙齿更擅长咀嚼这种新食物吗Wait, wait, wait!等下等下These are sharp teeth!这些牙齿可锋利了I dont want to get bitten by a 1.7-million-year-old mouth!我可不想被170万岁的牙齿咬到Lets see what kind of damage we did. - OK.让我们看看它的破坏力 -好的201505/373631

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/413572

But the ship also contained gold coins from France, Celtic hanging bowls from the west of Britain, Imperial table silver from Byzantium, and garnets which may have come from India or Sri Lanka. And while ship burial is essentially pagan, two silver spoons clearly show contact-direct or indirect-with the Christian world.但船里还有来自法国的金币、英格兰西部的凯尔特悬碗、拜占庭的宫廷银餐具和印度或斯里兰卡的石榴石。尽管船葬仪式是属于异教的,但陪葬品中仍有两把银勺直接或间接地与基督教世界有关。These discoveries force us to think differently, not just about the Anglo-Saxons, but about Britain. For whatever may be the case for the Atlantic side of the country, on this side of the island, the East Anglian side, we have always been part of the wider European story, with contacts, trade and migrations going back thousands of years.这些发现迫使我们改变对盎格魯-撒克逊及不列颠的看法。不管这个国家大西洋一侧的情况如何,在东安格利亚这一侧,英国一直是更广阔的欧洲世界的一部分,贸易与人口迁徙已持续数千年。As I leave Sutton Hoo Im struck by a paradox. I travelled here through Constable country-the landscape thats become for us all synonymous with Englishness. The Anglo-Saxon ship burial here takes us at once to the world of Beowulf, the foundation stone of English poetry. You cant help feeling that here you are near the heart of English national identity. Yet not a single one of the characters in Beowulf is actually English. Theyre Swedes and Danes, warriors from the whole of northern Europe, while the ship burial here contains treasures from the eastern Mediterranean and from India. The history of England that you can tell from these objects is a history of the sea as much as of the land. Of an England long connected to Europe and to Asia which, even in 600 AD, was being shaped and re-shaped by the world beyond itself.正如希尼所言,这座盎格鲁-撒克逊船葬墓地让我们立刻想到《贝奥武甫》的世界。它是英国诗歌的基石,但诗中没有一个人物是真正的英格兰人。他们是瑞典人和丹麦人,是来自北欧的勇士,同时,萨顿胡船葬中的珍宝产地从东地中海一直延展到印度。这些物品讲述的英国历史是陆地的历史,也是海洋的历史。早在公元六百年,这个岛屿就与欧亚两洲建立了长期联系,海岸之外的世界一次次地塑造、影响着它。201510/402284

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