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井岗山市妇幼保健院去除狐臭多少钱吉安保仕柏丽医院激光脱毛多少钱吉安磨骨 On the face of it, it makes no sense that the international flower industry should be headquartered in the Netherlands. The feeble sunshine and predisposition for a large number of rainy days would not make the Netherlands the first choice for anyone starting a flower-growing business today – if not for the fact that the business, and its integral supply chains, are aly there. This is a huge competitive advantage for a new entrant, who can benefit from such things as the sophisticated Dutch flower auctions, the flower-growers’ associations and advanced research centres.从表面上看,把国际鲜花行业总部设在荷兰是没道理的。如果不考虑荷兰已经形成鲜花行业以及完整的供应链的话,鉴于那里微弱的日照及大量阴雨天气,如今任何人都不会把荷兰作为开启鲜花种植生意的首选。荷兰已有的鲜花产业和完整供应链对于新的市场进入者来说是巨大的竞争优势,他们可以从荷兰成熟的鲜花拍卖、鲜花种植者协会以及先进的科研中心等方面获益匪浅。Academic Michael Porter uses this very example to illustrate his cluster theory of trade development, whereby whole supply chains “cluster” together. Another well-known cluster is the auto manufacturing industry in Michigan in the US. Over 50 per cent of North American auto companies are based in Michigan, and 46 of the top 50 global auto suppliers have operations in the state. Further south in the US, around Dalton in Georgia, over 90 per cent of all functional carpets are produced. It is why Dalton is called the “carpet capital of the world”.学者迈克尔波特(Michael Porter)利用这个例子来阐释他的贸易发展集群理论——即整个供应链“聚集”在一起。另一个众所周知的集群是位于美国密歇根州的汽车制造业。超过50%的北美汽车公司都位于密歇根,全球排名前50的汽车供应商中有46家在密歇根有业务。在美国的更南方——佐治亚州道尔顿(Dalton)附近,超过90%的功能性地毯在此生产。这也是道尔顿被称为“世界地毯之都”的原因。It’s partly because of the cluster effect that we believe Chinese exports will be sufficiently competitive to ride out the economic slowdown and emerging market uncertainty. Clustering is certainly nothing new to China – regional specialisations have always existed. A few centuries ago, tailors from Cixi (in the Zhejiang sub-provincial city of Ningbo) were known for their skills in clothing manufacturing and even now the area is a major centre for textile manufacturing.我们相信中国的出口业将以足够的竞争力安然渡过此轮经济放缓和新兴市场动荡,部分原因正是集群效应。集群对于中国来说自然没什么新鲜的——这里一直存在地域专业化。几个世纪以前,慈溪(位于浙江省宁波市)的裁缝以其制衣的精湛手艺而闻名,即使现在那里仍然是纺织制造业的主要中心。However, advanced industrial clusters are a more recent phenomenon. Think of the city of Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta, where a large number of Taiwan technology companies cluster together. Other examples are the photovoltaic industrial cluster in Wuxi (Jiangsu province), electronics in Shenzhen, and Foshan in south China, where household appliances and ceramics clusters have evolved.然而,先进的产业集群则是近来才出现的现象。想一想位于珠三角的东莞市,大批台湾科技公司聚集在这里。其他的例子有,江苏无锡的光伏产业集群、深圳的电子产业、以及佛山成熟的家用电器业和陶瓷业集群。The emergence of these clusters is changing Asian supply chains. Goods now make fewer stops along the way before final assembly in China. More and more production is taking place on the mainland (including Hong Kong), rather than in other parts of Asia, particularly ASEAN, the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations.这些集群的出现正在改变亚洲的供应链。如今商品在中国进入最终装配之前停靠的站点变少了。越来越多的生产过程在中国内地(以及香港)完成,而不是在亚洲其他地区,尤其不是在10国组成的东盟(Asean)地区。There is further evidence that corroborates this view. As the chart below illustrates, China is making more of the parts that go into its finished goods production. It shows that the share of imported components in China’s total exports has fallen from a peak of 60 per cent in the mid-1990s to around 35 per cent today. This reflects the progressive substitution of domestic inputs for foreign inputs by Chinese firms, possibly because China boasts clusters of highly efficient suppliers that other countries struggle to replicate.还有进一步的据来实这一观点。正如下图所显示的那样,中国正制造越来越多的进入成品生产的零件。该图显示,中国出口产品中进口零件的占比已经从1990年代中期巅峰时的60%,下滑至如今的35%左右。这反映出中国公司用国产投入品替代外国投入品的飞跃,这可能是由于中国拥有其引以为荣的别国难以复制的高效供应商集群。Therefore, the common picture of China losing competitiveness and being “hollowed-out” as manufacturers move to lower labour cost geographies such as Vietnam and Bangladesh is not entirely correct. China actually still dominates large parts of the manufacturing food chain. Indeed, we find evidence that it is going upmarket to pursue higher-value-added products and that it is supported in its efforts by having a large number of industrial clusters (it should be noted, however, that even in labour intensive industries such as clothing, China’s share of global clothing exports has actually risen from 42.6 per cent in 2011 to 43.1 per cent in 2013).因此,通常画面中描绘的中国失去竞争力、并随着制造商向越南、孟加拉国等劳动力成本较低的地域转移而被“空心化”的景象,并非完全正确的。中国仍然主导着大部分的制造业食物链。实际上,我们发现的据表明,中国正在进军高端市场以追求高附加值产品,并且其拥有的大量产业集群撑着这一努力(然而,值得注意的是,即使是在装这一劳动密集型产业,中国在全球出口中的份额也已经从2011年的42.6%上升至2013年的43.1%)。So, the fear of Chinese exports losing competitiveness is in our view misplaced. The most compelling question for China and indeed, the global economy, continues to be one of demand. Export growth cannot charge ahead when recovery in much of the world economy remains fragile. Once things get back on track, China has what it takes to continue its dynamic export story.因此,在我们看来,对中国出口失去竞争力的担忧放错了地方。中国、甚至世界经济面临的最紧迫的问题仍然是需求问题。在世界经济的大部分仍然复苏乏力的情况下,出口增长也无法独善其身。一旦事情回到正轨,中国有条件继续抒写其充满活力的出口传奇。 /201509/398207吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院祛胎记好吗

峡江县麦格假体隆胸多少钱吉安市保仕柏丽整形医院祛痘多少钱 Am I coming to the US to engage in prostitution? Do I belong to a clan or tribe? Do I have tuberculosis or infectious leprosy? 我是不是来美国从事卖淫的?我是不是一个宗族或者部落的成员?我有没有患肺结核或者是传染性麻风? I have just renewed my five-year US visitor’s visa after truthfully answering “no” to the above and many other questions. 在给我的五年期美国旅游签续签的时候,我如实地对上述问题以及很多其他问题做出了否定回答。 At the US London embassy the ticket-based queueing system was well organised, there was free coffee, the consular staff who interviewed me were good-humoured and my passport was returned with a fresh visa just three days later. 在伦敦的美国大使馆,人们有序排队,有免费的咖啡,和我面谈的领事馆工作人员态度和蔼,三天之后我就拿到了带有新签的护照。 But as I filled in the application form before my embassy appointment, I wondered what the point was of asking “Do you seek to engage in terrorist activities while in the ed States?” when those who plan to do so will surely click “no”. 但在来大使馆面签之前填写申请表的时候,我真的不知道问“你在美国的时候是否会寻求从事恐怖活动?”这种问题有什么意义,因为那些策划恐怖活动的人肯定会选“否”。 Why are some of the questions so imprecise? For example, on the form I had to fill in (as a journalist, I require a particular type of visa), I was asked if I had ever been responsible as a government official for “particularly severe violations of religious freedom”. What does particularly severe mean? Are mild violations of religious freedom acceptable? 为什么有些问题如此含糊?比如说,在我需要填写的申请表中(作为一名记者,我需要办理特定类别的签),我被问及是否曾经作为政府官员“组织特别严重的违反宗教自由的活动”。“特别严重”是什么意思?轻微违反宗教自由就可以接受吗? Or take an example from the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (Esta) form that visitors with a US visa waiver complete (this includes tourists from many European and some other countries): “Have you ever been arrested or convicted for an offence or crime involving moral turpitude?” 再来看美国免签游客需要填写的旅游许可电子系统(Esta)表格(面向多个欧洲国家和其他一些国家的游客),上面有一道这样的问题:“你有没有因为道德败坏行为或犯罪而被捕或被判刑?” What is a crime involving moral turpitude? Does agreeing to accept someone else’s speeding points count as moral turpitude when an opinion poll by the AA motoring organisation suggested 300,000 people in the UK had done that? 什么是道德败坏罪?超速之后拿别人的分数顶算不算道德败坏?英国汽车协会(AA)的一项民调显示,英国有30万人都这么做过。 And, finally, how did US visa application forms come to be such a curious agglomeration of questions? 最后,美国签申请表怎么会有这么多奇怪的问题? My first query – whether miscreants are likely to answer incriminating questions truthfully – is one nearly every visa applicant asks. “Clients constantly say: ‘Are you kidding? Does anyone answer ‘yes’?’” says Kehrela Hodkinson, a London-based US immigration lawyer. 我的第一个疑问:邪恶分子有没有可能如实回答关于犯罪的问题?这也是几乎每个签申请者会问的问题。在伦敦工作的美国移民律师科瑞拉#8226;霍德金森(Kehrela Hodkinson)说,客户经常问“你开玩笑吧?鬼才会回答‘是’呢!” It is also the easiest mystery to solve. The point of asking these questions is that, if you answer them untruthfully, you have obtained a visa by fraud or misrepresentation and can be deported if you are found out, either on this visit, or if you subsequently win the right to live in the US. 这个疑问很容易解答。问这些问题的意图在于,如果不如实回答问题,就相当于通过欺骗或者误导获得签,一旦被发现就可能遭到驱逐,不管是在此次旅行中,还是以后获得美国居住权的时候。 My query about the imprecision of some of the questions has a less precise answer. There have been many academic discussions – and even an entire book – on what moral turpitude is. 对一些语义不清晰的问题,我就不能准确地解释了。关于什么是道德败坏,有过很多学术讨论,甚至有一整本书都是讲这个的。 There is no statutory definition of the term. It is up to judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals to decide what it means, Mary Holper of Boston College Law School says in an informative paper. When deciding whether to deport someone, judges have to assess whether the crime in question offends the “moral standards generally prevailing in the ed States”. This, Prof Holper says, “casts judges in the role of God”. 这个词没有法定的定义。波士顿学院法学院(Boston College Law School)的玛丽#8226;霍尔波(Mary Holper)在一篇颇具启发意义的论文中说,它的意思取决于法官和移民上诉委员会(Board of Immigration Appeals)。在决定是否要驱逐某个人的时候,法官必须判断其所犯的罪是否违反了“美国的主流道德标准”。霍尔波教授说,这“让法官扮演了上帝的角色”。 In cases over the years, fraud, theft and many sexual offences have been classed as involving moral turpitude. Assault has been, too, “when the offence has an aggravating factor such as a deadly weapon”, Prof Holper says. 多年来,欺骗、盗窃以及很多性犯罪都被归为道德败坏行为。霍尔波教授说:“如果犯罪过程中有使用致命武器等加重情节的因素,”攻击也算是道德败坏罪。 As for severely restricting religious freedom, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, a statutory body, says only one person has ever been barred on those grounds: Narendra Modi, tipped by many to be the next Indian prime minister, for his alleged complicity in the deadly 2002 anti-Muslim riots in his home state of Gujarat. (He denies responsibility.) 至于严重限制宗教自由,法定机构美国国际宗教自由委员会(US Commission on International Religious Freedom)指出,到目前只有一个人因为这个原因没被放行,他就是很多人认为有望出任下一届印度总理的纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi),原因是他被控参与了2002年在他的家乡古吉拉特邦爆发的反穆斯林严重骚乱(他对此表示否认)。 The reason US visa forms seem such an odd accretion of questions is that is what they are. They have been added to over the decades to confront whatever danger the US was dealing with at the time. 美国签申请表之所以看起来像是很多奇怪的问题堆积而成的,原因就是它们本来就是这样的。这些问题几十年来不断累积增多,以应对美国在各个时期面临的风险。 Prof Holper points out that “moral turpitude” was introduced into US immigration law in 1891. Questions about issues such as prostitution go back to before visas existed, as do many health questions. Officials at Ellis Island used to keep visitors out because they had tuberculosis, says Muzaffar Chishti of the US-based Migration Policy Institute. 霍尔波教授指出,“道德败坏”是1891年引入美国移民法的。关于卖淫等一些方面的问题在签存在之前就有了,很多健康方面的问题也是如此。美国移民政策研究所(Migration Policy Institute)的穆扎法尔#8226;齐矢堤(Muzaffar Chishti)说,埃利斯岛(Ellis Island,原美国移民局所在地)的官员曾拒绝有结核病的游客进入。 Are the visa forms an effective way of keeping undesirables out of the US? “If we’re interested in keeping people who mean to do us harm out, it’s not very effective,” Mr Chishti says. Biometric screening, databases and finger printing are far more useful, he says. 签申请表是不是将不良分子拒于美国之外的一种有效方式呢?齐矢堤说:“如果我们不想让有意伤害我们的人进入美国,这种方式就不是很有效。”他认为,生物筛选、数据库以及指纹图谱要有用得多。 /201312/268160吉安保仕柏丽医院丰胸多少钱

吉安隆鼻整形哪家好 An 84-year-old Chinese man who ended up in the hospital after he was being ticketed for jaywalking on the Upper West Side on Sunday was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration, a law-enforcement official said.周日一位84岁的华裔老人在曼哈顿上西区乱穿马路,随后他被警察拦下开具传票。目前老人已经住院,一位执法官称老人被指控扰乱社会治安、拒捕以及阻碍政府管理。Kang Chun Wong, who lives on 97th Street, was allegedly attempting to cross Broadway near 96th Street against the light, the official said. An officer stopped him and started writing a summons when Mr. Wong allegedly tried to take back his license.黄康春(音译)住在第97街区,据警方称他当时在96街区附近的百老汇大道试图闯红灯。一位警官拦住了他并开始给他开具传票,这时黄康春试图取回自己的件。The pair struggled for the license and the officer tried to place handcuffs on Mr. Wong, who allegedly flailed his arms, the official said. Mr. Wong suffered a cut to the back of his head and was taken to St. Luke#39;s Hospital where he received four staples and was released, the official said.这两个人开始为件争执起来,据称警察试图给黄康春戴手铐,黄康春动手反抗。警方称黄康春头后部受伤,被送往圣卢克医院缝了四针,目前已经释放。Witnesses said Sunday that when the man started to walk away, a police officer pushed him up against a building. The man tried to walk away a second time, witnesses said, and was pushed to the ground by the officer.周日有目击者称,当老人想要走开的时候,一名警官把他按在一个建筑物墙面上。目击者说老人试图再次走开,但被警察推到在地上。The incident is under internal review, said NYPD spokeswoman Deputy Chief Kim Royster.纽约市警察局副首席发言人金姆·罗伊斯特说,此事件正在进行内部调查。A man who answered the phone at Mr. Wong#39;s house and identified himself as Mr. Wong#39;s youngest son, said his father is a retired restaurateur. ;He doesn#39;t speak the English language, he doesn#39;t understand the law too well,; the man said. ;He#39;s never been in trouble before.;在对黄康春家进行电话采访时,一位自称是黄康春小儿子的人说自己的父亲是位退休的饭店老板。“他不讲英语,也不是很了解法律,”黄康春的小儿子说道,“他以前从未惹过麻烦事儿。”He said Mr. Wong handed his license to police ;and walked away and didn#39;t understand what was going on, essentially.;他说黄康春把件递给警察“并走开了,他根本不明白发生了什么。”Recently, several pedestrians have died in the area while crossing the street. A 26-year-old woman was fatally struck by two vehicles early Sunday morning while crossing in the middle of 96th Street, between Broadway and West End Avenue.最近,有好几位行人在此过马路时因交通事故死亡。周日早上,有一位26岁的女人在横穿96街区百老汇和西区大道之间的马路时,被两辆汽车撞死。 /201401/274162江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院点痣多少钱吉安人民医院祛疤手术多少钱



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