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2019年07月22日 13:48:29 | 作者:120优惠 | 来源:新华社
特别声明:该节目由未经可可许可When Tess arrived home the following afternoon第二天下午,没等苔丝回到家, a letter had aly been received by her mother.她母亲就先收到了一封信It appeared to come from Mrs d’Urberville,信像是德伯夫人写来的,and offered Tess work looking after chickens.她给苔丝提供了一份养鸡的差事Joan Durbeyfield was delighted.琼·德北非常高兴‘It just a way of getting you there without raising your hopes.“这是让你去他们那里,同时不要抱太大希望She going to recognize you as family,Im sure of it.’我相信她一定会把你当做一家人看待的”‘I would rather stay here with father and you,’“我宁愿留在家里跟你和爸爸在一起”said Tess,looking out of the window.苔丝看着窗外说‘But why?’“那又为什么?”‘Id rather not tell you, mother, I dont really know.’“还是别对你说的好,妈妈,我也不太清楚” 19Every year, I tell myself that I won't procrastinate in doing my holiday shopping. And, every year, I end up with a shopping list as long as your arm and about hours to get it all done. Waiting until the last minute means that I have to brave the crowds out doing their last-minute shopping. First, I have to find a place to park in the parking lot, which is always packed. Then, I have to fight off the bargain hunters who are there the holiday markdowns. With so many shoppers, the shelves are usually a mess and a lot of items are out of stock. When I've finally picked out what I want to buy, there are usually long lines at the register. Just when I'm about to check out, I always remember that I've gotten one last thing. It never fails!When I get home with the presents, I have to wrap them. Hopefully, I haven't gotten to get gift wrap, ribbons and bows, and holiday cards. By the time I'm finished, I'm exhausted and I feel like Scrooge. Ba humbug! Why do I do this to myself every year? Next year, I'm starting my holiday shopping in September. Then again, I said that last year. 背景链接:Theree, online communication increases the range of possible social networks that a person can connect to, and adds elements of diversity that are appealing.,在线交流增加一个人可能涉及的社交范围,其中有吸引人的多元化因素There is also a ;hyper-personal aspect; to Internet communications, a way to be more selective about how one presents oneself.互联网通信还有一个超个人的一面,可以有更多展现自己的方式Images are med in written words. Perfect self images are above an ordinary level, as users respond to each other incomplete and selective presentations.图片通过书面形式表现出来用户们对彼此展示的片面的和选择性的图片作出回应,那完美的自我形象往往是高于普通水平的Theoretically, this could help the flame of wars and love affairs that happen on the net.从理论上来说,这有助于解释发生在网络上的口水战和桃色新闻In addition, there can be a voyeuristic aspect to cyberspace contact.此外,网络空间的联系也是偷窥的一方面People that ;lurk;, take part in a -only mode, in chatrooms or email groups, are witnessing the ideas, feelings and interactions of the active users.人们“潜伏”在聊天室或者电子邮件群组,采用只读模式,浏览着活跃用户们思想、感情的表达和他们之前的互动In some ums, lurking is a means of gaining access to very personal inmation that no real life um can offer.在一些论坛,潜伏是获得更多个人信息的手段,没有真正的生活论坛可以提供这些The features of Internet communication that stand out include easy and hour access, the wide range of personal connections possible, the hyper-personal nature of interpersonal relationships, the ability to witness others interacting with no risk.网络通信的特点主要包括:简单,小时全天候访问,尽可能广泛的人际关系,超个人化的人际关系,能够没有风险地见他人互动Many people may find one or more of these factors attractive enough to become addicted to Internet activities.很多人会发现一个或多个这类对人有足够的吸引力,致使他们沉迷于网络的因素The fascination is understandable, as cyber communications go beyond geographic borders and expand the ability of people with common interests to share ideas important to them.这样的魅力是可以理解的,因为网络通讯可以超越地理边界,通过分享重要想法,扩展有共同爱好的朋友的人际圈 318

;How silly this all is!;said Izz impatiently. ;He a gentleman son. He wont marry any of us or Tess either!;“这一切都太可笑了!”伊茨忍不住说道,“他是个绅士的儿子,他是不会娶我们中间任何一个的,包括苔丝在内!”They all sighed,and crept into their beds,and fell asleep. But Tess,with her deeper feelings,could not sleep.一阵叹息之后,她们都爬上床,睡着了但是苔丝,怀着更深的感情,却无法入睡了She knew Angel Clare preferred her to the others.She was more attractive,better educated and more womanly.她知道,安吉尔·克莱尔喜欢她胜过其他姑娘她更富有魅力,更有教养也更有女人味儿She could keep his affection her.But should she? Perhaps the others should have a chance of attracting his attention,and even of marrying him.她可以让他继续对她怀有爱慕之情但是,她应该吗?也许其他人也应该有机会吸引他的注意,甚至与他结婚She had heard from Mrs Crick that Mr Clare had spoken of marrying a country girl to help him farm,milk cows and reap corn.她曾从克里克夫人那儿听说,克莱尔先生说起过要娶一个乡下姑娘帮他经营农场,挤牛奶、割庄稼什么的Tess had promised herself she would never marry and would never be tempted to do so.She ought to leave the field open the other girls.苔丝曾向自己保过,永远不结婚,也永远不被人引诱结婚她应该敞开这块天地,把机会留给别的姑娘们 8983

Decima: My scale at home can’t be right. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve gained another five pounds since last month! Sebastian: You’re not the only one. My pants are feeling tight and it’s getting harder to see my feet! Decima: Okay, I’m making a decision right here, right now. I’m going on a diet, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to shed these extra pounds. Right after work I’m going to the drugstore some diet pills. Sebastian: You’ll want to take it easy with those pills. My wife took some diet pills last year and she did lose some weight, but she gained it right back. She found it was better to eat right by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to eat more low-fat protein and fewer empty carbs. The truth is, she had been yo-yo dieting years until she changed her diet and started exercising. Decima: Oh, no. Not exercise. I hate exercising. I’d rather fast than go to a gym. Sebastian: That’s how I feel, but I’m starting to come around to wife’s thinking. Working out helped her with her 30-pound weight- loss earlier this year and she’s kept it off. I may follow her example so I can get rid of these love handles. Decima: What kind of exercise are you thinking about? Sebastian: Nothing too strenuous. I’m thinking of walking bee work everyday and maybe taking a walk at lunchtime. Decima: I suppose I could start with some walking. Maybe I’ll join you your lunchtime walk. If I don’t do something soon, I’ll be obese in a few months. Sebastian: No, you won’t, but you’re welcome to join me. When should we start? Today? Decima: Today? No, not today. Let’s start tomorrow. Sebastian: All right. We’ll start tomorrow, then. 8883

The original Olympic Games were far from being a meaningless tribute to ancient pagan Gods, Zeus and his many relations. The ancient Greeks can still help us understand what has been happening over these last two weeks, if we shake their genuine insight into human nature free of its mythological language. One thing stands out immediately. The world lost something immensely valuable when the Roman Emperor Theodosius I suppressed the original games in 39 AD. They were seen as promoting a rival belief system to Christianity. If ever there was a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water, this was it. They had been going a thousand years, and they represented all that was most admirable about the ancient world. They were revived only as recently as 1896. Technically the modern Games are secular. Unlike their ancient predecessors, they do not have any religious label, though their founder, Baron de Coubertin was Jesuit-educated and from a devoutly Catholic family. He believed there is an aspect to sport at the highest level which could be called spiritual.Athletes are striving to reach and transcend their own limits. They all know this is not just about being as physically as fit as possible. The mental approach is crucial. Yet if we look at their motivation, it isnt all about the glorification of the ego, and it certainly isnt about getting stinking rich as quickly as possible. Financial rewards, if they come, are incidental. Call it ;deferment of gratification; if you like, but often the gratification doesnt come at all, at least in the m of gold medals. each winner there have to be lots of losers. They do it because sporting excellence is good in itself. And that is what the ancient Greeks have been telling us, these last few weeks. The sight of mind and body struggling against their limitations in pursuit of perfection is immensely moving to watch, both in the Olympic Games and the Paralympics which are still to come. The other thing we hear from the athletes themselves time and again is humility and gratitude. They think they are lucky, lucky to have been born with a special talent, lucky to have been spotted and coached, lucky to have been selected to take part in these Games. They are humbled and inspired by the roar of the crowd, able to go further and faster than they have ever done bee because they are part of something much bigger than themselves. And that they are profoundly thankful. What the Greeks knew, and what Baron de Coubertin wanted to bring back, is they are also, in the process, transmed and ennobled. And in honouring the creature thus, are we not also honouring the creator, whatever we call him?原奥运会从一个毫无意义的赞扬古代异教的神,宙斯和他的许多关系古希腊人仍然可以帮助我们了解发生了什么事情,这些过去两周,如果我们动摇人性,他们真正了解其神话的语言一件事立即脱颖而出世界失去了非常宝贵的东西时,罗马皇帝狄奥多西我压制在公元39年的原始游戏他们被看作是促进一个对手基督教的信仰体系如果曾经有过一个扔婴儿连同洗澡水的情况下,这是它他们已经准备了一千多年,他们代表所有有关古代世界最令人钦佩的他们最近在1896年恢复从技术上讲,现代奥运会是世俗的他们古老的前辈不同,他们不具有任何宗教的标签,虽然他们的创始人顾拜旦是耶稣会的教育,从一个虔诚的天主教家庭他认为,有一个方面运动的最高水平,可称为精神运动员都在努力达到并超越自己的极限他们都知道这是不是只是身体为适应尽可能心理的方法是至关重要的然而,如果我们看一下他们的动机,是不是所有的自我颂扬,也肯定是越来越臭丰富尽快财政奖励,如果他们来了,是偶然称之为“推迟满足”如果你喜欢,但往往在满足不来,至少在金牌的形式,对于每位获奖者必须有很多失败者他们这样做是因为运动卓越本身是好的这是古希腊人已经告诉我们,这些过去的几个星期看到挣扎对他们的限制,在追求完美的心态和身体是极大的移动观看,无论是在奥运会和残奥会的还是来了从运动员本身一次又一次地听到其他的事情,我们是谦卑和感激他们认为他们已经有一个特殊的人才出生的幸运,幸运,幸运已发现和教练,幸运已选定要在这届奥运会的一部分他们自卑和人群的轰鸣声,能够走得更远,速度比他们曾经做过的启发,因为他们比自己大很多的东西的一部分和他们深刻的感谢希腊人知道,顾拜旦想带回,他们还,在这个过程中,转化,使高尚从而履行“生物,我们不也尊重创作者,无论我们给他打电话吗? 90

Maggie: Watch out! Are you okay?麦琪:当心!你没事吧?Conrad: Irsquo;m fine, but I almost tripped over that crack in the driveway. Wersquo;ve got to get that fixed.康拉德:我没事,但我差点被车道上的裂缝绊倒我们得把它们修好Maggie: I know itrsquo;s a hazard, but first things first. We should fix those broken front steps, donrsquo;t you think?麦琪:我知道这确实很危险,但这事太要紧了,我们必须得做我们需要先把这些坏了的门前台阶修好,对不对?Conrad: I see what you mean.康拉德:我明白你的意思Maggie: And we have to repair that part of the fence thatrsquo;s falling down. See? If it leans any more, we wonrsquo;t be able to open the gate.麦琪:我们还要把围栏快倒的那部分修好呶,看到了吗?如果它再倾斜一点,我们都无法打开大门了Conrad: Oh, I didnrsquo;t realize the fence was falling down. Yes, yoursquo;re right, we should take care of those things first.康拉德:噢,我没意识到围栏快倒了是的,你说得对,我们应该首先修理那些东西Maggie: And the porch light is out. Irsquo;m not sure if we just need to replace the bulb, or if itrsquo;s an electrical issue.麦琪:门廊的灯不亮了我不知道是灯泡的缘故还是线路的缘故Conrad: I didnrsquo;t realize the outside of our house was in such disrepair. Irsquo;ve been traveling too much work.康拉德:我以前没料到我们的房子这样年久失修我以前净顾着出差了Maggie: I admit Irsquo;ve been putting off the repairs, too.麦琪:我承认我也一直把修葺房子的事一拖再拖Conrad: All right, I know what wersquo;ll be doing this weekend ndash; all weekend!康拉德:好吧,我知道我们这个周末做什么了;;是整个周末 5193

I'm the first to admit that I'm hooked on ing magazines. I've been this way as long as I can remember. I love picking up magazines about different topics. Currently, I subscribe to about six or seven magazines, although when I was getting professional journals during my days at the university, I probably had or coming to my box every month. Now I mostly pleasure. I like to the New Yorker, because it is so well-written. I also get a copy of Atlantic Monthly and Harpers every month, because they have good coverage of cultural, political, and social issues. My latest is to book reviews. There are a couple of really good book reviews published in the U.S., including the New York Review of Books. But the best reviews my money are the Times Literary Supplement and the London Review of Books, both of which come out of England. I have to thank my friend Gustavo turning me on to those two. I prefer to the non-fiction reviews over the fiction ones, but that's me. Ah, the joys of ing!Script by Dr. Jeff McQuillan 196

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