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上饶韩美医院治疗祛痘多少钱上饶韩美整形美容医院去痘怎么样This is Lockitron. It fits your current deadbolt and lets you lock or unlock your door from your phone.这是“立即锁”。“立即锁”适合你现在的门栓,让你可以从行动电话开门或关门。Lockitron unlocks your door for you.“立即锁”可以帮你开门。You can share access to your door with anyone, anywhere, instantly.你可以在任何地方马上分享“进门”的权限给任何人。You can control Lockitron from anywhere in the world.不论在世界各地你都可以控制“立即锁”。Last year, we released the worlds first commercially available Internet connected door lock that work with any phone.去年,我们发表了全球第一款可在任何行动电话上使用的商用网路锁。News outlets like New York Times, Popular Science and ReadersDigest raved about Lockitron.新闻媒体,像是《纽约时报》、《科技新时代》和《读者文摘》都极力赞赏“立即锁”。Since then, weve been hard at work to make a newer, smarter version of Lockitron.从那时起,我们就一直努力工作,希望能做出更新及更智慧版本的“立即锁”。The newer Lockitron isnt a door lock.新一代的“立即锁”并不只是门锁。It installs on the inside of the door, so renters can use it too.它是安装在门的内侧,所以房东也可以使用。You can now Airbnb your place when youre out of town.当你外出时,你可以透过Airbnb (知名短期租屋网) 将你的房子短期出租。Lockitron lets your guest in for you.“立即锁”可以替你帮房客开门。You can easily extend their stay and make sure the doors locked on their way out.你可以轻鬆的延长房客的停留时间并确保在他们离开时房门上锁。Lockitron will send you a message when someone unlocks the door, even if they use a key.当有人开门时,“立即锁”会传讯息给你,既使他们是用钥匙开的。If you run, you dont need to take a key with you.如果你去跑步,不需随身携带钥匙。Lockitron works with any phone on the market.“立即锁”能在市面上的任何一款行动电话上运作。It would even work with text messages.甚至以简讯的方式也能够操作。Lockitron is the perfect solution for co-working spaces.“立即锁”是共同工作室的完美解决方案。No more keys to manage. Simply grant or revoke access at a moments notice.再也不需要管理钥匙。只要在片刻之间授予或取消进入的权限。Lockitron will even send you a notification when someone is at the door.当有人在门口时,“立即锁”甚至会传讯通知你。Thanks to a built-in knock sensor.而这都要归功于内建敲门感应器。Installation is incredibly simple.安装方式极为简单。Loosen your deadbolt using the included phillips head screwdriver.使用内附的十字螺丝起子鬆开你的门栓。Slide the back plate between your door and the lock.将背板滑入放进门和锁之间。Tighten, and secure Lockitron to your door by twisting the knob.扭转门把,让“立即锁”锁紧,并牢牢的固定在门上。Lockitron comes in several colors and finishes, including obsidian black, bondi blue and quicksilver.“立即锁”有数种抛光颜色,包括曜石黑、邦代蓝和水银色。Lockitron uses the same cryptographic protocols found in online banks.“立即锁”使用与网路相同的加密协定。Unlike with regular keys, if you misplace your phone, you can remotely disable your account by changing the password.不像一般的钥匙,如果你把电话忘在其他地方,可以在远端改变密码使你的帐户失效。Lockitron runs on four AA batteries that last for one year.“立即锁”使用四颗三号电池,可以撑过一年。They will send a message to you when they run low.当电池快没电时,它们会发简讯给你。Lockitron has built-in wi-fi and an Arduino-compatible ATMega microcontroller.“立即锁”有内建无线网路和一个Arduino相容的ATMega微处理器。This means that you can customize Lockitron in some pretty cool ways.这表示你可以用很酷的方式客制化“立即锁”。And theres one more thing were incredibly excited to show you.我们非常兴奋的要给你介绍另一种新功能。Lockitron lets you unlock the door simply by walking up to it.“立即锁”让你只要走到门前就可以开门。Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, Lockitron finally brings keyless entry to your home.这都要感谢蓝牙4.0,“立即锁”终于将免钥匙进入系统带入家中。Weve invested a lot of time and energy to make it what we think is a pretty radical product.我们己经投入了许多时间与心力去将它做成我们认为是非常完善的产品。Wed like to make it at least a thousand Lockitrons for the first production run.我们希望可以在首批生产时至少制造一千个“立即锁”。Help us bring Lockitron to your door today. Reserve one today!请帮助我们将“立即锁”带入你的家门。今天就预购一个!201411/342255上饶脸部激光脱腋毛哪家医院好 Dont feel like youre underwater when you get out of your pool or tub. Get your ears crystal clear after swimming or taking a bath.当你走出游泳池或浴缸的时候,不要感觉好像刚刚从水底浮出水面。游泳或沐浴后,清理干净耳朵里的水吧。You Will Need你需要Towel or tissue毛巾或纸巾Blow-dryer电吹风White vinegar白醋Rubbing alcohol外用酒精Medicine dropper医药用滴管Doctor医生Steps步骤STEP 1 Dry ear1.擦干耳朵Dry your ear with a towel or tissue.用毛巾或纸巾把耳朵擦干。Do not use a cotton swab to dry your ear.不要用药棉拭子来擦耳朵。STEP 2 Tilt your head2.倾斜头部Tilt your head to the side with the plugged ear.把头倾斜到进水的耳朵一边。STEP 3 Pull lobe3.拉耳垂Pull your ear lobe downward to allow the water to drain out.向下拉扯耳垂,让水流出来。STEP 4 Use a blow dryer4.使用电吹风Hold a blow-dryer a few inches from your plugged ear. Put it on the lowest setting and turn it on, but be careful to not burn your skin.把电吹风放在距离进水的耳朵几英寸处。设置为最低档打开,注意不要烫伤皮肤。STEP 5 Mix a solution5.配制溶液Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a medicine dropper and drip a few drops into the ear.将等量的白醋和外用酒精混合,加入医药用滴管中,向耳朵中滴几滴。STEP 6 Consult a doctor6.向医生咨询Consult and seek treatment from a doctor if the problem persists.如果问题持续,向医生咨询并治疗。Ear infections are among the most common illnesses for young children.耳部感染是幼童中最常见的问题。视频听力译文由。201406/307251Philippine tourism officials say they stand to lose 4.5 million US dollars a month in canceled bookings and charter flights from Taiwan.菲律宾旅游部门官员说,因台湾方面取消预订及航班导致一个月内损失达450万美元。Most of the cancelations have hit the popular beach resort of Boracay in the central Philippines, where tourists from Taiwan are the second largest group of visitors, after South Koreans. Last year, more than 90,000 tourists from Taiwan visited the island.其中,绝大部分取消是针对菲律宾著名海滩度假村长滩岛的,台湾游客是除韩国游客群外的第二大游客群。去年,超过90000名台湾游客来该岛度假。The row over the shooting of a Taiwan fisherman by the Philippine coast guard earlier this month has led Taiwan authorities to freeze the hiring of Filipino workers and discourage travel.本月初,一名台湾渔民被菲律宾海岸队队员射杀,该事件致使台湾当局停止雇佣菲律宾工人并暂停赴菲律宾旅游。201306/243384上饶余干县脂肪丰胸价格

上饶肿瘤医院割双眼皮多少钱Follow these simple steps to get out nail polish stains. One of the trickiest stains to remove, but if you follow VideoJugs short tutorial removing nail polish stains from clothes will be as easy as 1,2,3.遵循以下简单的步骤,清除指甲油污渍。这是最难清除的污渍之一,但是如果你遵循VideoJug这段视频中的建议,从衣上清除指甲油污渍就像123那么简单。Step 1: You Will Need1.你需要roll of paper towel一卷纸巾non-oily nail polish remover非油性卸甲油light-colored cloths浅色布料Step 2: Prep The Stain2.处理污渍Always treat any stain as soon as you can. Nail polish stains are quick to become permanent, so take action immediately. Quickly prep the stain by placing a folded paper towel underneath the stain to absorb the nail polish coming out of the fabric.任何时候都要尽快处理污渍。指甲油污渍很容易变成永久性的,所以要立即采取措施。快速把一层纸巾铺在污渍下方,吸收溢出布料的指甲油。Step 3: Remove With Remover3.用卸甲油清除This may seem obvious, but use nail polish remover to treat the stain. I mean it was created to REMOVE nail polish, right? Some brands can be harmful to your clothing though so proceed with caution. Use a solution thats oil-free to avoid more stains. Test the polish remover first on a hidden spot. If the fabric changes color, try a different kind of remover. There are tons of products now days, if your confused, ask a salesperson at a beauty supply store.这看上去似乎是显而易见的,不过还是要用卸甲油来处理污渍。我的意思是,卸甲油本来就是用来清除指甲油的,对吗?一些牌子的卸甲油会损害衣物,所以一定要看清说明。使用无油的卸甲油溶液,避免造成更多污渍。首先在一个隐蔽的位置尝试一下。如果布料变色,再尝试另一种不同牌子的卸甲油。现在,卸甲油品牌多种多样,如果你感到困惑,最好问一下化妆品商店的售货员。Step 4: Changing Time4.更换纸巾Make sure you change out the paper towel under the stain frequently. As the paper towel gets soiled with polish, trade it out with a fresh one. Continue treating with the polish remover until you no longer see color coming out onto the paper towel. This may happen before the stain is completely gone.确保频繁更换污渍下的纸巾。纸巾被指甲油浸湿之后,立即用新鲜干净的纸巾更换。不断用卸甲油处理污渍,直到更换的纸巾不再有颜色,这样可能要持续到污渍完全消除。Step 5: Rinse And Wash5.清洗Stick the stained fabric under cool running water to flush out the polish remover. Next, simply launder your item as you normally would.把污染的布料放在冷水龙头下冲洗,冲掉卸甲油。接下来,像平时一样清洗衣物就可以了。Thanks for watching How To Remove Nail Polish Stains From Clothes.感谢收看“如何清除衣上的指甲油”视频节目。视频听力由。201309/258675广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院做去眼袋手术多少钱 Bank of China official clearing bank for yuan in Sydney央行授权中行任悉尼人民币业务清算行The Sydney branch of Bank of China has been authorised as the official RMB clearing bank in Australia, stepping up the use of Chinese currency in international business.中国悉尼分行已被授权为澳大利亚官方人民币清算行,加强国际业务中中国货币的往来。According the memorandum of understanding inked by the two countries central banks, the Peoples Bank of China and the Reserve Bank of Australia, China will set up the clearing bank in Sydney to handle transactions denominated in RMB.据中澳两国央行合作备忘录称,中国将在悉尼建立清算来处理以人民币的交易。The clearing arrangements will provide more direct means of facilitating cross-border RMB transactions between Chinese and Australian entities.清算业务将为中澳之间的跨境人民币交易提供更为直接及便捷的手段。Since November of 2014, China has reached agreements with Qatar, Canada, Malaysia and Australia to open local RMB trading hubs.2014年11月以来,中国已同卡塔尔,加拿大、马来西亚和澳大利亚达成协议,在当地设立人民币交易中心。201411/343632上饶安全丰胸医院

上饶专业去太田痣医院Learn how to date older women from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips from Howcast.观看Howcast这段视频,跟随Rachel DeAlto一起学习如何约会年长的成熟女性。Guys, were going to talk about dating older women. So maybe you have that little cougar fetish going on. Go for it,absolutely. Just know what youre getting into. So, you know, it depends on kind of how old you are and how old she is. If youre dating somebody, you know, 15 years older and youre in your 40s you know, you need to realize that you guys are at two different places in your life. She might not be looking for anything serious, maybe she is. But its all about setting up your expectations.男士们,我们一起来探讨一下如何约会年长女性。或许你对她产生了一些迷恋。大胆地追求。只要明白你要的是什么就可以。所以,你知道,这取决于你和她的年龄。如果你约会的对象比你大15岁,而你已经40多岁了,你必须意识到你们两个人处于人生不同的阶段。她或许并不认真,或许是认真的。不过最主要的就是确定你的心理预期。So, most of the times, and this is a complete generalization so feel free to ignore me but, you guys are in two different places. Shes probably not interested in anything serious, and most of the time when women date considerably younger men,theyre kind of looking for one thing, and if thats what youre into, absolutely go for it. It can be a very educational experience.大部分时间,这只是一个概论,所以,你完全可以忽略我的说法。你们完全处于不同的阶段。她可能对追求认真的关系并不感兴趣。大部分时候,当女性约会比自己年轻的男性时,她们可能在寻找什么。如果你刚好符合的话,可以大胆地追求。这将是非常有教育意义的经历。If a 45 year old woman wants to date a 25 year old guy, you know, shes probably looking to just, you know, get her rocks off and have a good time. And if, you know, theyre both consenting adults and they want to have a good time, and you know, they had a couple too many martinis at the bar, do what you got to do. But dont expect to have a long term relationship because it typically doesnt happen when theres such a big difference. Especially if you guys have different goals. At 45 a woman is you know, kind of in her career path and, you know, might be done with the children part of her life, and at 25 you might be in a completely different situation. So just be honest with yourself and be honest with her, and then go have some fun.如果一名45岁的女性想要约会25岁的男性,她可能只是想要获得快感和快乐。如果大家都一样是成年人,都想要玩乐一下,在酒吧喝了许多酒,那你可以随心所欲。但是不要期待发展长期的恋爱关系,因为两人的差距如此之大,这是不可能的。尤其是如果你们的目标不同。45岁的女性已经事业有成,也有了孩子,而25岁的你则完全不同。所以,坦诚地面对自己,坦诚地面对她,然后适当地寻找一些乐趣就可以了。视频听力译文由。201406/303504 The opponent was Costa Rica,playing in the third FIFA World Cup.对手是哥斯达黎加队,这是他们第3次入围世界杯决赛圈。It took Germany just 6 minutes to score the first goal of 2006s tournament.德国队打入他们本届世界杯的第一球仅用了6分钟。201403/278391武夷山吸脂丰胸多少钱上饶市第五人民医院整形美容



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