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I should be destitute of feeling if I was not deeply affected by the strong proof which my fellow citizens have given me of the their confidence in calling me to the high office whose functions I am about to assume.同胞们满怀信心地召唤我出任这一重要职务,令我十分感动,不然我就是一个缺乏感情的人。As the expression of their good opinion of my conduct in the public service,这表明同胞们甚为嘉许我的公职行为,我对此感到心满意足,而唯有竭尽全力做了值得夸奖的工作的人,才能有这种感受。I derive from it a gratification which those who are conscious of having done all that they could to merit it can alone feel.我能正确估计到这一职务的重要性以及承担这一义务的性质和范围,My sensibility is increased by a just estimate of the importance of the trust and of the nature and extent of its duties,密切相连的义务感受也随之而增加。with the proper discharge of which the highest interests of a great and free people are intimately connected.所以我对于正确地履行同我们这一伟大自由民族的崇高利益,Conscious of my own deficiency,I cannot enter on these duties without great anxiety for the result.由于意识到自己的不足,所以在开始履行这些义务时,我无法不对将来的结果表示极大的忧虑。From a just responsibility I will never shrink,对应尽的责任我决不会裹足不前。calcuating with confidence that in my best efforts to promote the public welfare my motives will always be duly appreciated,我颇负信心地认为,只要我尽力促进公共福利,人们就始终会恰当地评价我的动机,and my conduct be viewed with that candor and indulgence which I have experienced in other stations.而且会以公正和爱护的眼光来看待我的行为,就像我在其他职位上已经经历过的那样。From the commencement of our Revolution to the present day almost forty years have elapsed,从独立革命至今几乎已过去40个春秋,and from the establishment of this Constitution twenty eight.而宪法的制定也已有28载。Through this whole term the Government has been what may emphatically be called self-government.在此其间,我们的政府一直被强调为自治政府。And what has been the effect?其结果如何呢?To whatever object we turn our attention,whether it relates to our foreign or domestic concerns,无论我们将目光转向何处,不论是国外问题还是国内问题,we find abundant cause to felicitate ourselves in the excellence of our institutions.我们都有足够的理由庆幸我们拥有优越的制度。During a period fraught with difficulties and marked by very extraordinary events the ed States have flourished beyond example.在充满艰辛和非凡事件的岁月里,我们的合众国还是取得了空前的繁荣,Their citizens individually have been happy and the nation prosperous.公民们个个幸福欢乐,国家昌盛发达。To secure us against these dangers our coast and inland frontiers should be fortified,为了保障我们免受伤害,我们的海上和陆地防御都应得到加强,our Army and Navy,regulated upon just principles as to the force of each,在正义原则指导下的海陆军,be kept in perfect order,and our militia be placed on the best practicable footing.应保持最佳状态,国民自卫队也应保持高度戒备。To put our extensive coast in such a state of defense as to secure our cities and interior from invasion coast in such a state of defense as to secure our cities and interior from invasion will be attended with expense,为了使我们的城市和内陆不受侵略,而将广阔的沿海地区处于防御状态将耗资巨大,but the work when finished will be permanent,and it is fair to presume that a single campaign of invasion by a naval force superior to our own,此项工程一旦完成,其功效将是长久的,但可以设想,aided by a few thousand land troops,would expose us to greater expense,由几千陆军配合的一次小小的先发制人的海上侵略将使我们遭受比修建这次工程还要大得多的损失,without taking into the estimate the loss of property and distress of our citizens,than would be sufficient for this great work.这还不包括财产损失和人民志气的衰退。Our land and naval forces should be moderate,我们应保持陆海军的适度规模,but adequate to the necessary purposes the former to garrison and preserve our fortifications and to meet the first invasions of a foreign,但又必须有足够的驻军保卫国界,防御外敌突袭:01/85299。

  • My fellow citizens: at this last presidential inauguration of the 20th century, let us lift our eyes toward the challenges that await us in the next century.同胞们:藉此二十世纪最后一届总统就职演说之际,让我们一起远眺在下一个世纪我们将要面临的挑战。It is our great good fortune that time and chance have put us not only at the edge of a new century, in a new millennium,所幸的是,时间和机遇不仅将我们置身于一个新世纪的边缘,一个新的千年,but on the edge of a bright new prospect in human affairs a moment that will define our course, and our character, for decades to come.而且是人类事业史上一个光明的崭新前景的边缘,这个时刻将会决定我们未来数十年的道路和特点。We must keep our old democracy forever young.我们必须使我们古老的民主永葆青春。Guided by the ancient vision of a promised land, let us set our sights upon a land of new promise.在“希望之乡”这一古老憧憬的指引下,让我们着眼于新的“希望之乡”。The promise of America was born in the 18th century out of the bold conviction that we are all created equal.美国的希望源于十八世纪一种无畏的信念:人皆生而平等。It was extended and preserved in the 19th century, when our nation sp across the continent, saved the union, and abolished the awful scourge of slavery.随着十九世纪,我们的国家横跨大陆,拯救了联邦,废除了恐怖的奴隶制的蹂躏,这一希望得以进一步发展和维护。Then, in turmoil and triumph, that promise exploded onto the world stage to make this the American Century.然后,在动荡和胜利之中,这一希望奔上了世界的舞台,使这个世纪成为美国的世纪。And what a century it has been.这是怎样的一个世纪啊。America became the worlds mightiest industrial power; saved the world from tyranny in two world wars and a long cold war;美国成为世界上最强大的工业大国,它把世界从两次世界大战和旷日持久的冷战的暴虐中拯救出来,and time and again, reached out across the globe to millions who, like us, longed for the blessings of liberty.并且一再向全球上百万像我们一样渴望自由赐福的人们伸出援助之手。Along the way, Americans produced a great middle class and security in old age;在这一进程中,美国产生了庞大的中产阶级和老年人保险制度,built unrivaled centers of learning and opened public schools to all; split the atom and explored the heavens;invented the computer and the microchip;建立了无与伦比的学习中心,并对全民开放公立学校,分裂了原子且探索了太空,发明了计算机和微芯片,and deepened the wellspring of justice by making a revolution in civil rights for African Americans and all minorities,通过发起一场非裔美国人和少数民族的民权革命,and extending the circle of citizenship, opportunity and dignity to women.及扩大妇女的公民权利,就业机会和人身尊严,而深掘了正义之泉。Now, for the third time, a new century is upon us, and another time to choose.现在,也是第三次,一个新世纪来到我们面前,这又是一个选择的时候,We began the 19th century with a choice, to sp our nation from coast to coast.我们进入十九世纪时有一个选择,使得我们国家从一个海岸扩展到另一个海岸,03/64210。
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  • President Bush Welcomes 2008 National and State Teachers of the Year to the White House   THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Good morning. Welcome to the White House. Welcome to the Rose Garden. We're walking out of the Oval Office, Mike turns to me and says, "I like what you've done with the place." (Laughter.) All I did was mow the lawn. (Laughter.) Glad you're here.   I'm really glad to be taking a part of an event that honors America's teachers. It's a tradition that started with Harry Truman. It's a tradition that Laura and I have really enjoyed carrying on. She's not here unfortunately. She sends her best. You know, I like to tell people that -- you know, one of the interesting questions you get in my line of work is "Can you name a teacher who had influenced you?" I said, "Yes, my wife." (Laughter.)   But she and Jenna are out promoting a new book that they wrote called "Read All About It." I'm not suggesting that people buy it, of course -- that would be unseemly here in the Rose Garden. (Laughter.) But it is a book where they're attempting to promote literacy. She sends her love. She understands what it means to be a teacher. We were so honored that our little girl chose to be a teacher, as well -- made her dad feel really well, I'm sure. I just hope you know the influence you have on children -- I suspect you do, that's why you're such a good teacher.   Good teachers hear a call. Good teachers are empathetic souls. And really the best teachers have a special intuition -- and I suspect a little potential -- the ability to see potential and the ability to have the patience necessary to watch it grow. I want to thank you for nurturing young minds. I thank you for providing such wonderful examples. And I thank you for inspiring the imaginations and unleashing the talents of our nation's young.   I'm up here with not only the Teacher of the Year, but with Margaret Spellings, the Secretary of Education. I do want to welcome Senator Gordon Smith and Senator Greg Walden. Turns out they're both from the state of Oregon. (Laughter.) I wonder why you're here. But anyway, I'm glad you're here. Thank you for being strong supporters of the teachers in your state.   I welcome the State Teachers of the Year. I really enjoyed seeing you in the Oval Office. It's fun for me to be able to greet you and say thank you. And I can't thank you enough for serving as such great role models for other teachers in your states, and we're sure glad you're here.   I do want to thank the National Teacher of the Year finalist, Lewis Chappalear, who is with us -- thank you Lewis, from California; June Teisan, from Michigan; as well as Tommy Smigiel, from Virginia -- that would be Norfolk, Virginia.   I am obviously up here with the Teacher of the Year. I'll spend a little time talking about Michael in a minute, but I am so proud that his mom and dad have joined us, as has he. Thank you for coming. I know it brings you great pride to have raised a son who is dedicated to helping others. His wife is with us, for whom I'll say something else a little later; son and daughter are with us, as well as brother. Thanks for coming.   Finally, we got Ken James, President-elect, Council of the Chief State School Officers, who administers the Teacher of the Year Program. Thanks for coming. And the rest of you are welcome here, too. (Laughter.)   One of the things that Margaret and I have tried to do is help teachers be able to set high standards and achieve accountability, and that was the spirit behind passing No Child Left Behind Act. It basically -- if you really think about the Act, it, one, refuses to, what I used to call -- still call -- refuses to accept the soft bigotry of low expectations. I firmly believe that if you have low expectations, you'll achieve them. I believe that when you say to people, we want you to achieve high expectations, you really have got this great faith in the human potential. I also believe that if you're a teacher that you ought to welcome a law that says we trust you in your ability to set high expectations.   And secondly, behind that law is a notion that we'd like at least to know whether or not people can , write, and add and subtract. Good teachers understand that. As a matter of fact, the Teacher of the Year understands that, and I suspect you all do, as well. I'm often told that the accountability system is meant to punish. I don't think so. I think it's meant to diagnose and correct and reward. And you're Teachers of the Year because you've got kids in your classroom who are excelling. And the reason we know is because we measure.   And so I want to thank you for being people willing to set high standards. Curiously enough, because we do measure we have learned this fall that 4th-graders and 8th [graders] earned the highest math and ing scores in the history of our nation's report card. That's a positive sign. Eighth-graders set a record in math scores. In other words, because we are people who believe in accountability, we're beginning to get a sense for whether or not the achievement gap in America is closing. And it must close in order for this country to realize its full potential.   We understand that there's been some tough, tough neighborhoods, but that should not be an excuse for mediocrity, and I know our Teachers of the Year understand that, and are willing to challenge the status quo and expect the best. So we appreciate very much your work, and we hope Congress would reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, and we're committed to working with members of Congress to do it. The good news is the Act doesn't go away without reauthorization; it still exists.   And so what -- last week what Secretary Spellings did, because the Act hasn't been reauthorized, is that she announced a package of reforms that the Department of Education is now implementing to improve the No Child Left Behind Act -- reforms that support our teachers and provide help to struggling students.   One thing about No Child is that when you find somebody struggling, it's important to get extra resources to help that child get up to speed now, before it's too late. The reforms are going to deal with -- help schools deal with dropouts, increase accountability, and ensure that more students get the tutoring we want.   And so I want to thank you, Margaret, for being a leader, realizing the situation needs to be constantly improved, and improving it. And I think you'll find these additional tools and these measures will help you, not hurt you, and make it easier to do your job.   And I hope senators in Congress don't give up on reauthorization. I understand it's an election year and sometimes things don't get done, but this is a brilliant, important piece of legislation, and I thank you all for supporting us the first round, and I hope we can work together on this round as well.   One person who believes very strongly in the potential of each child is our Teacher of the Year, Michael Geisen, who happens to be from Prineville, Oregon. Before he entered teaching, interesting enough, if you're from Prineville, one of the options for you is to be a forester. And he loves nature, he's an outdoors guy, and yet he really longed to be with his fellow citizens. There's no better way to do so than teaching. And so seven years ago, after being a forester, he got in the classroom at Crook County Middle School. 200806/41458。
  • In the Reichstag a few moments ago, I saw a display commemorating this 40th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. I was struck by a sign—the sign on a burnt-out, gutted structure that was being rebuilt. I understand that Berliners of my own generation can remember seeing signs like it dotted throughout the western sectors of the city. The sign simply: "The Marshall Plan is helping here to strengthen the free world." A strong, free world in the West—that dream became real. Japan rose from ruin to become an economic giant. Italy, France, Belgium—virtually every nation in Western Europe saw political and economic rebirth; the European Community was founded. In West Germany and here in Berlin, there took place an economic miracle, the Wirtschaftswunder. Adenauer, Erhard, Reuter, and other leaders understood the practical importance of liberty -- that just as truth can flourish only when the journalist is given freedom of speech, so prosperity can come about only when the farmer and businessman enjoy economic freedom. The German leaders—the German leaders reduced tariffs, expanded free trade, lowered taxes. From 1950 to 1960 alone, the standard of living in West Germany and Berlin doubled. Where four decades ago there was rubble, today in West Berlin there is the greatest industrial output of any city in Germany: busy office blocks, fine homes and apartments, proud avenues, and the sping lawns of parkland. Where a city's culture seemed to have been destroyed, today there are two great universities, orchestras and an opera, countless theaters, and museums. Where there was want, today there's abundance — food, clothing, automobiles — the wonderful goods of the Kudamm. From devastation, from utter ruin, you Berliners have, in freedom, rebuilt a city that once again ranks as one of the greatest on earth. Now the Soviets may have had other plans. But my friends, there were a few things the Soviets didn't count on: Berliner Herz, Berliner Humor, ja, und Berliner Schnauze. [Berliner heart, Berliner humor, yes, and a Berliner Schnauze.] In the 1950s —In the 1950s Khrushchev predicted: "We will bury you." But in the West today, we see a free world that has achieved a level of prosperity and well-being unprecedented in all human history. In the Communist world, we see failure, technological backwardness, declining standards of health, even want of the most basic kind—too little food. Even today, the Soviet Union still cannot feed itself. After these four decades, then, there stands before the entire world one great and inescapable conclusion: Freedom leads to prosperity. Freedom replaces the ancient hatreds among the nations with comity and peace. Freedom is the victor.201111/159829。
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