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President Bush says Cuban President Fidel Castro's decision to step down should be the start of a democratic transition on the island. Cuba's Communist party newspaper published a e from Mr. Castro Tuesday, saying he will not accept another term as president.  美国总统布什说,古巴国务委员会主席卡斯特罗决定辞职,应该是古巴民主转变的开端。古巴共产党报纸星期二援引卡斯特罗的话说,他不会继续担任下届主席的职务。President Bush says the ed States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty. 布什总统说,美国会帮助古巴人民实现自由的上帝赐福。"I believe that the change from Fidel Castro ought to begin a period of democratic transition," the president said. "First step, of course, will be for people put in these prisons to be let out. I have met with some of the families of prisoners. It just breaks your heart to realize that people have been thrown in prison because they dared speak out." 他说:“我相信菲德尔.卡斯特罗带来的改变应该开启古巴向民主过渡的阶段。第一步当然是释放囚犯。我已经会见了一些囚犯的家人。当人们仅仅因为敢于发表看法而被投入大牢时,你会感到伤心。”After nearly half a century in power, Fidel Castro's decision to step down appears to open the way for his brother Raul, who has been acting president since the long-time leader's intestinal surgery two years ago. 卡斯特罗在位接近半个世纪之后决定辞职,似乎为兄弟劳尔继任铺平了道路,劳尔在卡斯特罗两年前接受肠胃手术后就一直代理主席职务。As power changes hands in Cuba, President Bush says some people will say U.S. policy should promote stability. But Mr. Bush says that would be a mistake because political prisoners would continue to rot in detention and the human condition, in many cases, he says, would remain pathetic. 布什总统在古巴政权更换之际说,一些人会说美国的政策应该是促进古巴稳定。但是布什总统说,那会是一个错误,因为政治犯会继续把牢底坐穿,而且他说古巴的人权在很多情况下都令人悲哀。"Eventually this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections. And I mean free. And I mean fair. Not these kind of staged elections that the Castro brothers try to foist of as being true democracy," he said. 布什说:“这个过渡最终应该导致产生自由与公正的选举。我的意思是自由的,公正的。不是卡斯特罗兄弟两人推出的那类伪装的民主选举。”The president spoke in Rwanda on the third stop of a five-nation tour of Africa. At a press conference with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Mr. Bush was asked what the Cuban leader's decision means for America. He said the question should be what does it mean for Cubans? 布什总统在卢旺达发表了这些讲话。他在那里进行本此非洲5国之行第三站的访问。布什在同卢旺达总统共同举行记者会时,被问到古巴领导人辞职对美国来说意味著什么。他说,问题应该是,这对古巴人民意味著什么。"They're the ones put in prison because of their beliefs. They're the ones who have been denied their right to live in a free society," Mr. Bush said. 布什说:“古巴民众是因为信仰而被关进监狱的人。古巴民众是被剥夺在自由社会中生存权力的人。”A new National Assembly was elected in January, and will meet for the first time Sunday to pick the governing Council of State, which will now include a new president. 古巴新一届全国人民政权代表大会今年1月选出,并将在星期天选举国务委员会。这个委员会现在将产生1名新主席。200802/27656Katie Couric: You might wanna think twice before you take your kids for a fast food meal today. A new study reports there may be a link between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels is the study's lead author. She's an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and a clinical epidemiologist at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. Good morning.Dr. Karin Michels: Good morning, Katie.Katie Couric: Is it Michels or Michelles?Dr. Karin Michels: Michels is just(lip-ing) fine. Thank you.Katie Couric: Ok, good. I am glad I've pronounced it correctly. So tell me a little bit about this study and the link you found between French fries and breast cancer. Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. We found indeed that diet in pre-school age may indeed be associated with breast cancer risk later in life. We found that one additional serving of French fries per week during pre-school age was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer later in life.Katie Couric: And, and before we talk about specifically why French fries seem to be such a problem here, how many, how many people did you study and didn't you study mothers and children, or talked to them?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes, we interviewed mothers of participants of the Nurse's Health Studies in Boston. So we obtained information from the mothers as to what their children ate during pre-school age, that is when they were 3 to 5 years old. We studied about 2,200 women. As we asked the mothers to give us detailed information about the preferences of their daughters during pre-school age. And some of these women had developed breast cancer aly. So we linked the dietary information that we got from the mothers to their daughters' breast cancer incidence later in life.Katie Couric: And so what is it about the French fries that make them such a suspicious culprit of all these?Dr. Karin Michels: That of course is something we would like to find out. French fries are very high in saturated and trans-fatty acids, and that could potentially be the reason that we see this as association.Katie Couric: And what about other foods, other potatoes, for example, I understand, that mashed potatoes, including, which include butter, didn't have a link to breast cancer in any way?Dr. Karin Michels: That is correct. We asked for a whole number of foods to be reported by the mothers, and French fries was the only food that stood out to be associated with breast cancer risk. So we've also asked about mashed potatoes, or sweet potatoes; we also asked about ice-cream consumption, hot dog consumption, hamburgers, but none of these potentially also unhealthy foods stood out here to be associated with breast cancer risk. It was really only the French fries.Katie Couric: Were some of the people you spoke to overweight? Did that have an impact on the breast cancer incidence, in other words, does that you... make you more at risk if you are overweight or even obese?Dr. Karin Michels: Well, it depends whether you're a young woman or older woman with respect to the obesity. But in our analysis, we controlled for all of these factors, so they should not have any influence on the results.Katie Couric: Dr. Larry Norton, who's Deputy-Physician-in-Chief for the breast cancer program at Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center here in New York, warned against over-interpreting, the results of the study. He said: I wouldn't go out and change Americans' dietary habits on the basis of this, but it's certainly worth pursuing with additional research." So what are the implications here and how would you advise parents when it comes to their youngsters' diets?Dr. Karin Michels: Yes. I think uh..we have to be very cautious and not over-interpreting the result from this one study. Of course we would like to see our findings confirmed in other studies. The reason why we looked at this early life phase is because there is increasing evidence that breast cancer may originate early in life. The breast of a young woman is much more susceptible to environmental and potentially carcinogenic influences than the breast of an adult woman. In terms of how we translate our findings for the public, there is plenty of evidence to be concerned about our youth's diet.Katie Couric: Right.Dr. Karin Michels: And, we are facing an epidemic of childhood obesity. There's also evidence that other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, and diabetes originate in childhood. So we really are concerned that our children adopt healthier diet and it is obviously a call on the parents to watch over their children's diet. We know that atherosclerotic plaques can always be found in the coronary arteries of children. So it is really preeminent to ensure that we're not, have a young generation grow up to have high incidence (Right.) of chronic diseases as a result of old bad diet.Katie Couric: Clearly. We have to start kid eating in a healthy way very early because as, as you mentioned in your new study found a 27% increase in risk of breast cancer if you have an extra serving of French fries, when you are a girl between the ages of 3 and 5. Dr. Karin Michels, thanks so much for you ,for coming in this morning. We've appreciated it.Dr. Karin Michels: My pleasure. Thank you. 200807/43918Hello. Its another busy day at the offices of Tip Top Trading…你好,这又是Tip Top Trading办公室忙绿的一天。And I said no John, not at my age, Id rather take the bus…然后我说,不,约翰,不是我的年龄该做的事,我宁愿坐公交。…yeah Pete, thats great, so well deliver 2,000 bananas by Friday.是的,皮特,很好,我们会在周五前送去2000个香蕉。Lets have a beer soon… yeah… cheers mate.让我们改天喝杯啤酒,再见,伙计。But there are two people who are busy annoying each other…但有两个人在闹得不可开交。So you did what?所以你做了什么?You ordered the second-hand ones? !你定了二手的?Chillax Hannah… Anna!冷静,汉娜。安娜!…theyre just oranges…他们只是橙子。…plastic lemons actually.其实是塑料柠檬。Anna is struggling to work with Rachel, Mr Socrates favourite Sales Executive, who hes sent in to help out… or hinder more like!安娜正尽力和瑞秋合作,这是苏格拉底先生最喜欢的员工,他派她来提供帮助或者更像是制造麻烦!Look, Im off for a cappuccino, everything will be just fine. Ciao.我去喝杯卡布奇诺,一切都会好的,再见。Anna, has Rachel gone out?安娜,瑞秋走了吗?Yes.是的。Shes a bit of a man-eater.她简直是食人族。She almost ate me once.她有一次差点吃了我。She eats men?她吃人?Well, not exactly.也不是。I worked with her in my last job.我上一份工作和她一起合作。 /201705/507594Goal is that do we look right for you? Adam Rapoport is a style editor at GQ Magazine and he's here with us now. Adam, good morning.Good morning, Campbell.So I saw this AARP study that says more than 50% of women over 50 color their hair. It's different from women than it is from men, isn't it?It is. I mean (It's not fair) I would admit it's a double standard, I mean, I think typically, stereotypically, (yeah?), you know men are attracted to youth and beauty and~and women are attracted to power, (OK)you know, as guys can go gray, you know, Bill Clinton went very grey in office and that didn't seem to slow him down at all. (No.), Er, that, Definitely not, well, will you right think grey is the new black. It's actually stylish and hip now.If you do it well (ok)and, or if you're George Clooney, you probably do whatever you want and you'll look good in there. And, and are you speaking from personal experience?)I've got a little salt pepper going. (you are a little grey.). It's like what I said. (You've got that some pepper thing going.). I have a lot of pomade in my hair at the moment, so it looks a little darker than it does normally. But you also say you really have to, to dress appropriately in order to pull it off.Well, exactly. I mean, once you start going in grey, it's kind of like a little sign from God that, you know, all right, you are not in the fertility anymore, it's time to grow up (It's time to grow up), then you, you need the cargo shorts, the, you know, the tank tops, start dressing a little bit more like a gentleman. So how do you do it (I don't, I..I..what~) to get that look, (I don't think that~)that George Clooney look? Yeah~it doesn't necessarily mean dressing conservatively, but you know, like I said, put on a blazer, put on a dresser, you can still wear jeans~um~I think what's also important is that you wear your hair properly. Can we talk about the hair itself right now?Yeah. Then tell me about the hair. And I think, I think you want it to go a little bit shorter.Yeah?Uh..you don't want that kind of floppy fly-away longer hair. Um..Not with grey. That's too...No...No...Nah..you don't want that kind of prep school 16-year-old New England kid want.Yeah. I like grey, you've got like the spiky thing with a little pomade.I've got the spiky sawered on the side.It's working for ya. So, yes, I think, you should just gotta kinda consider your wardrobe, consider the hair, just kinda get your game a little tighter.All right, we're gonna have a little fun with this, (OK) because we ask our very talented graphics people (oh, yes) to try and imagine what some celebrities would look like when they went grey and I wanna get your reaction to whether it's working for them or not. Ok, first step, Johnny Depp. Let's see if we can show. (where is Johnny?). There he is. I think he looks ok. Yeah? you know it?I'd say Johnny might need a haircut. (Ok!), but Johnny might need a haircut in real life anyway, so he'll have the grey. Johnny Depp is...to anything else. OK, Russell Crowe, let's see Russell Crowe.Russell, his hair is even greasier than mine right there...(Oh~Yeah they are~it's~)So I'll say maybe go a little easy on the product ~yeah~and er, but, you know, Russell, Russell, you see Russell is mid-forties now. He's a great actor. (Yeah), whether he has grey hair or not, I believe he can pull it off. And he's getting not just distinctive grey. Yeah,Yeah,he is a distinctiveguy.Ok, John, roll please, our own Al.RokerAl.Roker. (Yeah). *, does Al even have any hair? Getting his jeer.(yeah, of course) No..no..noDon't insult poor Al.Was it Al? Al, Al, Al. is the best. (And he was...)Al is the best regardless what he is got going.Ok, what about Barno? Barno, I think actually he looks great. I mean now that he's kind of reached his diplomat stage in his life.(Yeah) Er, I think he's gonna lend some more and more gravitas almost. Or that he'll kind of take a Greek shipping magnet. (Yeah), so you know, he can also do whatever he wants.Ok, um~Brad Pitt, wuuu...Brat Pitt, I think Brat looks actually better there than he does when he had that weird orange yellow dye job, you know? (I know, I know, that is nice. ok) what I say, I mean, Brat Pitt want it, you know. What was for Jennifer Aniston up there for Pitt?Jennifer looks a little..(no, thumbs down ..), a little, a little~you gotta~a thumbs down for the, for this ~yeah~(getting a thumbs down ..., I know) a little~a little~Amy little hairs. Maybe if she has a guitar in a, a backing band, she might get away with it. And we saw Halle Berry go grey in X-Men, but I guess,(Well) could she pull it off in the real life?I mean, Halle Berry is hot, * (She's, she's got that face like Connie) Yes, she's beautiful. (Yeah, like they can almost pull anything off. And then newsman Anderson Cooper, he actually wrote a column about going prematurely grey. We made him brown, (Ya,ya~)actually you tickle back to what it was originally it was. (Ya kind of wanna smack him with that hair.) He looks like, well (You see he will..yeah..a little, a little boy, (ok)I think with him, especially what we would be talking about him is much if he didn't have his kind of iconic hair. Do you think this is just a trend or does it signal that like we are moving toward a greater acceptance of aging?I mean although I think I'd admit obviously all men go grey, just a question of when and I think men expect women to dye their hair. (Yeah). Men when they dye their hair, they're kind of a virginal wane in new territory and it's a little bit of tough to pull off.So you know what? The key is just embrace it (just go with it), go with it. All right, Adam, it was a lot of fun (Thank you, Campbell), good to see you. Nice to have you here.(Bye bye.) 200809/50118

Your passport will expire护照将要过期A: Please show me your passport, sir.A: 先生,请出示你的护照。B: Yes, here you are.B: 好的,给你。A: Are you here on business?A: 你是来办公吗?B: Yes. We are going to London on business.B: 是的,我要去伦敦办公室。A: How long will you be staying in UK totally?A: 你一共在英国要待多久啊?B: About two weeks.B: 大约两周吧。A: Id like to remind you of one thing, sir. Your passport expires in 20 days.A: 我要提醒你一件事,先生。你的护照要在20天后过期了。B: Goodness, you said it. I never thought of it when I left Tokyo.B: 天啊,真的啊。离开东京时,我没有想到这一点啊。A: Youll be back in Tokyo then, wont you?A: 那时候你就回东京了,是不是?B: I should be. But it still wouldnt have occurred to me that I need to renew my passport if you hadnt pointed it out to me. I really need a new one.B: 应该是。如果不是你提醒的话,我真记不得我需要更新护照了。我的确需要一个新的了。A: Have a pleasant stay in UK.A: 希望你在英国过得愉快。 /201602/426601

dawdle ------ 磨磨蹭蹭(不及物动词) 英文释义(intransitive verb) To move in a slow, idle manner; to progress so slowly that other people become annoyed. 例句My young son often dawdles a bit before getting y to go to sleep at night.我的小儿子在晚上睡觉前总是会磨蹭一会儿。 /201610/466531

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