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增强求职自信的八大法则 --19 :39:0 来源:   1、Walk with your head high. Look confident and be proud of who you are.  走路要抬头,透出自信,为自己自豪  、Accept your failure and move on.  接受失败然后继续前进  3、Good self-esteem is necessary good relationships.  自尊才会有好人缘  、It doesn‘t matter what anyone else thinks, pleasing other people won't make you happy.  别人怎么想真的不重要,取悦别人是不会让自己快乐的  5、What the best things in life yourself and find out how to get them.  希望得到生活最好的馈赠,然后找出获得它们的办法  6、Don't let other people walk all over you.  不要让他人利用你  7、Don't listen to what other say about you, lead you own life.  不要听别人怎么说你,走自己的路  8、Don't let it get you down if somebody doesn't like you, it is natural, everybody can't be firends.  不要因为有人不喜欢你而沮丧!这是很正常的,不是人人都能做朋友。

Vows: Grace Kelly (far left) and Prince Rainier III of Monaco are married bee Monacorsquo;s Bishop, Gilles Barthe, on April 19, 1956 at Monacorsquo;s Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Rainier had begun courting Kelly, star of Dial M Murder and Rear Window, the previous year.。

拿什么挽救失败的面试? --19 :50:51 来源: There are many ways an interview to go wrong. You show up late. There's a stain on your shirt. You accidentally insult the interviewer's mother. All avoidable mistakes  搞砸一个面试的方法有很多你迟到了,你把衬衫弄脏了,你无意中侮辱了面试官的妈妈所有这些都是可以避免的错误  Sometimes, however, there simply isn't a clear explanation why an interview isn't going well. Sometimes, no matter what you do or say, an interview just fizzles  但是有时候,并没有一个清楚的理由来解释为什么面试会变得很失败有时候,不管你做什么或是说什么,面试就是失败了  Don't panic--you can save this interview  别惊慌失措--你还能把面试挽救回来  The first step: Smile  第一步:微笑  Body language plays an important part in an interview. If you relax your shoulders and give a big ol'grin, you'll feel more comtable ... and so will the interviewer. Smiling also helps increase your energy and project confidence -- all plusses in an interview  肢体语言在面试中能起到非常大的作用如果你放松你的双肩加上一个大大的笑容,你会觉得更舒面试官也一样微笑能够提升你的能量,增强你的自信--这在面试中都会被加分  While smiling is a good start to turning an interview around, there are other steps you can take  微笑是转变面试方向的一个好的开始,下面还有一些你能采取的步骤:  Ask the Interviewer Questions  向面试官提问  This is known as the “switcheroo.”  这叫做“突变”  If you feel that you just aren't giving the right answers to an interviewer's questions, try changing tactics--and ask the interviewer a few questions of your own  如果你感觉对于面试官的提问你就是不能做出正确的回答,试试换个策略--问面试官一些你自己的问题  If you momentarily switch the focus from yourself to the interviewer, it will give you a chance to regroup and compose yourself. Also, it will make the interviewer do some talking, perhaps giving you a clue to what he or she is looking   如果你能暂时性的把焦点从你自己这里转移到面试官那边,你就有机会重新理清思路同时,还能让面试官说说话,也许能给你一点有关面试官在寻找什么特质的人的提示  Be sure to prepare your questions in advance and make sure they are appropriate. Some examples:  一定要提前准备好问题,并且确定这些问题问得合适这里有一些例子:  What's your favorite thing about working at this company?  在这家公司工作你最喜欢什么?  How would you describe the working environment here?  你觉得这里的工作环境怎么样?  What's a typical day like in the department?  这个部门通常一天是怎么过的?  Get Feedback  寻求反馈  If an interviewer seems bored or cold while you're answering a question, all is not lost  如果面试官在你回答一个问题的时候看上去很不耐烦冷冰冰的,你还没有失去一切  Stop and ask if your answer is going in the direction they're looking . That way, you can avoid talking about the wrong things and begin talking about the right things  停下来然后询问你的回答是否是他们想要的这样你可以避免在错误的上越走越远,并重新回到正确的一边  Maybe you misunderstood the question. Or maybe the question wasn't phrased clearly. That doesn't mean you have to struggle--just ask the interviewer some clarification  也许你误解了这个问题,或者这个问题没有问得很清楚这不意味着你要苦思冥想--直接让面试官做个进一步的说明就行了  If you still feel like the interview is going poorly, ask if the interviewer has any concerns or questions regarding you as a candidate. That way, you can respond to any worries directly  如果你仍然然感觉面试不太顺利,问问面试官对于你应聘这个职位有什么顾虑或者疑问,这样你可以直接对这些担忧做出回应  The key point to remember: If an interviewer is getting bored or appears distracted, cut your answer short and get some feedback  要记住的关键问题:如果一位面试官看上去很不耐烦或者很无聊,你要赶快长话短说然后寻求一些反馈  Flattery Will Get You Everywhere  拍拍马屁会让你心想事成  Everyone likes to feel good about themselves. Even interviewers  所有人都是自我感觉良好,即便是面试官也是如此  So to put an interviewer in a better mood, offer a compliment  所以,给面试官一个好心情,说点称赞的话  Say a nice word or two about the company, the office's location, the view from the window -- something that will make the interviewer feel good. Paying a compliment also indicates you are a positive person, an attitude many hiring managers seek in candidates  对面试的公司说一两句好话,比如办公地址很好啦,从窗子往外看风景不错啦,说说这些会让面试官感觉很好称赞的同时也暗示出你是一个积极的人,这是很多面试官希望从求职者身上看到的品质  Giving a compliment about the company is especially useful, since it will offer you a chance to show that you did research on the company bee the interview, proving you're well prepared  赞美公司特别有用,因为这给了你一个展示的机会表明你在面试前对公司做了些研究,说明你对面试准备得很好  A note of caution: Your compliments should not be too numerous, too obvious or too personal. If you suddenly begin gushing about how GREAT the interviewer's haircut is, the interviewer will see right through your charade. Better to keep your compliment simple and safe, such as saying how friendly everyone seems to be  提醒:你的赞美不能太多、太明显或者太私人如果你突然大谈特谈面试官的发型多么好,面试官马上就能看穿你的小心思赞美的话最好说的简单安全,比如说,这里的每一个人看上去都很亲切和善  You May Not Be the Problem  也许问题不在你  If you feel like you've done everything possible to succeed in your interview but you're still getting the cold shoulder, then follow this advice: Just do your best and move on  如果你觉得自己在面试中尽了一切努力却仍然得到轻视,听从这个建议:尽力表现继续前进  Perhaps the interviewer fought with his or her spouse that morning, or perhaps the interviewer is sick. Or perhaps, no reason, the interviewer is just in a foul mood  也许面试官今天早晨和另一半吵架了,或者面试官生病了甚至可能什么原因都没有,面试官今天就是心情不好  There are innumerable reasons why an interviewer may have been in a bad mood ... many of which have nothing to do with you. Interviewers are people too and everyone has bad days  面试官可能心情不好的原因有千千万,其中一些和你根本没关系面试官也是人,是人就有不太顺的时候  So remember to trust yourself and not let it get you down. Just do the best you can and try not to worry about things you can't control  所以,要记得相信自己,别让这些状况打击到你你要做的就是尽自己的全力去表现,不要担心那些你不能控制的事情。

  Best costume design。

It never occurred to Chen Ruoyi that she would end up being a fashion icon on the internet.。

The singerrsquo;s predilection lavishly kinky story-songs earned him the nickname, His Royal Badness. He is also known as the ;Purple One; because of his colorful fashions.。