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Death just isn't what it used to be. Once a month, followers attend mass at the Santa Muerte Shrine and pray to the so-called Death Saint, often depicted as a skeleton dressed in a black cloak and carrying a scythe, or in a long flowing white gown. Santa Muerte is one of several unofficial folk saints, most commonly worshipped by the poor in Mexico. Reportedly, a growing number of immigrants who come to the U.S. are bringing the practice of Santa Muerte with them. The skeletal symbol, representing death, is most commonly associated with the feast of the Day of the Dead, held each year on November 2nd. Rodrigo Lemus, a follower of Santa Muerte, built the shrine in her honor. Every year, I bring Saint Death mariachi(一种墨西哥的音乐表演形式), and every 22nd of every month, she has her Mass. The Catholic Church does not recognize the group and condemns Santa Muerte, linking it to black magic, devil worshipping and cults(宗教崇拜).It's said that they’re bishops, priests in masses. But they are not part of the Roman Catholic Church. You could say that they’re false Catholics. Mexican authorities have reportedly linked the worship of the Saint to various criminal activities. Devotees say the saint is not bad, but like any other official Catholic saint. We also have marriages, baptisms and all of that. Often we perform these services because the Roman Catholics won't for lots of reasons, one of them, because we are devoted to Saint Death. In downtown Guadalajara , a few blocks away from the Roman Catholic Cathedral, is the corona market where shoppers can buy Santa Muerte artifacts such as candles , books and figures. People are devoted to her. They believe she is a Saint, and maybe she is. But more than anything it's their faith and devotion that moves them to buy these kinds of products. However, the Catholic Church remains unmoved. Many times, people are looking for magic answers, and well, they won't find that in Catholic Church, but they think they'll find that in Saint Death.200812/59674。

China中国Off the rails?脱轨?High-speed trains might be forced to go a little more slowly 高铁可能被迫开慢一点Mar 31st 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition CHINA’s high-speed rail network is probably the world’s most ambitious public-works project, a 21st-century equivalent of America’s Interstate highway system. Officials crow at each new speed milestone and each dramatic reduction in intercity-travel times. But after the disgrace and sacking of the railways minister and a series of other corruption investigations, the construction of the system itself may be shunted onto the slow track.中国的高速铁路网可能是世界上最雄心勃勃的公共工程项目: 21世纪中国版的‘美国州际公路’。官员们对每一个新的速度里程碑和每一次城市间交通时间大幅减少而洋洋自得。铁道部部长的丑闻和撤职被曝光以及一系列其他的腐败调查之后,该系统自身的建设或许要减慢下来。In 2008 China had only 649km of high-speed railway. It now has nearly 8,400km, four times as much as the next-largest network (Japan’s). The total will approach 19,000km by 2014, according to analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank (see map). That would be ten times as extensive as Japan’s. China is also adding copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight. Estimates for the bill range from 0 billion to 0 billion in today’s money—comparable to America’s interstate system, which cost over 0 billion in 2006 dollars. 2008年中国高铁里程仅为649千米,现已建成近8400千米高速铁路网,是排名其后的日本的四倍。根据瑞银分析指出,2014年中国高铁总里程将达19000千米(见地图)。那将是日本现在里程数的10倍之多。中国还给传统的轨道和升级了的线路增加了充裕的资金,大部分为货运做准备。用现今汇率计算,估计开的范围在五千三百亿美元至七千五百亿美元之间---可与美国州际公路系统相媲美,其用2006年的钱来算花费了4000多亿美元。201107/145947。

英国内阁日前爆出"报销门"丑闻,《每日电讯报》率先披露13名内阁成员涉嫌利用议员身份,骗取额外补贴。"骗补"人数大约占内阁成员一半,其中包括现任首相戈登·布朗。然而随着事件的深入调查,英国民众发现,涉嫌滥用公款的并不止这13人,"报销门"已经迅速扩散至整个工党内阁。此事在英国社会掀起轩然,势必令民望下滑的执政工党政府再面临舆论压力。 Pakistan says it will leave a curfew in the Swat Valley on Sunday to allow civilians to leave the area. The army is mounting an offensive against Taliban militants. ed Nations says more than half a million have fled their homes but many are trapped in the area and can not escape.New President of South Africa Jacob Zuma has warned that the country can not escape the global recession and faces difficult economic times ahead. He was speaking after being swore in as the fourth president of the South Africa since the end of the protest.Two Labor MPs have said they are considering taking legal action against the Daily Telegraph, the publishing in accurate details about their expenses claimed. The newspaper says Margaret Moran claimed money for a second home that was not in London or her loot contingency. And the Immigration Minister Phil Woola was reimbursed for women's clothing and nappies, both were denied any wrong doing. 05/69413。

A resurgent Republican Party is basking in the afterglow of its best midterm electoral showing in 16 years. Republicans scored a huge majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, pared the Democratic majority in the Senate, and captured a slew of governorships across the nation.美国共和党16年来最好的一次中期选举结果让他们备受鼓舞。共和党在众议院以巨大优势赢得多数,削弱了民主党在参议院的多数派势力,并夺取了全国各地大量的州长职位。Two years after American voters gave Democrats the White House and the party's biggest legislative majorities in a generation, they forcefully reversed course and handed a significant chunk of power back to Republicans. With the nation mired in economic doldrums, high unemployment, and soaring national debt, an angry and anxious electorate dealt Democrats a stern rebuke.两年前,美国选民一手帮助民主党人入主白宫,并使他们获得20多年以来在立法机构中多数党优势最为显著的一次胜利。如今他们奋力扭转了这一格局,把相当大的一部分权力重新交回共和党人手中。随着全国经济陷入低迷、失业率居高不下以及国债不断飙升,愤怒和焦虑的选民们对民主党人给予严苛的责难。House Republican Leader John Boehner is expected to become the chamber's next speaker -- and the man President Barack Obama will have to work with to get legislation passed beginning next year. Addressing jubilant supporters, Boehner took stock of America's new governing reality. 众议院共和党领袖纳预期将成为众议院下一任议长,也是奥巴马总统自明年伊始推动立法通过时不得不与之合作的人物。纳在对欢欣鼓舞的持者们发表讲话时,审视了美国新的执政现实。"While our new majority will serve as your voice in our people's house, we must remember, it's the president who sets the agenda for our government," Boehner said. "The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is, 'change course.'"纳说:“在属于全美国人民的众议院中,我们作为新的多数派将代表你们的声音。同时,我们也必须铭记,设定政府议程的人是总统。全美国人民今晚已经向他发出了明确无误的讯息。这个讯息就是:改变现有的政策方向。”Republicans will have a commanding House majority of well over 40 seats.共和党人将在众议院掌握远远超过40个席位的绝对优势。201011/117294。

G-7 Nations Agree on Financial Action Plan七国财长行长制定稳定金融计划 Finance ministers and central bank governors from seven major industrial economies met Friday in Washington and agreed on a five-point plan to stabilize global financial markets that this week experienced their biggest declines in 30 years.来自7个主要工业化国家的财政部长和中央行长星期五在华盛顿开会,同意采取一个五点计划,稳定全球金融市场。本星期,国际金融市场经历了30年来的最大的股市暴跌。The top officials from Europe, North America and Japan agreed on joint action to stabilize markets and restore confidence. Saying that the current situation requires urgent action, they pledged cooperation on measures to unfreeze credit and get banks to lend to one another. 来自欧洲、北美和日本的高级官员同意联合采取行动,稳定市场,恢复投资者的信心。他们表示,目前的形势需要立即采取行动。他们保合作,采取措施解冻信贷,让能够互相贷款。They promised to use all the tools at their disposal to prevent the failure of banks and institutions that could destabilize the global system. They will increase deposit insurance so that savers have confidence that their money is safe. And finally, they pledged action to make sure that money continues to be available for home purchases. 各国金融官员许诺,使用所有可以使用的工具,防止和金融机构倒闭,防止进一步破坏全球金融体系的稳定。各国将增加对储蓄的保险,让储户保持信心,知道自己的存款是安全的。最后,各国官员还保采取行动,确保提供资金给那些买房子的人。The seven participating countries are the ed States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. 7个与会国家是美国、日本、英国、德国、法国、意大利和加拿大。The daylong meeting at the US Treasury was attended not only by finance ministers but also by the heads of central banks, including the European Central Bank, responsible for the 15 countries using the euro currency.这次为期一天的会议是在美国财政部举行的。除了各国财长,7国的中央行长,包括欧洲中央的行长也出席了会议。欧洲央行的职权含盖15个使用欧元的国家。"What stood out to me was that everybody said the same thing. Here are the issues we've got to deal with. Let's learn from each other and let's stay in communication. Let's go about developing these measures as soon as we can," said Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, who chaired the meeting.美国财长保尔森主持了会议,他说:“我印象最深的是,大家都在谈同一件事情。这就是我们必须面对的问题。让我们互相学习,保持交流。让我们尽快制定措施吧。”The Group of Seven meeting capped a week in which global stock markets suffered losses of 15 to 18 percent. It was the worst week for markets in 30 years with no region of the world immune from the financial panic associated with the freezing up of normal credit operations. 7国集团的会议召开前,一个星期来,全球股市暴跌百分之15到18。这是30年来股市最糟的一个星期。全球没有一个地区能避免金融惊恐的影响。金融惊恐的原因是正常信贷活动的冻结。Paulson said he expects continued market volatility but he is confident that stability will be restored. "Never have all of us been more dependent on the others and more connected. This is truly a global marketplace. It is truly a global economy. Growth in any area helps all of us, weakness anywhere hurts all of us."保尔森说,他预期市场会继续动荡,但是他有信心恢复稳定。他说:“我们大家从来没有象现在这样互相依赖。从来没有象现在这样联系密切。这实在是一个全球市场。实在是一个全球经济。任何地区的增长都对大家有帮助,任何地区的经济疲软都会伤害大家。”Paulson conceded that credit markets are still clogged and that more action is required. "We've got more to do in the liquidity area. It is the pressing, short-term issue that we're facing," he said.保尔森透露,信贷市场仍然冻结,需要采取更多行动。他说,“在现金流动领域,我们必须作更多事情。我们面临的是紧迫的短期问题。”On Saturday a broader group of finance officials, not only from these seven industrial democracies but also from Russia, China, India and other developing countries meet to discuss the global financial crisis. There will also be a meeting with President Bush.星期六,将举行一个范围更大的金融官员会议。不但7个工业化民主国家的官员,俄罗斯、中国、印度和其他发展中国家的金融官员也参加讨论全球金融危机。布什总统也会跟金融官员开会。200810/52605。

India Gives Pakistan More Details on Mumbai Attack印向巴提供更多孟买袭击案资料  India has given Pakistan new information about last year's terrorist siege of Mumbai. A Pakistani diplomat says the dossier will help move forward the investigation into the attack, which left dead more than 160 people at two hotels and other sites which were hit. 印度向巴基斯坦提供了有关去年孟买发生的恐怖分子攻击事件的新资料。巴基斯坦一位外交官说,这些档案资料将有助于推进对这次袭击事件的调查。当时,孟买两家酒店和其它地点遭到袭击,160多人丧生。India has begun handing over additional documentation requested by Pakistan related to last November's terrorist attack on Mumbai. Pakistan had asked India to reply to 30 specific questions after New Delhi gave Islamabad in January a dossier about the terrorists and their attack on India's commercial capital. That led to Pakistan acknowledging the attack was partly planned on its soil but said it needed additional answers. 应巴基斯坦的要求,印度又向巴方提供了一些跟去年11月孟买恐怖分子袭击有关的文件。新德里今年1月交给巴基斯坦一份有关恐怖分子和他们袭击印度商业首府孟买的文档,之后,巴基斯坦要求印度对30个具体问题做出答复。新德里交出那些文档后,巴基斯坦承认那次袭击有一部分是在巴基斯坦境内策划的,不过巴方表示,对一些问题需要进一步的解释。India's foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, says the answers are comprehensive and further information will be in Islamabad shortly. 印度外交部长慕克吉说,答复是多方面的,很快就会向伊斯兰堡提供进一步的信息。"The annexes, which contain the details of the information, which they sought for, runs through hundreds of pages," he said. "And they wanted it to have before the 16th [of March]. We'll be y to give it to them well before that." 印度内政部长奇丹巴拉姆说:“新提交的资料中含有巴方一直想要得到的有关信息的详细内容,这份新的资料全文有好几百页。巴方希望在3月16号之前拿到。我们会提前好几天交给他们。”India's home minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, says his government now expects Islamabad to move forward quickly with its investigation and hand over suspects to New Delhi for prosecution or carry out justice and punishment in Pakistan. 奇丹巴拉姆说,印度政府现在期盼伊斯兰堡的调查加快进度,把嫌疑人交给新德里起诉,或者在巴基斯坦进行审判和惩处。Pakistani high commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, confirms receipt of the requested answers. 巴基斯坦驻印度高级专员沙希德.马利克实收到了印方要求做出进一步答复的意见。"It would be helpful to us in carrying forward the investigations that are under way in Pakistan," he said. 马利克说:“这对推动我们目前在巴基斯坦进行的调查有帮助。”Indian media reports say the materials include recording of telephone conversations between the attackers and their handlers, as well as forensic materials, such as DNA samples and fingerprints. 印度媒体报导,这些材料包括袭击者跟协调者之间的电话录音,以及DNA样本和指纹等法医物。India blames the 60-hour attack on the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to have been created by Pakistani intelligence agencies to fight Indian rule in the divided Kashmir region. 印度认为,被取缔的恐怖组织虔城军制造了那次历时60小时的袭击,虔城军据信由巴基斯坦情报部门建立,以反抗印度在实行分治的克什米尔地区的统治。Ten heavily-armed gunmen, who India has identified as Pakistani nationals, went on a 60-hour rampage in Mumbai, laying siege to a pair of luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a major railway station. 十名全副武装的武装分子在孟买实施了60小时的暴行,他们袭击了两家豪华酒店,一家犹太教中心和一处主要的火车站。印度查明这十名袭击者都是巴基斯坦人。Indian commandos killed nine attackers. The man identified as the lone surviving terrorist is in custody and has been charged by Indian authorities. 印度突击队员打死了9名袭击者。经认定唯一还活着的这名袭击者目前被关押,并且已经受到印度有关当局的指控。03/64553。

奥巴马19日在弗吉尼亚州费尔法克斯市乔治·梅森大学发表时长20分钟的演讲,为推动众议院通过医改法案争取公众持。 Obama rallies for health care reformUS President, Barack Obama, has been at Capitol Hill for a final push on health care reform as Democrats in the House of Representatives try to nail down the votes needed to pass the overhaul. The roll call is scheduled for Sunday. Seizing the opportunity, Obama reiterated his appeal Let's get it done. The political battle over health care reform has consumed the US Congress for more than 9 months. The overhaul has also become President Obama's top domestic priority. 201003/99322。

Trader: First quarter to be flat One trader predicts an unexceptional start to , but that's actually a positive indicator for the future.What’s the first full trading week in and as the Wall Street proverb goes “as goes January, so goes the year”. Is it true? Let’s bring in Bob Laccino. He is a senior market strategist in Regan global capital, joining us now from Chicago. Thanks for being with us CNNMoney. I appreciate it Bob.Anytime.What’s your overall sentiment? What are you hearing from the floor right now? But a nice rally at the end of last week? Is this a good indicator for the first quarter or at least this year?I think it is a little presumptive to say that the entire first quarter will follow this few days or last few days of last year ,but it's definitely positive. I mean most of the traders I am talking to are coming in with sort of renewed sense giving distinct assault alongside, may be taking smaller positions that they wouldn’t be in previous January but you know after it is repeated over and over again, the worst year since 1931. I know a very few people that think this year is going to be as bad. I mean you are coming from a very very low bottom. so I think there is some positive outlooks and some positive sentiment that is going to the month and I think January could finish strong overall.Give me your predictions for the first quarter of this year just how much of a boost we might see from the market at the first three months. What are they gonna look like?I think we are gonna see a flat quarter. I don’t think we are gonna see a warner 2 percent gain or a warner 2 percent loss. I think the market is absorbing and digesting bad news. I think most market pro-testaments believe that the largest bad news is out of the way. We might have some small objects here and there. But I think we are going to see a flat first quarter. I think that gonna be positive once again given it is negative as we have been. Flat will be a really really small victory but a victory not the last.President-elect Barack Obama is unveiling today the first part of his proposed stimulus plan on a docket of nearlly 300 billion dollars in tax cuts major investment in renewable energy , and ener nations , infrastructure, the early reaction to that. What are you hearing?Oh, positive. It is a larger package that was once expected on the tax cut side. I think after the election, president-elect even bat off a little bit on potentially doing the tax cut. This is reinforcement that they are still committed to that. That’s… there are some people who don’t agree with those economic policies but this really a cater to those people who believe in the renewable energy so traders overall have very positive effect on that. And we are hoping that kind of things brings Mamp;A activity back in the forefront starting with the small and medium sized companies. That’s really the big key for the first and second quarters getting that activity going again.And of course, Mamp;A activity is really important across the border especially for the financial big business. For them, of course. And then on Friday we get that unemployment December jobs reported. They are that we know the total job losses for 2008. Most people think that’s going to top 2 million. How much will this playing? Are traders aly pressing major job losses into the market at this point? Well, they did, they are… If you gonna take a positive art of such a negative thing 2 million jobs lost last year the estimate. I think the positive is that people are expecting it to be bad whenever you have such a negative sentiment. The reason that those negative sentiment indicators work is because as negative it is very hard to surprise to the downside. Whenever one thinks the ultimate downside, the number that is going to come in. You generally get upside surprise .so believe it or not, i think Friday could provide a little bit of bullish blush to the equity markets.Alright, we leave there. Thanks Bob for joining us. I appreciate it.01/60736。