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  • Rice, one of the world#39;s most important staple foods sustaining more than half of the global population, was first domesticated in China about 10,000 years ago, a new study suggested last Monday.水稻,是全世界最重要的主食之一,养活了全球一半以上的人口。据上周一的一项最新研究显示,它首次被驯化是在10000年前的中国。;Such an age for the beginnings of rice cultivation and domestication would agree with the parallel beginnings of agriculture in other regions of the world during a period of profound environmental change when the Pleistocene was transitioning into the Holocene,; Lu Houyuan, professor of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who led the study, said.中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所的吕厚远教授领导了这项研究,他表示:“水稻种植与驯化如此早的时间,与世界上其他地区主要农作物开始驯化的时间基本同步,在这段时期内,更新世向全新世过渡,环境发生了显著的变化。”The research, published in the U.S. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was done in collaboration with Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Relics and Archaeology and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.这项研究由浙江省文物考古研究所、中科院地理科学与自然资源研究所合作完成,发表在美国《国家科学院学报》上。Questions surrounding the origin and domestication of rice have led to a lot of debate in the last decade.关于水稻的起源和驯化问题,在过去的十年间发生了诸多争论。Rice remains have previously been recovered from the Shangshan site in the Lower Yangtze of China and recognized as the earliest examples of rice cultivation.此前,水稻化石在中国长江中下游上山遗址被提取到,被认为是水稻种植最古老的例子。However, the age of the rice fossils was derived through radiocarbon dating of organic matter in pottery shards, which can be contaminated with older carbon sources, Lu said.但是据吕教授介绍,对其年代的判断多来自从陶片中提取有机物的放射性碳测年结果,这类材料容易受古老的碳源的污染。To constrain the age of the phytoliths, the researchers developed new ways of isolating rice phytoliths from carbon sources, such as clays and carbonate, and dated the samples directly using radiocarbon dating. It turned out that phytoliths retrieved from the early stage of the Shangshan site are about 9,400 years old.为了限制植物岩的年龄,研究人员开发了一种新的方法,将水稻的植物岩从碳源--例如粘土和碳酸盐--中分离出来,并直接使用放射性碳测定年代来测定样品。结果显示,从上山遗址早期提取的植物岩约有9400年的历史。Further studies showed that approximately 36 percent of rice phytoliths at Shangshan had more than nine fish-scale decorations, less than the approximately 67 percent counted from modern domesticated rice, but larger than the approximately 17 percent found in modern wild rice.进一步的研究表明,上山遗址大约36%的水稻植物岩有超过九条鱼鳞斑装饰,将近67%的水稻植物岩含有现代驯化水稻,比现代野生稻子中的17%的比例要高。That means that rice domestication may have begun at Shangshan at about 10,000 years ago during the beginning of the Holocene, when taking into account the distance between phytolith samples and the lowest bottom of cultural strata of the site as well as a slow rate of rice domestication, Lu said.吕厚远表示,考虑到上山遗址早期植物岩的样本离最下部地层底部的距离以及水稻缓慢驯化的速率,这意味着,水稻开始在上山遗址驯化的年代应该大致在距今约1万年前的全新世开始时期。The time coincided with the domestication of wheat in the Near East and maize in northern South America, both of which are also believed to have occurred at about 10,000 years ago, when the global climate experienced dramatic changes from cold glacial to warm interglacial.这个时间与中东的小麦、中美洲的玉米开始驯化的时间基本同步,它们都发生在约10000年前,当时全球气发生显著变化,从寒冷的冰川过渡到了暖湿的间冰期。 /201706/513135。
  • Now science books will tell you that when you meet a bear in the woods you should avoid eye contact, retreat slowly and if it attacks you play dead, but that#39;s if your avoiding a confrontation, if you wanna bring it to the bear you need to wind him up first, so nick his salmon and run away a bit or just insult his mum. 现在;科学;将给你权威的解答,当你在森林里遇到一头熊的时候,你应该避免接触眼睛。如果它准备攻击你,将你慢慢玩死,你的选择就是撤退。但如果你避免对抗,如果你想和熊打一架,你就需要先挑衅它,最好的方法是拿着它的鲑鱼食物开跑或者干脆侮辱它的妈妈。 If you see a bear at feeding time its gonna be hungry, hungry means angry, best not to go hand to hand in this situation far better to run him down with a truck. If you don#39;t have a truck your gonna have to go toe to toe, best thing to do is go mental, imagine its a life and death situation, like if you were being attacked by a bear, kick him in the balls, clothesline him, or do his face in with a crow bar. You probably gonna get some back, so keep your guard up, at the end of the day its who wants it more. 如果你看到一只熊饥饿难耐,那你就处境不妙了。饥饿意味着暴躁,在这种情况下最好不要手把手的和熊斗,更好的方式是用一辆卡车从它身上碾过去。如果你碰巧身边没有一辆卡车,你就得算计衡量孰轻孰重了。最好的办法就是心理暗示,想象现在是你的生死攸关时刻,你遭到一只熊袭击,该怎么办?踢它的蛋蛋,对它拳打脚踢甚至是用撬杠戳瞎它的双眼。你可以买一些回来,所以你要保持守势,毕竟在一天结束的时候谁都要想的多一点。You might need to fight dirty: 你也可能需要耍一些肮脏手段: Why not take his cubs hostage, and push them around a bit, this will leave him feeling lost and alone making it easier for you to deck him. enlist the help of other animals like a hawk to pluck out his eyes, a cobra to inject some venom, and a rhino to deliver a smack down. 你为什么不挟持它的幼崽作为人质呢?这可以让它心情沮丧与孤独,而你可以更容易地搞定它。向其它动物寻求帮助也是不错的选择,鹰会戳瞎它的眼睛,眼镜蛇可以使用毒液而犀牛的冲撞也绝对不是好惹的。Why not build a robot suit out of metal and stuff to level the odds? Then knock his teeth out. 为什么不制造一种全身金属的机器人呢?这样可以把它的牙齿打出来。If all else fails set him on fire- proving once and for all you#39;re king of the jungle. 即使所有的其他方法都失败也可以让它惹祸上身;;这明你就是丛林之王。Good luck fighting bears. 祝你战熊好运。词语解释:avoid v. 避免salmon n. 鲑鱼hostage n. 人质 Article/201111/162511。
  • 编者语:电子时代的80S,90S或许对情书没有什么概念,可是你是否知道,情书可是表情达意的好手段,在娟娟素纸上倾诉自己的满腔感情,是多么美好的一件事。这里就介绍些写情书的诀窍!How To Write A Love Letter如何写情书 The love letter is a wonderful way to express your feelings to your love and a handy way of avoiding the possibility of drying up while serenading them face to face. Videojug shows you how to open your heart through the power of the pen. Learn how to write a love letter that will impress that person you have always wanted.Step 1: Presentation布局谋篇 The letter should look as beautiful as your feelings - a note scrawled in biro on the back of a beer mat is not going to make your Bella go weak at the knees. Use decent paper in a neutral, soft colour such as cream or white, and write with classy black or brown ink - no blues, greens or reds! This is not a note for the milkman! If you're expressing grown-up feelings, write a grown-up letter. Make sure it's hand-written as well - nothing screams impersonal like typing. And there's little that's romantic about an email or a text..WARNING- if you send a love letter in a manila envelope, expect your relationship to end soonStep 2: Set the mood设置情感基调 If you're attempting to express your pent-up feelings through the medium of literature it is best to get yourself in a romantic mood before you begin. Writing to your sweetheart when busy, tired or drunk will probably not result in the masterpiece you were hoping for, so get yourself in the mood by lighting some candles and playing some soft, romantic music to stimulate the literary lover within.Step 3: Greetings开头 Choose an endearing and personal greeting to head your letter. Don't be formal - a 'dear sir / madam' will probably not set your sweetheart's pulse racing. Embellish upon the theme of your love's first name - for example 'To my beautiful Kate' or 'My dearest Kate'. Or you might nick a e from somewhere: 'my super dainty Kate' for instance, is nabbed from The Taming of The Shrew. There's a whole load of good stuff in the classics, so plagiarize away....Whatever you do, don't spell their name wrong - Shakespeare himself wouldn't be able to salvage that wreckage!Step 4: The Contents内容 Your love is your business, but if you're stuck for ideas the consider these: The main body of the letter could include all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. You could recall how you first met, or explain how you can't bear to be apart. You could list your sweetheart's qualities, or mention special moments the two of you have shared. This is not the place for casual jokes or dirty suggestions - the love letter is about the heart, not the loins.Step 5: Closing结束语End with something upbeat and romantic. 'Yours sincerely' or 'With regards' are not going to get your Love cooking on gas, and even just saying 'Love James' at the end shows a lack of effort. Put your back into it. You need a heartfelt, simple goodbye, for example 'Forever yours' or 'With all my heart'. Or something fancier and all la-di-dah, like 'You're the face that launched a thousand ships.'Don't worry about sounding soppy - you've come too far now to suddenly get concerned about showing your true feelings.Step 6: Sending It寄出 You might decide to include a special extra with the letter. Perfume it so it smells lovely when opened. You could add some dried rose petals, or maybe a sprinkle of those small stars you get from craft shops. Don't put anything too messy in however - a letter obscured by chocolate stains is unlikely to have the kind of impact you were hoping for. You could add a decorative stamp and affix it upside down - a custom that means 'I love you'. Remember, it's the little details that count. Now take a deep breath, make sure you mean what you're about to say, and send the letter to your loved one Article/201109/154450。
  • Okay, so you want to know how to get rid of fat quickly? We all want to get rid of that stubborn fat, especially the weight around our middle. Dan Roberts, personal trainer, offers some great tips on nutrition and exercise that can really help.你想知道如何如何快速减肥?我们都想知道。罗伯特·丹作为私人教练将会提供绝妙的建议。Method方法The three main factors that can affect weight loss are nutrition, training and weight loss. Unless you are an athlete or training for a competition, it is best to stay away from them and burn fat and build muscle naturally.三个影响体重的主要因素是:营养状况,锻炼和重量减轻。除非你是一名运动员,要为参见比赛而训练,这是最好的减肥方法。If you make a dramatic improvement in your diet within a week, you will see positive results within a week. Lower your sugar intake and move from high GI, quick releasing carbohydrates to low GI, slow releasing carbohydrates. Eating 5 or 6 small meals a day, rather than 2 to 3 large meals, will also help you lose weight and improve your energy levels.如果一周之内你能迅速改变饮食习惯,效果也会同样迅速。降低糖的摄入量,并快速释放碳水化合物以降低升糖指数,之后缓慢消耗碳水化合物。多餐少食,可以帮助你减肥,同时还能提高你的能量水平。The more you train and move your body, the more calories you will burn. Combine weight training with cardio training for maximum results.训练和运动越多,卡路里燃烧的就越多,再加上重力训练,一定能去的最好的结果。Thanks for watching How To Lose Fat Quickly谢谢收看本期快速减肥节目 /201208/195212。
  • In January, 1757, Louis XV is going to his carriage,1757年1月 路易十五要乘马车出行going down the steps,当他走下台阶之时and a certain individual called Damiensrushesup.一个名叫达米安的人忽地冲了出来And then he feels blood and he says,路易感觉到自己受了伤 于是大喊I#39;ve been hit. That#39;s the man that did it.我受伤了 那就是行凶者Damiens is immediately arrested,达米安即刻就被绳之于法tortured on his feet by the Chancellor,尽管路易十五并未授意用刑although Louis XV did not want him to be tortured,但法官还是用烙铁烫他的脚to see whether he had any accomplices,想逼问出他有没有同谋and whether the knife was, in fact, a poison knife,以及他刺伤国王的刀子是否淬了毒which is the great fear that they have at the time.因为当时人们非常惧怕毒伤As far as we can see, he seems to be a nobody.根据已掌握的史料 他只是个无名小卒He#39;s a Lee Harvey Oswald figure, if you like,你可以把他当做另一个李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德but what makes people suspicious is that he#39;s a ;Nobody;但令人怀疑的是 他这个;无名小卒;connected to some quite important ;Somebodies;.却与一些;位高权重;的人有关联He#39;s worked as a servant他是当时法国大法院中for a number of members of the Paris Parlement.很多位成员的仆人People are neverquitecertain人们一直没能搞明白whether he#39;s not part of a, sort of,达米安的袭击行动到底是不是wave of hostility towards Louis XV.法国社会反路易十五浪潮的一部分 Article/201205/182695。
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