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Almost 90 percent of Chinese users in an online survey complained the iPhone 5C, which Apple Inc launched on Sept 10 to target low-end users in countries such as China, is still too expensive and said they have no interest in the new gadget.某在线调查表明,近90%的中国用户对苹果公司于9月10日发布的针对中国市场低端用户的iphone 5C并不买账。中国用户仍然觉得iphone5C价格太高,对其并无兴趣。 Article/201309/256307。

Most winds from the Indian oceans...来自印度洋的潮湿季风sweep north towards the Himalayas.向北吹向喜马拉雅山As the air rises, so it cools and the water falls as snow.随着空气上升冷却水气变成雪降落The scene is set for one of nature most challenging migrations.这个地点是自然界最具挑战性的迁徙之一Each year, thousands of demoiselle cranes try to escape the harsh winters in Mongolia,每年数千只蓑羽鹤试图躲避蒙古的严冬by flying south to the warmer climes of lndia.藉由向南飞向印度温暖之地To get there,想要到达那里they have to cross the highest mountain range on Earth,它们必须穿越地球上最高的山脊the Himalayas.喜马拉雅山As the sun heats these great slopes,当太阳晒热这些巨大的斜坡 warm air rises from the valleys,温热的气流从峡谷升起旋转turning, by late morning, to ferocious winds.到上午晚些时候转变成烈风 Article/201409/328913。

The Shang Dynasty had seen the growth of China#39;s first large cities.公元前一千五百年左右,商朝建立,它建立起中国第一批大型城市。Their last capital, at Anyang on the Yellow River in north China, covered an area of 30 square kilometres and had a population of 120,000-at the time it must have been one of the largest cities in the world.这一朝代的最后一个首都位于中国北方黄河流域的安阳,占地三十平方公里,人口超过一点二万,在当时必定是世界上最大的城市之一。Life in Shang cities was highly regulated, with 12-month calendars, decimal measurement, conscription and centralised taxes.在商代,城市生活已十分规律,有将一年划分为十二个月的历法、十进制的度量衡单位、兵役制度以及中央税收制度。As centres of wealth, the cities were also places of outstanding artistic production in ceramics and jade and, above all, in bronze, and all these skills continued to flourish after the Shang had been replaced by the victorious Zhou.城市既是财富中心,也是杰出艺术品如陶器、玉器,尤其是青铜器的制作中心。但在那时,约三千年前的地中海与太平洋地区,已有的社会都在坍塌,新势力将取而代之。Now making a bronze vessel like our gui bowl is an extraordinarily complicated business.这样的青铜器是最具代表性的中国古物之一,制作工艺极为繁复。First you need to mine and smelt the ores that contain both copper and tin, in order to make the bronze itself.先要将铜矿石与锡矿石熔化以制作青铜,再将青铜液倒进模具铸造。Then comes the casting, and here Chinese technology led the world.中国的青铜工艺世界领先。Our gui was not made as a single object, but as separate pieces cast in different moulds which were then joined together to make one complex and intricate work of art.这件簋并非一次成型,而是用不同的模具制作出不同的部位,再进行组合,最终成为复杂而精细的艺术品。The result is a vessel that at that date could have been made nowhere else in the world.这样的作品,当时世界上没有其他任何国家能够制作。 Article/201408/323097。

Australia is first with #39;massive#39; crowds to buy iPhone 6iPhone 6上架 澳洲店铺首先出现购买队伍长龙The eagerly awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus handsets are about to go on sale.万众瞩目的iPhone 6和iPhone 6plus手机即将面世。Apple stores in Australia were the first in the world to open their doors to the public.澳大利亚的苹果店首当其冲成为全球第一家开门营业销售iPhone 6系列产品的专卖店。A line of more than 1,400 people queued outside the flagship Sydney store.1400多人的队伍长龙守候在悉尼的旗舰店外。People brought camping chairs, blankets and whatever else was needed to make their stay along the pavement as comfortable as possible.人们带着露营椅,毯子和其他能让他们尽可能感到舒适的物品等候。Locals said the queue exceeded the one for last year#39;s launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.当地人表示这次大排长队超过了去年iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C推出时的购买人群。 Article/201409/329896。

Tablet throwdown: HP, Sony and Samsung CNNMoney#39;s Adrian Covert offers his take on tablets from HP, Sony and Samsung. He begins with the smallest, HP#39;s Slate 7.平板电脑潜力巨大,将在未来的移动商务,更多的应用入口,如视频、社交、游戏、网页浏览等中扮演重要角色。三星、Sony、惠普继续发力平板电脑市场!It#39;s kind of a confusing product.I mean, what HP wanted to do was come and offer a tablet that was cheaper and more affordable than everything else, which is a smart idea. But given like specs it has and what it is, it actually costs still a little too much money, for 30 dollars more, you can get a far nicer tablet from, you know, someone like Google with Nexus 7 or Amazon with Kindle Fire. And you know, it will last longer. It#39;s more expensive. So,I just, I don#39;t think that, you know, HP, you know, priced their device low enough for, you know, how it#39;s probably get under performing for what it#39;s gonna do.So the price point is the issue.Yeah.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, you checked that out as well? How was it?You know, it was nice.you know, It is fast and speedy. It has some interesting, you know, stylish features and, you know, works as remote control. And so, I think it#39;s, you know, sort of, you know, angle to compete with the iPad mini. And so, you know, price is still, you know, to be determined, we#39;ll see, you know, how much it costs. But if they can kneel, get it at a, you know, reasonable range toward the iPad mini is, they probably have a shot at, you know, competing with Apple in my regard.It#39;s a solid Samsung tablet that gonna go after the iPad mini. I know you personally have an issue with user interface. Tell me about it.Yeah. You know, I#39;m not the biggest fan of Samsung user interface, you know. Server B maybe the design will be more advanced, sophisticated but, you know, at the same time it#39;s not the worth of everything so..Yeah. Now let#39;s talk about the biggest, one of the bunch. It#39;s a 10-inch Xperia 7 tablet from Sony. How did it go?It was, it#39;s really nice. It#39;s probably the thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet on the market. And when you pick it up, you immediately notice it.you know, one of the issues is when you have a tablet that kinda light, sometimes it#39;ll feel cheap. But in this case, like the materials, everything was really beautiful about it and it worked well. And you know, it doesn#39;t quite, you know, have the most powerful enough today components. But they are good enough to wear, you know. You are probably not gonna tell the difference between disks player and retina display which is better, but you know, only marginally so. And so, you know, it#39;s a little bit high price starts with 500 dollars for a 16-year you can buy a tablet which is as same as, you know, the iPad 4. So, I mean, it#39;s a little bit high price, but at the same time, it#39;s so thin, so light and it#39;s also water-proof which is really cool.Wow.Yeah.Water-proof, beautiful thing. It worked well. And this is a Sony product. Right? Is this gonna be part of turnaround for the company?I mean, it can be.Sony#39;s always made really great hardware and so, you know, and this is, you know, in that tradition, you know, their software, you know, is, it#39;s, you know, their costume eye#39;s not as good as stuck-in rays. So that might be a point of contention for some people. But, yeah, I mean, it#39;s definitely another great piece of hardware from Sony. /201303/229041。