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繁忙的星期天(A busy Sunday) -- 19::51 来源: 繁忙的星期天(A busy Sunday)  Hi, I'm Shao Ying. I'm going to have a busy Sunday.  In the morning, I'm going to the zoo by bike. I want to see the monkeys. Then , I'm going to the bookstore. I'm going to buy a new English book. In the afternoon, I'm going to visit my grandparents with my mom.  It is far, so we are going by bus. In the evening, we are going to watch TV together.  How about you?

Save Water --19 :: 来源: Water is very important us. We must drink water everyday. We can’t live without water. Water is everywhere around us. At home, we use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to cook rice, to clean the flat, to have showers, to make drinks, to clean our teeth, to have a bath and so on. At work, people use water to put out fires, to grow vegetables, to make things in factories and so on. We also can swim in the sea. Water is important us, isn’t it?   A poem:   Water has no taste at all.   Water has no color.   Water’s in the waterfall.   The pump.   The tap.   The well.   Water is everywhere around us.   Water is in the rain.   In the stream.   In the pond.   And in the river.   And in the sea again.   There isn’t much water on the earth. we must to save it. It is not inexhaustible.   It is very valuable.

寒假英语日记作文 寒假一天 -- :: 来源: Things Happened in Spring Festival Today, I went shopping with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a rare occasion because we hardly only get together few times in a year as a big family. On the way to the shopping mall, we watched the lion dance. Overall, we had an ungettable day.

小学英语作文:My Favorite Season -- :39:56 来源: 小学英语作文:My Favorite SeasonAmong the four seasons in the year,i like spring best.一年四季中,我最喜欢春天As the old saying goes,a year's plan starts with spring.In spring, everything is new and fresh. The plants start to sprout,grasses turn green,and flowevers begin to burst into bloom.What a beautiful view! It rains sometimes in spring,and it makes the air fresh. 古语说,一年之计在于春春天,一切都是新的,新鲜的树木开始发芽了,草儿变绿了,花儿开始绽放了,多么美丽的景象啊!春天,有时候会下雨,空气变得新鲜了!I think,spring brings hope to people. Everything will revive in spring.我觉得,春天给人们带来了希望,所有一切都在春天复苏了

《大话西游经典台词 -- 3:18: 来源:kekenet lt;十一gt;《大话西游1.你想要啊?你想要就说吧,你不说我怎么知道你想要呢? You want? Speak up if you want! Why do you keep silent?   .你又在吓我 You scare me again.3.莫非是一家黑店? Is this a slaughter house?.长夜漫漫,无心睡眠It\'s a long night, no mood to sleep.5.如果不能跟我喜欢的人在一起,就算让我做玉皇大帝我也不会开心If I can\'t be with the one who I love, I won\'t be happy even if I were Heaven Emperor.6.要不要我把心掏出来给你看看啊?Should I show you my heart?  7.可惜快乐永远都是短暂的,换来的只是无穷无尽的痛苦和长叹 But happiness is always a flash of time. We only haveendless pain.8.有一天当你发觉你爱上一个让你讨厌的人,这段感情才是最要命的 When you discover that you’ve fallen in love with a man you hate, this affair is really hurting you.9.可我怎会爱上一个我讨厌的人呢?请你给我一个理由好不好?拜托! But how can I fall in love with a person I hate? Please give me a reason, please!.爱一个人需要理由吗?不需要吗?需要吗?We don\'t need any reason to love a person. Don\'t we? Do we?.你有多少兄弟?你父母尚在吗?你说句话啊!我只是想在临死之 前多交一个朋友而已. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Are your parents alive? Speak up! I just want to make a new friend when I\'m going to die.  .所以说做妖就像做人一样,要有仁慈的心,有了仁慈的心,就不再是 妖,是人妖. Being a devil is the same as being a human. We should be kind. If we are kind, we are not a devil, we are a hybrid..爱一个人是痛苦的 Love means pain..这样的话只是得到我的肉体,并不能得到我的灵魂 You can just get my body instead of my spirit..曾经有一段真挚的爱情摆在我的面前,我却没有珍惜,直到失去才追悔莫及.人世间最大的痛苦莫过于此.如果上天再给我一次机会的话,我一定会对那女孩说三个字:我爱你.如果非要在这段爱情前加个期限的话,我希望是一万年. I have had my best love bee, but I didn’t treasure her. When I lost her, I fell regretful. It is the most painful matter in this world. If God can give me another chance, I will say 3 words to her --- I love you. If you have to give a time limit to this love, I hope it is thousand years. 大话西游 经典台词

:花木兰从军 -- :5:39 来源: :花木兰从军很久以前,华夏大地发生了一场战争民众们想把原本属于自己的土地夺回,但是国王不允许,他觉得这很荒唐,但是战争还是爆发了于是国王决定招兵买马花木兰年迈病弱的父亲意外被选中,知道父亲不能胜任这个使命,木兰决定女扮男装代父从军  Aside(旁白):  Long time ago, there was a war in China. The natives wanted to get the land back, which had belonged to them bee. However, the king of the nation didn't allow such a ridiculous thing, and the war finally broke. Untunately, the odds were against China. So the king decide to recruit soldiers.  Unexpectedly, Mulan's father, who was old and weak, was chosen. Know that her father was not equal to the mission, Mulan decided to dress herself as a man to join the army instead of her fater.  During the time in the army, she became acquainted wiht the captain, Li Shang, and she was deeply moved by his care her. After they won th ewar, she told the truth frankly to him, and Li Shang asked the king to spare her life disguising herself as a soldier.  In time, they fell in love with each other, got married and lived happily hereafter.  Scene I  Narrator:  Long time age, ther was a war in China.....  德首:  Get out. The land doesn't belong to you.  土酋:  Your land?......Hey , he says this is his land.  土酋:  We just get our land back.  德首:  Go to hell, you barbarians.  土酋:  Attack!  德首:  Fire! Kill them all.  德首:  Just wait and see. My son, Li Shang, will revenge himeself on you.  路人甲:  Your majesty, we are losing. What can we do?  陛下:  Even if the odds are against us, we must keep going on. Now, what we can do is recruit soldiers.  使者:  Pat.......Ouch, what are you doing? Are you Pat?  Pat:  Yes.  使者:  O.K. I am the messenger from our great general, Li Shang. This letter is confidential. Please it carefully.  Mulan:  What's up? Daddy, you look so pale,  Pat:  Nothing....  Mulan:  Look!  Pat:  What......  Mulan:  My father is dying. My brother is too young. What can I do? 5 :花木兰从军

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