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Be a better housekeeper without wearing yourself out by using these smart strategies to keep a cleaner home.使用下面这些精明的策略,不需精疲力尽,你就可以保持清洁的家居环境,成为更优秀的家务能手。You Will Need你需要Cleaning schedule清洁时间安排Supply cart or caddy手推车或盒子Storage systems存储系统Task delegation任务分派Relaxation of criteria放松标准Prioritization of tasks任务优先次序Room checklists (optional)房间物品清单(可选)Old towels (optional)旧毛巾(可选)Expectations of children (optional)对孩子的期望(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Schedule chores1.安排杂务Schedule chores, dividing tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly categories to maintain order and cleanliness, and to avoid overwhelming tasks.把杂务细分为每一天,每一周,每个月,保持顺序和整洁,避免任务过于繁重。Create cleaning checklists for each room.为每个房间制定清洁清单。STEP 2 Use gravity2.严谨Use gravity to be a better housekeeper by cleaning from the top down and avoid cleaning fixtures, shelves and other surfaces more than once.要成为更好的家务能手,必须保持严谨的态度,从上到下清洁,避免家具,架子和其他平面重复清洁。Recycle old towels into cleaning rags.回收旧毛巾用作抹布。STEP 3 Be efficient3.高效Be efficient by keeping handy a supply cart or caddy that you can easily move from room to room, and seek out new time-saving cleaning tools and products.随手准备一辆手推车或盒子,可以轻便地从一个房间移动到另一个房间,也可以寻找新的节省时间的清洁工具和产品。STEP 4 Organize4.组织Organize your home with storage systems for everything from food to toys and make sure each family member puts things in their place.用存储系统来整理家中的食品和玩具等物品,确保每个家庭成员都把物品放在规定的地方。Establish the expectation that children put their things away before going to bed.期望孩子们在上床睡觉之前把物品放回原处。STEP 5 Delegate5.分派任务Delegate cleaning tasks to family members according to age and ability, making sure they understand how to complete a job.根据年龄和能力向家庭成员分派清洁任务,确保他们理解怎样完成任务。STEP 6 Relax6.放松Relax and avoid obsessing over perfection so that everyone in the household can pitch in without you re-cleaning what they#39;ve aly cleaned.放松标准,不要苛刻地要求完美,这样家中每个人都能积极参与,而不是重复清洁已经完成的工作。STEP 7 Prioritize7.优先排序Prioritize tasks in accordance with your time and energy, and you#39;ll not only become a better housekeeper by addressing the essentials, you#39;ll be a happier person with more time to spend doing what you love.根据时间和精力对任务进行优先排序,你不仅因为解决了必须完成的任务而成为家务能手,还会因为有更多时间做自己喜欢的事情而成为更快乐的人。A 2009 study showed that on an average day that same year, 85 percent of women and 67 percent of men spent time doing housework.2009年一项研究表明,同一年的每一天,平均85%的女性和67%的男性会花费时间做家务。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/330073

If you should weigh 12 stone and in fact weigh 16,若合理体重是12英石 但你却有16then your chances of death from a heart attack are 50% more.那你死于心脏病的几率会增加50%With overweight goes high blood pressure,超重还会导致高血压and that makes the heart work harder,使得心脏难以负荷and high fats in the blood itself,而血液中脂肪含量过高which makes it clot and cause thrombosis.会导致血液凝结 形成血栓But it#39;s not only how much we eat, but what we eat.除了关注吃多少 吃什么也很重要With the can and packet revolution随着罐头和独立包装的广泛运用has come an outstanding change in our fats.我们摄入的脂肪发生了质的改变What#39;s important are the问题的关键就是proportions of unsaturated and saturated fats.饱和与不饱和脂肪间的比例These farm animals are different from those of 50 years ago.这些家畜和50年前早已大相径庭Beef not only contains much more fat,牛肉里脂肪含量大大增加but it#39;s the saturated kind.而其属于饱和脂肪These huge quantities of hard大量此类脂肪酸酯fat are causing the epidemic of coronary disease.使冠心病盛行开来It would be another 20 years我们至少还需花上20年before the connection between heart disease才能准确明了地得出and the increased levels of saturated心脏病与日常饮食中fat in our diet could be graphically demonstrated.不断增长的饱和脂肪含量间的联系A lot of people think that obesity is a cosmetic issue,多数人觉得肥胖不过影响外表美观not fitting into a dress or something like that.顶多是穿不了漂亮的衣云云But it#39;s not.It lies at the heart其实这是一大批of a host of medical illnesses and diseases.医学疾病的核心问题This is serum from a healthy patient.这是从一名健康的患者身上提取的血清The blood has been spun to separate and take the red cells away.我们将红细胞从中分离出去A slightly yellow colour but quite clear.可以看到它呈浅黄色 但很清澈This is serum from a person who is clinically obese.这个则是临床诊断为肥胖症患者的血清样本It looks almost like milk, it#39;s so cloudy.看上去就像牛奶 很浑浊And what#39;s causing that is all the fat globules区别源自我们体内and the fat that is circulating in the blood around the body.在血液中循环往复的脂肪球与脂肪Not only does that cause a narrowing of the arteries,这不仅会导致动脉狭窄slowing the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen to the tissues.还会减缓血流量 阻碍其向组织供氧It actually causes damage and a secondary process这将会危害健康starts which leads to further damage to those blood vessels.进而对血管造成更大的危害 Article/201306/243997

As soon as it settles on the sea bed,这艘沉船一落在海床上the wreck comes under attack from invaders -就遭遇入侵者的攻击plankton, carried here by ocean currents.那就是海流带来的浮游生物These are the microscopic larvae of barnacles, sponges,这些是藤壶,海绵动物and, most importantly, corals.以及最重要的珊瑚的细小幼虫The larvae must attach themselves to the wreck.珊瑚幼虫必须附着在沉船上Once there, they can develop into young corals called polyps.它们就定位后 发育成称为珊瑚虫的年轻珊瑚But the polyps are very slow-growing,但珊瑚虫成长速度极为缓慢and there is lots of competition from other invaders.并且面临其他入侵者的激烈竞争Algae quickly cover the wreck,海藻迅速覆盖沉船and that#39;s a problem for the young coral.对年轻珊瑚造成问题Algae attract grazers.海藻会吸引食草动物The polyps are in danger of being eaten珊瑚虫在站稳脚步之前before they#39;ve even got a proper foothold.就可能被吃掉If conditions are right, the survivors can go on to build a reef.如果条件合适 幸存者就能继续建造珊瑚礁Position is critical.位置是关键因素Too deep, and not enough light will reach the corals for them to grow.太深的话 没有足够阳光让珊瑚成长Too shallow, and they risk being exposed to the air at low tide.太浅则可能在退潮时 暴露在空气中 Article/201310/260685



  Many did just that.Going on to become champions in their own field.许多人都这样做了,成为了他们各自的领域里的佼佼者。Sugar Ray Leonard is widely regarded as one of the best fighter of his generation,earning an impressive 6 world championship titles in 5 weight classes.;糖果;Ray Leonard是公认的同时代最棒的拳手,在5项量级中取得过6次世界冠军的骄人战绩。I#39;ve told people all over the world that Bruce Lee was one of my idols.Mainly because of his... of his mental stability, because of his fighting spirit because it was more... it was more mental than just physical.我对全世界的人都说过 李小龙是我崇拜的偶像之一,主要是因为他的... 他的意志 他的斗志,因为这更是... 更是意志力 而非体力。What#39;s more interesting is to meet people whom you would not imagine like Carlos Santana whom you would not think was a Bruce Lee#39;s fanatic.更有意思的是 像Carlos Santana那样的人,你根本就想象不到他会是龙迷。And he came to Hong Kong, the first thing he said was ;where is the Bruce Lee Memorial?I want to go and pay respect to the spirit of Bruce Lee;.他到香港后 说的第一句话竟然是;李小龙纪念馆在哪儿?我要去祭奠他的英灵;So it#39;s all pervasive and I have been counting it again and again during my world.Athletes, actors, artists and musicians all said Bruce Lee is an influence.他的影响无处不在 在我生活中也层出不穷了,运动员、演员、艺术家和音乐家们,都说李小龙是很有影响力的人物。So how did a skinny kid called Li Xiao Long rise from a backstreet of Hong Kong to become the global icon known as Bruce Lee?究竟李小龙是如何从一个香港小巷中的瘦小孩童成长为一个国际偶像?And why, 35 years after his death,is his popularity and influence stronger than ever?而且为什么在他去世35年后,他的影响力和知名度仍日趋渐长? Article/201401/272360

  Beijing municipality has passed an amendment on the city#39;s population and family planning.北京市通过了《北京市人口与计划生育条例修正案》。According to the amendment, Beijing couples can now have a second child if either of the parents is an only child. It also stipulates that a couple can only have a second child four years after having their first, or if the mother is older than 28 years old.该修正案规定,北京市夫妻一方为独生子女的,允许生育第二个子女。该修正案还规定,生育间隔四年,或者女方年龄不低于28周岁,允许生育第二个子女。An official of the Beijing minicipal Health and Family Planning Commission said on Friday that the policy would help boost the workforce and counter-balance a rapidly ageing population.北京市卫生和计划生育委员会的一名官员周五表示,这项政策将有助于增加劳动力和延缓人口迅速老龄化的问题。 Article/201402/277288

  小盐瓶的故事续集--餐馆篇历经艰辛万苦,赶走了竞争者,最后的结局很悲催,被拧折了脖子小盐瓶的故事续集--约会篇篇历经艰辛万苦,最后的结局依旧很悲催,被电脑差点砸死,也没约会小盐瓶的故事续集——面具篇白色的小盐瓶的主人每次都用黑色的,为了主人欢心,去裁缝店做了个黑面具,结果主人依旧坚持用黑色,最后无奈之下,白色的小盐瓶离家出走来到首饰店,被店员误以为打劫的结果是被误会的,stick#39;em up是口语举起手来的意思,而这字条里没有C,应该是店主看错stike这个单词了。猜想字条应该是写的:stike me up 把我夹(拿)起来,第一排最后一个e字恰巧被店主右手大拇指遮挡了,或者是小盐瓶忘记写那个e了。所以按下报警器后,小盐瓶感觉诧异,才反应过来又一次悲剧了....Sidekicks小盐瓶的故事-晚餐篇低钠盐一推出,小盐瓶瞬间失宠,再次离家出走......泪流满面当低盐食品端上桌的时候,小盐瓶落寞的背影,熙来攘往的街头,华丽得掉渣的背景音乐,真的,很有爱。但是我不理解,作为一个低盐食品的广告,其意图究竟是让不让我们去买低盐食品?不过我肯定,如果可以得到那个盐瓶,我一定会要。已经明白可爱的呆呆的让人怜爱不已的小盐瓶,永远无法摆脱自己的悲凉命运轨迹,但看到它每一次的挣扎,和挣扎之后的失望结局,还是让我们心碎得不行。Sweety,我们的大爱,让我们情何以堪?明明只是一个盐罐子,却让这么多人为你揪心。不得不承认,小盐瓶是DDB的伟大的经典的作品。 Article/201403/277629

  在这场在TED办公室录制的演讲中,能源理论学家艾默里·罗文斯列出了我们必须采取哪些手段,才能在石油被耗尽之前,摆脱世界范围内对石油的依赖。一些变化正在发生,比如轻型汽车和智慧型卡车。但这些改变,需要我们有更宽广的视角,才能达成。 Article/201401/272449




  Airline merger cleared for takeoff The U.S. government has approved a merger between American Airlines and US Airways. CNN#39;s Richard Quest explains.Now US Airways and American Airlines are free to merge after they reached a settlement with the US justice department, in August, the government, US government that is, filed an anti-trust suit against the airlines, it said the merger would restrict competition and drive up prices for consumers under hundreds of roofs. AMR and US Airways, but the two airlines involved, we’re determined to see this through?Now an agreement has been reached with the conditions the airlines are required to sell 104 slots at Washington’s Regan Airport, National Airport as it used to be called to those less owned many. Those slots will go to low cost carriers. If they hadn’t got rid of the slots at DCA, the airlines would have controlled 69% of take-off and landing slots at this crucial airport. Man, if you’ll be familiar with that left turn, as you’re about, it goes the right turn, now with everyone as you go out to land, and you go over the monuments.Other divestures required by the US government 34 slots at New York’s La Guardia, rights and gates at Boston Logan, Chicago’s O’Hare, Dallas Love Field, LAX, Los Angeles International and MIA Miami Airport. All of which the two carriers have to either give up slots, gates or rights. Now Tom Holden, the president and chief executive of American said in this statement, this agreement allows us to take the final steps in creating the new American Airlines, and he continued, there’s much more work ahead of us, but we’re energized by the challenge. /201311/265305

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