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赣州丽人整形激光去斑手术多少钱赣州市妇幼保健人民医院减肥瘦身多少钱My friend --19 ::5 来源: My good friend is Tommy. He is shorter and thinner than me. He’s good at basketball and he likes to eat meat. He likes to play games, too! He is very generous. And sometimes he shares some food with me and lends me some books. He is very strong. He lives in Xiangshan so he is good at swimming. He sometimes doesn’t do his homework after class so he has to do his homework in the evening. We are friends so I accompany him to do it. We get along well though we sometimes fight each other. We are a good pair of friends.赣州俪人整形医院光子脱毛手术多少钱 我有趣的母亲(My Interesting Mother) -- ::3 来源: 我有趣的母亲(My Interesting Mother)   climbing mountains  we had a seven-day holiday may day. so my family and i went to climb country mountain.we went there by my father's car. it took about an hour. it was long and dull.  at about nine o’clock, we began to climb the mountain. we enjoyed it and we didn't feel tired at all. we sang and chatted while we were climbing the mountain. when we got to the top of the mountain, we found ourselves sweating and out of breathe. we sat on the stones in the sunshine to have a rest. there were many pine trees around us. the grass was getting green; the wind was soft and fresh. everything was so beautiful that all of us couldn't help shouting to the mountain loudly, “we love nature!”盘点《模仿游戏 中经典英文台词 -- ::5 来源: 影片改编自安德鲁·霍奇斯编著的传记《艾伦·图灵传,讲述了计算机科学之父艾伦·图灵的传奇人生,故事主要聚焦于图灵协助盟军破译德国密码系统“英格玛”,从而扭转二战战局的经历在破译过程中,图灵则变成了负责人,招收了新的成员琼,由于她的帮助,所有组员空前的团结,并于两年后成功破解德军的密码图灵一度与琼订婚,但实际上他隐瞒了一个秘密——他实际上是同性恋,而他也遭受了非人的待遇……  精词句学起来:  1. I will not repeat myself.  我不会再说第二遍  . So unless one of you have an apron in your car, I suggest you file your reports and leave mealone.  所以,你们俩谁的车里有条围裙,否则,我建议你们还是带上你们的报告,赶紧走人吧!  3. Best of luck with your cyanide.  当心你的氰化物哦!  . Well, if you didn't want a pair of bobbies digging around in your personal affairs, that'dhave been a stellar way to make sure they don't.  如果你不想让两个警察挖掘你的私事,这真实让对方罢手的好办法  5. She tell you to help yourself to tea while you were here? She obviously didn't tell you what ajoke was, then, either, I gather.  她没有告诉你等着的时候自己喝茶么?我想,她显然也没告诉你什么是开玩笑  6. I've barely made par.  我还远远不能匹及  7. All right, Mr. Turing, I'll bite. Why do you wish to work His Majesty's government?  好吧,图灵先生,我想知道,你为什么想为政府工作  8. Mother says I can be off-putting sometimes on of being one of the bestmathematicians in the world.  我妈常说,作为全世界最棒的数学家之一,有时候是会任性一下的  9. But you also haven't got anywhere with it.  但是你们还没有任何头绪  . Exactly. That's the spirit.  没错,就是这个道理  . Oh, even a broken clock is right twice a day. That's not progress; that's just blind luck.  哦,就是破表一天还能对两次呢这不叫进展,这叫运气  . Pardon me, I'd like to see some documents, if I may.  打扰了,我来查点文件,如果可以的话  . If you don't respond to the complaint, I shall have to take it up with the Home Office.  如果你不对投诉信作出解释,我就要将它提交到内政部了  . You're not at university any longer. You are a very small cog in a very large system.  你不是在大学教书了,你只是国家这个大机构里的一个小锯齿  . Mother says I'm just an odd duck.  我妈说我就是一个怪咖  . All my friends, they're all making a difference, while we just while away our days producingnothing.  我所有的朋友他们都有所贡献,而我们只是虚度光阴,一事无成  . The German Army has fanned out across Europe.  德军已经横扫欧洲了  18. I will not give up my parents.  我不会违逆父母的  19. Well, who is this man? So I can kick his arse.  好吧,告诉我他是谁,我好打他一顿  . I suspect that Cilly must be the name of his amore.  我想Cilly肯定是他喜欢的女孩子  1. Sounds right up my alley.  正合我意  . Could you give Alan and me a moment, please?  你能让我和艾伦单独呆一会儿吗?  3. He's really not the brightest bulb. Which is why I need your help.  他不是最聪明的人,所以我才需要你的帮助  . He's been sick a long time. He knew this was coming soon. But he had a stiff upper lipabout it.  他病了很久了,他知道死亡是迟早的事情,但他还是坚持认真学习  精对白欣赏:  1. You think that because you are sitting where you are and I am sitting where I am, that you arein control of what is about to happen. You're mistaken. I am in control. Because I know things thatyou do not know.  . What I will need from you now is a commitment. You will listen closely, and you will not judgeme until I am finished. If you cannot commit to this, then please leave the room. But if you chooseto stay, remember you chose to be here. What happens from this moment wards is not myresponsibility. It's yours. Pay attention.  3. The details of every surprise attack, every secret convoy and every U-boat in the bloodyAtlantic go into that thing. And out comes gibberish. It's beautiful. It's the crooked hand of deathitself.  . Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeplysatisfying. But remove the-the satisfaction, and the act becomes hollow.  5. Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one canimagine.  6. Not secret. That's the brilliant part. Messages that anyone can see, but no one knows what theymean unless you have the key.  7. When people talk to each other, they never say what they mean. They say something else, andyou're expected to just know what they mean.  8. Because I'm a woman in a man's job, and I don't have the luxury of being an ass. Alan...itdoesn't matter how smart you are, Enigma is always smarter. If you really want to solve yourpuzzle, then you're going to need all the help you can get, and they are not going o help you ifthey do not like you.  9. Of course machines can't think as people do. A machine is different from a person. Hence, theythink differently. The interesting question is, just because something thinks differently from you,does that mean it's not thinking? Well, we allow humans to have such divergences from oneanother.  . Because there's nothing like a friend's engagement to make a woman want to do somethingshe'll later regret with the fiance's better looking chum.  . Love will make a man do strange things, I suppose. in this case, love just lost Germany thewhole bloody war.  . Sometimes we can't do what feels good. We have to do what is logical.  . We love each other in our own way, and we can have the life together that we want. Youwon't be the perfect husband. Well, I can promise you, I have no intention of being the perfectwife. I'll not be fixing your lamb all day while you come home from the office. I'll work. You'll work.And we'll have each other's company. We'll have each other's minds. That sounds like a bettermarriage than most, because I care you, and you care me. And we understand oneanother more than anyone else ever has.  . I'm not going anywhere. I've spent entirely too much of my life worried about what you thinkof me, or what my parents think of me, or the boys in Hut 8 or the girls in Hut 3. And do youknow what? I'm done. This is the most important work I will ever do, and no one is going to stopme. Least of all, you.  . No one normal could have done that. Do you know, this morning I was on a train that wentthrough a city that wouldn't exist if it wasn't you. I bought a ticket from a man who would likelybe dead if it wasn't you. I up on my work a whole field of scientific inquiry that only existsbecause of you. Now, if you wish you could have been normal. I can promise you I do not. Theworld is an infinitely better place precisely because you weren't. 英文 台词 经典打瘦脸针赣州价格

于都县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛痘多少钱My Colourful Bedroom 我的色卧室 -- :5:57 来源: My Colourful Bedroom 我的色卧室  I have a colourful bedroom. It is not very big, but it is comtable.  My bed is pink. It's near my brown piano.  Where is my yellow bookshelf? Oh, it's near my pink bed. There are lots of new books on it. There is a pink desk and a pink chair near the bookshelf. I often sit there, ing books or doing my homework. Look! I have a green wardrobe by the piano. There are many nice clothes in it.  How beautiful my bedroom is!  我有一间色的卧室,它不太大,可是很舒  我的床是粉红色的,它在棕色的钢琴旁边  我的黄色的书架在哪里?哦,它在我的粉红色的床旁边,上面放着许多新书书架旁有一个粉红色的书桌和一把粉红色的椅子我经常坐在那里读书、写作业你瞧,我有一个绿色的衣柜在钢琴旁边,里面放着许多漂亮的衣我的卧室多漂亮啊!赣州俪人修眉多少钱 加拿大人早餐通常吃什么-- :6:1 A:So,what do Canadians usually have breakfast?  那么你们加拿大人早餐通常吃什么?  B:Well,breakfast is very important in Canada.We usually have lots of food in the morning.Take eggs instance..We have fried eggs,boiled eggs,scrambled eggs and sunny-side-up…  在加拿大,早饭可是件大事儿我们早上通常会吃很多东西那鸡蛋来说吧我们有煎蛋,煮蛋,炒蛋和半熟的鸡蛋  A:Hold on,please.What do you mean by sunny-side-up?  等一下你说的sunny-side-up是什么意思?  B:Well,when you fry an egg,you just fry one side .So the other side is like a red sun.That's sunny-side-up.  就是当你煎鸡蛋时只煎一面那样的话另一面就象个红太阳那就是sunny-side-up.  A:Interesting.And what else do you have?  有意思你们还吃什么?  B:One very important thing is cereal.I often have cereal with maple syrup.  燕麦是很重要的早餐食品我通常都是燕麦就枫树浆喝  A:Dope.My mouth is watering  不错我都流口水了  B:And we also have bacon or sausage.  还有咸肉和香肠呢  A:Sounds tempting.Is that all?  真有食欲就这些了吗?  B:No,far from it.We sometimes have pancakes or toast in the morning.  远不止呢有时我们早上也吃饼或土司  A:Who cooks all the stuff in your family?  你们家早上谁作饭?  B:Me.Always me. I'm a good cook. I mean not very talented,just qualified. In Canada,I'll cook the whole family if I have time.  我作我手艺不错我是说我到没那么有天分,不过还算合格在加拿大,我有时间的话就会为全家人作饭  A:I'm hungry now. I need to grab something to eat.  我饿了我的去找点儿吃的来  B:No hurry,Come over to my house. I'll make you some French toast.  别急到我这儿来吧我给你作法国土司吃  A:What is it?  那是什么东西?  B:Come here and check it out by yourself.  来自己看吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]maple syrup是从枫树上提炼出来的一种东西这可是加拿大的特产在北京的加拿大人通常都会带上一瓶,以防自己不适应中国的饮食  []My mouth is watering. Water在这里是个动词,表示流口水  [3]Dope是个俚语词,表示"很棒"和cool的意思差不多作为名词,它还有大麻的意思  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  oatmeal ham waffle porridge hash-brown potato donut江西省中心医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

寻乌县保妥适多少钱5人搞笑 --01 3:7:5 来源: 5人搞笑Today’s Yang bailao and Huang Shiren ———编剧:方彦龙 Character::杨白劳Y, 喜儿X,王大春(喜儿男朋友)D,王大婶(王大春的母亲)W, 穆仁智(黄的管家)M,黄世仁HPart 1:In 杨白劳’home 旁白:(“喜洋洋”背景音乐起)---New Year's Eve,Xi’er is talking with her boyfriend on the phone, suddenly ,doorbell sounded.(叮咚!叮咚……) 喜: Oh! ok! Someone is knock at the door! So I have to hung up!Bye!(开门) 杨: 喜儿! 喜儿! What’s this? 喜: Oh! computer!(高兴地看笔记本)That’s a Laptop! 杨: Ha ha! Today I’m able to buy a computer! Next year, I will plan to buy a car! 喜: Really? Buys a car?Great! 杨: Ok, now we will go out ,are you y ? 喜: Ha ha,I’m y ok and waiting you to come back!(门铃再次响起)Oh,I think there must be Aunt Wang and Dacun coming.(开门,) 王婶, 大春, 杨, 喜(四人齐声贺道)Happy New Year!hah(喜儿和大春去一边嘻嘻哈哈,窃窃私语不知所言) 王婶:(走到杨白劳跟前)Mr Yang,I heard Dachun said, going to jump the disco dancing after dinner.Right? 杨:Right,What do you think? 王婶:I’m gald to,oh,are you prepared to go out? 杨: Sure!. 王婶: Ok,go?(问杨白劳) 杨: Let’s go,(朝喜儿他俩那边喊)Xi’er,Dachun,go! (四人出门 下) Part : In Huang Shiren’ home 黄: (黄世仁上台,气势汹汹地说)Hello,everyone!Do you know Huang Shiren?Tt’s me! Ha ha……But today is not yestady!You see Mu Renzhi coming! 穆:(穆仁智走上来)Mr Huang , give me a litte,ok? 黄: Not! I wouldn’t give you,because I haven’t money!(不耐烦的样子) 穆: New Year coming,My wages, a year--?(哀求着) 黄: Really does not have! 穆:(拉着黄的手说)You are so kind in my eyes,can you give me litte money,ok? 黄: No way,what’s moreYang Bailao has not return the money to me, what can I do you?(无奈的样子) 穆: You might ask him! 黄:Asking him?I think he couldn’t give me! 穆:Why? He has contracted the farm, and made many money! 黄:I know! But,he—— 穆:(打断黄的话)Tries!Ok? 黄: (想了想)Ok! You go together with me! 穆: Let’s go! (两人出门 下) Part 3: In enlightens the hall 旁白: Yang Bailao, Xi’er, Dachun and Aunt Wang finished eating dinner and tojump the disco dancing.(迪斯科音乐起,四人在舞台上狂欢着) (一会儿,杨的电话响了,他走到前台接电话) 杨:This is Yang Bailao, please speaking! ... oh... oh!-- 王婶:(王大婶看见,向杨走过来)Who’s that? 杨:Huang Shiren, he said he coming here immediately. 喜:(停止跳舞,朝这边问)Huang Shiren? Is all right?(杨白老点头示对) 大春: Nothing! We would take them away if they appeared! 杨, 喜, D, W: Ha ha (四人继续跳舞) (黄世仁和穆仁智一前一后的东张西望地从下面走上台前) 黄: Oh! Everyone,Happy New Year! (大家看了看,没人理睬) 杨:(杨朝黄走了过去)The same to you!(音乐停,其他人也走了过来) 黄: (和杨握手)Recently alright? 杨: Fina, but if you ask the money that’s wrong!(自己先坐下,示意让黄世仁坐,这时大春用脚把凳子往后一勾了下,黄坐到地上了,尴尬的看看大家) 大春:Oh, I resemble see to have the dirty thing, but not,sits down! 黄: (朝杨白老问)Who is this?(穆仁智扶黄起来) 杨:He is Wang Dachun,Xi’er’s boyfriend. 黄:(打量大春说)Are you Xi’er’s boyfriend? 大春:Yes! (喊道)Is not my that is you? 黄:No,no!you!(胆怯的坐下) 杨:What’s the mater? 黄:I’m sorry, but, today is the last of the year!en—Debt is--- 杨:(打断黄的话) Does not have! 黄: I know you are good man, give a litte,ok?(乞求的样子) 杨: No matter what you said to,nothing! 黄(抱住杨白老的腿哀求到)Mr Yang ,a litte,just a litte…… 杨: No money,only a life have! 黄: just a litte…… 杨:(很无情地说) No money,only a life have! 黄: (无助地向四处环顾)En---- 大春: (不耐烦地说)You have not heard? Does not have! 黄:(朝喜儿望去)Miss, you help us!help us !ok?(哀求着) 王婶:(和喜儿站一块的王大婶说)What you want to do? 大春:Boils!Go out!(语气非常强烈) ( 杨白劳推开黄,喜儿,王大春,王大婶赶黄世仁和穆仁智走) 穆:(拉着杨白老的手求到)Do not expel me go, I want to leave,from now, I do you ,I cound drive--- 杨: (排了排穆仁智)Ha ha, nice!ok! (穆仁智和所有的人都赶黄世仁出门) 黄:(冲穆仁智喊道)Mu Renzhi! Mu Renzhi!Do you know you is my housekeep? 穆:No!Go out!(全部下) 5人搞笑 5 人 搞 我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games) --9 :8:30 来源: 我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games)The Olympic Games arebeing held in London now.It's a big news us that Chinese athletes won many golds.I like Olympic Games,and every night my father and i will stay late to watch the Olympic Games.I'm very excited when Chinese athletes get golds.The Olympic Games can motivate people to dosports more,it's good health.现在奥林匹克运动会正在伦敦举行对我们来说,中国运动员夺金是好消息我喜欢奥运会,每天晚上我都会和爸爸一起熬夜看奥运当看到中国运动员获得金牌的时候,我很激动奥运会可以促进人们做运动,这是有益于身体健康的赣州硅胶隆鼻手术价格赣州双眼皮手术价格



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