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2020年01月21日 23:13:55 | 作者:安社区 | 来源:新华社
The next time you call for an Uber you#39;d better make sure your drunk friend is y to roll as soon as the car shows up or you#39;re going to get stuck with a fee.下次你叫优步的时候,最好确保你酒醉的朋友在车来的时候就准备好上车,否则你可要额外付费用了。That#39;s because Uber is testing a new pricing plan that will let drivers start running the meter for your trip if you#39;re more than two minutes late for your ride.这是因为优步正在试行新的定价计划,如果你来迟了超过两分钟,司机将开始对你的行程计费。Currently, Uber can either cancel your trip and send you a fee, or ask to start charging you if you#39;re more than 5 minutes late.目前的规定是,优步可以取消你的行程,或让你为此付费,或者如果你迟到超过5分钟则开始向你收费。I#39;ll be honest, it takes me more than two minutes to get my coat on and find my keys, so I#39;m sure I#39;m not alone in thinking two minutes is a bit too short of a leeway time for riders.说实话,我穿外套找钥匙都会超过2分钟,所以我敢肯定,我不是唯一一个认为两分钟对于乘客来说太短了的人。In addition to the new two-minute grace period, Uber is also introducing a two-minute limit between when you call an Uber and when you cancel it.除了新的两分钟的限时,优步还推出了另一个两分钟限时--你叫车和取消订单的时间。If you don#39;t cancel within the two-minute time frame, you#39;ll be hit with a fee, though Uber hasn#39;t said exactly how much it will be. Uber#39;s previous cancellation window was 5 minutes.如果你没有在两分钟的时间内取消订单,就需要交费,但优步并没有确切表示将收多少。优步之前的取消时限为5分钟。But don#39;t start freaking out about potential Uber charges just yet. The company is only rolling out the new times and fees on an experimental basis in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix. If you live outside of those areas, you#39;re fine for now.但你也没有必要被优步可能收的费用吓到。该公司只是在达拉斯,新泽西,纽约和凤凰城作为试点城市推行新的限时收费政策。如果你住在这些地区以外就没事。I, on the other hand, am from New Jersey and live in New York, so I#39;ll probably be shelling out a lot of cash on fees.而我,来自新泽西,住在纽约,因此我很可能要在这些费用上花费大量现金了。 /201605/442569

At some point in your life, you will inevitably get caught up with a bad boy. Some are worse than others, but the one thing they all have in common, is they’re not forever guys. They’ll come in and out of your life, make you cry, make you stress, and make you feel amazing when it’s just the two of you.在你人生的某个时刻,你不可避免地会被一个坏男孩牢牢吸引住。一些男孩子会比其他男孩坏,但他们有一个共同点,那就是不长情。他们会走进你的生活,又离开你,让你哭,让你有压力,让你觉得只有你们俩在一起的时候很神奇。We know we shouldn’t fall so hard, but when it happens, these are all the excuses we allow ourselves to believe that dating these emotionally dangerous bad boys is a good idea.我们知道不应该深陷其中,但是当这一切发生的时候,我们会让自己相信跟这些在情感上有危险的坏男孩约会是个好主意,这些就是我们全部的理由。1. One look from him makes your heart start pounding.1、看着他心脏就开始砰砰跳。2. You love that your parents wouldn’t approve of him.2、你父母不会同意(你们在一起),但你就爱这个。3. The chemistry between you two is intoxicating.3、你们两人之间的化学反应十分醉人。4. His DGAF attitude is so confident and cool.4、他毫不在乎的态度自信又潇洒。5. Heads turn when he enters a room.5、他进屋的时候你就晕头转向了。6. You get chills when he puts his arm around you.6、当他搂着你的时候,你高兴地发抖。7. Even though everyone says to stay away, they don’t know what it’s like when it’s just the two of you.7、虽然每个人都说不打扰你们,但他们不知道只有你们两个人在一起的时候是什么样子的。8. It’s exciting to have a little controversy in your life.在你的人生中有点争议让你很兴奋。9. They smell good…and when you get to wear one of his shirts all day, its permanently in your face.9、他们很好闻……当你一整天穿着他的一件T恤衫的时候,(你的窃喜)都表现在脸上了。10. Bad boys live how they want, which is exciting and just scary enough to keep you on your toes.10、坏男孩按自己想要的方式生活,那种生活刺激又足够让你提心吊胆到保持警惕。 /201608/460559

COULD YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE?你能分辨出来吗?Before you decide to shell out lots of cash on a wheel of aged Parmesan cheese, or buy that surprisingly cheap saffron, stop and think about what you might actually be buying. In recent years, the black market has got even more involved with food produce. You’ll be surprised at what you might really be paying for and consuming.在你准备掏钱买一堆陈年帕尔玛奶酪或是极其廉价的藏红花之前,停下来想一想这些究竟是什么。近年来,黑市已越来越多的触及食品生产。你可能对自己花了钱消费的东西而感到惊讶。VODKA伏特加Russian crime gang were brewing fake vodka under the alias ‘Glen’s Vodka’ in England. The packaging of the vodka was so good, liquor stores across Great Britain were none the wiser. The scheme was only exposed when 20 people across Europe were found to have died from drinking the fake vodka.俄罗斯的犯罪团伙之前在英国酿造名为“格林的伏特加”的冒牌伏特加酒。这些伏特加酒包装精美,大不列颠各酒铺对冒牌酒一无所知。当20位欧洲人由于喝了假伏特加酒而离世时,这一计划才被曝光。CAVIAR鱼子酱Caviar is a dish that always boasts high price tags in restaurants and shops alike, but not all of the caviar you buy will be from the roe from beluga sturgeon as you might expect. As the demand for beluga caviar rises and the fish population declines, black market con artists have started selling on the North American paddlefish eggs– the fish is far cheaper and there is more fish roe available.鱼子酱是各大餐馆和商店贴着高价的一道菜肴,但并不是所有你买的鱼子酱都是你想的那样是从白鲟鱼鱼卵中获得的。由于人们对白鲟鱼鱼子酱的需求增加,而白鲟鱼的数量却在减少,因此黑市的骗子们就开始售卖从北美匙吻鲟鱼卵中获得的鱼子酱——这种鱼远比白鲟便宜,因此可获得的鱼卵也更多。OLIVE OIL橄榄油Individuals and companies have been chemically doctoring cheap, low-grade olive oil to dupe consumers and retailers into thinking it was ‘extra virgin olive oil’. The scam has been around since 2008, and those involved are so good at the process that even olive-oil professionals sometimes don’t know the difference.个人和公司近来一直在用化学方法伪造出价格低廉的次等橄榄油,并欺骗消费者和零售商们认为这是“初级特榨橄榄油”。自2008年起,这些人就开始实施了这一诡计并对制作过程十分擅长,有时连橄榄油专家都区分不出。HONEY蜂蜜The sweet treat you put in your tea or add to your breakfast is actually the third most faked food in the world. Honey laundering is a real thing! Food-safety experts in the US found honey sold wasn’t actually honey, but a mixture of corn or rice syrup, malt sweetenersand a small amount of real honey. Some honey – imported from Asia – was found to contain toxins like lead, as well as an antibiotic called chloramphenicol.放在茶里或早餐里的蜂蜜其实是世界上第三大最易冒牌食品。洗蜂蜜是件真事儿!美国的食品安全专家发现市场上售卖的蜂蜜实则并非真正的蜂蜜,而是玉米或大米糖浆、麦芽甜味剂以及少量真蜂蜜的混合物。人们发现有些从亚洲进口的蜂蜜含有毒素,如铅以及一种叫做氯霉素的抗生素。LOBSTER龙虾Not too long ago, Inside Edition looked into the use of lobster in products such as lobster bisque, lobster ravioli, lobster roll and lobster salad in 28 US restaurants nationwide. The DNA lab testing showed that less than a third of dishes contained real lobster - the rest offered cheap seafood imitations.不久前,Inside Edition调查了美国28家餐馆在制作龙虾浓汤、龙虾意饺、龙虾卷和龙虾沙拉等菜肴时使用的龙虾。而DNA的测试表明只有不到1/3的菜肴中使用的是真龙虾——其它的都是廉价的海鲜制品。译文属 /201608/460688

Disney fans brace yourself - there is a real life version of the house from Up.  迪士尼粉丝站稳了!现实版的《飞屋环游记》来了。  Hot air ballooning enthusiast Simon Askey has taken to the skies in an inflatable wonder that mimics the house in the Oscar-winning Pixar animated flick.  热气球发烧友西蒙·阿斯卡乘着一款充气气球飞入云霄,这个热气球是一大奇观,模仿皮克斯奥斯卡获奖动画片而制成。  Just like the film#39;s main character Carl Fredericksen - whose motto in the movie is #39;adventure is out there#39; - he is travelling the world using the multicoloured floater.  和影片主人公卡尔·弗雷德里克一样,阿斯卡座右铭也是“外面就是花花世界” 。他乘着色斑斓的热气球环游世界。  The Bristol-made balloon has been enchanting guests at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular in Australia. Hordes of eager visitors have taken to social media to excitedly report its presence.  这只气球是布里斯托尔制造,在澳大利亚堪培拉热气球表演节上源源不断吸引着游客。热情的游客们已经在社交媒体上兴高采烈地争相报导。  Owner Askey says this will potentially include a trip to Japan later this year. But fans can only hope the balloon makes its way to Angel Falls, Venezuela, which was the original inspiration behind Up#39;s #39;Paradise Falls#39;.  热气球主人阿斯卡说今年有可能会去日本一游。但粉丝一心只期待气球飞去委内瑞拉天使瀑布,那里是《飞屋环游记》“天堂瀑布”灵感的来源。 /201604/435519

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