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广东惠州男科最好的医院广东惠州中心医院不孕不育科Last Tuesday, Richard Hanna of New York became the first Republican congressman to publicly declare that he would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Mr Hanna called Mr Trump ;a national embarrassment;.上周二,纽约州的理查德·汉纳成为第一名公开宣称将投票给民主党人希拉里的共和党议员。他称特朗普是“一个国家级的尴尬”。Other Republicans have distanced themselves from Mr Trump or withheld their support.此外,其他共和党人有的疏远了和特朗普的关系,有的人则干脆不再持他。Mr Trumps statements and policies about women, undocumented immigrants and Muslims have unsettled many Republican Party leaders.特朗普在女性、非法移民以及穆斯林问题上的言论和政策让许多共和党大佬坐立不安。Mr Hanna, who is retiring in November, said he had been considering voting for Mrs Clinton for months, but Mr Trumps recent comments about Khizr and Ghazala Khan had finally persuaded him.将在11月卸任议员职务的汉纳表示,自己已经就投票给希拉里一事考虑几个月了,但是特朗普最近关于吉泽尔和加扎拉·汗的言论最终使他做出了决定。At Democratic National Convention, Mr Khan, the father of a Muslim US soldier killed in Iraq, criticised Mr Trumps plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US.在民主党全国代表大会上,汗(他的穆斯林儿子是一名美国军人,在伊拉克阵亡)批评了特朗普关于暂时禁止穆斯林进入美国的计划。Mr Trump responded by attacking the Gold Star family, the term for families that lost a relative in war. Democratic and Republican leaders as well as veteran groups quickly condemned him.特朗普回应攻击了这个“金星家族-这一术语是用来形容那些有亲属在战争中阵亡的家族。民主党和共和党大佬们,以及老兵组织很快就对特朗普进行了谴责;I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates,; said Arizona Senator John McCain, a Vietnam War veteran and former prisoner of war.越战退伍老兵、前战俘、亚利桑那参议员约翰·麦凯恩说道:“我希望美国人民能够明白,特朗普的发言不代表我们共和党的意见,也不代表共和党官员和候选人的意见。”Until recently, many Republicans opposed to Mr Trump stopped short of supporting Mrs Clinton, saying they would vote for a third party and write-in candidate. Mrs Clinton has been actively courting moderate Republicans in recent weeks.不过直到最近,许多反对特朗普的共和党人都没有持希拉里,他们表示自己将会投票给民主党和共和党以外党派,或者投给选票上未列名的候选人。最近几周,希拉里一直在积极地拉拢温和派共和党人。来 /201608/459876惠州妇幼保健人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱 TOKYO —Japan has a rapidly increasingly number of syphilis patients including among young women prompting the health ministry to launch a special research team to find out ways to stop the sp of the sexually transmitted infection.东京报道——日本出现了快速增长的梅毒病例,包括在年轻妇女当中,这促使卫生部发起了一个特别的研究团队以寻找方法来阻止不断扩大的性传播疾病。According to data based on reports filed by hospitals across Japan the number of syphilis patients totaled 4259 as of early December up 77% from 2412 in the corresponding period a year earlier and more than seven-fold from a decade ago.根据全日本医院填写的报告所提供的数据,截止2月初,梅毒患者共4259例,相比去年同期412例,同比上升7%,和10年前相比,翻倍还不止。The infection is believed to have sp mainly through heterosexual intercourse. But the number of mother-to-child transmissions which has been very rare in Japan is also on the rise.这些传染被认为主要通过异性之间的性行为进行传播。但是以往在日本非常罕见的母婴传播的数量也在攀升中。The Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare has been urging people who feel they may have been infected to be tested immediately as the disease can be transmitted despite the absence of symptoms.日本卫生福利部已经敦促那些感觉已经被传染的人立刻接受检测,因为该病可能在没有症状的情况下进行传播。Infections are especially rife in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward where numerous entertainment and nightlife businesses operate with the number of syphilis patients reported by hospitals in the ward accounting for 40 percent of Tokyo’s total and 20 percent of cases across the whole of Japan.东京新宿区的传染扩散得尤为严重,这里聚集了大量得夜生活场所,据医院统计这里有着全东0%、全日本20%的梅毒患者。来 /201701/488631惠州治前列腺炎要多少钱

惠州妇幼保健医院泌尿科咨询惠州友好男科医院男科挂号 That distinctive mane of hair. Known to all by their first names alone. A poor grasp of detail. On paper, there are some similarities between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump but how alike are these two politicians?标志性的一头乱发。不依靠家族姓氏而家喻户晓。对细节的把握很糟糕。表面上,鲍里斯#8226;约翰Boris Johnson)与唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)有着一些相似之处,但是这两位政客究竟有多么相似呢?Ken Clarke, the former Conservative chancellor and party heavyweight, reckons they are. “[Johnson] is a much nicer version of Donald Trump,Mr Clarke said. “But the campaign [to leave the EU] is remarkably similar [to Mr Trump’s] in my opinion and about as relevant to the real problems the public face.”前保守党内阁大臣、党内重量级人物#8226;克拉Ken Clarke)认为他们确实相似。“(约翰逊)比唐纳德#8226;特朗普友善得多,”克拉克称,“但是在我看来,(退欧)运动与(特朗普的竞选活动)非常相似,都与公众面临的实际问题息息相关。”Before we become too carried away by the rise of populist politicians, it is worth noting that Mr Johnson is really not like Mr Trump. For one thing, the US businessman stands for policy ideas such as a ban on Muslims, building a wall at the border with Mexico and bombing “the shitout of Isis.在我们被民粹主义政客的崛起迷惑之前,值得注意的是,约翰逊真的不像特朗普。一方面,这位美国商人代表的是诸如穆斯林禁令、在美墨边境建隔离墙以及把“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)炸个底朝天等政治理念。Mr Johnson, on the other hand, is frequently lambasted for his lack of consistent policies. Even his decision to campaign for Britain to leave the EU is thought by some to be a publicity stunt designed to increase his chances of becoming UK prime minister.另一方面,约翰逊因其缺乏一贯性的政策而频繁遭受抨击。就连他决定为持英国退出欧盟而发起运动,也被一些人认为是作秀,旨在增加他成为英国首相的机会。Aside from an occasional Trumpian tinge to his rhetoric his ill-judged comments on Adolf Hitler and President Barack Obama’s “part-Kenyanheritage, for example, have infuriated some of his fellow Leave campaigners Mr Johnson operates within the acceptable boundaries of British political discourse. He has not advocated deporting millions, for instance, nor does he propose banning millions from entering based on their religious affiliation.他的言论偶尔带有特朗普色——他对阿道夫#8226;希特Adolf Hitler)和美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)“部分肯尼亚”血统的鲁莽,激怒了部分退欧派活动人士——但除此之外,约翰逊的言行举止处于英国政治话语可接受的范围内。例如,他从未主张驱逐数百万人,也从未提议因宗教信仰而禁止数百万人入境。In fact, there is little love between the pair. In response to Mr Trump’s remark that the size of London’s Muslim population means that there are “no-go areasin the UK capital, Mr Johnson said his comments were “ill-informedand “utter nonsense事实上,这二人之间也没擦出过什么火花。特朗普曾说伦敦的穆斯林人口之多意味着那里存在“势力范围”,作为回应,约翰逊称特朗普的言论“孤陋寡闻”、“一派胡言”。“The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump,he said. One can only imagine what the “special relationshipbetween a President Trump and Mr Johnson as prime minister would be like.“我不想去纽约某些地方的唯一原因就是怕碰到唐纳德#8226;特朗普,”他表示。人们现在只能想象“特朗普总统”和“约翰逊首相”之间的“特殊关系”会是怎样。In Britain extremist politicians have never been within striking distance of real power. On the far left, for example, George Galloway of the Respect party is now an irrelevance. On the far right, Nick Griffin was laughed out of politics and his British National party has all but disappeared. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence party, comes across as more Basil Fawlty than Oswald Mosley. Britain has yet to throw up a dangerous demagogue capable of seriously challenging the established order.在英国,极端主义政治人士从未有机会接近实权。例如,在极左翼方面,英国Respect党的乔治#8226;葛拉George Galloway)如今是无关紧要的角色。在极右翼方面,尼克#8226;格里Nick Griffin)被嘲笑着逐出了政坛,他的英国国家British National Party)几乎已经消失。英国独立党(UK Independence party)的领导人奈杰#8226;法拉Nigel Farage)给人的印象更像是贝塞#8226;弗尔Basil Fawlty)、而不是奥斯瓦尔德#8226;莫斯Oswald Mosley)。英国尚未出现可以严重挑战现有秩序的危险煽动者。But we know enough about the kind of presidential candidate Mr Trump will be to know that he is something else entirely. And one thing is certain: Boris is not Donald. Only Donald can be the Donald.但是,我们深知特朗普会是哪类总统候选人,因此我们知道他是完全不同的类型。有一点可以确定:鲍里斯不是唐纳德。只有唐纳德才会成为唐纳德。来 /201606/447738惠州医院男科咨询

惠州市第一人民医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱Mr Larson, who is now at SpaceX, the rocket company founded by the billionaire Elon Musk, said Mr Obama loves sitting back and having scientists say magical things about the future.现就职于亿万富翁埃隆#8226;马斯Elon Musk)创办的火箭公司SpaceX的拉森称,奥巴马喜欢闲坐着,听科学家说未来的神奇事物。Mr Obama is the first sitting president to post a selfie on Instagram, 奥巴马是首位在Instagram上发布自拍照的在任总统。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.见到在《星际迷航Star Trek)中扮演斯波克(Spock)的演员伦纳德#8226;尼莫Leonard Nimoy)时,他自豪地行了瓦肯举手礼。Mr Obama created the position of ed States chief technology officer on his first day in office, 上任第一天,奥巴马就创设了美国首席技术官这个职位。and he has championed initiatives on issues like funding for start-ups, visas for international entrepreneurs, and self-driving cars.他还持资助创业公司、向国际创业者发放签和研发自动驾驶汽车等问题上的行动。A number of Silicon Valley executives have joined the Obama administration, including Megan J. 不少硅谷高管加入了奥巴马政府,包括现任美国首席技术官的前谷歌(Google)高管梅甘#8226;J#8226;史密Megan J. Smith, a former Google executive who is now the ed States chief technology officer, and Kurt DelBene, who left Microsoft in 2013 to manage Healthcare.gov and later returned to the tech company.Smith)013年离开微软(Microsoft)管理Healthcare.gov,后来又回到微软的库尔特#8226;德尔贝恩(Kurt DelBene)。But Mr Obama has also angered civil liberties advocates who grew to view him as the surveillance president, too willing to continue government programs, put in place after the terrorist attacks of 2001, that use technology to snoop on Americans. 但奥巴马也惹怒了公民自由倡导人士,他们认为他是监视总统,过于热心坚001年的恐怖袭击后实施的政府计划,利用技术手段监视美国民众。A report last week from the Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law chided the F.B.I. 乔治城大学法学院隐私与技术中Center for Privacy amp; Technology at Georgetown Law)上周发布的一份报告指责联邦调查局(FBI)和警方集成了一个人脸识别数据库系统。and the police for assembling a face-recognition database system that contains more than 117 million American adults, half of all adults in the country.该系统有1.17亿美国成年人的信息,相当于美国一半的成年人。This president has presided over an era in which universal tracking is becoming more pervasive, not just from intelligence agencies but also at the level of local law enforcement, said Ben Wizner, the director of the speech, privacy and technology project at the American Civil Liberties Union and the chief legal adviser to Edward J. 这位总统在位期间,无处不在的追踪变得更加普遍,不仅仅是来自情报机构,还有地方执法机构层面的追踪,美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的演讲、隐私与技术项目主任、爱德华#8226;J#8226;斯诺Edward J. Snowden)的首席法律顾问本#8226;维茨Ben Wizner)说。Snowden, a former government contractor who revealed in 2013 that ed States intelligence agencies had created a mass surveillance system to comb through Americansphone records and international internet traffic.2013年,曾是政府承包商雇员的斯诺登爆料称美国情报机构创建了一个大型监视系统,检查美国的电话记录和国际互联网通讯。The public controversy that followed the disclosures emboldened some technology executives to stand up to government intrusion, leading to disagreements about how to ensure data security and privacy while meeting the needs of law enforcement. 爆料引发的公众争议促使一些科技高管开始抵制政府的干涉,引起了关于如何在满足执法需求的同时确保数据安全和隐私的分歧。This year, Apple refused to comply with an F.B.I. demand that the company unlock an iPhone during a terrorism investigation.今年,苹果在一起恐怖主义调查中拒绝按照FBI的要求破解一部iPhone。Still, that has not stopped Silicon Valley from keeping an open door for Mr Obama.但这并未阻止硅谷向奥巴马敞开大门。Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley start-up accelerator, suggested that the soon-to-be ex-president would be a good job candidate.硅谷的创业孵化器Y Combinator的总裁萨姆#8226;奥尔特曼(Sam Altman)表示,即将成为前总统的奥巴马会是一个优秀的应聘者。We’d happily hire him, Mr Altman joked, and give him a chance.我们会很乐意雇佣他,奥尔特曼开玩笑说,给他一个机会。来 /201610/474618 惠州友好泌尿专科治疗男性不育多少钱惠州包皮过长手术的价格



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