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They always have a winning strategy, know the best places to compete and what it takes to bring a trophy home.他们总有制胜的策略,他们知道去哪最好、如何把战利品带回家。It may sound like an elite athlete, but researchers say it#39;s qualities found in a new breed of shoppers.这听起来像是在说优秀运动员,不过研究人员称,这其实是在描述一种新的消费者类型。Researchers found that sport shoppers don#39;t just bargain hunt for the best deals, but also for the thrill of it.研究人员发现,“运动型消费者”不仅在寻找最优价,他们还很享受买促销品带给他们的兴奋感。Professors from San Francisco State University revealed this new breed of shoppers and presented evidence that they have similar behaviors of competitive athletes in that they view bargain shopping as an achievement domain.旧金山州立大学的教授还原了这种新型消费者。他们的研究显示,这种消费者有点像竞技运动员,他们把买到物美价廉的东西看作一项成就。Achievement goal theory, which describes the motivational behavior of sports athletes in achieving their athletic goals, was used in the study to better understand the motivation of sport shoppers.“成就目标理论”常被用来描述促进运动员实现目标的激励行为。该理论也被用在此次对消费者的研究中,以帮助理解“运动型消费者”的行为动机。The study looked at American undergraduate students, who filled out open-ended surveys, participated in interviews and took part in closet inventories.这项研究以美国本科生为研究对象,让他们填写开放式问卷、接受面试并清点衣橱清单。The researchers then analyzed the information using three categories: task, ego and social approval.随后调查人员将所有信息分成三类:任务、自我和社会认可,并进行分析。#39;This is somebody who takes great pride in their ability to get the thing they want at a discount,#39; said Kathleen O#39;Donnel, associate dean of the School of Business.商学院副院长凯萨琳·奥唐纳说,“他们为自己能在打折时买到想要的东西感到非常骄傲。”#39;It#39;s not about spending the least, it#39;s about saving the most.#39;“不是因为花的钱最少,而是因为打折打的最多。”O#39;Donnell is the lead author on an article published online Nov. 14 in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, with Judi Strebel, chair of the marketing department, and their Australian colleague Gary Mortimer of Queensland University as co-authors.相关论文发表在11月14日的网络版《零售和消费者务》杂志上。奥唐纳是该论文的第一作者。市场部主管朱迪·斯特雷贝尔以及他们的澳大利亚同事、昆士兰大学的加里·莫蒂默为共同作者。The article, titled, #39;The thrill of victory: Women and sport shopping,#39; will be published in print early in 2016.他们的文章《胜利的喜悦:女性与运动型购物》印刷版最早将于2016年发表。O#39;Donnell and Strebel reported that these shoppers are not only competitive, but one of their goals is to outsmart the retail system.奥唐纳和斯特雷贝尔在文章中指出,这类消费者不仅有竞争意识,而且他们的目标是要比零售商更精于算计。As of right now the data only recognizes females in this new category, but the researchers are sure there are males out there with the same shopping behaviors.目前这些数据只涵盖了女性消费者,但研究者们确信不少男性也有同样的消费心理。Similar to an athlete reminiscing on their past achievements, a sport shopper can remember details of the bargain items in their closets, sometimes including the date of purchase and the sale and original price.就像运动员会回忆自己过去的成就一样,运动型消费者也会回味买到特价品时的兴奋感,有时还能记起购买日期、折扣价和原价。Another similarity between to two is, this type also develops a plan of action.运动型消费者与运动员还有一个共同点:他们也在不断提升自己的行动计划。Each shopper has developed a strategy behind every shopping endeavor.每一次购物后都在努力提升自己的削价策略。O#39;Donnell contends the sport shopper is different from the bargain shopper in that the bargain shopper hunts for deals out of necessity, while the sport shopper does it for the #39;rush#39; of finding a good deal.奥唐纳认为,运动型购物者不同于买便宜货的人,后者是因为需要而买,而前者纯粹是为了寻求买到好货后的快感。 /201511/412590。

5.Crocea Mors5.黄之死亡According to a medieval legend, Crocea Mors was wielded by Julius Caesar, the most famous of Roman emperors. The sword was believed to have shone brightly in the Sun and was said to kill anyone it managed to damage. Hence its name, meaning ;yellow death; in Latin. Said to be a gift from the gods#39; smith Vulcan himself, it was originally the property of the Trojan prince Aeneas, who received it from his mother, the goddess Venus. It was said to have fallen from the sky and landed on the future site of Rome, with Aeneas hearing the words ;with this, conquer; in his mind.根据中世纪的传说所讲,黄之死亡是赫赫有名的罗马帝王凯撒大帝的兵器。相传它在阳光下熠熠生辉,能够摧毁一切。因此在拉丁语中它的名字意为;黄之死亡;。此剑据说由铁匠之神伏尔甘亲自打造,它最初的主人是特洛伊王子艾尼阿斯,是他的母亲,也就是爱神维纳斯送给他的礼物。宝剑从天而降,恰好落在后来的罗马建城之地,艾尼阿斯发现它时心中有个声音在说;用它去征世界;。Caesar had it with him during his conquest of Britain, and the British prince Nennius was said to have taken it in battle. For a brief period, Nennius could not be harmed, but he later died from a wound sustained by the sword. When Nennius finally succumbed to his injury, the sword was buried with him.凯撒在进军不列颠时佩戴的正是这把宝剑,在战场上,英国王子内尼厄斯将其夺走。内尼厄斯得到宝剑后,一时间任何兵器也无法伤害到他。可是没多久,他就因长时间受伤而死。他死之后,这把宝剑也跟随他一起长眠地下。4.Tyrfing4.提尔锋Another magical Norse weapon, Tyrfing was a sword forged by a pair of dwarves named Dvalinn and Durin. The dwarves were captured by Odin#39;s grandson Svafrlami after they left their home. They would be turned to stone if they didn#39;t return before the sunrise. The king forced them to create the weapon, so they decided to curse it: Whenever it was removed from its sheath, it would kill someone. In addition, it would commit three foul deeds and be the cause of Svafrlami#39;s death. A berserker named Arngrim ended up fulfilling the last part of the prophecy by cutting off Svafrlami#39;s hand and killing him with Tyrfing.提尔锋是北欧神话中的另一件神兵,由两个分别叫做杜华林和杜林的矮人打造而成。奥丁的后裔斯瓦弗尔拉梅在两个矮人离家后把他们捉走,在天黑之前,他们如果没回到家就会变成石头。他们在国王的强迫下打造兵器,因此在兵器上下了诅咒:只要宝剑出鞘,必有人丧命。此外,它还会造成三个悲剧并且使斯瓦弗尔拉梅走向灭亡。一个名叫亚伦格林的狂战士使诅咒的最后一句话得以应验,他砍掉斯瓦弗尔拉梅的一只手,然后用提尔锋杀死了他。Eventually, Arngrim#39;s granddaughter Hervor, vowing to be a Viking, set out to retrieve Tyrfing. It had been buried with her father, and his grave was on a haunted island. Unable to find reliable companions, Hervor ventured on her own, binding and summoning her father#39;s spirit until it gave her the sword. The spirit spoke of a prophecy that Hervor ignored: Tyrfing would cause the death of everyone close to her. Eventually, Hervor#39;s son Angantyr was killed by his brother Heidrek.赫华勒是亚伦格林的孙女,她发誓要成为一名海盗,于是受命找回提尔锋。提尔锋早已成了她父亲的殉葬品,他的坟墓在一个常有鬼魂出没的小岛上。赫华勒没能找到可靠的同伴,只好孤身踏上险程。她不停地召唤父亲的灵魂直到他交出提尔锋。父亲的灵魂警告赫华勒:;提尔锋会让每一个与她关系密切的人丧命。;可是赫华勒没有把诅咒放在心上。最后,赫华勒的儿子安根提尔被他的兄弟所杀。3.Sharur3.沙鲁尔杖Sharur was the mace of the Sumerian god Ninurta and possessed the ability to speak. Not only could Sharur talk, it was also sentient, offering the god advice on powerful enemies, gathering information wherever it could. Sharur was able to do this because it could also fly, leaving Ninurta to deal with other issues. Translated as ;smasher of thousands,; it was extremely powerful in the god#39;s hand and was also capable of flying around the battlefield to spray venom and flame.沙鲁尔杖是苏美尔神话中一把会说话的权杖,它的主人是尼努尔塔。沙鲁尔杖除了会说话之外,还能离开尼努尔塔飞行,为他搜集情报,给他出谋划策对抗劲敌。它在尼努尔塔手中具有强大的威力,译为;千钧之击;,它还能够盘旋在战场上空向敌人喷射毒液和火焰。Sharur features most prominently in Ninurta#39;s battle with Asag, a demon so evil that fish boiled alive in his presence. Born from the union of Heaven and Earth, Asag created stone demons through a union with the mountains and fought against Ninurta. The god triumphed over his enemy, falling in their first battle but ultimately killing the demon. Ninurta succeed after using Sharur to receive council from his father, the god Enlil.沙鲁尔杖在尼努尔塔与阿萨格的战斗中起了关键作用。阿萨格是一个天地结合而生的恶魔,他十分邪恶,甚至用滚烫的水来煮活鱼。在战斗中,他与群山结合变身石魔对抗尼努尔塔。尼努尔塔虽然在第一次战斗中失败了,但是他利用沙鲁尔杖成功收到父亲恩利尔的战略建议,最终赢得胜利杀死了恶魔。2.Xiuhcoatl2.火蛇Xiuhcoatl was a mythological serpent in the Aztec religion. Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, the Sun, and human sacrifice, wielded a weapon that was also named Xiuhcoatl. The weapon was meant to symbolize the rays of the Sun. Huitzilopochtli used Xiuhcoatl to destroy his older sister, the goddess Coyolxauhqui, who was angry at their mother for getting pregnant. The mother was accidentally impregnated while sweeping at Coatepec, where she spotted a ball of feathers and tucked it in her waistband.火蛇来自阿兹特克的宗教神话。享受活人祭祀的威济洛波特利是阿兹特克神话中的战神和太阳神,他使用的兵器也叫做火蛇,象征着太阳的光芒。威济洛波特利的母亲在库杰别克山上清扫圣殿时,发现一个长有羽毛的小球并且把它放进腰带中,没想到竟然因此怀。威济洛波特利的——女神科约夏坞琪对母亲怀一事非常生气,结果却让威济洛波特利用火蛇杀死。Even though pictures illustrate Huitzilopochtli with a spear and a snake in his hand, the snake was most likely a spear-thrower known as an atlatl. (Although the word ;Xiuhcoatl; does translate as ;turquoise serpent.;) When Huitzilopochtli slayed his sister, he pierced her chest, which might demonstrate the mythology behind the practice of Aztec heart sacrifice.虽然画中的威济洛波特利手持长矛和蛇,但是这条蛇更像是一个投矛器,也就是我们所知的投射器。(尽管如此,;Xiuhcoatl; 一词却翻译成了;绿松石蛇;。)威济洛波特利在杀死时刺穿了她的胸膛,或许阿兹特克人用人心祭祀的传统正是由此而来。1.Green Dragon Crescent Blade1.青龙偃月刀Wielded by the legendary general Guan Yu in the second and third centuries A.D., the Green Dragon Crescent Blade was said to be a guandao, a traditional Chinese weapon that resembles a halberd. A giant of a man, Guan Yu asked his blacksmiths to make a polearm that combined the chopping power of a saber with the length of a spear. Believed to weigh as much as 45 kilograms (100 lb)—although some sources say it was no more than 18 kilograms (40 lb)—no normal human would have been able to use it effectively.青龙偃月刀是公元二三世纪的传奇将领关羽所用的兵器,它是一把中国传统兵器,外形酷似戟,人们称之为关刀。关羽长得高大威猛,他要求铁匠为他打造一把削铁如泥的长柄宝刀。据记载此刀重45公斤(100磅),也有资料认为青龙偃月刀最多不过18公斤(40磅),即便如此普通人也无法将其挥舞起来。Luckily, that wasn#39;t an issue for the general. Guan Yu wielded the Green Dragon Crescent Blade while defending Liu Bei, the first ruler of Shu Han. Deified after his death as a sort of Chinese god of war, Guan Yu blesses those who show loyalty and brotherhood, traits which defined him in his life.幸好这对关大将军来说并不成问题。关羽用青龙偃月刀保护刘备建立蜀汉王朝。人们在关羽死后将其奉为中国的战神,保佑那些像他本人一样的忠肝义胆之士。翻译:刘安琪 来源:前十网 /201512/417604。

The Mirror told yesterday how Emma and Drew Lee found some comfort in knowing little Hope#39;s kidneys and liver cells would save lives after she died just 74 minutes after being born. Now the couple want a change in the law that could save thousands more.镜报昨天报道,一名名叫Hope的女婴虽然才出生74分钟就死亡了,但她的父母Emma Lee和Drew Lee在知道她的肾脏和肝脏细胞可以救人之后,选择捐献她的器官,这也让他们从中得到安慰。现在这对夫妻希望法律能有所更改,以拯救更多人的生命。Care worker Emma, 32, said: ;Just one body can be used for so many transplants – hearts, lungs, even skin and corneas. Donating should be mandatory, not optional. Transplants don#39;t only help the recipients. They help the donor#39;s grieving family too.;Emma是个护工,今年32岁,她说:;一个小婴儿都可以进行这么多器官移植——心脏,肺,甚至皮肤和眼角膜。捐献应该是强制性的,而不是选择性的。器官移植不仅有助于接受者,对捐赠者悲伤的家庭也是一种抚慰。;Drew, 51, added: ;If becoming a donor was automatic millions more organs would be available. Under the current system healthy organs are going to waste.;父亲Drew今年51岁,他补充道:;如果成为捐赠者,将会有更多的器官可以提供。在现在的制度下,健康的器官都会被浪费掉。;Wales introduced a law on Tuesday deeming all adults to have consented to donate their organs unless they opt out. This groundbreaking change is expected to increase the number of donors by 25%. Three people die every day waiting for a transplant.威尔士周二宣布了一条法律,主张所有成年人都应同意捐献器官,除非决定不参加。这个突破性的改变预计能将器官捐赠者的数量增加25%。现在每天都有三个人在等待器官移植中死去。Emma and Drew were offered the chance to abort Hope when scans showed she had the killer birth condition anencephaly. But they continued with the pregnancy after being inspired by the story of Teddy Houlston who lived for just 100 minutes but saved lives by donating organs.Emma和Drew曾经有机会可以选择流产掉Hope,因为扫描显示她是个无脑儿,即使生下来也活不了。但是之前有一个叫Teddy Houlston的婴儿生下来只活了100分钟却捐赠器官救了人。受到Teddy的故事的影响,夫妻俩也没有放弃Hope,将她生了下来。Hope will be cremated on Tuesday. Today, Emma and Drew of Newmarket, Suffolk, faced the task of registering two births and one death.Hope的遗体将在周二火化。今天,来自萨福克纽马克特的Emma和Drew需要面对两份出生登记和一份死亡登记。Emma said: ;I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying. Signing Hope#39;s death certificate was the toughest bit.;Emma说:;我必须咬着嘴唇不让自己哭出来。在Hope的死亡明上签字真的太难了。; /201512/414045。

March 8 is International Women#39;s Day. In China, we say women ;hold up half the sky;. In Chinese myth, a goddess named Nv Wa amended the broken sky and created human beings. And the moon, water, flowers, cats and snakes are connected with women. They symbolize the softness, beauty and wittiness of women.今天是国际妇女节。我国素有“妇女能顶半边天”之语。神话故事里也有女娲补天造人的传说。女性还常被人与月亮、水、花儿、猫、蛇等物象联系在一起,象征温柔、美丽、智慧等寓意。With multi-identities in modern society, women are not only mothers and wives who take care of their families, but also doctors, scientists and teachers.在现代社会,女性也正在扮演多重角色,除了传统顾家的母亲、妻子,还在医生、科学家、教师等领域发光发热。We chose five prominent women in recent years whose achievements encourage more young women to pursue their dreams.今天我们就为大家介绍五位当代著名的杰出女性。她们的成就也激励着更多年轻女性去追逐自己的梦想。Peng Liyuan彭丽媛Soprano and China#39;s first lady女高音歌唱家、第一夫人As a celebrated soprano, Peng has been well-known for her beautiful voice since her debut at the 1982 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She is the first soprano in China to receive a master#39;s degree in Chinese folk vocal music. Her famous songs include Ode to Red Plum Blossom and On the Hopeful Field. Since 2004, Peng has devoted herself to many programs for the public good, such as the help for AIDS and tuberculosis patients and a stop smoking campaign.中国著名女高音歌唱家,中国第一位民族声乐硕士。自1982年央视春晚亮相以来,便以其优美的嗓音而家喻户晓。代表作品有《红梅赞》、《在希望的田野上》等。自2004年以来,彭丽媛频频参加各种公益活动,包括关爱艾滋病人、关爱结核病患、宣传禁烟等。Tu Youyou屠呦呦Pharmacologist药理学家Tu Youyou was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discoveries of a new therapy against malaria. She is the first Chinese female scientist to win the Nobel Prize. Her studies were inspired by traditional Chinese medicine theories and she extracted artemisinin in 1972 after hundreds of failures. Artemisinin has saved more than 200 million Africans suffering from malaria since 2000. Just as Tu said, ;Artemisinin is a gift to the world from Traditional Chinese Medicine;.2015年,屠呦呦获得诺贝尔生理学或医学奖,理由是她发现了医治疟疾的新疗法。她成为第一个获诺贝尔奖的中国女科学家。屠呦呦多年从事中药研究,历经数百次的失败后,终于在1972年成功提取到了青蒿素。自2000年以来,青蒿素挽救了2亿多非洲疟疾患者的生命。正如她本人所说:“青蒿素是中医药给世界的礼物。”Li Na李娜Professional tennis player职业网球运动员Li Na started playing tennis when she was only six. In 2004, the 22-year-old Li became the first Chinese female player to win a WTA tour title. After winning nine WTA singles titles that includes two Grand Slam singles titles at the 2011 French Open and 2014 Australian Open, she became the first and only Grand Slam singles champion from Asia.李娜从6岁开始打网球。2004年,22岁的李娜成为首个获得世界网球协会桂冠的中国女球员。她一共获得了9个世界网球协会单打冠军,其中包括两个大满贯单打冠军,分别是2011年的法网和2014年的澳网。她也因此成为亚洲首位、也是唯一一位大满贯单打冠军得主。Dong Mingzhu董明珠President of Gree Electric Appliances Inc格力电器总裁In 1990, she joined Gree when she was 36 years old and started her career from doing sales work. She became Gree#39;s president in 2012. Her achievements helped China#39;s home appliances industry to develop in an environmentally-friendly way. As a widow who lost her husband when her son was 2 years old, single mother Dong brought up their son and still fights in the competitive market.1990年,36岁的董明珠进入格力,开始做销售。2012年,她成为格力总裁。她的成就之一是让中国家电业走上了环保道路。儿子两岁时,董明珠遭受了丧夫之痛。她作为单身母亲将儿子养大,而且一直奋战在竞争激励的家电市场。Yao Chen姚晨Actress演员Yao Chen, who most people know through the 2006 comedy series, My Own Swordsman. In 2009 she started to use her Sina Weibo, which now has 79 million followers, to help people in need. In 2013 she became the first UNHCR (ed Nations High Commissioner For Refugees) goodwill ambassador in China. And at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016, she was awarded the Crystal Award for artists who commit themselves to improve the state of the world.姚晨因2006年的喜剧《武林外传》一炮而红。2009年,她开始在微上助人,迄今已拥有7900万粉丝。2013年,她成为首位联合国难民署中国亲善大使。2016年,因在公益方面的贡献,姚晨获颁达沃斯世界经济论坛水晶奖。 /201603/430032。

Confusing accents and odd public transport habits have been listed among the biggest culture shocks for people moving to the UK.难懂的口音和奇怪的公共交通习惯双双跻身外国人到英国后感受到的最大文化冲击之列。Users of online message board Reddit were asked ;What is biggest #39;culture shock#39; you#39;ve ever received either after moving or while vacationing to a new place?; by user thechosenone16 - and responded with a number of humourous observations about life in Britain.网络论坛Reddit的用户thechosenone16向论坛网友提出了一个问题:“到一个新的地方定居或度假后,你感受到的最大‘文化冲击’是什么?”Reddit网友纷纷给出了有关在英国生活的风趣。;There are no closets in the UK,; posted user SurfeitOfPenguins in one entry.用户SurfeitOfPenguins发表留言道:“英国没有储藏室”。;Livable space of houses is maybe a one-foot radius around each radiator. Either the sky is completely overcast, or the sky is blue with one single cloud and that cloud is raining.“房子的居住空间周围大概半径1英尺之内必有暖气片。天空要么全阴,要么就是蔚蓝的天空上孤零零飘着一朵云,而那朵云也是雨云。”;Accents are a big deal. A native Brit can pinpoint a person#39;s place of birth, annual salary, and parentage going back three generations within moments of hearing another Brit speak.;“口音是个大问题。别人只要一开口说话,土生土长的英国人瞬间就能确定说话者的出生地、年薪,还能追溯到往上三代的出身。”Redditor Dondo666 also pointed out the difference between the British accents as depicted onscreen, and how they are in real life.Reddit用户Dondo666同样指出了银幕上与现实生活中的英国口音的差异。;English is my 3rd language but I#39;d say I#39;m fluent,; he said.他表示:“英语是我的第3语言,但我觉得自己说得算得上流利”。;I have no problem understanding what Americans say 99% of the time. But Brits are a whole other thing entirely. Most of the time I could make out 1/5 words. After a while I stopped asking people to repeat themselves and just smiled and nodded.“99%的情况下,我听懂美国人说话没问题。但听懂英国人说话就完全是另一回事了。大多数情况下,5个单词我也就能听懂1个。不久之后,我就不再请求别人重讲一遍,而只是微笑着点头。”;Brits in British movies I understand. In real life, not so much.;“英国电影里的英国人说话我能听懂。生活中?真是听不太懂。”ListenDry, an Indian user from UAE, reported on Britons#39; obsession with manners, having visited London in 2012.来自阿联酋的印度裔用户ListenDry曾在2012年来过伦敦。他吐槽了英国人的礼貌强迫症。;Sorry, please, thank you and welcome were the words to gain respect,; he said.他表示:“对不起、请、谢谢和欢迎这些词要常挂在嘴边,这样才能赢得尊重”。An international student, the Redditor also summed up other British idiosyncrasies.Reddit上的一位留学生也总结了一些其他英国特色。;Taxes were high,; he wrote.他写道:“税很高”。;Liquor was cheap (even though I don#39;t drink). Heating was central and was timed which was thick. No closets to hide in despair and the rooms were tiny. Accents are vast, from all over the globe.“酒水很便宜(尽管我不喝酒)。定时、中央供暖,但温度很足。房间狭小,绝望时也没有储藏室可以躲。集合了来自世界各地、五花八门的口音。”;Racism does exist but is not visible. It#39;s just that people will ignore instead of verbally or physically assaulting or replying.;“英国确实存在种族歧视问题,但不明显。人们只是选择忽视,而不是进行语言、身体攻击或回应。”For French Redditor pompompompompom, it was British toilets that made for a source of cultural confusion.对于来自法国的Reddit用户pompompompompom来说,让他感受到文化混乱的是英国的厕所。;Some older toilets have a sort of door handle flush which I can never get the hang of, if you#39;re too slow it won#39;t work, too fast won#39;t work either, it#39;s an art,; he said.他说:“有些老式厕所使用所谓的门把手冲水,我永远学不会。太慢了不行,太快了也不行,简直是门艺术”。 /201511/410107。

Although a full IQ test takes an hour or more and costs hundreds of pounds, performance on this one simple test is highly predictive of your overall intelligence.虽然一个完整的智商测试需要一个小时或者更长,并且花费上千元,但这个简单的测试却可以高度预言你的大概智商。Look at the four cards above. We know for a fact that each card has a letter on one side and a number on the other. Truthful Terry says: ‘Every card that has a D on one side has a 3 on the other.’ What is the fewest number of cards you need to turn over to find out whether Truthful Terry is actually telling the truth? And which ones? The answer is shown at the bottom of the page.请看上面的四张卡片。我们已知每张卡片都是一面有字母,另一面数字。Truthful Terry说:“每张一面含字母D的卡片,其另一面都是数字3。”你需要翻至少几张牌来确定Truthful Terry究竟有没有说实话?具体又要翻哪张牌呢?在文章结尾。If you got it right, congratulations! Either you’ve seen this before or you’re a candidate for Mensa.如果你回答正确,恭喜!或许你之前看过这个,或许你是世界顶级智商俱乐部门萨的成员。Seriously, I’ve given this test to hundreds of people up and down the country, and very few get it right (the exception was an audience of Google software engineers, not a single one of whom messed up). The analytical and deductive skills you’ve shown are one of the most important components of intelligence.事实上,我把这个测试给全国成百上千的人做了,几乎没有人能做对(谷歌的软件工程师们一个也没做对,只有一个他们的观众是个例外)。你所展示的分析和推断能力是智商最重要的组成部分之一。If you slipped up, don’t worry. The reason is a phenomenon known as confirmation bias. Most people, being charitable sorts, want to turn over the 3, find a D on the back and say: “Well done, Terry!” Actually it doesn’t matter whether the letter on the back of the 3 is D, Z or something else (look back to what he actually said).如果你答错了,不要担心。这是源于一个名为认知偏见的现象。大多数人作为善良的群体,希望翻开卡片3,发现背后的D,然后说:“做得好,Terry!”事实上,无论在卡片3的背后是字母D,Z或是其他,都无所谓。(回去看一下他究竟说了什么)Confirmation bias – the tendency to try to confirm pre-existing beliefs – is one reason many people believe complete nonsense (eg homeopathy).认知偏见——趋向于实预前存在的信念——是许多人相信完全胡说八道的事情的原因(比如顺势医疗法)。Ironically the only way to check the truth of Terry’s statement is to try to disconfirm it – ie to try to find evidence that he is wrong (a D on the other side of the 7). 相反的是,唯一确认Terry的说法是正确的方法就是明其不成立,也就是说找到他是错的据(在卡片7的背后发现字母D)。Answer:Two cards, D and 7:至少翻2张卡片,卡片D和卡片7译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/414422。