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陕西省西安胃泰胃肠科收费贵吗铜川第一人民医院肠胃科电话号码有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter2暂无文本相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50775户县直肠炎肠炎十二指肠溃疡 An hour before midnight is worth two after or so my mother used to tell me as I sat down to breakfast after a particularly late night. But is it really true that sleep before 12 p.m. is twice as good for you as sleep after that hour? At the time, like most young people, I regarded this proverb as an old wive's tale with no relevance to my own life. I mean, an hour is an hour … it's 60 minutes, a.m. or p.m. However, now older and wiser, I remember my mother's words as I scramble into bed at 11 o'clock. I am now a firm believer in the value of getting at least one hour's sleep before midnight!Advice about how to live a healthy life is one example of the type of received wisdom which is condensed and passed on to the next generation in the form of proverbs. Proverbs also serve to express general truths in a short and colourful way, for example, There's no smoke without fire, meaning that there is generally some truth in even the wildest rumours.Another type of proverb acts as a reminder of the correct way to behave, for example, Don't wash your dirty linen in public. This means don't discuss personal or family problems in front of strangers or in public. Other proverbs are offered to people as means of comfort in times of trouble, for example, It's no use crying over spilt milk. This proverb advises that it really is a waste of time to weep over mistakes that have aly been make. Instead, it is much better to Make the best of a bad job - to do your best whatever the situation.Some English proverbs are native to Britain, for example, It never rains but it pours, a reference to the joys of the British weather! This proverb means that when one thing goes wrong, many other things go wrong as well. Another home-grown proverb is Every dog is allowed one bite. This proverb Is based on an old English law dating back to the 17th century. The law said that the first time a dog bit somebody, its owner did not have to pay compensation to the victim because one bite did not prove that the dog was vicious. Hence the idea carried in the proverb, that everyone should be allowed to make a mistake without being punished for it.Other proverbs have come into the language from Latin or Greek. Lucretius, a classical Roman author, created the proverb One man's meat is another man's poison, meaning that what is good for one person can be harmful to another. And the proverb let sleeping dogs lie meaning don't cause trouble when it can be avoided, came into English form the French in the 14th century.As Britain came into contact with other countries and cultures, English became enriched with the words and wisdom of different languages. From the Chinese, we borrowed the colourful proverb He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount, meaning that if you start on a dangerous enterprise, it is often easier to carry it through to the end than to stop halfway.Some proverbs have been in the language for 1,000 years, for example, A friend in need is a friend indeed. The message here is that someone who stays with you and helps you in times of trouble, rather than turning their back, is a true friend. Other proverbs, however, are much more recent, and reflect changes in the way that we live.From the ed States come the following two pieces of new wisdom, Garbage in - garbage out, from the computer world, reminds people that computers are only as good as their programs. Form big business we have There's no such thing as a free lunch, meaning nothing is free. If someone buys you lunch, they will expect a favour in return.[本段无录音]Some English people are reluctant to sue proverbs in their every day conversation because they see them as vehicles of too much used wisdom. Nevertheless, proverbs are still quite common in both written and spoken English and continue to provide a homely commentary on life and a reminder that the wisdom of our ancestors may still be useful to us today. 每当在头一天晚上我睡得特别晚,第二天早晨坐下来去吃早餐时,我母亲过去总是会对我说"一半夜睡一个小时胜过下半夜睡两小时"之类的话。但是半夜12点以前的睡眠质量真的会比半夜12点以后的睡眠要好一倍吗?当时,我像绝大多数年青人一样,认为这一句谚语是跟我自己的生活毫无关系的,这是一句不知老太婆们瞎编的愚蠢的话。我认为,一小时就是一小时,不管是上半夜还是下半夜,反正都是60分钟。可是现在,因为我年龄大了,也比以前更懂事了,每当我在晚上11点钟爬进被子里时,我就想起了我妈所说的话。现在我坚信在半夜零点以前取低限度要提前一个小时入睡,这的确大有好处。关于如何才能活得健康的忠告就是公认的智慧的一个很典型的例子,并把这些智慧浓缩成谚语的形式代代相传。条条谚语都能用简明生动丰富多的方式表达普遍的真理。例如:"无火不生烟,无风不起浪。"说的就是,即使是言过其实的流言蜚语,一般说来也总会有点真实的成分在里面的。还有一种类型的谚语,它所起的作用就是提醒人们举止行为要得体。例如,"别在公众面前洗你的脏衬裤--家丑不可外扬。"这意思就是说,不要在陌生人群中或当着大家的面来讨论个人隐私或者家务事。还有一些谚语在人们处于困境时给人以安慰,例如:"牛奶洒了,哭也没用。--覆水难收,悲有何益?"这条谚语劝告人们,既然已经做错了事情,痛哭流泪、唉声叹气实际上都是有浪费时间。与此相反,"要尽最大的努力把坏事干成好事--随遇而安,转祸为福。"这种态度要好得多--不论遇到任何情况总要用最大的努力把事情做好。有些英文谚语来自英国。例如,"不雨则已,一雨倾盆--福无双至,祸不单行。"这说明英国人都喜欢谈天气。这条谚语的意思是如果一件事出了差错接连着很多其他事也都出了差错。还有一条出自英国本土的谚语是"每条初次咬人都是可以原谅的--人非圣贤孰能无过。"这条谚语是17世纪时的一条古老的英国法律为基础而衍化出来的。这条法律说,初次咬人,的主人不必向受害人付赔偿金,因为仅咬一口并不能明这条就是一条恶。因此,这种想法,即允许任何人初次犯错误,不必给予惩罚,就包含在这条谚语当中了。还有一些谚语是从拉丁文或希腊文移植到英语里面的。一位古典时期的古罗马作家留克利希阿斯创造了下面这一条谚语:"同一块肉,吃肥了张三却毒死了李四--穿衣戴帽各好一套,萝卜白菜各有所爱。"意思是对某一个人有好处的可能对另一个人有害。而这一条谚语:"让睡觉的那群继续躺着吧睡吧。--别捅马蜂窝。"意思是能避免就尽量避免,不要去惹麻烦。这条谚语是从14世纪的法语移植到英语中来的。由于英国逐渐同其他一些国家和其他一些文化打交道,不同语言的词汇和智慧使英语逐渐丰富起来。从汉语,我们借用了这条活灵活现的谚语"骑虎难下",意思就是如果你开创了一项危险而又艰巨复杂的事业,与其半途而废,倒不如进行到底会更顺利一些。有些谚语在语言中已经流传有1000多年了,例如,"患难中相助的朋友才是真正的朋友。--患难见真交"。这条谚语是说,你在患难时这位朋友仍然不离开你,仍然帮助你,而不是掉转脊背就跑开了,这样的朋友才是真正的朋友。但是,也有些谚语相当现代,这些新时兴的谚语反映出我们的生活方式的一些变化。从美国传来了下列两句绝妙的好词:"无用信息输入--无用信息输出,--废料进,废料出。"这源出自电子计算机的待业用语。它提示人们只有输入计算机的程序编制得好电子计算机才能输出好。从干大事业的人那里,我们学到一句话"根本就不会有白白请你吃顿饭那回事。--礼下于人必有所求。"意思是没有任何时是可以不付出代价的。如果将来有人给你买了一份便餐,那个人肯定想从你那里得到好处以便作为报答。有部分英国人在日常谈话中不大愿意使用谚语,因为他们认为这些谚语过于老生常谈了。然而,谚语在书面英语和口语英语中还是使用得很广的。谚语可继续用在以家常话来谈论的日常生活当中,因而让我们想到我们祖先的智慧在今天对我们还是十分有用的。 Article/200802/27994An Absolute Zero 零分Student: I don't think I deserve an absolute zero. Professor: Neither do I, but it is the lowest mark that I am allowed to give.学生:我认为我不应该得零分。教授:我也这么认为,但这是允许我打的最低分数。 Article/200804/36098西安市公立三甲医院消化病地址查询

西安省人民医院哪个大夫看消化不良看的好西安东环医院胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎 有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter6暂无文本 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50900陕西慢性胃炎治疗32法

陕西西京医院胃肠科怎么样EU overhauls aid system 欧盟将彻底改革其援助计划European aid too often arrives too late 欧盟援助总是姗姗来迟 The European Commission is to radically overhaul the way it runs its vast foreign aid programme after years of inefficiency and mismanagement. Details of the plan were announced at the European Parliament in Strasbourg by the Commissioner for External Relations, Chris Patten. EU missions abroad will get a bigger role in implementing programmes on the ground, while a better staffed organisation will be set up within the Commission to speed up aid delivery.  Mr Patten, who took over his job last September, is said to have been shocked by what is described as a catalogue of waste and incompetence. 数年来欧洲联盟委员会在运行其庞大的外援项目上一直存在着低效和管理混乱的问题,对此,它将做彻底改革。负责欧盟对外关系司的科里斯-帕特恩委员在斯特拉斯堡欧洲议会上宣布了此次改革的详细计划。欧盟驻外机构将根据这一计划在援助项目实施上发挥更大的作用,同时在欧盟内部将建立一个更加精干的组织以加快援助进度。据说,去年九月上任的帕特恩先生对援助计划中的浪费和不能有效实施计划现象感到震惊。 Article/200803/31760 Five hundred kilometres over Europe,Ship OM-45 moved north.In a room at the back of the ship,Kiah watched the numbers on the computer in front of him.OM-45号宇宙飞船在欧洲上空500公里的高度向北飞行。飞船尾部的一个房间里,凯注视着面前计算机屏幕上的数字。;Time for dinner,;Rilla said.“该吃饭了。”瑞拉叫他。The numbers changed quickly and Kiah#39;s eyes didn#39;t move.Rilla went across the room to his table.She began to watch the numbers, too.那些数字飞快地变换着,凯眼都不眨一下。瑞拉穿过房间走到他的桌旁。她也开始观察那些数字。;What#39;s wrong with the satellite?; she asked.She was a beautiful girl,about twenty years old,with long black hair and big eyes.“卫星怎么了?”她问。她是个美丽的女孩,大约二十岁,黑黑的长发,大大的眼睛。;Nothing#39;s wrong with the satellite,;Kiah answered quietly.;It#39;s the AOL.; He began to write the numbers in the book on his table.“卫星没问题,”凯平静地回答,“是人工臭氧层。”他伏在桌上,开始往一个本子上记录那些数字。Suddenly, the numbers stopped changing.Kiah looked at Rilla.;Over Europe,;he said.;It#39;s happening.The AOL is breaking up.There are big holes in the AOL and they#39;re getting bigger.;突然,那些数字停止了变换。凯转向瑞拉。“在欧洲上空,”他说,“已经开始了。人工臭氧层正在破裂。那上面本来就有大洞了,现在那些洞还在增大。”;You#39;re right!Shall we see Captain Seru now,before dinner?;“说得对,咱们现在去见塞鲁船长吧,待会儿再吃饭好吗?”Kiah stood up.He was nearly two metres tall,with dark eyes and hair.;Yes, come on.; he said.凯站起身。他身高几乎有两米,眼睛和头发都是黑色的。“好,走吧。”他说。Quickly,they went to Captain Seru#39;s room.They waited at the door.他们迅速朝塞鲁船长的房间走去。他们等在船长的门外。;Come in!;captain Seru called.She was a little woman with a fat face.;Come in!Would you like a drink?;“进来!”塞鲁船长喊道。她是个胖脸的小个子女人。“进来!喝点什么吗?”;No, thank you, ;Kiah answered. ;I#39;d like you to look at these numbers.;Kiah gave Captain Seru his book.“不用,谢谢,”凯说,“我想请您看看这些数字。”凯把自己的笔记本递给塞鲁船长。Captain Seru looked at the numbers.Suddenly, her face changed.;No, no, ;she said.;I don#39;t want to talk.It#39;s late and I#39;m tired.Sit down and have a drink.;塞鲁船长看了看那些数字。突然,她的脸色变了。“不,不,”她说,“我不想谈。时候不早了,我也累了。坐下喝点什么吧。”Kiah and Rilla sat down.There was a big window in Captain Seru#39;s room.Kiah looked out of the window at the dark sky.He saw the Moon.It was cold and white in the dark sky.凯和瑞拉坐了下来。塞鲁船长的房间里有一扇大窗子。凯透过玻璃凝望黑色的天空。他看见了月亮。在黑色的天幕下月亮显得冰冷皎洁。;Captain Seru,;he began.;It#39;s important.Look at those numbers carefully.The AOL is beginning to...;“塞鲁船长,”他开口了,“这事很重要。仔细看看那些数字。人工臭氧层已经开始……”;Stop!;captain Seru stood up and put her hands in her pockets.She went to the window and looked at the sky.“别说了。”塞鲁船长站起身把双手衣兜。她走到窗前注视着天空。;Three hundred years ago,Earth nearly died,;Rilla said.;Earth stopped dying because of the AOL.But now, over Europe, the AOL is breaking up.We would like you to talk to Earth Commander.;“300年前,地球几乎毁灭,”瑞拉说,“因为有人工臭氧层地球才免于灾难。但是现在,在欧洲上空,人工臭氧层正在破裂。我们希望您能和地球司令高格谈一谈。”Captain Seru did not move.;Do you remember Adai?; she asked.She didn#39;t wait for an answer.;I was on his ship,two years ago.One evening, the satellite gave us interesting numbers about the AOL.We went back to Earth and saw Earth Commander.; captain Seru stopped speaking.塞鲁船长没有动。“你还记得阿岱吗?”她问。不等回答,她接着说:“两年前我在他的船上。一天晚上卫星发回了关于人工臭氧层的一些不寻常的数据。我们回到地球去见地球司令。”塞鲁船长停了下来。Rilla looked at Kiah.;And then?;she asked Captain Seru.瑞拉看了一眼凯。“然后呢?”她问船长。;Gog was angry, very angry,; captain Seru said.; In the end, he sent Adai to the Moon. Adai#39;s there now, Commander of the Moon colony, under the Moon.;“高格生气了,特别生气,”塞鲁船长说,“最后,他把阿岱分配到了月球。阿岱现在还在那儿,在月亮下面作月亮部族的司令。”Kiah waited for a second or two.;I know about Adai. But we need to talk to Earth Commander again.These numbers are worse.;凯等了一两秒钟:“我知道阿岱的事。但是我们需要再和地球司令谈谈。这些数据比上次的还要糟。”Captain Seru#39;s face went red.;You don#39;t understand.I#39;m not going to talk to Gog.Last time,he sent me to a weather ship in the Antarctic! This is my first Ship for two years!; And Captain Seru began drinking.塞鲁船长的脸涨红了:“你不明白。我不会去跟高格说的。上次他把我发配到了南极的一艘气象飞船上。我第一次在飞船上呆了两年。”塞鲁船长喝了一口水。Kiah stood up. ;Thank you, Captain Seru.;凯站起身:“谢谢您,塞鲁船长。”Captain Seru said nothing.塞鲁船长没说话。Kiah and Rilla left the room,and walked slowly downstairs.The Ship was dark and quiet.It was eight o#39;clock and every-body was at dinner.凯和瑞拉出了门,脚步迟缓地下楼去了。飞船里寂静漆黑。8点钟了,大家都在吃饭。;What are we going to do next?; Rilla asked.“下一步咱们怎们办?”瑞拉问。;I need to talk to Adai,; Kiah said.“我得跟阿岱谈谈。”凯说。;OK,talk to Adai. But he#39;s far away on the Moon colony, ;Rilla said. ;Let#39;s visit Commander Zadak.;“好,跟阿岱谈谈。可是他现在在遥远的月亮部族,”瑞拉说,“咱们还是去见扎达克司令吧。”;Zadak?Commander of Australia? He#39;s famous!;“扎达克?澳大利亚司令?他很有名气呢!”;Yes.He#39;s my father#39;s friend.He worked with my father in Brazil ten years ago.Perhaps he can help us.;“是的,他是我父亲的朋友。10年前他和我父亲一起在巴西工作。也许他能帮忙。”Kiah smiled.;Good! We return to Earth next week.I can phone Adai from Kisangani and then we can go to Australia.But now,I#39;m hungry! Let#39;s get some dinner.;凯笑了,“好,咱们下周回地球后。我可以在基桑加尼给阿岱打个电话,然后咱们就去澳大利亚。现在嘛,我可饿了。咱们吃饭去吧。” Article/201203/174053陕西省西安胃泰消化病好不好三门峡市妇幼保健院肠胃科在哪里



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