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Giventhat most little girls love to dress up as princesses, it isdifficult to imagine what might be wrong with that。大部分小女孩都喜欢打扮成公主,很难说这有什么不好。Butone author has written an entire book on how she believes thefairytale fantasies send a dangerous message。但有作家写了本书,认为童话故事会教坏小朋友。Jennifer LHardstein is behind the recently-published Princess Recovery: AHow-To Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can CreateTheir Own Happily Ever Afters。这本新书叫《摆脱公主病:女孩怎样自强自立、追寻自己的幸福》,作者是詹妮弗·哈德斯坦。Thechild and adolescent psychologist believes that children as youngas two are taking away unrealistic ideals from fairytale books andDisney cartoons that can affect their self esteem lateron。儿童和青少年专家认为,两岁大的儿童就可以离开童话书和迪斯尼卡通中的虚幻世界,否则可能会影响到他们日后自我认知的形成。Inher book, Dr Hardstein theorizes that traditionalstories like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella promote the idea thatif a girl is pretty enough and has fancy clothes and shoes, shefind love and popularity。哈德斯坦在书中写道:像《睡美人》和《灰姑娘》这些经典童话,可能会让小孩相信,只要拥有美貌和漂亮衣物,她就能找到真爱、受人欢迎。Theauthor refers to this phenomenon as the #39;PrincessSyndrome#39;。哈德斯坦将这种现象定义为“公主病”。Thesekind of messages, she says, have a huge impact on a girl#39;sself-confidence and make it hard for children to understand as theygrow up, that intelligence, generosity and passion are moreimportant values。她说,这些潜在含义可能会挫伤小孩的自信心,使她即便成年之后也很难相信勤奋、大方和热情要远比美貌更重要。During anappearance on CBS#39; Early Show, Dr Hardstein explained: #39;Girls aregetting this message everywhere that... what their worth is basedon is how they look and the things that they have and it#39;s verysuperficial.#39;在哥伦比亚广播公司的一期节目中,哈德斯坦解释说:“周围到处都是这样的信息……相貌和打扮就是女孩子的一切。这很愚蠢。”Herbook teaches parents how to let their toddlers enjoy the Disneymovies and their teenagers watch reality figures like theKardashians while encouraging a discussion about the messagesprojected by themedia。她在书中还告诉父母怎样指导小孩看迪斯尼动画,以及如何引导青少年正确看待电视真人秀中诸如卡戴珊这样的人物。Speaking on theshow she said: #39;Parents think their kids will understand themessages that they arebombarded with all the time and theydon#39;t.#39;她在节目中说:“父母想当然以为小孩自己都能正确看待这类信息,但事实并非如此。”Discussing theinfluence of Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, she toldthe anchors: #39;They might be good examples of what we#39;re trying notto be.#39;提起卡戴珊的影响,哈德斯坦表示:“或许可以把她们定为反面教材吧。”Aswell as warning of the dangers of #39;Princess Syndrome#39;, her bookadvises parents how to guide andempower their children from anearly age。为了防止“公主病”的发生,哈德斯坦在书中还建议父母如何趁早引导自己的小孩,让她们学会自强自立。DrHardstein warns of the influence of toys like scantily-clad Barbiedolls and teenage celebrities who might wear heavymake-up。哈德斯坦认为,那些永远衣着暴露的芭比娃娃以及浓妆艳抹的年轻明星对儿童和青少年有不少负面影响。Sheadds that it#39;s not just magazines, TV shows and online media thatis giving our children the wrong ideas about what is important.Aggravating the issue further, Dr Hardstein told CBS, is thedistressing reality that these days padded bras and crotchlessunderpants are available for children as young as five。而且,容易误导小孩的不仅仅是杂志、电视秀、网络媒体。更为严重的是,现在5岁大的小孩都能买到衬垫胸罩和丁字裤了!——哈德斯坦在节目中感叹道。PrincessRecovery, she assures parents, will bring #39;balance, confidence, andself-sufficiency into your daughter’s lifewhile giving her a modern, vibrant childhood.#39;她强调,这本书肯定有助于父母引导女儿“学会平衡、树立信心、正确认识自我,从而营造一个多姿多的童年生活”。 /201508/395109

Is the electric car market about to have its iPhone moment?电动汽车市场是否即将迎来iPhone时刻?Elon Muskclearly thinks so. The chief executive of Tesla Motors has never been shy when it comes to bragging about the wonders of his company’s vehicles. But based on his extravagantly ambitious new production plans, he has decided that a definitive moment is at hand that could turn the global car industry on its head.埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)显然认为是肯定的。这位特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)的首席执行官在夸耀其公司汽车的美妙时从来不会保守。但基于雄心勃勃的新的生产计划,他认为一个决定性的时刻即将到来,有望颠覆全球汽车产业。The Apple-like lines outside Tesla sales outlets at the end of March were a clue. That prospective customers would queue for hours to put down a ,000 deposit on a car they had not even seen — and which most of them would not be able to actually buy for more than two years — is testament to Mr Musk’s ability to whip up excitement in a way that no one has done since the late Steve Jobs.3月底,特斯拉销售门店外排起的队伍犹如苹果(Apple)门店那么长,那就是一个线索。这些潜在客户愿意排好几个小时的队,为一款他们甚至还未见到的汽车付1000美元定金(其中多数人要等上两年多才能真正买到手),这明了马斯克有本事煽动人们的兴奋心情,自史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)去世以来,还没有别的人做得到这一点。If all those pre-orders turn into sales (a big “if”, since the deposits are refundable) Tesla will bank bn in revenues. As the company has aly taken to boasting, that will make the debut of its new Model 3 the biggest consumer product launch of all time. Even the iPhone did not get to that kind of scale until its third full year of sales.如果所有这些预购转化成销售额的话(这里存在一个大大的问号,因为定金是可以返还的),特斯拉将斩获140亿美元的营收。(鉴于该公司喜欢夸耀,)那将令新款Model 3的亮相成为史上最大的消费者产品发布。即便是iPhone也是在问世第三年才达到这种规模的。Based on this, Mr Musk has decided to go for broke. Tesla’s goal of hitting a production target of 500,000 by 2020 — nearly 10 times its 2015 deliveries — always looked a stretch. Now he plans to hit that output by 2018. And his new 2020 target? A cool 1m. At ,000, but with the sizzle of the Tesla brand and incorporating many of the features of the far more expensive Model S, Mr Musk has decided the 3 represents a breakthrough moment.基于这点,马斯克决定放手一搏。特斯拉原来的目标是到2020年实现50万辆的产量目标(那是该公司2015年发货量的近10倍),这个目标本来就看起来勉强。现在他计划到2018年就实现这一产量目标。他为2020年设定的新目标?100万辆。Model 3售价3.5万美元,借助特斯拉品牌的热度,再加上纳入了昂贵得多的Model S的很多功能,马斯克认为,Model 3代表着一个突破时刻。So what is the risk that other disrupters from the tech industry, who have also been circling the automobile world, will crash this electric car party?那么,科技行业的其他颠覆者(它们也在对汽车行业虎视眈眈)是否有可能闯入这场电动汽车派对?Mr Musk had a succinct answer, when asked about that on his company’s quarterly earnings call earlier this week: Apple and Google do not make things. They have been circling the automobile world for a while, but have yet to find a way in — though a deal with Fiat this week to make 100 self-driving minivans at least represents a toe in the door for Alphabet, Google’s parent, as it tries to put its self-driving technology on the road.在最近特斯拉的季度财报电话会议上被问及这个问题时,马斯克的回答简明扼要:苹果和谷歌(Google)不从事生产。它们觊觎汽车行业已有一段时间了,但尚未找到突破口,不过最近谷歌与菲亚特(Fiat)的协议(生产100辆无人驾驶小型货车)至少代表着谷歌母公司Alphabet已经有一只脚踏了进来,试图将其无人驾驶技术投入实用。“Making things” turns out to be a key point here. Contract manufacturers exist in the car business, but there is no global supply chain to dial up instantly, as Apple has been able to do so masterfully with its gadgets. There is not enough battery capacity in the world to support a mass electric car market. Only Mr Musk will have that — provided he can meet his own goals for Tesla’s “gigafactory”, being constructed in Nevada to support his car plans.“生产产品”是这里的关键。代工制造商在汽车行业是存在的,但没有一个现成的全球供应链,就像苹果一直能够赖以制造其产品的供应链那样。全球没有足够的电池产能来撑庞大的电动汽车市场。只有马斯克会拥有这样的产能——如果他能够实现特斯拉的“超级工厂”这个目标,该厂正在内华达修建,将为他的汽车计划提供持。Of course, Tesla itself has also yet to prove that it can handle the challenging task of scaling up production to meet the kind of demand Mr Musk dreams of. It has not even been able to hit much lower levels of production for its existing vehicles.当然,特斯拉自己还尚未明,它能够应对扩大产量的挑战,以满足马斯克梦想的那种需求。它甚至尚未达到现有车型的低得多的产量水平。Mr Musk has blamed production glitches with the X on hubris — a quality his company has never been short of. Compared to the overambitious SUV crossover vehicle, the 3 has been designed with ease of production in mind, he promises.马斯克将Model X的生产问题归咎于狂妄——他的公司的确从来不缺这种特质。他承诺,与过于雄心勃勃的SUV跨界汽车相比,Model 3在设计时就考虑到了生产方便。Even with all this, there is the not inconsequential question of demand. The electric car market has seen many false dawns, though it may finally be turning a corner. Last year sales rose above 500,000, an increase of 70 per cent.即便如此,还有一个绝非无关紧要的需求问题。尽管最终可能会打开局面,但电动汽车市场出现过多次虚假黎明。去年,电动汽车销量突破50万辆,增长70%。To imagine that Tesla can match this entire global market single-handedly by 2018 takes a giant leap of faith.想象特斯拉一家公司到2018年就能达到整个全球市场的规模,那是需要极大信心的。Mr Musk, though, has concluded that his is the only company that has a shot, and the Model 3 is the car with which to do it.然而,马斯克得出的结论是,他的公司是唯一有机会脱颖而出的电动汽车制造商,而Model 3就是取得这种突破的那款汽车。If he is right, comparisons with the iPhone will not be out of place. Like electric cars, smartphones went through many false dawns before Apple broke the market open. To produce a winning formula took a convergence of technology trends — the falling costs of processing power, increasing mobile bandwidth — along with innovations like multi-touch screens and the right packaging. The electric car industry has been waiting for a similar moment.如果他说对了,把这款汽车与iPhone相提并论并非离谱。与电动汽车一样,在苹果打开市场之前,智能手机也经历过很多虚假黎明。要拿出制胜配方,需要各种科技趋势融合:处理能力成本下滑、移动带宽扩大,以及多点触控屏等创新和正确的包装。电动汽车行业等待着类似时刻的到来。Mr Musk’s electric car dream always looked like one of the most audacious of technology bets. This week, the stakes got much higher.马斯克的电动汽车梦本来就看上去像是最冒险的科技赌注之一。最近他进一步加大了赌注。 /201605/445145

CCTV Headquarters央视大楼The CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper that is the new headquarters of China Central Television. Groundbreaking took place on September 22, 2004. The building is built in two sections that will be completed in December 2007 and in December 2008 respectively. Rem Koolhaas from Holand is the architect. The building will stand at 234 metres tall and will cover 550 thousand m2 of floor space.央央电视台总部大楼位于北京东部CBD,设计师:雷姆·库哈斯(荷兰)2004年10月正式开工建设,此工程B标段将先一步于2007年年底前竣工,2008年初交付使用,这亦将作为北京奥运转播中心和今后中央电视台节目制播中心。A标段于2008年年底竣工,2009年交付使用,此标段主要是电视文化中心、管理中心,地处中央商务区核心地带,总建筑面积约55万平方米,最高建筑234米。The main building is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of five horizontal and vertical sections, creating an irregular grid on the building#39;s facade with an open center. Because of its radical shape, it has acquired the nickname dakucha, translated into English as ;Big Underpants; or ;Big Shorts;. The construction of the building is considered to be a structural challenge.主楼建筑外形就像是一只被扭曲的正方形油炸圈;两座竖立的塔楼向内倾斜,倾角很大;塔楼之间被横向的结构连接起来,总体形成一个闭合的环,有人称之为“大裤衩”。它被认为是世界上设计最激进的建筑。 /201603/430108In April a group of Finnish farmers outfitted a spindly black drone with a remote-controlled chainsaw and filmed it decapitating snowmen. They called it “Killer Drone.” More formally it was a DJI S1000.四月,一群芬兰农民装备了一架细长黑色、带有遥控电锯的无人机并拍摄下它砍下雪人头部的画面。他们称呼它为“凶手无人机”。更正式的称呼为大疆S1000。This spring marine biologists flew a drone over the Sea of Cortez to capture samples of the fluid sprayed from the blowholes of blue whales. They called it “SnotBot.” It was a DJI Inspire 1.这个春季,海洋生物学家们驾驶一架无人机飞越加利福尼亚湾,采集从蓝鲸头顶的呼吸孔喷射出的液体标本。他们称它为“鼻涕机器人”。这架无人机是大疆Inspire 1。In March 2015 two men in Ottawa equipped a sleek white drone with Roman candle fireworks and sprinted away shirtless as the machine fired spark-spewing projectiles. They called it “Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0.” It was a DJI Phantom 2.2015年三月,两个男人在渥太华装备了一架有光泽的白色、带有罗马烛光烟花的无人机并在这架机器发射喷射火花的弹丸时裸奔。他们称它为“罗马烛光袭击无人机2.0”.这架无人机是大疆 Phantom 2。DJI which stands for Da-Jiang Innovations is a midsize company based in Shenzhen China and it essentially put recreational drone-flying on the map. Fans call it the “Apple of drones” and for good reason — the company owns 70% of the consumer drone market analysts say. As of March it was valued at about billion. It may be the first Chinese company to create and then dominate a hot new class of consumer electronics.DIJ代表大疆创新科技有限公司,这是一家中等规模的中国深圳公司,它从本质上使无人机飞行摆上台面。粉丝们称呼它为“无人机中的苹果”,而这是有原因的——据专家称这家公司占据70%无人机消费市场份额。截至三月它的估价约8亿美金。它可能是头一家创造并配着一个热门新兴消费电子工业种类的中国公司。As China’s decades-long investment and exports-driven “economic miracle” comes to an end the Chinese government is attempting to boost innovation to keep the country’s economy afloat. Officials are investing billions of yuan in gleaming new office parks university engineering programs and start-up incubators.当中国数十年投资和出口驱动的“经济奇迹”结束,中国政府正尝试促进创新来维持国家免于经济困难。行政官员投资了上亿人民币在闪亮的新办公楼区、大学工程项目和创新启动孵化器上。 /201607/453123

Imagine John Lennon spinning(旋转) in his grave.The ex-Beatle, who was murdered over 25 years ago, is the latest subject of a pay-per-view(按次数付费的) seance(降神会) arranged by the producers of a 2003 attempt to contact the dead Princess Diana. That show made money but was slammed(猛击) by critics as hitting a new low in television tastelessness(无鉴赏力,格调低俗)."People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism, but we're making a serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people around the world think is possible," said Paul Sharratt, who heads Starcast Productions, which made "The Spirit of Diana." That show drew over half a million U.S. viewers willing to pay .95 to watch it."I have to say that I'm a skeptic(怀疑论者,无神论者). I went into it very skeptically and I didn't come out a total believer, but it was good for a lot of people as a tribute(礼物,贡物) to Diana," Sharratt said.The Lennon show will air on April 24 on a pay-per-view channel and cost .95.Sharratt said he chose Lennon because the former Beatle, like Diana, is an icon and was also a deeply spiritual person.The program will show psychics(心灵学) traveling to sites of significance to the former Beatle, including New York's Dakota apartment house, where he lived and was fatally(致命的) shot by a deranged(疯狂的) fan just over 25 years ago.Psychics will also visit the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles where the Beatles recorded, and a town in India where Lennon pursued a spiritual retreat(静思).Sharratt said the Indian sequence will feature a spirit er at an ashram(印度高僧静修处) who believes he can contact Lennon to receive musical notes and lyrics from the other side.Any notations will be flown to Los Angeles, where a composer will arrange the notes, add vocals and backgrounds to produce a new song.The special will culminate(达到顶点) as psychics, colleagues and confidantes(红粉知己) sit at a seance table for 30 minutes surrounded by infra-red(红外线) cameras that can capture any "presence" or spirit that enters the room. 想象约翰·列侬在坟墓中还在翻身会怎样?二十五年前被杀害的前甲壳虫乐队灵魂人物列侬将成为按次收费通灵会的主角。此次通灵会摄制组的制作人正是2003年试图通灵已逝戴安娜王妃的那位。戴安娜的通灵专题片赚了不少钱,却由于创电视欣赏品位新低而备受批评。制作《戴安娜之魂》的Starcast公司的老板保罗·沙拉特说:“人们说这种片子太恶心了,我接受他们的批评,但是我们的确很认真地在尝试一件世界上成百万人们都认为可能存在的事情。” 当时美国有五十多万人都愿意花14.95美元观看《戴安娜之魂》。沙拉特说:“我必须承认自己对通灵持怀疑态度。从一开始我就十分怀疑,现在也没有完全相信,但是至少这让很多热爱戴妃的人感到欣慰。”列侬的通灵会将在4月24日播出,按观看次数收费,每次9.95美元。沙拉特说他挑选列侬是因为他是前甲壳虫乐队成员,和戴妃一样,他也是历史上的标志性人物,同样具有深邃的精神世界。摄制组将跟随通灵专家们将前往列侬生前的一些重要场所,包括他在纽约达科生活的寓所。二十五年前,他也在这里被一位疯狂的歌迷用射死。通灵专家们还会去洛杉矶的国会录音大楼,因为甲壳虫乐队曾在那里录音。然后他们会去一个印度小镇,列侬曾在那里修身养性。沙拉特说印第安之行主要采访一位在阿什拉姆修行的精神解读者。这位高人说他能和列侬通话并获取列侬传给他的旋律和歌词。所有的音符都会传送给洛杉矶的一位作曲家,他将编辑这些音符、加入歌声和配乐,使之成为一首新歌。节目最精的部分将是通灵专家、列侬的同事、红颜知己围坐通灵桌旁长达三十分钟。其间红外摄像机随时捕捉进入房间的“东西”或者灵魂。 /200807/44205Greg Shafer ended a lifelong streak of buyingU.S.-made cars when in August the 53-year-old drove out of a Columbus, Ohio,dealership behind the wheel of a Buick Envision.Greg Shafer结束了这一生中始终购买美国造汽车的习惯,在今年八月份他53岁的时候,他开着一辆别克昂科威从俄亥俄州哥伦布市的经销商那驶出。His ,000 sport-utility vehicle is one of thefirst cars to be sold in America that was built in China. Mr. Shafer decidedits provenance wasn’t an issue because “once you drive it and experience allthe features, it feels far from a made-in-China car.”他的这辆4万美元的SUV是第一辆在中国制造并在美国出售的车。Shafer先生明确的表示这辆车在哪里被制造不是问题,因为“当你驾驶它并体验他的所有功能后,会让你忘了这是一辆中国制造的汽车。”As the U.S. auto industry’s rising reliance onMexican car factories becomes a hot topic in the 2016 presidential election,customers like Mr. Shafer are delivering a boost to General Motors Co.’smade-in-China strategy.美国汽车工业的成长依赖于墨西哥工厂已经成为2016年总统大选的人话题。对于通用公司来说,像Shafer先生这样的客户成为了其中国制造战略的助推剂。The No.1 U.S. auto maker in terms of salesstarted selling the Chinese-built Buick Envision in North American dealerships inlate spring, importing relatively small numbers of the vehicles to give a boostto the Buick brand. A few months into the experiment, dealers are clamoring formore because they say most of their customers don’t care where the vehicle ismade.美国排名第一的汽车制造商于春季晚些时候在北美经销商处开始销售少量的中国制造的别克昂科威,以对别克品牌进行提升。几个月的实验后,经销商都吵着要更多的车,因为他们发现他们的客户根本不在乎车是在哪造的。“There has been very little pushback,” said Chris Haydocy, co-ownerof the Haydocy Buick GMC in Columbus, where Mr. Shafer bought his SUV. “Mostpeople realize the world is flat now.”“这很少有人拒绝”,Haydocy Buick GMC在哥伦布市的合伙人Chris Haydocy说,Shafer就是在他那买的车。“大部分人都认为现在的世界是扁平的”。The made-in-China label is a new one for theU.S. auto industry and represents a hurdle due to quality concerns. Cars withbad fit-and-finish and outdated components have been displayed by indigenousChinese auto makers at U.S. auto shows for years, but have never been made availablefor sale here.中国制造是美国汽车产业的一个新标签,这也代表了一些障碍,由于之前的一些质量问题。中国本土的制造商已经在美国将其那些劣质的和过时的零件在美国展示多年,但从来没在这儿卖过。China’s growing reputation for making higher-endconsumer goods such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone has made the idea of Chinese-madecars more acceptable for U.S. buyers, saidMichael Dunne, a strategy andinvestment adviser at Dunne Automotive Ltd.中国在高端消费品例如苹果手机方面增长的名声让美国消费者更容易接受中国制造汽车这一概念,Dunne汽车有限公司的战略和投资顾问Michael Dunne说。GM’s decision to import the Envision, disclosedlate last year, riled factory workers at home. The ed Auto Workers calledit a “slap in the face to U.S. taxpayers” that had financially supported GM inthe 2009 bailout of the auto industry.通用汽车公司于去年年底披露决定进口昂科威,这激怒了那些没有工作的工人。美国汽车工人称这是“给美国纳税人的一记耳光”,通用汽车在汽车工业方面受到了国家财政持2009次。GM said the strategy made sense because Buick,which is one of the largest-selling brands in China, had holes in its U.S.product lineup at a time when low gasoline prices had buyers clamoring for moreSUVs. With ample Envision capacity at a Shandong province factory, executivesdecided to carve out tens of thousands of units and send them to the U.S.通用公司称,这个战略是非常有意义的,别克是中国销量最好的品牌,美国在一段时间内对于产品整容有着缺口,当油价下跌时,消费者会对SUV有更多的需求。随着山东省的工厂具有充足的产能,管理层决定生产数以万计的车辆并将其送往美国。“This isthe advantage of having such a strong presence in the two biggest markets inthe world,” GM North America President Alan Batey said in an interview. “Wecouldn’t have done it [in the U.S.] if China hadn’t done that vehicle.”“拥有世界最大的两个市场是非常有利的,”通用汽车北美总裁Alan Batey在采访中说道。“我们无法再美国这么做,如果没有在中国生产。”Volvo Car Corp., owned by China’s Zhejiang GeelyHolding Group, last year began shipping small numbers of a version of its S60sedan to the U.S. from a plant in Chengdu.由中国吉利控股的沃尔沃汽车公司,去年在美国开始少量出售在成都生产的S60型号汽车。In the U.S., Buick barely ranks among the top 20auto brands by sales volume. The brand is a stalwart in China, however, wheresales are quadruple Buick’s annual U.S. volume and more than double whatChevrolet sells in China.在美国,别克勉强排在销售榜前20名。但在中国别克是一个强有力的品牌,其销售量是美国的4倍,且2倍于雪佛兰在中国的销量。The Envision is built by Shanghai GM, the automaker’s joint venture with SAICMotorCorp., but was designed and engineered by GM at a facility just outsideDetroit. Last week, the Envision earned the top safety rating from theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety.昂科威由上海通用汽车有限公司制造,这是上汽集团和美国通用的合资企业,但车辆的设计是在底特律外的一个工厂完成的。下周,昂科威就会获得由美国公路安全保险协会测试得出的最高安全评级。The Envision quickly became one of Buick’s topsellers in China as buyers moved to SUVs from sedans and vans. GM sold about150,000 Envisions last year—its first full year on the market—and is on pace totop 200,000 this year, on par with Jeep Cherokee sales in the U.S. The brand isselling more than 1,500 Envisions a month in the U.S. as GM ramps up imports.昂科威很快就会取代轿车货车成为别克在中国最畅销的汽车。通用公司在去年卖出了15万台昂科威,这是上市后的第一年,今年计划达到20万台,这相当于切诺基在美国的销量。随着通用公司进口量的增加,在美国将每月销售超过1500辆的昂科威。Greg Heath, managing partner at Mark ChristopherAuto Center in Ontario, Calif., said he is less worried about his customers’perception of the Envision’s Chinese origins than he is about getting more ofthe SUVs. His dealership sells GM vehicles, including Buick.加州安大略马克克里斯托弗汽车中心管理合伙人Greg Heath表示,比起如何获得更多的SUV,他一点也不担心他的客户对昂科威的中国血统有什么看法。他的经销商销售通用公司的汽车,包括别克。“We’ll get them in droves from a big shipment,” he said. “Then it’llbe months before we get any more.”“我们每次从一次大宗货运中得到一批货,”他说。“那么每次要干等几个月拿不到任何货。‘Made-in-China cars aren’t expected to become abig part of overall U.S. car sales. Mr. Dunne said other auto makers may shipcars from China to the U.S. as production capacity there surges ahead ofdemand. China’s car factories will have the capacity to make about 40 millionlight vehicles this year, while sales are forecast to hit around 25 million,according to researcher IHS Automotive.中国制造的汽车预计不会成为美国汽车市场的主要组成部分。Dunne先生说,由于未来对产能有激增的需求,其它汽车制造商可能将汽车从中国运到美国。据研究公司IHS汽车调查,在今年,中国的汽车工厂将有约4000万的轻型车辆制造能力,而销售额预计将达到2500万左右。Western auto makers are likely to limit anyexports from China because it is usually more profitable to build cars wherethey’re sold, Mr. Dunne said. There are timing issues, too. U.S. Buick dealerssaid it can take as long as six months to receive a custom-made Envision, morethan double the normal wait time for a vehicle assembled in North America.西方制造商可能限制任何从中国出口的汽车,因为通常来说,在制造地销售更有利可图,Dunne先生说。这也有些时间上的问题,美国别克经销商表示,如果需要特别定制一辆昂科威需要等6个月的时间,这比购买北美组装的汽车要多一倍的时间。 /201610/470570Google is building two smartwatches that will use its AI voice assistant feature, a source close to the top-secret project has revealed. The devices, which are likely to be Nexus branded, are expected to hit shelves sometime early next year.据一绝密项目的知情人士透露,谷歌正在研发两款使用其AI语音助手功能的智能手表。这两款设备将作为Nexus旗下产品发售,预计将于明年早些时候与消费者见面。The top-secret specifications were revealed by #39;multiple sources#39; to gadget rumour site, Android Police. Code-named #39;Angelfish#39; and #39;Swordfish#39;, each offer a different wearable experience, the sources said.“多名消息人士”都在小道消息网址“Android Police”上透露了关于这一绝密项目的信息。据消息人士透露,两款设备分别代号“天使鱼”和“剑鱼”,分别提供不同的穿戴体验。#39;Angelfish#39; is rumored to be a larger, sportier, and app with LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor, as well as the Google Assistant integration. It looks similar to the Moto 360 and LG#39;s Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.其中“天使鱼”将会更大、更运动,装载有LTE、GPS和心率监测仪等应用软件,还有一体化的谷歌助手。这款设备看起来很像Moto 360和LG的Urbane2代LTE。It will have a smooth circular shape that curves where the watch band touches the wrist and just three buttons. Possible colours include a dark matte grey branded #39;titanium#39;.它的形状将是一个光滑的弯曲圆形,用表带绑在手腕上,只有三个按键。有可能的配色方案包括一款名为“钛”的深灰色。The second watch, dubbed the #39;Swordfish#39; caters for gadget lovers looking for style over substance.第二款手表绰号“剑鱼”,迎合了粉丝们注重款式胜于材质的需求。It comes in silver, titanium or rose gold, the source disclosed. Smaller than the #39;Angelfish#39; it has a diameter of 42mm and thickness of just 10.6mm, making it almost 10mm thinner than the current Moto 360. Its straps are compatible with Google#39;s MODE bands too, unlike the #39;Angelfish#39;.据知情人士透露,这款手表的配色方案有银色、钛和玫瑰金。“剑鱼”比“天使鱼”略小,直径42毫米,厚度仅10.6毫米,比Moto 360要薄大约10毫米。和“天使鱼”不同,这款手表的表带型号和谷歌的标准表带一样。Both watches will offer Google Assistant integration, although details on exactly how this differentiates from current Android Wear devices is unclear.两款手表都将搭载一体化谷歌助手,但是目前在细节上尚不清楚它们和目前的安卓穿戴设备有什么不同。Following Apple#39;s Watch flop, many will be surprised that the search giant is making the investment in its own device when there are several Android wearables on the market.在Apple Watch已经失败的情况下,许多人都对谷歌感到惊讶,这家公司在市面上存在着多款安卓穿戴设备的情况下,仍然在发明自己的Android Watch。 /201607/454897

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