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2019年10月17日 11:28:35 | 作者:大河诊疗 | 来源:新华社
Volkswagen has devised a new catalytic converter that could fix the majority of the cars in the US affected by the diesel emissions scandal, as details emerge of its attempts to satisfy regulators.大众汽车(Volkswagen)设计出一种新的催化转化器,可以用来修复在其美国销售的、受柴油排放造假丑闻影响的大部分汽车。The German carmaker is trying to find a way to repair almost 600,000 cars in the US affected by so-called defeat devices, which VW admitted installing to dupe test laboratories into thinking its vehicles emitted fewer pollutants. The cheat software affects more than 11m cars worldwide.这家德国车企正想方设法修复近60万辆在美销售的、受所谓“减效装置”(defeat device)影响的汽车。大众承认,安装这种装置是为了欺骗检测实验室,让其认为大众的汽车排放的污染物更少。全球各地受这一欺骗性软件影响的车辆超过1100万辆。But while VW has been granted approval in Europe to carry out software patches and cheap hardware fixes for 8.5m cars, it has yet to find an acceptable solution in the US.但是,尽管大众在欧洲获准为850万辆汽车的软件打补丁并展开成本不高的硬件修理,可它在美国尚未找到可被当局接受的解决方案。One of the remedies under discussion includes a catalytic converter that would make some 430,000 diesel models compliant with US clean air rules, said a person familiar with the matter.知情人士表示,讨论当中的补救措施之一包括一种催化转化器,它将使大约43万辆柴油车符合美国的清洁空气规定。The new hardware would also require a software update. The Environmental Protection Agency, which has set VW a deadline of this week, has yet to approve the solution.这种新硬件也将需要进行软件升级。美国国家环保局(EPA)尚未批准这一解决方案。该局把本周定为大众拿出解决方案的截止日期。The US has much tougher rules on the polluting nitrogen oxides produced by diesel engines than in Europe, making it harder for VW to bring its American fleet into compliance.在管理柴油发动机产生的污染性氮氧化物方面,美国的规定比欧洲严格得多,这加大了大众在美销售的汽车合规的难度。Part of VW’s solutions for its US cars may involve installing tanks of urea, a chemical that helps break down Nox. Michael Horn, head of VW North America, told Congress last year that the 430,000 affected vehicles in the US fitted with a “lean Nox trap” system — which does not use urea — would require the fitting of a urea tank, as well as software modifications. The remaining vehicles all aly contain urea tanks and should be easier to fix.大众为其在美销售的汽车提供的部分解决方案,或许包括安装尿素罐。尿素是一种帮助分解氮氧化物的化学物质。大众北美负责人迈克尔霍恩(Michael Horn)去年对美国国会表示,美国43万辆受影响的装有稀燃氮氧化物捕集器(lean Nox trap)系统——该系统不使用尿素——的车辆,将需要安装一个尿素罐,并进行软件修改。其余车辆已装有尿素罐,应当更容易修复。The company declined to comment on the catalytic converter proposal, saying: “We’ve discussed several ideas with the authorities. During last week and for the following week we’ll have discussions with the authorities about the next steps [and] we hope to come closer to an agreement with them.”大众拒绝就催化转换器方案置评。该公司表示:“我们已与当局讨论了几种思路。在上一周以及接下来的一周,我们将与当局讨论下一步措施,希望能更接近于与他们达成一项协议。” /201601/422452Eight new planets have been discovered in the #39;Goldilocks#39; zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where oceans and life could exist.科学家已经发现了8个新的可能有海洋和生命的行星。它们位于这些行星的恒星的适居带内。The discovery doubles the number of small planets less than twice the diameter of Earth which are believed to be in the habitable zone of their parent stars.该发现使直径不到地球两倍、被认为位于它们母恒星可居住带内的小行星数量翻了一倍。Among these eight, astronomers say there are two that are the most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets to date.天文学家说,在这8个行星中,有两个是迄今已知所有外行星中和地球最像的。#39;Most of these planets have a good chance of being rocky, like Earth,#39; said lead scientist Dr Guillermo Torres, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US.美国剑桥大学哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心首席科学家吉列尔莫·托雷斯士说:“这些行星中的大多数都很可能像地球一样有岩石。”The two most Earth-like planets, known as Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, both orbit red dwarf stars that are smaller and cooler than the sun.那两个最像地球的行星分别是Kepler-438b和Kepler-442b。它们都绕红矮星轨道运行。这些恒星(红矮星)不仅比太阳小,还比太阳冷。With a diameter just 12 per cent bigger than Earth, Kepler-438b has a 70 per cent chance of being rocky, the scientists have calculated.科学家估计,直径只比地球长12%的Kepler-438b有岩石的几率是70%。Kepler-442b is about one-third larger than Earth, and the likelihood of it being rocky is around 60 per cent.Kepler-442b只比地球大三分之一,有岩石的几率约是60%。To be in the habitable zone, also known as the #39;Goldilocks zone#39;, a planet must be not too hot or too cold and receive roughly as much sunlight as Earth.如果一个行星处在可居住带内,就必然不太热或不太冷,还会像地球一样受到充沛阳光的照射。Too much heat from its star, and any water would boil away as steam. Too little, and the water would freeze solid.如果行星从恒星那里得到过多热量,行星上的任何水都会像蒸汽一样蒸发。如果得到的热量太少,水就会冻成固体。#39;For our calculations we chose to adopt the broadest possible limits that can plausibly lead to suitable conditions for life,#39; Dr Torres added.托雷斯表示:“为了计算,我们选择使用了似乎都可以导致适和生命存在条件的最广泛的限制标准。”Kepler-438b receives about 40 per cent more light than the Earth giving it a 70 per cent probability of having a habitable zone orbit. In comparison, baking hot Venus has twice as much.考虑到Kepler-438b有一个可居住带轨道的几率是70%,这个行星受到的太阳照射可能比地球多了约40%。相比之下,非常炎热的金星受到的太阳照射可能是地球的两倍。Co-author Dr David Kipping, also from the Centre for Astrophysics, said: #39;We don#39;t know for sure whether any of the planets in our sample are truly habitable. All we can say is that they#39;re promising candidates.#39;研究负责人之一同时又是哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心科学家的大卫·基平表示:“我们不能确定我们样本中的任何行星是不是适于居住。我们只能说它们是很有希望的候选者。”Neither of the planets are our close neighbours. Kepler-438b is located 470 light-years from Earth while the more distant Kepler-442b is 1,100 light-years away.这两个行星都不是地球的近邻。Kepler-438b距地球470光年,而更远的Kepler-442b距地球1100光年。The team, whose findings were presented at the American Astronomical Society#39;s annual meeting in Washington DC, studied planetary candidates first identified by Nasa#39;s Kepler space telescope.这个科研组研究了美国宇航局开普勒太空望远镜最早识别的行星候选者。改组的科学家还在华盛顿举行的美国天文学会年会上提出他们的发现。All the planets were too small to confirm by measuring their masses. Instead, they were validated using a computer program that determined they were statistically likely to be planets.所有这些行星都太小,所以不能通过测量它们的质量进行确认。但科学家用一个决定它们在统计学上可能是行星的电脑程序进行了这项工作After the analysis, follow-up observations showed that four of the planets were in multiple star systems.分析后,后续的观测结果显示,这些行星中有4个处在多重星系中。The research is also published in the Astrophysical Journal.《天体物理学杂志》刊登了该研究。 /201504/369105MEXICO CITY — At his parents’ cramped house in Havana, Yondainer Gutiérrez builds apps and websites on a makeshift computer that runs on pirated software. He has no Internet access there, so he rents time on a friend’s connection to send his work to clients in France, Britain, Canada and the rest of Latin America.墨西哥城——在哈瓦那父母的狭小房子里,尤达内尔·古铁雷斯(Yondainer Gutiérrez)用一台安装着盗版软件的破旧电脑编写应用和创建网站。由于那里没有联网,他需要租用朋友的网络来把自己的工作成果发送给法国、英国、加拿大和拉丁美洲其他地方的客户。This is outsourcing, Cuban-style, a little-advertised circle of software developers, web designers, accountants and translators who — despite poor and expensive Internet access — sell their skills long-distance.这是一种鲜为人知的古巴式外包务。这些软件开发人员、网页设计师、会计师和翻译会把自己的技术卖给远在他乡的顾客——尽管网络连接又差又贵。And ever since the ed States in February authorized Americans to import goods and services from Cuban entrepreneurs for the first time in half a century, they have their eyes on America as well.今年2月,美国开了半个世纪以来的先河,开始允许国民进口古巴从业人员提供的商品和务。此后,古巴人也盯上了美国市场。“This opens up the world,” Mr. Gutiérrez, 27, said of the new rules, which mean that an American can hire Cubans, or buy a limited range of goods from them, so long as they work in the private sector, not for the state.“这打开了通往世界的大门,”27岁的古铁雷斯提到新规定时说。这意味着,美国人可以聘用古巴人,或者购买他们提供的有限范围内的商品,只要他们身处私营领域,而不是为国家工作。After President Obama announced a new era of engagement with Cuba in December, Havana has been awash with American executives scouting business opportunities and hoping to sell commercial flights, yogurt, pharmaceuticals and other products.去年12月,奥巴马总统宣布开启与古巴交往的新时代,在那之后,美国商界高管纷纷涌至哈瓦那,不仅是为了探查商机,也希望把商业机票、酸奶、药品和其他产品销售给古巴人。Of course, there is still an American embargo against Cuba. Trade is complicated by the fact that American exporters are banned from offering credit to their Cuban customers, and many more restrictions will have to be lifted before Americans can freely invest on the island.当然,美国仍然在对古巴实施禁运。美国禁止出口商提供信贷给古巴客户,这让贸易往来变得复杂。而在美国人可以自由投资古巴之前,还有很多其他限制条款需要解除。But under Mr. Obama’s new policy, Cuba’s tiny outsourcing sector is now open for American business, several experts said.但一些专家说,在奥巴马的新政策下,古巴微小的外包行业现在可以接纳美国客户了。“This has an immediate impact helping entrepreneurs in Cuba,” said Tomas Bilbao, the executive director of the Cuba Study Group in Washington, referring to the new regulations.“这会马上产生影响,帮助古巴的创业者,”华盛顿古巴研究团体(Cuba Study Group)的执行主任托马斯·毕尔巴(Tomas Bilbao)在谈到新规定时说。Cuba is certainly no Bangalore and is unlikely to ever rival the great outsourcing hubs. But more and more Cubans are marketing their services online, using skills obtained in the country’s socialist education system and workarounds learned from years of hardship.古巴当然不是班加罗尔,可能永远都无法与那些一流的外包中心抗衡。但是越来越多的古巴人开始利用在该国社会主义教育体系获得的技能,以及在艰难岁月中学到的变通方法,在网上推销自己的务。Websites like Freelance.com, Behance, twago.es and Traductores Autónomos carry postings from Cubans across a dozen cities, from Pinar del Río in the west to Santiago de Cuba in the east.在Freelance.com、Behance、twago.es和Traductores Autónomos这样的网站上,有不少古巴人发的帖子,他们来自西起比那尔德里奥,东至古巴圣地亚哥的十几个城市。There are no official figures, but nearly a dozen Cubans with postings on online job sites, who were contacted by telephone or by email, said that this work was their main source of income and that their peers were doing the same. Some said they aly had American clients who hired them through middlemen.目前没有官方数据可以参考,但是我们通过电话或电邮联系了在招聘网站发帖的十几个古巴人,他们说这种工作是其主要收入来源,他们的同伴也是一样。有人说,已经有一些美国客户通过中间商雇用了他们。John McIntire, a former investment banker and chairman of Cuba Emprende Foundation, a nonprofit that trains Cuban entrepreneurs, said the computer programming sector had the greatest potential to flourish under the new American regulations.约翰·麦金太尔(John McIntire)曾在投资工作,目前是为古巴创业者提供培训的非营利机构古巴承诺基金会((Cuba Emprende Foundation)的主席,他说,在美国新的规定下,最有可能繁荣发展的领域是计算机编程。“It’s in huge demand,” said Mr. McIntire, speaking at a conference in Washington hosted by the Brookings Institution last week. “And guess what? Cubans are world class at it.”“这个领域有巨大的需求,”麦金太尔上周在华盛顿举行的布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)会议上说。“而且你们知道吗,古巴人在这方面有世界一流的的水平。”Many who work at the University of Information Sciences, or UCI, near Havana, or the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute, or Cujae (pronounced Coo-hai), moonlight as freelance programmers, using the institutes’ broadband to transfer large files, software developers said.在哈瓦那附近的信息科学大学(University of Information Sciences,简称UCI),或何塞·安东尼奥·埃切维里亚高等技术学院(José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute,简称Cujae,发音Coo-hai),有很多人兼职当自由程序员,利用学校的宽带传输大文件,软件开发者表示。Others buy dial-up connections on the black market — for about 0 per month — or rent time on wireless connections at big hotels. The smoky lobby of the Habana Libre hotel in downtown Havana serves as an office for Cubans who write software, build apps, unblock or fix mobile telephones, or rent houses. They huddle daily on deep armchairs and pay per hour for Wi-Fi.其他人在黑市上购买拨号连接——大约每月200美元——或按时段租用大酒店的无线连接。在哈瓦那市中心,哈瓦那自由饭店(Habana Libre Hotel)烟雾缭绕的大厅被一些古巴人当作办公室,他们写软件、开发应用、解锁或修复手机,或出租房屋,每天都坐在深深的扶手椅里,为Wi-Fi付每小时8美元的费用。Dairon Medina, 28, a Cuban computer programmer who worked as a freelancer for several years before moving to Ecuador four years ago, hires colleagues in Cuba to do jobs for clients in Argentina, Canada, Germany and the ed States.28岁的达尔隆·麦地那(Dairon Medina)是一名古巴电脑程序员,四年前搬到了厄瓜多尔,在那之前,他当过几年的自由职业者。现在他聘请古巴的同事为阿根廷、加拿大、德国和美国的客户工作。He believes Cuba’s proximity — 90 miles across the Straits of Florida — is a plus.他认为,古巴与美国地理位置上的接近——佛罗里达海峡的90英里——是一个加分项。“There’s a cultural affinity,” he said by Skype. “And then there’s the question of time zones.”“这有一种文化亲和力,”他通过Skype表示。“再有就是时区问题。”If American clients began hiring Cubans on a regular basis, he said, “it could be an immense market” for Cuba.如果美国客户开始常规性地雇用古巴人,他说,这对古巴“可能是一个巨大的市场”。Oquel Llanes, a fluent Russian speaker who works with a Spanish tourist company in Havana and writes translations on the side, said there was constant demand.欧奎尔·兰斯(Oquel Llanes)能说一口流利俄语,在哈瓦那的一家西班牙旅游公司工作,同时做着笔译兼职工作,他说这方面的需求很稳定。“Translators are like barbers,” he said by telephone. “No matter what, people will always need them.”“译员就是像理发师,”他在电话中说。“不管怎样,人们总是会需要他们的。”Especially when they come cheap. Mr. Llanes, 52, who studied mathematics and computer science in Moscow in the 1980s, said he charged between and per page to translate literary criticism and history books. That is hardly a fortune when a page can take an entire day, he said, but much more than the average per month paid to state workers.特别是当他们开价便宜的时候。兰斯现年52岁,20世纪80年代曾在在莫斯科学习数学和计算机科学,他称自己翻译文学批评和历史书籍的收费是每页5美元到10美元。他说,翻译一页有时候会花费一整天的时间,做这个发不了财,但比公务员每月平均20美元的工资强多了。The Cuban government has long had a policy of exporting services, especially those of doctors, nurses and sports trainers, in order to increase state income. Some 65,000 Cubans are currently working for the state overseas, earning it about billion per year.古巴政府有一个出口务的长期政策,特别是医生、护士和运动训练师的务,以增加国家收入。目前大约6.5万古巴人在海外为国家工作,每年约为古巴赚取80亿美元。Datys, a Cuban state-owned software company with 700 employees, sells services to Latin America, according to its website, and Desoft, a state-owned high-tech company, has several clients in Cuba.古巴国营软件公司Datys网站上的资料显示,它有700名员工,在拉丁美洲销售务。国有高新技术企业Desoft在古巴有好几个客户。Were the government to improve Internet connectivity and telecommunications, Cuba could develop a competitive outsourcing sector, either state-run or independent, experts said.如果政府改进了互联网连接和通讯,古巴的务外包部门可以变得很有竞争力,无论是国营还是独立公司,专家说。“If you wanted to run a Spanish-speaking call center, why do it in Mumbai?” Mr. Bilbao said. “Maybe Cuba could eventually do that.”“如果你想经营一个西班牙语呼叫中心,为什么要去孟买呢?”毕尔巴说。“也许古巴最终可能做到这一点。”That is still a way off, though, experts said. Under current sanctions, Americans are permitted to buy services only from the private sector; Cuba may not wish to see that sector grow.不过这还有一段路要走,专家表示。现行的制裁条款只允许美国人从私营部门购买务;而古巴可能不希望看到私营部门增长。Improved Internet connectivity is also a big “if.” A plan apparently leaked by the Cuban communications ministry and published this week in a blog, La Chiringa, indicates that the government aims to connect 50 percent of Cubans to broadband by 2020, but the anticipated speed would be too slow to stream or play games online.改善互联网连接也是一个很大的假设。本周,客La Chiringa贴出了一份似乎是古巴通信部泄露的计划,显示政府的目标是在2020年前,让50%古巴人用上宽带,但计划中的数据传输速度太慢,不足以观看流视频或玩在线游戏。As the ed States eases restrictions, it will test the Cuban government’s willingness to open up, Mr. Kavulich said.美国放宽了限制条款,这将考验古巴政府开放的意愿,美古贸易和经济委员会(U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council)的约翰·卡武里奇(John Kavulich)说。“At some point the impediments will leave the shores of the ed States and wash up on the Malecon,” he said, referring to Havana’s seafront promenade.“在某个时候,问题将漂离美国海岸,被冲到马勒孔,”他说。马勒孔是哈瓦那的海滨大道。For now, experts said, restrictions on both sides are limiting engagement with Cuba’s private sector.专家表示,双方各自的限制条件,正在制约美国与古巴私营部门的来往。Mr. Gutiérrez, whose products include an app that helps drivers find a parking space and AlaMesa, an online Cuban restaurant guide, said that, for the moment, he would have to find a workaround to get payment from American clients. His projects range from around 0 for a basic website to several times that amount for one project that required hiring three people.在古铁雷斯的产品中,有一个应用可以帮助司机找到停车位,还有一个是古巴餐馆在线指南AlaMesa。他说,目前他必须找到一个变通办法,以便从美国客户那里收款。他的务范围从建立一个基本网站,收费约500美元,到开展需要雇用三个人的项目,收费几千美元。Banking and Internet problems aside, he said, he is optimistic that the thaw between Cuba and the ed States will help freelancers like himself.他说,除了和互联网问题之外,他乐观地认为,古巴与美国之间的关系解冻将有利于像他这样的自由职业者。“There’s a lot to build here in the way of services; there’s a whole market to exploit,” he said. “All I need is a normal Internet connection and a way of getting paid.”“关于务,还有很多东西需要兴建;这里有整整一个市场需要开拓,”他说。“我需要的无非是一个正常的互联网连接,以及一个收款方式。” /201506/380643

9 things you’ll love about iOS 9爱上iOS9的9大原因1.Proactive Siri1.Siri更主动Of all the upcoming iOS 9 features for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest updates are coming to Siri. Siri is going to become ;proactive,; predicting what you want to know before you even ask it. It’s a feature similar to Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana. The new, proactive Siri will display relevant information based on your location, search history, emails, calendar and habits.在iPhone和iPad中所有iOS9即有的特点中,更新最大的当属Siri。Siri将更主动,甚至可以在你发问之前预测你的想法。这与Google Now和Microsoft的 Cortana类似。新型智能Siri将根据你的位置、搜索历史、电邮、日历和习惯呈现相关信息。2.Transit2.公交导航Finally, transit directions are coming to the Apple Maps app. It’s only in 12 cities to start, but Apple said it will expand its transit maps in the future. Transit has been a long time coming. The lack of public transit information is one of the many reasons Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for its subpar Maps app in 2012.公交导航终于出现在苹果地图APP中,仅在12个城市启用,但苹果公司表示,今后会扩展城市地图。公交导航经历很长时间才得以推出。公共交通信息缺乏是主要原因之一,苹果CEO库克曾在2012年为其低水准的地图APP道歉。3.News3.苹果新闻Apple’s new News app is a Flipboard-like personalized news er that will replace the oft-ignored Newsstand store. News will be powered by 20 publishers and 50 titles, including ESPN, CNN, Conde Nast, and The New York Times.苹果新型News APP是一款类似于Flipboard的个性化新闻阅读器,将取代之前备受忽略的Newsstand。News将得到20家出版社和50书刊杂志技术持,包括ESPN, CNN,康德纳斯特和《纽约时报》。4.Wallet4.苹果钱包Apple’s Passbook app is getting a new name (Wallet) and some welcome new features. IPhone users will be able to double-click the home button when their iPhones are locked to access the Wallet app.苹果的Passbook app更名为Wallet,并有一些新功能。锁屏时,iPhone用户可以双击home键直接进入Wallet app。5.Notes5.苹果笔记The Notes app is getting a big makeover in iOS 9, letting you draw sketches, drop in photos, maps and links and add items from other apps.iOS 9为笔记应用添加了一些新功能,包括绘画涂鸦、添加照片地图等,进一步向其他互联网笔记应用靠拢。6.Multitasking6.分屏多任务Soon, iPad owners will be able to run two apps at the same time on the same screen. With a split-screen function, picture-in-picture , a new app switcher and keyboard shortcuts, the iPad is getting closer to becoming a serious word-processing device.很快iPad用户可以在同一时间同一屏幕运行两个APP。分屏多任务、画中画视频、侧屏应用功能以及快捷键,将使iPad逐渐成为重要的文字处理器。7.Quicktype7.QuickType键盘In addition to multi-tasking, Apple is introducing gestures for the iPad in iOS 9, turning the keyboard into a trackpad. Using two fingers, iPad owners can select text and move the cursor like a mouse.除了分屏多任务功能,苹果为iOS9的iPad引入新的手势,将键盘变为触控板。iPad用户两个手指就可以选择文本并像鼠标一样移动光标。8.Better battery life8.持久续航Apple says iOS 9 will give iPhones and iPads up to an hour more battery life every day. It’s also adding a low-power mode to squeeze out three extra hours of juice.苹果声称iOS9将为iPhone和iPad每天多提供一小时电量,也添加了低功耗模式,可以挤出三小时电量。9.Public beta9.公测Excited about iOS 9? It doesn’t debut until the fall, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it early. For the first time ever, Apple will let anyone test out its new iPhone software -- before it gets released to the general public. In July, iOS 9 will go into ;public beta,; meaning anyone with an iPhone or iPad will be able to noodle around with iOS 9.为iOS9感到激动吗?但是秋季才会正式启用,但你可以早些接触到iOS9.苹果有史以来首次在正式发行之前,让人们测试新iPhone软件。7月,iOS9将进行公测,也就意味着任何iPhone和iPad用户将体验iOS9. /201506/380126

Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Taboola have quietly paid the German start-up behind Adblock Plus, the world’s most popular software for blocking online advertising, to stop blocking ads on their sites.谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon)、微软(Microsoft)和Taboola悄悄地付给世界最热门在线广告屏蔽软件Adblock Plus背后的德国初创企业一笔钱,换取后者不再屏幕它们网站上的广告。The deals, which are confidential but whose existence has been confirmed by the Financial Times, demonstrate that some of the biggest participants in the 0bn online advertising market see the rise of ad-blocking as a material threat to their revenues.这些交易是保密的,但它们的存在已得到英国《金融时报》的确认。这些交易明,价值1200亿美元的在线广告市场的一些最大参与者,将广告屏蔽软件的崛起视为对其营收的切实威胁。Adblock Plus has become one of the most popular free extensions on Chrome and Firefox browsers in recent years as internet users have attempted to eliminate the interruption of advertising. Eyeo, the German company that produces the software, says it has been downloaded more than 300m times worldwide and has more than 50m monthly active users.随着互联网用户想方设法消除广告造成的干扰,Adblock Plus近年来已成为Chrome和火狐(Firefox)浏览器上最热门的免费扩展。开发这款软件的德国公司Eyeo表示,这款软件在全球已被下载逾3亿次,拥有5000万月活跃用户。However, many publishers that fund their operations through advertising worry that ad-blocking will undermine their business model. German media groups including RTL and ProSiebenSat.1 are seeking damages from Eyeo, while French publishers are reportedly considering whether to follow suit.然而,许多靠广告收入提供自身运营资金的广告发布商担心,广告屏蔽软件会损害它们的商业模式。包括RTL和ProSiebenSat.1在内的德国媒体公司正在寻求让Eyeo赔偿损失,法国广告发布商据报也在考虑是否效仿德国同行的做法。Google and Amazon declined to #173;comment.谷歌和亚马逊拒绝置评。Microsoft, whose Bing search ads have been unblocked, said: “We are committed to working with partners who share our vision for relevant, impactful brand interaction and respect the integrity of consumer choice.”微软旗下必应(Bing)搜索的广告已被解除屏蔽。微软表示:“我们致力于与这样的伙伴合作:它对有意义、有影响力的品牌互动的愿景要与我们一致,而且要充分尊重消费者的选择。”Eyeo makes money by operating a “whitelist” of certain ads that are not blocked. It says sites can join this “acceptable ads” programme only if they meet criteria such as being “transparent with us about being an ad” and “do not disrupt or distort the page content we’re trying to ”.Eyeo靠设置“白名单”、选择性不屏蔽某些广告来盈利。该公司表示,只有满足一定标准的网站才能加入这个“可接受广告”项目,比如“明确向我们表明广告的身份”以及“不干扰或扭曲我们正试图阅读的页面内容”。While the whitelisting process is free for small websites and blogs, Eyeo charges a fee to large companies “to make the initiative sustainable”. Eyeo declined to say how much it charged.尽管白名单机制对小网站和客是免费的,但“为了项目的可持续”,Eyeo对大企业收取费用。Eyeo拒绝透露收费标准。One digital media company, which asked not to be named, said Eyeo had asked for a fee equivalent to 30 per cent of the additional ad revenues that it would make from being unblocked.一家要求匿名的数字媒体公司表示,Eyeo索要的费用相当于广告被解除屏蔽后所能带来的额外广告收入的30%。In judging which ads are “acceptable” and which are not, Eyeo must t a fine line to avoid upsetting Adblock Plus users. Those who disagree with its decisions have the option of blocking all ads including those on the whitelist, or defecting to rival software such as Adblock Edge.在判断哪些广告“可接受”、哪些不可接受的过程中,Eyeo必须小心把握平衡、以免触怒Adblock Plus的用户。那些对其决定有异议的用户可选择屏蔽所有广告、包括那些在白名单上的,或选择改用其竞争对手的软件,比如Adblock Edge。After Eyeo proposed in an online forum in November that Taboola, an advertising network that sometimes serves racy content, should be whitelisted, one user wrote in response: “This is a joke, right? Taboola should be scorched from the internet for all time.”去年11月,Eyeo在一个网络论坛上提议将一个有时输出不雅内容的广告网络Taboola加入白名单后,一名用户回帖道:“这是在开玩笑,对吧?Taboola应该永远被从网上根除。”Despite the protest, Eyeo whitelisted Taboola. That decision is likely to benefit websites such as MailOnline, Business Insider and N News, which use Taboola to serve ads in the form of “sponsored content” recommendations at the bottom of their news articles.尽管用户提出了抗议,但Eyeo还是把Taboola加入了白名单。这个决定很可能会造福MailOnline、Business Insider和N News等网站,它们使用Taboola输出的广告,以“赞助内容”推荐的形式放在其新闻文章底部。Taboola declined to comment.Taboola拒绝置评。 /201502/358197

US security services and cyber security specialists are scouring China’s latest five-year plan for clues to which US companies might become the next targets of Chinese hacking attacks.美国安全部门和网络安全专家正在细读中国最新的五年规划,从中寻找哪些美国企业可能成为中国下一批黑客攻击目标的线索。China’s last five-year plan highlighted energy, healthcare, steel and other sectors as focuses of its major initiatives from 2011 to 2015.中国的上一个五年规划将2011年至2015年期间的发展重点确定为能源、医疗、钢铁等行业。In the same period, companies such as health insurer Anthem, US Steel, Westinghouse Electric and medical device group Medtronic suffered what are believed by Washington officials to be state-sponsored hacks by China.在此期间,医疗保险公司Anthem、美国钢铁公司(US Steel)、西屋电气(Westinghouse Electric)、以及医疗器械集团美敦力(Medtronic)遭到了美国官员认为有中国政府撑腰的黑客攻击。“To China, gaining knowledge about seed technology or medical devices are matters of national security,” an FBI official said. “So it’s not seen as stealing the way we see it. That’s why everything is fair game to them and why companies active in sectors mentioned in the five-year plans have to be extra vigilant.”“对中国来说,获取关于种子技术或医疗器械的知识是国家安全问题,”美国联邦调查局(FBI)一名官员表示,“因此,此类行为不被视为我们所认为的偷窃。这就是为什么在他们看来一切都是合理目标,为什么活跃于五年规划所提到的行业的企业必须格外警惕。”The latest plan covering 2016 to 2020 focuses on modernising the military and improving green technology, including defence stealth technology, renewable energy and innovation .最新的五年规划涵盖2016年至2020年,侧重于军事现代化和改进绿色技术,包括军用隐形技术、可再生能源和创新。“There’s a direct connection between the sectors highlighted in China’s five-year plans and the businesses that suffer breaches in the US,” said Peter LaMontagne, chief executive of big data analytics group Novetta and a US diplomat in Beijing during the 1990s. “If it’s a priority for China, it should be a priority for US companies to protect themselves.”“中国五年规划所提到的行业与美国遭遇攻击的企业之间存在直接关联,”大数据分析公司Novetta首席执行官、上世纪90年代曾为美国驻北京外交官的彼得·拉蒙塔涅(Peter LaMontagne)表示,“如果这是中国的优先事项,那就应该是美国企业自我保护的优先事项。”China still relies on adapting technology and best practices from overseas for development. Beijing’s new plan will launch during one of the slowest periods of growth in decades, which might encourage more cyber espionage, security experts say.中国在发展方面仍然依靠借鉴海外的技术和最佳实践。安全专家们表示,北京方面的新规划将在几十年来经济增长最慢的时期之一投入实施,这可能会鼓励更多的网络间谍活动。Tom Kellermann, chief cyber security officer for Trend Micro, said the sectors that have been targeted by China have been severely hurt because companies benefiting from the breaches have been able to copy or improve products based on stolen data and then undercut US rivals in pricing.趋势科技公司(Trend Micro)首席网络安全官汤姆·凯勒曼(Tom Kellermann)表示,此前被中国瞄准的行业遭受了严重损害,因为获益于这些黑客攻击的中国企业能够在被窃数据的基础上仿制或改进产品,然后再定价上胜过美国竞争对手。 /201511/412692

It looks like 5G is here! At least that#39;s what it looked like if you wandered around Mobile World Congress 2016 this week. Booths filled with information about the next-generation wireless standard — some even offering ;demonstrations; of the technology — seemed to occupy more floor space even than new smartphones.5G似乎走进了我们的生活。至少,如果你本周漫步在2016年世界移动大会的会场上是这样的。会场内的各大展示柜都是关于下一代无线通信标准的信息。其中一些甚至提供了该技术的展示体验务。5G似乎占有比新智能手机更多的楼层空间。But the reality is that the successor to 4G cellular service is still, according to best estimations, around five years from connecting devices around the world.然而现实是,就算即使按照最乐观的估计,4G蜂窝务的接班人仍然需要五年时间才能为全世界的通讯设备使用。So why, then, was 5G the talk of Barcelona#39;s big international tech conference now?那么为何在巴塞罗那的大型国际化技术会议上会有关于5G的讨论呢?The idea of 5G needed no inventing, per se: We#39;ve all known for a while that ;5; would come after ;4.; But what the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance did shortly after last year#39;s MWC was release something called the ;5G White Paper; to lay out what 5G wireless will look like in terms of speed. (Assuming, of course, that consumer companies and hardware vendors can cooperate.)5G的概念并不需要特地去创造,本来我们就知道;5;会是接着;4;之后下一个到来的。在去年世界移动通信大会不久之后,下一代移动网络联盟发布了;5G白皮书;来设定将来5G无线网络将会达到什么速度。(当然,前提是消费者公司和硬件供应商都给予配合。)In that paper, the alliance announced the next mobile data standard should be capable of a healthy 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). Yep: With 4G speeds in the U.S. today averaging somewhere between 5 and 12 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G will look to improve upon its predecessor by up to 200 times.在白皮书中,该联盟宣布下一代移动数据标准应该能够达每秒1千兆比特。是的,如今美国平均的4G速度在5兆到12兆,5G的速度比它的前辈要快上200倍。You#39;re probably psyched to imagine how fast apps, , and other data will download or stream over 5G. But the idea of imminent gigabit mobile data is even more exciting for wireless infrastructure companies such as Qualcomm and Cisco. (After all, they#39;ll be ones who#39;ll have to upgrade that infrastructure to the new standard.) This year#39;s Mobile World Congress gave these brands the first big international stage where they could trot out their moonshot ideas for the potential new tech. And trot they did.你可能已经在激动地想象手机应用、视频以及其他数据在5G网络下运行或下载的速度该有多快了。但是关于即将来临的千兆级移动数据流量更让Qualcomm和Cisco这样的无线设备公司兴奋(毕竟它们才是需要为迎合新标准而将系统升级换代的公司)。今年的世界移动大会给这些品牌第一次走上国际舞台的机会,它们能够展示潜在新技术的疯狂想法。而它们也的确士气高昂地完成了这些展示。 /201603/429521

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