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榆树市人流需要多少钱长春治疗宫颈肥大去哪家好啊Finn: Hi Li. I didnt see you in the canteen today. I brought you a sandwich.芬恩:嗨,莉。我今天在食堂没看到你。我给你带了个三明治。Li: Thats very kind of you, Finn. I had to go and buy these...莉:你真是太好了,芬恩。我必须要去买这些东西……Finn: An envelope and a nice picture of a sunny beach?芬恩:一个信封还有一张阳光明媚的海滩的照片?Li: Its the sky, Finn. My boss told me that we need blue-sky thinking and we need to push the envelope if we want to succeed in the current market.莉:芬恩,那是天空。我老板告诉我,我们需要蓝色天空的想象力,所以如果想在现有的市场取得成功我们就要推进信封。Finn: Oh, right. And what are you going to do with this envelope, and this picture, Li?芬恩:哦,好的。可是莉,你要这个信封和这张照片做什么?Li: Well, the beach has a blue-sky... so maybe I need to push it into the envelope... and send it to... the clients? Im not sure.莉:嗯,海滩就是蓝色的天空……所以可能我需要把这个放进信封里……然后把它寄给客户吧?我也不太确定。Finn: Li, I think what he wants has nothing to do with the sky or envelopes. These are two expressions people use in business nowadays. Its corporate language - or as we say, corporate speak.芬恩:莉,我想你老板的意思和天空或是信封都无关。这是现代人在工作中使用的两个表达方式。这是企业语言,或者我们可以说是企业用语。Li: What do they mean?莉:那这两个词是什么意思?Finn: Well, in English, blue-sky thinking means having ideas which are very original, even if theyre not practical or realistic. Your boss wants you to be creative.芬恩:嗯,在英语中,blue-sky thinking就是非常新颖的想法,这些想法可能不实用也不实际。你的老板希望你要有创造力。Li: And what do I do with this envelope?莉:那我要用这个信封做什么?Finn: Well, the expression to push the envelope means to go even further than others and do things that might be new or risky or even dangerous! Thats: push the envelope.芬恩:嗯,to push the envelope这个表达的意思是比其他人走得更远,做一些可能是创新或是冒险或是甚至有些危险的事情!这就是:突破原有底线。Li: But why didnt he just say: be creative?莉:可是他为什么不直接说“有创造力”?Finn: Well, the world of business has its own special terms. Lets hear some examples of how to use these two expressions in todays The English We Speak.芬恩:嗯,企业界有它自己的专业术语。这就是今天的地道英语要学的两个表达方式,我们来听一些例句,看看它们如何使用。Its all about blue-sky thinking right now; mobile phones are no longer just for calls!这就是天马行空的想象力;手机不再只用来打电话了!Were not just a normal airline. Were going to push the envelope and offer balloon flights.我们不仅仅是普通的航空公司。我们要突破原有的底线,我们要提供热气球活动。Li: Oh, so all my boss wants is for me to have ideas which are new and brave. What about your boss, Finn?莉:哦,所以我老板是希望我要有新颖而大胆的主意。芬恩,那你的老板呢?Finn: Well, my line manager told me this morning: ;I expect you to think out of the box. If you dont step up to the plate by end of play youll have to face the music.;芬恩:嗯,我的直接主管今天上午告诉我:“我希望你打破思维定式。如果你在最后都不采取行动,那你必须要承担后果。”Li: What on earth does he mean, Finn?!莉:芬恩,他到底什么意思?!Finn: I really have no idea. I think wed need another four programmes to explain those examples of corporate speak. Another time. Im tired just thinking about it. Bye.芬恩:我也不知道。我想我们要再用四期节目来解释这些企业用语的含义。下次再解释。一思考我就很觉得很累。再见。Li: Bye.莉:再见。译文属 /201409/325024长春妇女医院怎样 Todd:OK, lets talk about hobbies. What do you like to do in yourfree time?我们来谈谈兴趣爱好吧。空余时间你都爱干什么啊?Roe:You mean other than seducing ladies?你的意思是除了吸引女士们?Todd:Yeah, well, we might actually have women listen to this.对,不过确实是女人们在听这个。Roe:Just joking. Just joking OK. I like windsurfing. Thats my number one hobby, and surfing Im in progress, and I like skateboarding but Im getting old, so it is kind oftiresome. What else do I like? I like going to restaurants, going out, bars, restaurants,bar hopping.开个玩笑,仅仅是在开玩笑。恩我喜欢风帆冲浪。那是我最喜欢的运动,而且我还处于进步阶段。而且我还喜欢滑板运动,但我现在岁数越来越大,真是有点儿力不从心了。那我还喜欢什么呢?我喜欢去饭店,去酒吧,还有泡吧。Todd:Cool, yeah, I like to bar hop. Lets go back to the windsurfing, um, how long have you been windsurfing?棒极了。对我也喜欢泡吧。我们现在回去冲浪吧,你玩多久了?Roe:Since 26, so thats 4, 5, 7 years.自26岁起,已经4,5,7年了!Todd:7 years! Yeah, where did you first begin windsurfing?7年!那你一开始是在哪儿玩的冲浪?Roe:Kamakura.镰仓。Todd:Oh, in Kamakura. Thats a beautiful place.哦,在镰仓。那是个很美的地方。Roe:In winter, yeah, but in summer, its, I dont know, its questionable.在冬天,哦不,是在夏天,我不知道了,我说不好了。Todd:Really? Why?是吗?为什么啊?Roe:Oily.多油。Todd:Oh, cause the water is polluted.哦因为河水被污染了。Roe:Yeah, cause people, a lot of people come from the city. They put oils right oil, and they go swimming into the ocean.对的,因为人们,很多人都来自这个城市。油上又堆油,游着泳就带到了海洋里。Todd:You mean suntan lotion from peoples bodies gets in the water and makes it oily. Thats disgusting.你的意思是防晒油从人的身体进入水中,使其油性。那很恶心。Roe:Isnt it. You see the oil floating around in the ocean. Its kind of sick in summer, so I really dont windsurf in summer.不是吗?你看那海面上漂着的油。这有现象一般是出现在夏天,所以夏天我一般都不去冲浪的。Todd:Wow, it must be hard to, if there is so many people in the water.哇,但如果冬天有很多的人,那冲浪一定会很难。Roe:Yeah, but there is a swimming section and a windsurfing section, but anyway.对,但不管怎样,游泳部分和风帆冲浪部分还是有界限的。Todd:So, did somebody teach you to windsurf?那是有人教你如何冲浪的吗?Roe:Yeah, my brother. Oh, your brother. OK. Did it come easy for you, or was it difficult?对,我哥哥。哦,就是我哥哥。一开始你是觉得简单还是难啊?Roe:It is really difficult to explain windsurfing cause, I show you. Can you stand up?非常难。我演示给你看啊。你能站起来吗?Todd:OK, so Im standing up?好,我现在站起来了。Roe:And your holding your rig, and go back, you are like 80 kilometer and your body is more closer to the ocean and your body is like down here and like 80 kilometer and waves are like 4 meters and on a good day so that is really radical.拿着你的帆装设备,然后往回走。大概80公里,然后你的身体慢慢地靠近海洋,身体有向下,又是80公里,随之还有4米高的海浪,真的很过瘾。Todd:Yeah that sounds difficult. I dont think Im y for windsurfing.对啊,那听起来很难啊。我感觉我还没有做好风帆冲浪的准备。Roe:Its pretty interesting though. Its free too.不过会很有趣,而且还是免费的。Todd:But the equipment must be very expensive.但是设备是很贵的。Roe:The first time yeah, but once you buy and have everything down its free to go surfing to the beach so.对,不过你第一次买齐设备的时候,在海边冲浪是免费的。Todd:How many windsurfing boards do you have?你有多少个风帆冲浪板?Roe:Two.两个。Todd:Two. And do you have to do a lot of work to maintainthem, to keep them clean?两个。你都是怎么保养他们的啊?就是清洗吗?Roe:Not really cause out in the ocean just wash with the water, clean water, thats about it.倒不是。因为在海上冲浪的时候就有海水在拍打,就是这样。Todd:How far do you live from the beach?你住的地方离海边有多远?Roe:It takes me about, about an hour from my house.差不多一个小时吧。Todd:One hour. Boy. Thatsdedication.一个小时,那可是要有献身精神啊。Roe:Its like, how can I explain this, what are your hobbies there?就像,我该怎么说呢。你都有什么兴趣爱好呢?Todd:I like running so yeah I run all the time.我喜欢跑步,所以我一直都在坚持跑。Roe:Right, but its not, you feel like you are dedicating your energy to the running.哦,你是把你的能量都释放在了跑步上。Todd:No, No. Yeah不,不,不过也对。Roe:You do it because it is fun.你那么做就是因为那很好玩。Todd:Yeah对的。Roe:Exactly.的确是。Todd:OK, yeah, maybe Ill have to try windsurfing one of these days. Ive always wanted to try that and surfing. It look like a lot of fun.好的,可以这几天我还要尝试一下风帆冲浪。我一直都想尝试,而且还想尝试冲浪。看起来很有意思啊。Roe:Come. I have my board and my surfboard too.来吧,我有冲浪板还有风帆冲浪板。Todd:Oh, thats right, you have two boards, so, hey OK. Thanks and we have to go before its summer. Now it is spring, and all the oil in the water, thats disgusting. I cant. I thought you meant like oil from ships or sewage from the city. OK. Oil from peoples bodies. Well, there must be a lot of tan bodies.哦,那很好,你有两个板子,很好。谢谢你,夏天之前我们一定会去的。现在是春天,水面上都是油,很恶心的,我不会去的。我想你指的是船上的油还有来自城市的地沟油。油都是来自我们身体的。而且那会有很多腐烂的尸体。注:译文属原创,,。 /201307/247900长春治疗子宫内膜异位症去哪个医院

长春市阳光妇科医院怎么样面熟 ---know sb by sight大家好,欢迎来到小强英语!人海茫茫,万千的人与你擦肩而过。有些人你一而再,再而三地碰到,却并不知道他们的名字,也不知道他们的具体情况。对你来说,他们到底算是陌生人还是熟人呢?这着实难讲。英语中,我们管这种现象叫做know sb by sight. 我们来看一下例句:I know her by sight, though I have never spoken to her. 我和她面熟,不过我从没有同她谈过话。They knew each other by sight, but their orbits did not touch. 他们见面认识, 但各自的生活圈子互不搭界。生活中,除了绝对的熟人和绝对的陌生人之外,还存在这样一些介于两者之间的“熟悉的陌生人”,他们也是我们生活圈子的一部分。当那些熟悉的身影忽然不见的时候,我们多少还是会有点怀念的。好了,本期的节目就是这样,我们下期再见!与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201408/323587长春妇科中医大夫 Todd: OK, Keith, I was surprised to hear that you actually lived in Finland.基思,我很吃惊你居然住在芬兰。Keith: Yeah, I lived in a small farm town there. Theres a little place called Kalhaba. About 8,000 people live there. Yeah, it was a nice time. I was teaching kindergarten to little Finnish children and sometimes I was teaching adults too. Once a week.是的,我住在遥远的一座小城。那个地方叫做Kalhaba。大约有8千人住在那里。住在那里的时光非常美好。我在一所幼儿园给小孩子教书,有时候也教成人。一周一次。Todd: OK. What was the best thing about Finland?好的。芬兰最棒的是什么?Keith: Wow. Id say the summers were the best thing because summers there, well, theres no night really, depending on where you are in the country. 24 hours of daylight if you were in lapland. It was outstanding.哇。芬兰的夏天是最棒的,因为芬兰的夏天没有夜晚,具体要看你处于芬兰的什么地方了。如果你在拉普兰,那里24小时全是白天。这是芬兰最突出的特点。注:译文属原创,,。 /201304/234167长春专业无痛打胎医院

长春哪家医院做人流手术做的好 Todd: Hey Leath! Do you want to go ahead and talk about the story you were going to say?嗨,利思!你接下来要讲一个故事吗?Leath: OK, um, yeah, this was about, Id say a year and a half ago and it was in Harare, the capital, where my mom lives. I was on holiday back home seeing my mom and anyway its a Sunday morning and I was in the shower, got up pretty late, it must have been about half ten, and all of a sudden my mom burst into the shower and said,; Leath, Leath, theres a snake, theres a snake in the kitchen.; And so I thought, ;Ah, what kind of snake would this be; cause we live in the capital, residential area, almost high-rise. Well, not high rise, but residential area. And so I put a towel around my waist and walked bad-temperedly throught to the kitchen. Um, attached to the kitchen weve got this little courtyard, where we set out to have morning coffee and breakfast. Its tiled and leads onto a small garden. And so I walked out onto the courtyard and there was a seven foot Egyptian cobra! Wow. I was really, really blow away because I know a bit about snakes and I know that a bite from an Egyptian cobra in a country where antidote isnt ily available is almost certainly fatal. And, there we were, mom and I, with a seven foot Egyptian cobra slithering between the courtyard and our kitchen. And, eventually, we trapped it in the courtyard and I went to fetch guys who work for national parks. National parks are the guys who kind of look after animal problems within the city, and, uh, brought them around, and we were hoping that they were going to catch it because Zimbabwe isnt so rich at the moment and stuff like that. They dont have the facilities to keep caught animals so unless its endangered they just shoot it, so the guy shot our seven foot cobra.好的,这个故事发生在一年半前津巴布韦的首都哈拉雷,我妈妈住的地方。那时我放假回家去看我妈妈。一个周日的早上,我起得很晚,大概是10点半,正在我冲澡的时候,我妈妈突然冲进来大喊“利思,利思,有条蛇,厨房有条蛇。”当时我就在想那是什么样的蛇,因为我们住在首都的住宅区,基本都是高楼大厦。虽然不全是高楼,但起码那是住宅区。我在腰间系了一条毛巾,心情不爽地走到了厨房。厨房外有一个小院子,我们早上都在那里喝咖啡吃早餐。院子外面通向一个小花园。我们穿过厨房走进小院子,那儿有一只7英尺长的埃及眼镜蛇!我真的被吓到了,因为我对蛇有一些了解,我知道在一个解毒剂并不常见的国家,埃及眼镜蛇是致命的。只有我和我妈,还有一只在小院和厨房间来回滑行的埃及眼镜蛇。最后我们在小院里设陷阱抓住了蛇,我联系叫来了国家公园的工作人员。他们是负责动物相关问题的专业人士。我把他们带来希望它们能把这只埃及响尾蛇抓走,因为津巴布韦还那时候还买不起这种动物。但他们没有抓走野生动物的相关部门,除非是威胁到居民生命,他们会把动物射杀,所以那名工作人员举杀死了这只7英尺长的眼镜蛇。Todd: Oh, they shot it, uh!他们向蛇射击!Leath: Yeah, and we had to bury it out back.后来我们埋葬了那条蛇。Todd: Really, well, still Im glad, you just didnt want to be bitten or anything.真的吗,我很高兴你没有被咬一口之类的。Leath: No, no. No way.那可没门。Todd: What a story!真是个好故事!注:译文属原创,,。 /201210/204229长春哪家医院能做四维彩超长春阳光妇科医院的地址



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