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长春阳光妇科医院长春做人流哪个医院好一点As part of an experiment by Audi, Lindsay Rule made it from Boston to San Francisco relying only on the kindness of strangers and the electronic networks that now tie us all together.作为奥迪公司的一项实验,Lindsay Rule仅仅依靠陌生人的帮助、和将我们连在一起的网络,成功得从波士顿抵达旧金山。Hitchhiking, especially as a woman, has never been the safest activity. But the rise of smartphones and social networks has made the prospect of sharing a car-or a house-with a stranger much more palatable. Add that to the fact that young adults are buying fewer cars than ever, and there#39;s a strong case for car companies to start digging into carsharing and other alternative revenue streams.搭车旅行从来都不是一项安全的活动,尤其对女性来说。但是随着智能手机与社交网络的发展,与陌生人搭车甚至共享一所房子都成为了可能。加上越来越多的年轻人都不再买车,是时候让汽车公司开始发展共享租车业务和其他的赚钱渠道了。As part of a partnership between Architizer and Audi#39;s Urban Future Initiative, which examines the convergence of mobility, architecture, and urban development, Rule was sent on an ambitious assignment: traveling from Boston to San Francisco in two weeks without spending any money (there was a 0 emergency fund). She succeeded.Architizer与奥迪合作构建的城市未来倡议能够检验城市发展、机动性及城市架构是否全面。而作为倡议中的一部分,Rule得到了一项高难度的任务:在两周内,从波士顿出发前往旧金山,途中不得有任何金钱出(有100美元的紧急基金)。她成功了。I met up with Rule at her final destination: Audi#39;s Powell Street Promenade in downtown San Francisco. She was surprisingly exuberant for someone who spent the last 14 days coordinating free journeys Westward. How did she do it?我在终点遇见了Rule:站在位于旧金山市中心的鲍威尔步行街上,她对于自己在过去的14天里做了一次免费的西部旅行感到异常兴奋。而她是如何做到的呢?There were a handful of services that made the trip possible: Facebook, Craigslist, Ridejoy (a ridesharing service), and CouchSurfing. When Rule began her journey in Boston, she didn#39;t know what to do-how could she start organizing the trip without WiFi? So she spent a little bit of her emergency cash on a cheap bus ticket to New York City that came with WiFi and a power outlet. Rule ended up hitching a ride with a photographer that she found on Craigslist all the way to Chicago, where she used Facebook to find a friend#39;s couch on which to crash. Soon Rule discovered a woman on Craigslist who was giving away a free bus ticket to Madison, Wisconsin-Rule accepted it and continued her journey, staying in Wisconsin with a couchsurfer who later drove her to Minneapolis.一系列的务设施让这次旅行成为可能:Facebook, Craigslist(资讯黄页网站), Ridejoy(自行车共享务网站)以及CouchSurfing(沙发客网站)。当Rule在波士顿准备出发时,她完全不知道自己该做什么——她该如何在没有WiFi的情况下组织行程?所以她用了紧急基金里的一点钱买了一张到纽约市的车票。车上有WiFi,还有插座。在去芝加哥的路上,她在Craigslist克雷格列表网上找到了一位愿意让她搭车的摄影师。在那里,她还通过Facebook找到了愿意让她睡一晚的朋友。之后Rule又在Craigslist上遇到一位想要免费出让一张去威斯康星州麦迪逊市的车票,Rule得到了这张车票并继续她的旅程。在威斯康星州里,她遇到了一位沙发客,最终载着她抵达明尼阿波里斯市。Rule#39;s trip across the country continued like that-completely unplanned, made possible entirely by the kindness of strangers, including an entire CouchSurfing community in Missoula, Montana called Orange Acres. ;This would have been impossible without social media,; she explains. And yet, she never realized before the trip how vast this digital sharing network really was. ;I had confidence in it. I#39;d do it again,; she says.Rule的全国旅行完全没有任何计划,全部通过陌生人友善的帮助完成,其中还有在蒙塔纳州米苏拉市的一整个沙发客社团。;如果没有社交网络,这一切都是不可能的。;她解释道。而在此之前,她还没有意识到数字网络究竟有多广大。;我对此很有信心,我会再来一次。; 她说。Audi, for its part, realizes the significant of how easy it#39;s becoming to travel in the U.S. without owning a car. ;Mobility in cities is getting more and more relevant to us,; says Dominik Stampfl of the Audi Urban Future Initiative. ;In the future, we#39;ll need more than cars.;而对于奥迪来说,他们意识到了做一次环美旅游是多么容易,即使自己没有车。;城市中的交通设施对于我们来说越来越重要了,;奥迪城市未来倡议的Dominik Stampfl说。;在未来,我们需要的不仅仅是车辆。; /201208/195378公主岭中医院专家预约 榆树市第一人民医院引产多少钱

梅河口妇幼保健医院做孕检多少钱Watch out Ryan Lochte– America#39;s most eligible bachelor, Ryan Lochte, is a Gossip Girl fan!看瑞安#8226;洛赫特 -- 美国最有资格单身汉Ryan Lochte是绯闻女孩的粉丝!;I have a huge crush on Blake Lively. She#39;s drop-dead gorgeous,; Lochte told PEOPLE at New York#39;s Ainsworth Park at the Windsor Custom Clothes Fashion#39;s Night Out event. ;I haven#39;t met her yet. If I do, I#39;d definitely be starstruck. She makes my toes curl.;“我超级迷恋布莱克#8226;莱弗利,她太美了,”Lochte在纽约安斯沃思公园举办的温莎定制衣的时尚之夜活动时告诉了people杂志。 “我还没有见过她。但如果我见到她,我一定是追星族。她让我很兴奋。”The Olympic gold medalist, who is on a strict diet and trains about six hours a day during competitions, admits he#39;d break his healthy regimen for Lively, who has a passion for baking sweets and has been linked to Lochte since Oct. 2011.这位奥运会金牌得主,比赛期间饮食严苛并每天训练六小时,他承认他为Lively打破了他的健康养生方式,Lively对烘焙甜点感兴趣,并与Lochte于2011年10月有联系。;For her, I would totally cheat [on my diet],; he says. ;I love homemade food, but I do have to keep to my regimen because I#39;m still training for the 2016 Olympics.;“为了她,我完全偏离了我的饮食,”他说。 “我喜欢自制的食品,但我必须保持我的养生方式,因为我仍然在为2016年奥运会做准备。”When it comes to style and clothes, the swimming champ is attracted to women who dress similarly to Lively – a clean look with an edge.当谈到穿衣风格,这位游泳冠军喜欢像Lively那样穿衣风格的女性- --看上去干净又棱角分明。;I like girls who are confident enough to wear sexy dresses and have a wild night out and [then] be the complete opposite and be able to chill and wear shorts and a football jersey around the house,; Lochte says. ;A woman wearing an oversized jersey – or especially a guy#39;s button-down shirt with no pants – is by far the sexiest thing.;“我喜欢的女孩有足够的自信去穿性感的衣,同时夜里在外面疯狂,但另一方面,她也会打冷颤然后穿着短裤和球衣在屋子周围晃悠,”Lochte说。 “一个女人,穿着一件超大号球衣 - 特别是一个男人的按钮式衬衫,裤子没有 - 是目前为止最性感的事。”As for his own style, ;I#39;m a jeans and a T-shirt guy,; he says, ;and I like to accessorize by wearing a watch or necklace or I#39;ll wear a sports jacket with some jeans. I don#39;t wear suits a lot. I feel more comfortable walking around in a Speedo than being in a suit.;至于自己的风格,“我是一个穿着牛仔裤和T恤的家伙,”他说,“我喜欢戴手表或项链来装饰,或者穿一件运动夹克来搭一条牛仔裤。我不经常穿西装,我觉得穿着运动走来走去比穿西装要舒得多。And what does Lochte prefer to wear to bed? ;I#39;m naked or in boxers,; he said with a sly grin. ;I don#39;t like to wear too much clothing when going to bed. I like to feel free.;“Lochte更喜欢穿什么睡觉呢? “我赤身露体,或穿平角裤,他带着狡猾的笑容说道, “上床睡觉时我不喜欢穿太多的衣,我喜欢去感受自由。” /201209/199552长春哪里做体检好 As a city that gets the vast majority of its food and water from mainland China, Hong Kong is no stranger to food-safety fears. On Thursday, news that China’s Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. had acquired Smithfield Foods Inc. SFD -1.83%─the largest U.S. pork producer and supplier of popular products to Hong Kong─touched off similar anxieties.作为一个绝大部分食品和水依靠中国内地的城市,香港对食品安全担忧并不陌生。周四,中国双汇国际控股有限公司(Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd.)收购Smithfield Foods Inc.的消息在香港引发类似担忧。Smithfield是美国最大的猪肉生产商,也是香港很多受欢迎产品的供应商。Over 90% of Hong Kong’s meat products come from mainland China. But the city’s thriving expat community and demand from many health-conscious locals have also fueled a brisk business in meat imports from places such as North America and Australia, which are seen as a safer alternative.香港市场上销售的肉类产品逾90%来自中国内地。但香港繁荣的外籍人士社区以及来自很多健康意识较强的当地人的需求也助推了肉类进口这门火爆的生意。进口肉类的来源地包括北美和澳大利亚。这些地区的肉类被视作安全性更高的替代品。Winson Chan of Million (Far East) Ltd., which imports mostly U.S. and Canadian meats into Hong Kong, said Thursday that in addition to Smithfield’s pork meat, his company sells several shipping containers full of millions of Smithfield Inc. chicken hot dogs every month. The hot dogs, he said, are a popular breakfast and café food staple in Hong Kong, often served alongside instant noodles. Smithfield Inc. worked together with Million (Far East) Ltd in 2009 to create the product specifically for the Hong Kong market, he said.万安(远东)有限公司(Million (Far East) Ltd.)的Winson Chan周四说,除了Smithfield的猪肉,他的公司每月还会销售Smithfield生产的装满几个海运集装箱的鸡肉热肠,数量能达到数百万根。他说这些热肠在香港是很受欢迎的早餐和餐馆主食,通常会搭配速食面一起销售。万安(远东)有限公司主要将美国和加拿大的肉类进口至香港。他说,2009年时Smithfield曾和万安公司合作打造适合香港市场的产品。“We are very concerned about safety, because our customers are really concerned about food origin. We have to rely on reliable sources,” said Mr. Chan, who said he sells Smithfield products to the city’s two largest grocery chains, PARKnSHOP and Wellcome. “That’s why some of our customers were concerned about the acquisition.”Winson Chan说,我们非常担心安全问题,因为我们的客户非常关心食品来源;我们必须依赖可靠的货源,这正是我们部分客户对此次收购非常担心的原因。他说其进口的Smithfield产品主要卖给香港最大的两家杂货连锁店百佳(PARKnSHOP)和惠康(Wellcome)。However, Mr. Chan said that when he spoke to Smithfield representatives to convey such fears yesterday, he was told that the American company’s top management, sales strategy and plant operations wouldn’t change.但Winson Chan说,昨天他向Smithfield的代表传达这样的担忧时,他被告知这家美国公司的高层管理人员、销售策略和工厂运营都不会改变。“They said, ‘Don’t worry Winson, it’s just like when Hong Kong returned to China.’”他们说,别担心,就像香港回归中国时各项制度不变一样。While the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997, it has remained largely self-governing and continues to operate with its own independent political and economic system.香港曾是英国殖民地,1997年回归中国。回归后,香港在很大程度上保持自治,并按其独立的政治和经济体制继续运行。In addition to Smithfield’s pork and chicken products, Shuanghui─China’s largest pork products company─also has a healthy presence in the Hong Kong market. A Shuanghui employee surnamed Zhang said Thursday that the company has been selling products in Hong Kong since 2001, mostly frozen sausages, including “crispy cheese sausage” and “honey crispy sausage,” to local supermarkets and fast food eateries. Based in Henan province, the company is the majority shareholder of China’s largest meat processor, whose company chairman Wan Long has been dubbed “China’s No. 1 Butcher.” According to company statements, Shuanghui slaughters some 15 million pigs a year.除了Smithfield的猪肉和鸡肉产品,作为中国最大的猪肉制品企业,双汇在香港市场的占有率也很高。一位姓张的双汇员工周四说,该公司自2001年开始在香港向当地超市和快餐小吃店销售产品,主要是冷冻香肠,其中包括脆皮芝士肠和蜜辣香脆肠。该公司总部设在河南,是中国最大肉类处理企业的大股东。双汇董事长万隆被称作“中国第一屠夫长”。从该公司的财报看,双汇一年屠宰的生猪数量约为1,500万头。 /201306/242402长春妇科疾病在线问答

长春阳光妇科医院评价怎么样It is hard to argue the case for Olympic sponsorship from any effect it has on the share prices of the TOPs (see chart). But the companies must believe they are getting a good deal; otherwise they wouldn#39;t keep doing it, and indeed upping the ante. The IOC#39;s revenue from TOP sponsors rose 10.5% in the 2009-12 quadrennium. Visa ran Olympic-themed promotions in 45 countries in 2008; this year it has 71 in its sights. It is also passing on the rights to use the Olympic brand to the banks that issue its charge cards: some 950 financial institutions will join its marketing push.抛开赞助对于 TOP 公司股价的影响(见图表),很难论奥运赞助的事例。但必须让各公司相信它们在做一笔划算的交易;否则它们就不会继续赞助,这在实际上抬高了赞助金额。在2009至2012的四年间,国际奥委会从 TOP 赞助商处获得的资金上涨了10.5%。2008年,Visa 公司在45个国家开展了奥运主题的促销活动;今年它在71个国家进行了促销。该公司还把使用奥运商标的权利转给了发行其信用卡的:约有950家金融机构将加入 Visa 公司的营销推广。Visa#39;s first Olympic campaign was brutal. Having displaced American Express as the official payment card, its ads crowed: ;At the 1988 Winter Olympics, they will honour speed, stamina and skill-but not American Express.; Its recent Olympic ads conform more closely to the generic feel-good norm. One shows Nadia Comaneci, a gymnast, scoring a perfect 10. Morgan Freeman#39;s soothing voice-over encourages viewers to cheer for perfection.Visa 公司的首次奥运活动比较蛮横无礼。当年它取代美国运通(American Express)成了官方付卡公司,曾在广告中自鸣得意:;1988年冬奥会上,人们将向速度、耐力和技巧致敬——但不会像美国运通致敬。;Visa 公司近年来的奥运广告则较为遵守一般的好感标准。其中一条广告展现了体操运动员 Nadia Comaneci 获得满分10分的英姿。Morgan Freeman 那给人以安慰的画外音鼓励观众为这种完美欢呼。Big boys#39; games大亨的运动会Because the games are truly global, they offer a plausible springboard for regional brands that want to conquer the world. Samsung is perhaps the best example. It was once a big dog only in its native South Korea. In 1997 it pipped Motorola to become a global Olympic sponsor. The American mobile-phone maker, a longtime second-tier sponsor, wanted to upgrade but demanded a big discount. The IOC was so annoyed that it turned to Samsung, which quickly agreed to pay full whack. Motorola#39;s managers realised they had been supplanted only when they the headlines. Such ruthlessness keeps sponsors in line.由于奥运会具有确实的全球性,它为想要掌控世界的地区品牌提供了一块合适的跳板。或许三星就是最好的例子。该公司曾经只在本土韩国有较大影响⑤。1997年,它以微弱优势击败了托罗拉,成了全球性奥运赞助商。作为长期的二线赞助商,托罗拉这家美国手机生产商想要跻身一线行列,但要求获得大笔折扣。于是国际奥委会在盛怒之下转向三星,后者迅速答应付全额赞助金。托罗拉的管理人员在读到报纸头条时才意识到该公司被挤出了市场。这种竞争的残酷性使得各赞助商彼此通气,共享信息。Samsung#39;s sponsorship covers just mobile phones. But if the Olympics burnish the Samsung brand, that should help the Samsung Group sell televisions, ships and insurance, too. It is now the second-most-valuable Asian brand (after Toyota), according to Interbrand, a consultancy. ;Being seen alongside Coke gives them global credibility. It shows they are at the top table,; says Clifford Bloxham of Octagon, a consultancy. Indeed, five out of the 11 top-tier Olympic sponsors are in Interbrand#39;s global top 20.三星的赞助仅仅涵盖手机方面。但如果三星的品牌被奥运会擦的锃光瓦亮,该集团电视、船只和保险的销量也会有所上升。根据咨询公司 Interbrand 的资料,三星如今已成为仅次于丰田的第二高价值亚洲品牌。咨询公司 Octagon 的 Clifford Bloxham 表示:;和可口可乐的品牌列在一起增加了三星的信誉。这表明三星也坐到了各公司的榜首位置。;的确,在十一家奥运一线赞助商里,有五家位于 Interbrand 的全球前20名之中。Below the global sponsors are the domestic ones: some 44 companies, from BP to Cadbury, have signed deals with LOCOG that cover only Britain. As well as dealing with these domestic sponsors, LOCOG hires contractors to help stage the games. A separate body, the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), is in charge of building the venue在全球赞助商下面还有国内赞助商:约有44家公司与伦敦奥组委签署了只覆盖英国本土的交易协议,包括英国石油公司(BP)和吉百利等。伦敦奥组委不但同这些国内赞助商交易,还雇佣了承包商来帮助举办赛事。一家独立机构——奥运会筹建局(the Olympic Delivery Authority, ODA)负责建造比赛场馆。Between them, LOCOG and the ODA have awarded more than 2,000 contracts, big and small. Some firms follow the games wherever they are staged: Mondo, an Italian maker of running tracks, is there every four years. For others, it may be a one-off. Touch of Ginger, a British design firm with 12 staff, is making Olympic-themed trinkets such as stainless-steel fish-and-chip forks that pop out of a credit-card-sized piece of steel. Gary Moore, the co-founder, laments that retail sales have been slow. But corporate sales have been brisk. Sponsors such as Lloyds Bank are snapping them up to hand out as gifts.伦敦奥组委与 ODA 之间已有2000多份大小合同生效。有些公司在每届奥运会举办时都同主办方做生意:比如 Mondo,一家意大利跑道生产商,每四年来从未缺席。对于其他公司来说,可能只进行一次性交易。一家只有12名员工的英国设计公司 Touch of Ginger 将制造奥运主题的小件物品,比如能折叠成信用卡大小的不锈钢快餐叉。联合创始人 Gary Moore 悲叹最近零售销售额不佳。但整体销售额较为喜人。莱斯(Lloyds Bank) 等赞助商正在进行抢购以分发礼品。 /201208/195858 Leap year marriage proposals — where, by custom, women are granted the once-in-four-years privilege of proposing to their beaus — hold the promise of giving women real power in their relationships, but ultimately, they actually undermine women and reinforce long-standing stereotypes about traditional roles, a new paper concludes.传统上讲,女性在闰年可以向自己的心上人求婚,这可是四年一遇的难得机会,而且有望使女性在恋爱关系中拥有实权,但最新研究表明,闰年求婚从本质上讲对女性不利,并会强化人们对传统男女角色的长期刻板印象。And after examining a century#39;s worth of evidence of societal views of women who propose marriage, the research concludes that we#39;re not likely to see greater acceptance of these proposals anytime soon.在研究了一个世纪以来对求婚女性的社会观念的据后,研究人员得出结论称,人们对女性求婚的接受程度近期不会有所提高。;Women have made tremendous advances in many aspects of their lives, but in courtship, this penultimate act is still not valued or respected,; said researcher Katherine Parkin, a professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey.美国新泽西州孟茅斯大学的研究员、凯瑟琳#8226;帕金教授说:“女性在生活的很多方面都取得了巨大进步,但对求婚而言,这种退而求其次的行为仍然被认为毫无意义,也不受尊重。”Parkin#39;s article was published in the January issue of the journal Family History.帕金的这篇文章发表在一月份的《家庭史》期刊上。In her research, Parkin pored over references to leap year proposals in postcards, advertisements and newspaper columns dating back to 1904.在她的研究中,帕金集中参考了1904年以来明信片、广告、新闻专栏中提到的女性闰年求婚。The evidence she found suggests that the proposals have always been fairly unusual, and their rarity and the attention given to them has only underscored the idea that in society#39;s view, men should be the ones to initiate marriage. Leap year proposals are the exception that proves the rule.她发现的据表明,女性求婚一直非常少见,而且其罕见性和人们给予它的关注强化了应该是男性求婚这种社会观念。女性求婚是种例外恰恰明了这一点。The custom has really been only a ;safety valve; for women#39;s frustrations at being dependent on men, Parkin said. The tradition gives women a supposedly ;acceptable; chance to propose, but this chance is given only once every four years, and even then, their right to ask a man to marry has not been taken very seriously.帕金说,女性在闰年求婚这种习俗实际上仅仅是女性依赖于男性这种挫败感的“安全门”。这种习俗似乎给了女性一个“可接受”的机会去求婚,而且四年才有这样一次机会,但即使这样,人们对女性求婚的态度也不是很认真。In fact, Parkin said she was surprised by the ;incredible nastiness; toward women in postcards created in the early 20th century. Sending postcards was the craze back then, and leap year postcards depicted women — usually unattractive older women — holding guns to men#39;s head in efforts to extract a promise of marriage. ;They really disparaged women in ways that are cruel and heartbreaking,; Parkin said.事实上,帕金说自己看到20世纪早期的明信片对女性的“难以置信的恶意”时非常惊讶。在当时,邮寄明信片还很时尚,但闰年的明信片把女性,通常是没有姿色的老女人,描绘成拿顶着男人的脑袋逼婚的样子。帕金说:“人们以残忍和令人心碎的方式污蔑女性。”Her research showed that women who propose seem to lose a bit of their femininity, in the traditional way it is viewed, and likewise men who accept a proposal lose a bit of their masculinity.她的研究表明,按传统观点来看,求婚的女性似乎缺少了一些柔美,同样,接受求婚的男性也少了几分阳刚之气。Even today, women who propose are the exception, Parkin said, pointing to the example of pop star Britney Spears proposing to then-boyfriend Kevin Federline. ;Very few women have the wealth and power of someone like Spears, and her short, troubled marriage, as well as her struggles with her mental health, only make it less likely that other women would want to emulate her,; Parkin said.帕金说,如今女性求婚也是特例,她还以流行歌手布兰妮#8226;斯皮尔斯曾向当时的男友凯文#8226;费德林求婚为例。她说:“很少有女性拥有布兰妮的财富和权力。但她的婚姻很快结束而且麻烦不断,加之她总是受心理问题的困扰,这也只会使其他女性更不愿效仿她。” /201211/209033南关区儿童医院男科好不好长春吉林大学三院门诊部预约



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