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吉林中西结合医院做全身检查要多少钱长春大学白求恩第一医院乳腺检查;Frankly,your resume was no better or worse than any of the other applicants...but your Trump hair put you over the top.;坦率的说,你的简历和其他申请人的没有差别。。。但是喇叭发型让你鹤立鸡群! /201508/395294松原第一人民中医院是私人医院吗 Sina Corp has warned that its popular microblogging service will suffer from Beijing#39;s requirement that users of Sina Weibo register under their real names.新浪公司(Sina Corp)警告称,其人气颇高的微务;;新浪微(Sina Weibo)将受到中国官方实名制要求的打击。The real-name registration requirement, which the Chinese government has said must be completed by March 16, ;will have a negative impact on user activity in the short term,; Charles Chao, chief executive, told investors yesterday.中国政府规定,实名认必须最迟在3月16日完成。新浪首席执行官曹国伟(Charles Chao)昨日对投资者表示,这将在短期对用户活动造成负面影响。The warning is set to sour sentiment towards Sina shares, as it comes just as investors are getting impatient to see the company make money from Sina Weibo.这一警告势必打击新浪股票的人气,因为新浪发布警告之际,投资者正迫不及待地期待该公司利用新浪微创收。Sina reported a .3m net profit, 14 cents per share, for the fourth quarter of 2011 as opposed to a 0m loss a year earlier. However, excluding writedowns and other adjustments, earnings more than halved to 21 cents per share compared with a year earlier.新浪报告2011年第四季度实现930万美元净利润,相当于每股14美分,而该公司在上年同期亏损1亿美元。不过,若剔除减记和其它调整项目的影响,第四季度每股收益则同比下降一半多,至每股21美分。In the face of new government restrictions, slow moves by Sina to monetise Weibo and fierce competition in the microblogging market, the stock fell to by the end of last year from a 2 peak last April, but it has recovered more than 13 per cent in 2012.面对新的政府限制措施、新浪在推进微商业化方面动作迟缓,再加上微市场竞争激烈,新浪股价从去年4月每股142美元的峰值降至去年底的每股48美元,但进入2012年以来已反弹逾13%。Sina said it aimed to start monetising Weibo in the second half of this year, an announcement long awaited by investors, but did not expect to see significant revenue contributions from the Twitter equivalent until next year. The company plans to make money from Weibo mainly through advertising, fees from enterprise accounts and revenue sharing from virtual goods.新浪表示,力求在今年下半年启动微商业化(这项宣布是投资者期待已久的),但在明年之前并不预期这项类似于Twitter的务会对营收作出显著贡献。该公司计划主要通过广告、企业账户收费和虚拟商品营收分成等渠道来利用微创收。A platform it launched last year on which third-party developers can offer games to Weibo users will end its free period in June, Mr Chao said.曹国伟表示,新浪在去年开通、让第三方开发商向微用户提供游戏的一个平台,到今年6月将结束免费试用期。Before that, Sina plans to pour more money into the service than last year. Mr Chao said he expected 0m of Weibo-related costs this year, compared with about 0m in 2011.在此之前,新浪计划向这项务投入比去年更多的资金。曹国伟表示,他预期今年会有1.6亿美元的微相关成本,高于2011年的1.2亿美元。That comes as prospects for online advertising ; Sina#39;s main source of revenue ; are uncertain. The company said it expected revenue in the first quarter to grow less than 10 per cent year-on-year, compared with 19 per cent last year. Mr Chao pointed to a drop of more than 3 per cent in traditional ad spending in the Chinese market in January as ecommerce companies are cutting their ad spend, and because of an expected decline in advertising by car companies, the largest advertisers on Sina#39;s online portal, this quarter.目前,新浪的主要营收来源;;在线广告;;的前景存在不确定性。该公司表示,预期今年首季营收同比增长不到10%,而去年同期的同比增长达到19%。曹国伟指出,1月份中国市场传统广告出下降逾3%,原因是电子商务公司纷纷削减广告出,同时汽车企业在第一季度的广告出预期也会下降。汽车企业是新浪门户网站上的最大广告商。The new government rules are aly affecting Sina Weibo. Mr Chao said more than 40 per cent of users who tried to complete registration failed to pass the identity verification. He said they would probably no longer be allowed to post messages after the March 16 deadline.新的政府规定已经在影响新浪微。曹国伟表示,40%以上试图完成注册的用户未能通过实名认检验。他说,这些人在3月16日的最后期限过后很可能不再能发表内容。译者:和风 /201203/173140长春做无痛人流都有哪家医院

长春修处女膜多少钱长春治疗宫颈管粘膜炎哪便宜 越南官员表示,越南一对已经结婚82年的老夫妇有望打破吉尼斯世界纪录。 110岁高龄的黄文乐和他106岁的老伴阮氏玲1933年结婚。越南纪录大全中心主任说,这对夫妇上个星期打破了越南结婚时间最长的纪录。 黄文乐和阮氏令夫妇把他们婚姻持久的秘诀归功于健康的生活、积极的态度,还有避免争吵。他们71岁的女儿黄氏花说,她父母彼此相爱,她母亲照顾她父亲的时候不需要任何帮助。 越南纪录大全中心主任黎长安表示,他们已经开始准备黄氏老夫妇的资料,向吉尼斯组织提交。 目前吉尼斯世界纪录上保持结婚时间最长的是婚龄86年的美国费希尔夫妇,但丈夫赫伯特·费希尔已于今年早些时候去世。 Vietnamese officials say they are looking for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for a couple who have been married for 82 years. Huynh Van Lac, aged 110, and his wife Nguyen Thi Lanh, 106, have been married since 1933. The director of the Vietnam Records Book Center, said the couple broke the Vietnamese record for the longest recorded marriage last week. The couple attribute their success to healthful living, positive thinking and avoiding quarrels. Their 71-year-old daughter, Huynh Thi Hoa, said her parents love each other and that her mother takes care of her father without any help. The Vietnamese records director, Le Truong An, said his office is preparing paperwork about the couple to be submitted to the Guinness organization. Guinness lists the 86-year marriage of Americans Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher as the world's longest, but Herbert Fisher died earlier this year. /201109/153231农安县妇女医院男科好不好

长春省妇幼医院概况Amid a sharp increase in sexual assault cases in Hong Kong in recent months, a top city official drew criticism this week for warning that women should drink less to avoid becoming victims.最近几个月香港的性侵案件急剧增多,本周,香港的一名高级官员因为警告妇女少喝酒以免成为性侵目标而招致了批评。#39;Some of these cases...involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol,#39; Hong Kong security secretary Lai Tung-kwok said on Tuesday during a press briefing, in describing this year#39;s jump in sexual violence. #39;So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much.#39;香港保安局长黎栋国周二在一个新闻发布会上提到了今年性侵案件急剧上升的情况,他说,一些案件中的受害者都是在大量饮酒后被强奸的,因此我呼吁年轻的女士们不要喝太多酒。In the first quarter of 2013, government statistics show, the city#39;s number of rape cases rose 60% from the same period last year, up to 35. Incidents of indecent assault also rose by 18%, up to 367. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say the crimes are likely to be significantly underreported.政府数据显示,2013年第一季度,香港的强奸案数量达到35起,同比增长了60%。性骚扰事件达到367起,同比增长了18%。性侵受害者维权人士说,此类犯罪的数量可能被严重低估。#39;There#39;s a lot of stigma that#39;s given to the victims,#39; said Liu Si-si, director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers. She cited the security chief#39;s remarks on rape as one prime example. #39;The remarks he made are proof of a culture that blames victims for doing something #39;wrong,#39; like drinking.#39;香港妇女中心协会(Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers)的董事刘思思(音)说,很多耻辱被强加给受害者。她认为保安局长有关强奸案的话就是一个突出的例子。她说,黎栋国所发表的言论是责备受害者文化的据,这种文化认为受害者做错了事情,比如喝酒。Other women#39;s advocates also criticized Mr. Lai#39;s remarks. #39;People aren#39;t being raped because they#39;re drunk or wear a sexy dress,#39; said Linda Wong, executive director of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women.还有一些维护女性权利的人士也谴责了黎栋国的言论。关注妇女性暴力协会(Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women)的总干事王秀容(Linda Wong)说,人们不应该因为喝酒或者穿着暴露就被强奸。#39;Maybe he has good intentions, and he did not intend to blame the women or be unfriendly to them,#39; said Ms. Liu on Wednesday. #39;But if he continues to say things like this, I worry women will be less likely to report crimes because they#39;ll be worried about being blamed,#39; especially if they were drinking when victimized. Mr. Lai#39;s office did not respond to a request for comment on such concerns.刘思思周三说,也许黎栋国的意图是好的,他没有打算责备女性或对她们不友好。但是如果他继续说这样的话,我担心女性在受到侵害之后会不愿意报案,因为她们担心会受到指责,尤其是如果她们在受害时喝了酒的话。黎栋国的办公室没有回复记者就上述担忧寻求置评请求。It wasn#39;t clear whether this year#39;s rise in sexual assault cases was due to greater incidence, or more frequent reporting. Ms. Wong said that the number of rape cases in the city had held #39;quite steady#39; in recent years, and that the work of women#39;s groups and events such as the city#39;s recent #39;SlutWalk#39; might be helping encourage more victims to feel comfortable reporting crimes.目前还不清楚今年性侵案件数量增多是因为发生概率增加,还是因为举报比例上升。王秀容说,香港强奸案的数量最近几年一直保持平稳,一些妇女权益组织的工作,以及香港最近的“游行”(SlutWalk)一类活动让更多受害者有勇气坦然地举报性犯罪。Launched in Canada in 2011, SlutWalks--which aim to challenge the idea that rape victims were #39;asking for it#39; by drinking or wearing provocative clothes--have since been held around the world. During the so-called SlutWalks, women march through cities carrying placards with slogans such as #39;My clothes are not my consent#39; and #39;Shame rapists, not victims.#39;“游行”2011年起源于加拿大,目的是挑战一些人的看法,即强奸案的受害者是因为喝酒或衣着暴露才使自己成为性侵目标的。此后,这种做法蔓延到了世界各地。在所谓的“游行”中,妇女们在城市中游行,她们举着的标语牌上写着“我的穿着不代表我同意”或“可耻的是强奸犯,不是受害者”等标语。 /201305/240317 长春阳光妇科官网长春市南关区妇幼保健院无痛人流




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