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武汉华夏男子武汉治疗前列腺炎最专业的医院015 bathroom Words Shower Bath Washbasin Mirror Towel rail Toilet Tiles Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Shampoo Shower gel Shaving cream Razor Shave Bath towel Phrases Take a shower Have a wash Look in the mirror Have a shave Brush your teeth Comb/brush your hair Beginner A: what’s the first thing you do when you go to the bathroom in the morning? B: I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes, it’s not a pleasant sight, especially if I have been out late the late before. A: do you usually shower or take a bath? B: I usually don’t have time for a bath in the mornings, so I just take a shower. Sometimes I need a cold shower to wake me up and sometimes I need a hot one, especially if it’s winter and I need to warm up. A; do you shave every morning? B: I shave every workday, but I only shave at weekends if I’m going out somewhere. If I’m staying at home, I don’t shave. A: do you brush your teeth twice a day as dentists recommend? B: Yes. I brush my teeth in the morning, just before I go to work. It’s actually the last thing I do before leaving. Then I brush again before bed. A: your dentist must be proud of you! Intermediate A: the bathroom looks lovely. Did you redecorate it yourself or did you get someone in to do it for you? B: I did it myself. I went online and found a lot of website devoted to home improvement. Then I went to DIY shop and bought everything I needed. I’m sure I saved a lot of money by doing it myself and it was fun too. I learnt a lot by doing it myselft. A: so, let’s see. You have put new tiles on the floor and replaced a few tiles on the walls. You’ve also added a small cupboard for toiletries. The bath, shower, and washbasin are the same as before, aren’t they? B: yes, they are. I gave them a good clean. They are in good condition and don’t need to be replaced. A: how long did it take you to do the tiling. B: as I hadn’t done it before, I had to keep referring to information I got from the internet. Doing the floor tiles took a whole day-from early morning to right through to the evening. Then I spent a few hours replacing the cracked wall tiles. Putting the cupboard up took about an hour, so it took me two days altogether. A: I think you’ve done a very good job. As least as good as a professional would do. Perhaps I can convince you to redo my bathroom? B: you’ll be lucky! However, I’ll print out the information I got from the internet and you can do it yourselfe /200704/12821荆州市洪湖县男科挂号 You know, the mind whizzes away like a washing machine going round and round,你们知道的,大脑(心灵)总是像一台洗衣机般飕飕运转,反反复复,lots of difficult, confusing emotions, and we dont really know how to deal with that.许多复杂、令人困惑的感情,而我们却不真的知道怎么来应对,And the sad fact is that we are so distracted that were no longer present in the world in which we live.可悲的事实是我们如此分心以至于我们不再处在自己当下生活的这个世界。We miss out on the things that are most important to us,我们错过了对我们而言最重要的事情,and the crazy thing is that everybody just assumes, thats the way life is,而疯狂的是每个人都只是以为,哦,这就是生活,so weve just kind of got to get on with it. Thats really not how it has to be.我们不得不这么过。但生活真的不必须成为这样子。So I was about 11 when I went along to my first meditation class.当我去上我第一节冥想课的时候我只有11岁。And trust me, it had all the stereotypes that you can imagine, the sitting cross-legged on the floor,相信我,课里有所有你能想到的关于冥想的成见,盘腿坐在地板上,the incense, the herbal tea, the vegetarians, the whole deal,焚香,药茶,素食主义者,全部东西,but my mom was going and I was intrigued, so I went along with her.但我妈妈当时参加了,而我也感兴趣,所以我跟她一起去了。Id also seen a few kung fu movies, and secretly I kind of thought I might be able to learn how to fly,我还看了几部功夫电影,私下里我想我或许能学会怎么飞起来,but I was very young at the time.但我那时实在非常年轻。Now as I was there, I guess, like a lot of people, I assumed that it was just an aspirin for the mind.我想,当我在那里的时候,像很多人一样,我假定那只是一颗给大脑(心灵)的阿司匹林。You get stressed, you do some meditation.当感到压力的时候,你就冥想一会。I hadnt really thought that it could be sort of preventative in nature,我不曾真的考虑那本质上会是一种阻碍,until I was about 20, when a number of things happened in my life in quite quick succession,直到我大约20岁,一些事情在我的人生中接连地发生,really serious things which just flipped my life upside down and all of a sudden I was inundated with thoughts,那是一些把我的生活整个颠倒的事情而突然之间我被各种思绪淹没了,inundated with difficult emotions that I didnt know how to cope with.淹没在我不知道如何应付的复杂感情里。Every time I sort of pushed one down, another one would pop back up again.每当我快要解决其中一个的时候,另一个会又一次的冒出来。It was a really very stressful time.那真的是一段非常难熬的时间。201705/510308President Faust, Board of Overseers, faculty, friends, alumni, proud parents,浮士德校长、校监委员会成员们、老师、朋友、校友、自豪的家长们、members of the ad board, and graduates of the greatest university in the world,管理委员会的委员们,以及全世界最伟大学校的毕业生们:Im honored to be with you today because, lets face it, you accomplished something I never could.今天和你们一起在这里我感到非常荣幸,因为,说实在的,你们完成了一个我没能完成的成就。If I get through this speech today, itll be the first time I actually finish something here at Harvard.今天如果我顺利演讲完,那么也许这是我第一次在哈佛大学真正地去完成了某件事。Class of 2017, congratulations!2017的毕业班同学,祝贺你们!Now, Im an unlikely speaker today, not just because I dropped out, but because were technically in the same generation.今天,我本来是不可能站在这里发表演讲的,不仅仅因为我是一名辍学生,还因为其实我们差不多,我们是同一代人。We walked this yard less than a decade apart, we studied the same ideas and slept through the same Ec10 lectures.当我作为学生走在这个校园里时,也就是不过十年前的事,可以说我们学习过相同的知识,同样在EC10的课堂上打着瞌睡。We may have taken different roads to get here, especially if you came all the way from the Quad,尽管我们通过不同的方式来到这里,尤其那些来自Quad园区的同学(The Quad以前是拉德克利夫学院的女生宿舍。)。but today I want to share what Ive learned about our generation and the world were all building together.但今天我想和你们分享的是,我对我们这代人的一些想法,和我们正在同心协力去建设的这个世界。But first, this last couple of days have brought back a lot of good memories.首先,过去几天勾起了我很多美好的回忆。How many of you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you got that email telling you that you got into Harvard?你们当中多少人还确切地记得,当初收到哈佛录取通书的时候在做什么?I was playing game Civilization and I ran downstairs, got my dad, and for some reason, his reaction was to me opening the email.当时我正在玩《文明》游戏,然后我跑下楼,找到我的父亲。他的反应是开始拍摄我打开邮件的过程。That could have been a really really sad .现在看这个视频可能极其伤心吧?But I swear getting into Harvard is still the thing my parents are most proud of me for.但我发誓,至今为止,被哈佛录取仍然是最令我父母为我感到骄傲的事情。201705/511625武汉包皮手术那家医院好

武汉龟头发痒有黃色液體流出And its why, over the last eight years, weve modernized the governments approach to innovation for the 21st Century.也因此,在过去的8年里,我们让政府在21世纪的创新方式上现代化。Weve jumpstarted a clean energy revolution and unleashed the potential of precision medicine.我们快速启动了清洁能源革命,释放了精密医学的潜力。Weve partnered with the private sector and academia, and launched moonshots for cancer, brain research, and solar energy.我们和私营部门以及学术界合作,开启了癌症,脑研究以及太阳能的登月计划。Weve harnessed big data to foster social innovation and invested in STEM education and computer science so that every young person我们利用大数据培养社会创新,投资于STEM型教育以及计算机科学,因此每一个年轻人no matter where they come from or what they look like - can reach their potential and help us win the future.不管他们来自哪里,或者他们长什么样--都能实现他们的潜能,并让我们赢得未来。Thats what this is about - making sure that America is the nation that leads the world into the next frontier.这就是一切的意义所在--确保美国是这样的国家,引领世界开拓新边疆。And thats why Ive been so committed to science and innovation - because Ill always believe that with the right investments,也因此,我一直致力于科学和创新--因为我一直相信,进行正确的投资,and the brilliance and ingenuity of the American people, theres nothing we cannot do.依靠美国人的才华和独创性,没有什么是我们做不到的。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家。周末快乐。201611/476258武汉没有割包皮有没有危害 The simplest example of this is in the polite request.最简单的例子出自于礼貌的要求If you express your request as a conditional -- ;if you could open the window, that would be great;倘若你用一个条件句表达请求:“您要是能开一下窗子就太好了,”even though the content is an imperative, the fact that youre not using the imperative voice尽管内容是祈使句,仅仅因为你没有用祈使语态means that youre not acting as if youre in a relationship of dominance,就显示出你并没有按照一种配的人际关系行事where you could presuppose the compliance of the other person.你并没有假设他人必须从On the other hand, you want the damn guacamole.可另一方面,你想要那个该死的鳄梨沙拉酱By expressing it as an if-then statement,用一个“如果—那么”巨型,you can get the message across without appearing to boss another person around.你把意思说清楚了,却不会让人觉得你在指使他And in a more subtle way, I think, this works for all of the veiled speech acts involving plausible deniability:我认为这样挺微妙,效果也不错,种种含蓄的言行保留了拒绝的可能:the bribes, threats, propositions, solicitations and so on.贿赂、威胁、提议、恳请等等One way of thinking about it is to imagine what it would be like有一种理解方式就是想象if language -- where it could only be used literally.当语言只能表达字面义And you can think of it in terms of a game-theoretic payoff matrix.你可以把它当作弈论中的得失矩阵来思考Put yourself in the position of the kidnapper wanting to bribe the officer.把你放在那个想贿赂警官的绑匪的位置上Theres a high stakes in the two possibilities of having a dishonest officer or an honest officer.全部的赌注都压在这两种可能性上:警官不老实或者他是老实人If you dont bribe the officer, then you will get a traffic ticket假如你不贿赂他,你得吃罚单or, as is the case of ;Fargo,; worse -- whether the honest officer is honest or dishonest.或者,就像《冰风血》中的情况一样,那更糟。不管那个警官到底老实不老实。Nothing ventured, nothing gained. In that case, the consequences are rather severe.爱拼才会赢。这种情况下,后果很严重On the other hand, if you extend the bribe, if the officer is dishonest, you get a huge payoff of going free.换一方面,你要是掏出钱来,如果警官吃贿赂,你全身而退,讨了个大巧。201702/493256鄂州治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

武汉哪个医院治疗软下疳最好 And what happened was -- when we get in to chapter two of the nuclear threat era, which started back in 1945.而现实是当我们进入1945年开始的核威胁时期的第二阶段two starts in 1991.第二个阶段是从1991年开始的When the Soviet Union broke up,当苏联解体之后we effectively lost that adversary as a potential attacker of the ed States, for the most part.美国实际上上失去了竞争对手,这个长久以来潜在的袭击者基本不复存在了Its not completely gone. Im going to come back to that.但苏联的威胁也不是完全消失了,我一会儿会再提到这一点But from 1991 through the present time, emphasized by the attacks of 2001,从1991年开始直到现在,尤其是2001年的”9.11“事件说明the idea of an all-out nuclear war has diminished and the idea of a single event,全面爆发的核战争的可能性已经逐渐减小,act of nuclear terrorism is what we have instead.取而代之的是单独的核恐怖袭击活动Although the scenario has changed very considerably,情况虽然和以前大不一样the fact is that we havent changed our mental image of what a nuclear war means.但事实是我们头脑里对于核战争的理解并未改变So Im going to tell you what the implications of that are in just a second.我一会儿会说明这意味着什么So, what is a nuclear terror threat?那么,什么是核恐怖袭击呢?And theres four key ingredients to describing that.它有四个关键组成部分First thing is that the global nuclear weapons,第一个是全球范围内核武器in the stockpiles that I showed you in those original maps, happen to be not uniformly secure.就是我之前给大家看的那张地图所显示的核武器储备,其实并不是全部都处于安全状态And its particularly not secure in the former Soviet Union, now in Russia.尤其是那些前苏联所拥有的核武器,现在这些核武器在俄罗斯手中There are many, many sites where warheads are stored这些核弹头储存在很多地方and, in fact, lots of sites where fissionable materials,可事实上,这其中又很多地方对于储存,like highly enriched uranium and plutonium, are absolutely not safe.如高浓缩铀和钚这样的裂变物质而言,并不安全Theyre available to be bought, stolen, whatever.这些核弹头可能被贩卖或是被偷窃Theyre acquirable, let me put it that way.换句话说,它们可以被其他人得到From 1993 through 2006, the International Atomic Energy Agency documented 175 cases of nuclear theft,从1993年到2006年,国际原子能机构记录在案的核失窃案件就有175起18 of which involved highly enriched uranium or plutonium,其中18起和高浓缩铀和钚有关the key ingredients to make a nuclear weapon.这些是制造核武器的关键原料The global stockpile of highly enriched uranium is about 1,300, at the low end, to about 2,100 metric tons.全球的高浓缩铀储备大约为1300吨到2100吨之间More than 100 megatons of this is stored in particularly insecure Russian facilities.其中至少有100吨储存在非常不安全的俄罗斯的储备设施中How much of that do you think it would take to actually build a 10-kiloton bomb?大家觉得造一个一万吨级当量的核弹,大约需要多少高浓缩铀呢?Well, you need about 75 pounds of it.你需要大约75磅高浓缩铀So, what Id like to show you is what it would take to hold 75 pounds of highly enriched uranium.所以,我想给大家展示一下,那就是75磅高浓缩铀大约是多少呢?This is not a product placement.我这可不是在做软广告。Its just -- in fact, if I was Coca Cola, Id be pretty distressed about this --这只是...事实上,如果我是可口可乐公司,我一定为此非常郁闷but basically, this is it.但是基本上,就是这么多This is what you would need to steal or buy out of that 100-metric-ton stockpile你只要从那100吨没有被安全储存的原料中偷取或者购买这么多就够了thats relatively insecure to create the type of bomb that was used in Hiroshima.储存设施偷取的高浓缩铀总量,从而制造出一个核弹威力相当于在广岛爆炸的那枚核弹Now you might want to look at plutonium as another fissionable material that you might use in a bomb.现在你们可能想看看如果是钚,另一种可用于制造核弹的裂变物质That -- youd need 10 to 13 pounds of plutonium.你需要10到13磅钚Now, plutonium, 10 to 13 pounds: this.钚,10到13磅,这是这么多,This is enough plutonium to create a Nagasaki-size atomic weapon.这些钚足以制造一个威力相当于在长崎爆炸的那枚原子弹201605/441924湖北省汉口不孕不育医院预约挂号武汉华夏男子医院龟头炎症



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