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代县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养东部网目鸡乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么To come here,to the stations, With all the difficulties that dealts, to perform magnets, we are motivated because we know our jobs important.Not only for us, but for every person who live in Mexico city. And if that earthquake occurs, we may save many lives.我们来到这里,来到这些监测站,面对所有的困难并发射磁场。我们坚守岗位因为我们知道工作十分重要。不仅是为了我们,而是为了每个住在墨西哥市的居民。如果地震发生,我们可以拯救许多生命。The equipment is so delicate, it needs shielding for the sub-tropical sun, and retrieve must work fast.该设备是如此精致,它需要屏蔽亚热带阳光,回收工作必须行动迅速。The routine magnets is done every two months, so every two months we come to look at each one of parameters of the sensor equipment and ramification and done.We measure the lots of parameter with moderator we have here with us.常规磁检每两个月检验一次,因此每两个月,我们来看看每一个传感器的参数和所做的设备及衍生物。我们用身上的调节器检测了很多参数。The sensor passes the inspection, the electronic lock out faithfully its post. In the never ending war with mother nature, Mexico city remains on the defensive. Ever alert. Never knowing when it will be forced to re-live a nightmare. The day, the earth shock.该传感器通过检查、电子锁定位置。在地球上与大自然永不休止的这场战争中,墨西哥城仍然处于守势。警报响起的一刹那,我们永远都不知道什么时候一场噩梦将会重新上演。那一天,地球都颤抖了。Most great cities are founded on rivers. Mexico city was founded on prophecy. On the Swaphin island,as take legacy says, an omen appeared. An eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake. An omen to build. The architects builds Tinosity strawn, the city of dreams. Through the century, it survived mother natures worse torments. Then from across the sea came a man-made disaster. Spanish conquers the doors, destory the city of dreams, and build a new city in its place. Centuries later, disasters still alive from the sea, the empty center of Mexico cities biggest quakes. September 19th, 1995, just after 7:00am, the city awakes to shatter news.多数大城市都建立在河流附近。墨西哥城诞生预言。在Swaphin岛,作为遗产,吉兆显现。一只鹰停在仙人掌上吃一条蛇。这就是建造的预兆。建筑师们建造了城市的梦想Tinosity strawn。而整个世纪,它幸免于大自然的折磨。然后海上的人造灾难降临。西班牙敲开了大门,摧毁这个城市的梦想,并建立一个新的城市。数百年后,海上灾难再次降临,墨西哥最大的地震带来了一场浩劫。1995年9月19日刚过7点,城市在睡梦中醒来,还不知道将被粉碎的消息。166007寻甸回族自治县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养 Life on Earth wiped out every 27 million yearsLife on Earth is wiped out every 27 million years – and we have about 16 million years left until the next extinction, according to scientists.Research into so-called ‘extinction events’ for our planet over the past 500 million years - twice as long as any previous studies - has proved that they crop up with metronomic regularity.Scientists from the University of Kansas and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC are 99 per cent confident that there are extinctions every 27 million years.In the 1980s scientists believed that Earth’s regular extinctions could be the result of a distant dark twin of the Sun, called Nemesis.The theory was that Nemesis crashed through the Oort cloud every 27 million years and sent a shower of comets in our direction.The Oort cloud is a vast belt of dust and ice that is believed to lie around one light year from the Sun and is the origin of many of the comets that pass through our solar system.But now scientists claim that the regularity of the mass extinctions actually disproves the Nemesis theory because its orbit would have changed over time as it interacted with other stars.‘Fossil data, which motivated the idea of Nemesis, now militate against it,’ say the researchers.The last extinction event, 11 million years ago, saw 10 per cent of the Earth’s inhabitants wiped out.This means there is around 16 million years until the next event takes place, although the graph shows that it occasionally the event takes place up to 10 million years early.Asteroids crashing into the Earth are commonly believed to be one of the main reasons behind mass extinctions like that suffered by the dinosaurs - the Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) extinction.The extinction wiped out more than half of all species on the planet clearing the way for mammals to become the dominant species on Earth.The extinction was caused by a massive asteroid slamming into Earth at Chicxulub in Mexico.The asteroid, which was around 15 kilometres wide, is believed to have hit Earth with a force one billion times more powerful than the atomic bomb at Hiroshima.Vocabulary:metronomic: 有节奏的militate against sth.: to prevent something; to make it difficult for something to happen or exist(防止、阻碍某事的发生或存在)asteroid: any one of the many small planets which go around the sun(小行星)Cretaceous-Tertiary (KT) extinction: 白垩-第三纪灭绝事件,地球历史上的一次大规模物种灭绝事件,发生于中生代白垩纪与新生代第三纪之间,约6550万年前,灭绝了当时地球上的大部分动物与植物,含恐龙。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109123Dealing with stress Hong Kong, has been shell-shocked by a technical recession. How are they coping? CNN's Eunice Yoon reports. “Free hugs, come on” When you are feeling down, it's good to find comfort in your friend, or perhaps even a stranger. This group in Hong Kong is giving out hugs to help people in this financial capital feel better during the global economic crisis. People needs care, and love, and we really want to set share our love and care. Hong Kong is aly a stressed-out fast-paced city. But now this place like New York and London is grappling with the worldwide credit crunch, and its economy is in a technical recession. People are getting to a point of feeling quite anxious. The biggest source of their anxiety, job security. People having difficult in falling asleep, or they may find themselves even at work, they are unable to concentrate, they would talk about within the company this tension, they feel the other departments, other team may come and steal their clients. Emotions are only running high in the office, in Hong Kong, hundreds took to the streets, after losing a chock of their savings in bonds of the now bankrupt of US investment firm Lemon Brothers. Social services organizations like Carritars are reaching out to those suffering. A group recently set up a government-funded counseling hotline, and in the first month received over a thousand calls. They call because they don't know what to do next after losing their savings. They find it really difficult to accept such a harsh reality and change the way of living. So what are the best ways to manage stress in these uncertain times? Exercise, lay off the alcohol, get some rest, and try not to play too many mind games with yourself. They would try to guess, guess the situation, looking at the, you know, the supervisor, you know, having a meeting with a couple of people or thinking “oh, my God”. You know, it is one that, to, delivering the bad news, or its next one would be me, importantly it’s to slow down. And spend time with family, or maybe some new-found friends. Even if that too, might give you a little bit of stress. “Free hug” Yoner Sien, CNN, HongKong.参考中文翻译:香港受到技术性经济衰退的剧烈冲击,他们是怎样处理的呢?CNN's记者Eunice Yoon报道。“免费的拥抱,快来呀。”当你感觉到精神低落的时候,从朋友甚至是陌生人那里找到安慰是很好的方法。香港的这群人正在送出拥抱,以帮助这个金融中心处在全球经济危机中的人们。人们需要关怀,需要爱,我们想做的就是分享我们的爱和关怀。香港已经是一个高节奏高压力的城市。但是这个地方向纽约和伦敦一样受到了全球次贷危机的影响,经济也处于技术性萧条期。人们非常忧虑。投资霍曼兄弟公司使得他们损失了大部分储蓄之后,人们感觉很难入睡,即使在工作的时候,也无法集中精力,Carritars这样的社会务组织伸出援手,帮助人们处理这个问题。该组织最近成立了一个政府出资的顾问务人先,第一个月就有1000多个来电。他们来电是因为失去储蓄之后他们不知道接下来应该怎么办。他们发现要接受这个残酷的现实,改变生活方式非常困难。那么在这个不稳定的时期处理压力的最好的方式是什么呢?运动,戒酒,休息,脑子里不要想太多东西。他们会试图猜测,猜测目前的形势,关注领导,和一些人聚会,想着“哦,天哪”。你知道,这是传播坏消息的途径,下一个可能就是我。多和家人在一起,或者可以结交些新朋友。即使那样也会给你带来一点压力。“免费的拥抱。”200812/57781榆树市印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养

突泉县苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养OECD says Unemployment Will Continue to RiseOECD:工业化国家失业率持续攀升  Despite reports that many industrialized economies are beginning to emerge from their worst economic crisis in decades, unemployment is rising and will likely reach a historic peak of nearly 10 percent next year. The findings come from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.经济合作与发展组织星期三报告说,工业化国家的失业率仍在增加,而且有可能在明年达到近10%的历史最高水平,尽管不断有报道说,很多工业化国家正在走出几十年来最严重的经济危机。Indications that unemployment continues to rise is grim news for leaders heading to the G-20 summit in the ed States next week. The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reports unemployment reached its highest level among industrialized nations of 8.5 percent in July.对于下个星期到美国出席20国集团峰会的各国领导人来说,失业率继续上升真是个坏消息。总部设在巴黎的经合组织说,工业化国家的失业率已经在今年7月份达到8.5%的最高水平。OECD unemployment division chief Stephan Scarpetta says the number of jobless among the OECD's 30 member countries is expected to climb even higher next year, to nearly 10 percent. That translates into 57 million people out of work.经合组织就业分析和政策部主任斯蒂芬.斯卡皮塔(Stephan Scarpetta)指出,经合组织30个成员国中的失业人数预计在明年将进一步攀升,达到接近10%的水平。也就是说,工业化国家总共会有5千7百万人失去工作。"Unfortunately, despite the most recent indicators that suggest the [economic] recovery may be in sight somewhat earlier than we were expecting only a few months ago, it will take far [longer] for the recovery to materialize in terms of significant improvement in the labor market," he said.“不幸的是,尽管最近绝大多数指标都显示,经济复苏可能已经出现,比我们几个月前的预期有所提前,但是这次复苏可能需要更长的时间才能转化成劳工市场的显著改善。”The ed States, Spain and Ireland are among those countries with the fastest rising unemployment. All three were affected by the collapse of high housing prices. The damage sp to other sectors of the economy.美国、西班牙和爱尔兰是OECD成员中失业率上升最快的国家。这三个国家都受到高昂的房地产价格暴跌的影响。而且房地产市场崩溃所造成的破坏扩散到了经济的其他领域。Scarpetta says young people are among the hardest hit. In Spain, for example, more than one in three young workers are unemployed.斯卡皮塔指出,年轻人受到的冲击最大。比如在西班牙,三分之一以上的年轻人找不到工作。So as world leaders discuss the financial and economic crisis during their meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Scarpetta says it is important they also address the social dimensions of the crisis - like unemployment.他说,当世界领袖们在宾夕法尼亚州的匹兹堡开会讨论金融和经济危机的时候,至关重要的是,他们需要关注这次危机对社会的影响,尤其是失业问题。"The good news is that countries have aly acted quite quickly and decisively, I would say," he said. "Part of the stimulus packages have been additional resources for labor markets and social policies."“好消息是:各国已经迅速和果断地采取了行动。他们经济刺激计划的一部分就是在劳工市场和社会政策方面提供更多的资源。”But efforts by governments to extend and prolong unemployment benefits, and to offer more job counseling and training have not kept up with the rising numbers of jobless. Scarpetta says that means countries will need to target their resources more selectively and to ensure that the most vulnerable members of the labor force benefit.可问题是,各国政府虽然扩大和延长了失业补贴的发放,并且提供了更多的就业咨询和培训,但是这些措施并没有赶上失业人口的增加。斯卡皮塔表示,各国因此而需要更有选择性地分配资源,以确保劳工队伍中最为脆弱的群体能够得到帮助。09/84389东部网目鸡乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项 Palestinian Shot Dead After Crash Israel Labels Terrorist Attack巴司机开拖拉机撞客车警车被击毙  A Palestinian driver has been shot dead in Jerusalem after allegedly slamming his tractor into a police car and a bus. The killing happened as tensions flare over Israel's planned demolition of Arab homes in East Jerusalem and a spate of new violence in Gaza. 一名巴勒斯坦司机在耶路撒冷被击毙,据控他把自己驾驶的拖拉机撞向警车和一辆大客车。以色列当局将这一事件称为恐怖袭击。这次击事件发生之际,正是以色列计划在耶路撒冷拆毁阿拉伯人的住房以及加沙出现新一波暴力行动的时候,巴以冲突正在升级。It was a scene of chaos on Jerusalem's busy Menachim Begin Highway in the moments after police said the Palestinian driver of a large construction vehicle smashed the front-end loader into a police car and a bus.  这个混乱的局面出现在耶路撒冷繁忙的贝让高速公路上,此前警方说,这名驾驶大型建筑车辆的巴勒斯坦司机将他车辆前部的装卸斗撞入警车和一辆大客车。An Israeli cab driver told Israel Radio he pulled a gun and opened fire on the Palestinian.  一名以色列出租车司机告诉以色列电台说,他拿朝这名巴勒斯坦司机开了火。He said he saw a terrorist act, and saw the police car fly into the air. He said he got out of his car with his gun. He said he fired four shots and killed the man. Then, he said, a policeman came and "finished the man off."  他说,他看到了恐怖行动,看到警车飞上了天。他说,他拿着跳出了轿车。他说,他向这名巴勒斯坦人开了四,将他击毙。Police and hospital officials said the man died from his wounds. The officers inside the car sustained minor injuries.  警方和医院官员说,这名巴勒斯坦人因伤势严重而死亡。在警车中的警官受了轻伤。Police said they found a copy of the Muslim holy book, the Koran, open in the vehicle - something Israeli authorities in the past have associated with attacks by Muslim extremists. 警方说,他们发现了一本可兰经,在车里敞开着,以色列当局过去在描述穆斯林极端份子的攻击行动时也经常加上这些细节。No one has claimed responsibility for the crash.  没有人宣称对这次行动承担责任。Officials are probing the circumstances surrounding the incident, but Israeli authorities quickly labeled it an act of terrorism.  有关官员在调查围绕这个事件的情况,但是以色列当局迅速将这个行动定性为恐怖主义行动。Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat went on television shortly after and called it "an attack to murder innocent people." 耶路撒冷市长巴尔卡特随即在电视节目说,这是对无辜平民的袭击和谋杀。He said he wants the authorities to take the harshest measures allowed by law against the attackers and those who helped them.He said he would push for the home of the attacker to be demolished immediately - a response Israeli authorities commonly give after terrorist attacks.  他说,他希望当局采取法律允许的最严厉措施来来对付袭击者和那些帮凶。他说,他将敦促采取行动,立即拆毁这名袭击者的住房,这是以色列当局在恐怖袭击之后通常会作出的反应。It was the third incident in eight months involving a Palestinian construction worker in Israel.  这是8个月来第三次在以色列发生有巴勒斯坦建筑工人参与的事件。Tensions remain high due to Israel's plans to demolish scores of Arab homes built without permits in East Jerusalem to make way for an archeological zone.  以色列计划拆毁几十座阿拉伯人在耶路撒冷东部无照建造的住宅,准备将这里建成古迹园区。Eighty kilometers away from Jerusalem, in the Gaza Strip, a new round of Israeli air strikes killed at least two Palestinians. Israeli officials said those killed were members of the militant Islamic Jihad group who had fired an anti-tank missile across the border at Israeli soldiers. 以色列在离耶路撒冷80公里的加沙地带发动的新一轮空袭导致至少两名巴勒斯坦人丧生。以色列官员说,被炸死的是伊斯兰圣战者组织的武装激进份子,说他们事前向以色列境内的士兵发射了反坦克导弹。03/63951阳泉市苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养

石阡县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养Why Honda Pulled Out Of F1 Honda Racing CEO Nick Fry Tells Sky's Enda Brady why the car company has decided not to compete in next year's Formula One championship unless it can find a buyer by the end of the month. Well ,we told the staff that Honda were pulling out of Formula One last night. Obviously that was a huge shock to them. But this morning let’s give them a huge silly determination to succeed. The staff will be paid for at least in(/) next three months. We have the money to ? to Melbourne. And the staff I’ve just been speaking to are determined we all are gonna get there. And so we had a couple of expressions of interest aly in the team, and hopefully, this could be a holy future for us.We spoke to your team principal Ross brown earlier this morning, and he said this is a top-level F1 business with some extremely talented people, very good drivers and marvelous facilities. It’s just a matter of finding the right person. Who out there has 300 million pounds a year to invest and put into cars on the grid? Oh, firstly, I should emphasize this is a completely different situation from the other Formula One teams, sort of gone bust in the past. This is a top line facility, possibly the best in Formula One in terms of the facilities, the people are outstanding, and in Ross ? has. He is the best in the world. So, the car, those guys have designed next year is a huge attractive to outside buyers. Formula One is still a great spectacle It’s up there 600 million fans a year watch Formula One. It’s up there with the Olympics. If you have a global product that you want to advertise, it’s still the best, and we gotta remember that. as I said ,we had 2 or 3 global players contact us aly, who are interested in a top-level team in Asia. You know, it's gonna be tough, but I think there’s a good reason for hope of the future.Just looking at the F1 market place right now, will others be looking in ? here at Honda and worrying about themselves now when their backers may be pulling out too?Clearly, that’s a big worry. And you know, many of the Formula One teams are owned by car manufacturers. As everyone knows, here in the UK, 40 percent reduction in the car buying in the last month. That(/) has huge impacts on, not just Honda, but the other car companies then, and everyone’s gotta cut that close to face. I said with all the other teams owners yesterday, and we reduced the budgets for next year, potentially by, about 50 million Euroes by cutting back testing, thinking about that, cutting back developments. So we are trying to respond very quickly to the economic situation. And hopefully all the Formula One teams are gonna have a secure future. We’ve got to find a way of seeing so through the next couple of years, which, undoubtedly, for everyone, all are gonna be a bit tough.参考中文翻译:本田车队CEONick Fry向Sky新闻的Enda Brady透漏,他们将推出明年的F1冠军赛,除非月底之前能找到买主。昨天晚上,我们向员工宣布本田将退出F1冠军赛,很明显,这对他们震撼很大。但是今天早上我们给了他们一个继续下去的巨大的愚蠢的决心。接下去的至少三个月,公司都会向员工付工资。我们有钱去墨尔本吗?我刚刚谈话的那些员工坚持我们一定内去。所以我们队伍里也有一些有趣的表现。这对我们来说将是一个神圣的未来。今天早上稍早时候,我们找你们的车队负责人谈话,他说这是一个一流的F1团队,人们非常有智慧,司机技术非常好,设施也非常好。问题仅仅是要找到一个合适的人。谁能每年拿出3亿英镑来投资到汽车上呢?首先,我要强调的是,这队伍的情况和其他F1车队都不同,不可同日而语。这队伍有着一流的装备,可能是所有F1车队中配备最好的,人员也非常优秀,Ross ? has是世界上最棒的队员。F1仍然是很值得看的比赛,每年有6亿名F1迷观看比赛,几乎可以与奥运会相匹敌。如果你的产品想在全球范围内宣传,F1比赛仍然是最好的选择,我们一定能够记住的。就像我说的,全世界已经有两三个赛车手联系我们,他们对亚洲一流的团队感兴趣。你知道,未来的路是艰难的,但是我想,未来也是充满希望的。看看现在的F1市场,在他们观看本田的同时,是否也在为自己担忧,他们的持者会不会也退出呢?很明显,他们非常担心。你知道,很多F1车队都是由汽车制造商拥有的。大家都知道,现在在美国,上个月汽车销售量减少40%,这不仅对丰田,对其他汽车公司都造成巨大的影响,每个公司都面临着缩减。昨天我对其他车队所有者说,明年将要缩减预算,通过减少测试,减缓发展速度来缩减大约5千万欧元。我们试图尽快对目前的经济形势作出反应。希望所有的F1车队都有一个安全稳定的问来。毫无疑问,接下来的几年,对每个人来说,形势都会比较艰难。200812/58131 UN: Global Foreign Direct Investment Continues to Slide联合国贸发会称全球外国直接投资急剧下滑The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, reports that global foreign direct investment fell drastically last year and that it is expected to continue to slide this year, with significant recovery not forecast until 2011. But the UNCTAD World Investment Report says developing countries are doing better in attracting foreign direct investment, or FDI, than the developed countries.联合国贸易和发展会议说,全球外国直接投资(FDI)去年急剧下滑。预计,这个趋势将在今年继续,而且在2011年前不会有显著改善。不过,联合国贸发会年世界投资报告同时指出,发展中国家在吸引外国直接投资方面表现好过发达国家。The report estimates that foreign direct investment inflows will fall from .7 trillion in 2008 to less than .2 trillion this year. But it is expected to pick up slowly next year and gather momentum in 2011, approaching .8 trillion.联合国贸发会年世界投资报告估计,全球外国直接投资流入将从2008年的1万7千亿美元降至今年的1万2千亿美元。但是,外国直接投资将在明年缓慢回升,并将在2011年进一步加速,达到1万8千亿美元。UNCTAD says the crisis has changed, what it calls, the "FDI landscape". It says the large decline in FDI inflows to developed countries has resulted in a surge of foreign investments in developing and transition economies.联合国贸发会说,经济和金融危机改变了全球外国直接投资布局。报告说,流入发达国家外国直接投资的大幅度削减导致发展中国家和过渡经济体接受的外国直接投资急剧上升。Nevertheless, the report says the ed States remains the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment, followed by France, China, the ed Kingdom and the Russian Federation. In previous years, cross border mergers and acquisitions were a major source of growth of FDI. These too, says the report, have declined considerably as financial markets seized up in the second half of 2008.过去几年里,跨境并购是外国直接投资增长的主要来源。但是联合国贸发会的报告说,由于金融市场2008年下半年陷于冻结,跨境并购也出现显著下降。The report notes a general absence in projectionist policies despite the global economic recession. But UNCTAD Secretary-General, Supachai Panitchpakdi says governments have pursued trade policies favorable to domestically-produced goods and services.报告说,全球经济陷入困境并未导致普遍的贸易保护主义政策。不过,联合国贸发会秘书长素帕猜表示,一些国家的政府的确寻求了偏向本国商品和务的贸易政策。"There are examples of the so-called 'covert protectionism,' which includes something like, as you can see, you know buy local, hire local, invest local, lend local, do anything local," he said. "So some of this economic nationalism trend favoring products with high domestic content with regard to government procurement. And you can see this is greatly linked to the stimulus measures, particularly in areas of public infrastructure projects." 他说:“有一些所谓‘隐性保护主义’的案例。这包括购买本国货、雇用本地人、向本土企业发放贷款,以及类似的政策。这种经济民族主义倾向还包括在政府采购方面向国产成分高的产品倾斜。这种情况主要和经济刺激计划有关,尤其是在公共基础设施建设方面。”The UNCTAD report also focuses on agriculture, including the crucial issues of fighting hunger, promoting food security and fostering sustainable agricultural development as a pre-requisite for economic growth. 联合国贸发会的报告还谈到农业问题。其中涉及的关键问题包括对抗饥饿、促进食品安全、以及把可持续农业发展作为经济增长的必要先决条件。The report says foreign direct investment can play a major role in helping developing countries enhance their agricultural sectors.报告说,外国直接投资可以在帮助发展中国家强化农业部门方面发挥重要作用。Supachai Panitchpakdi says investment funds from private sources could help spark a green revolution in Africa.素帕猜说,私营部门的投资可以在非洲引发一场绿色革命。"FDI by itself would not be able to do all this," said Supachai. "But I am sure it would help to give impetus to the government policies, to support government policies in areas that technology would be needed, to help create employment that would instill the sense of belief in the farming sector that could give the livelihood to the people and therefore people would remain involved in farming activities." “仅凭外国直接投资本身并不能实现这个目标。但是我相信,投资可以推动政府决策,持政府在技术领域的政策,帮助创造就业,从而增强人们对农业部门的信心。因为农业和人们的福祉息息相关,所以他们应该继续参与农业活动。”The UNCTAD Secretary-General says the green revolution in Asia during the 1960s was triggered when fertilizer, seeds and farming technology became ily available. He says Africa could achieve similar results if it invests private money into the technologies needed to increase food production in an environmentally sustainable way.素帕猜说,上个世纪60年代,化肥、种子、和农业技术的突破促成了亚洲的绿色革命。他说,如果非洲将私人投资引入可持续的粮食增产技术开发,那么非洲也可能实现类似的目标。09/84463蒲城县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养岢岚县印度棱背龟佛罗里达红肚龟黄腿象龟中部锦龟安南龟海龟扁头长颈龟价格怎么养



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