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我的自行车(My Bike) -- :: 来源: 我的自行车(My Bike)  I have a beautiful bike. My mother bought it me.  The bike is very beautiful. I like it. It is blue and black. The bike is small, but I can ride the bike very fast.  I usually ride on my bike, passing gardens, streets, towns, bridges, parks and libraries. This bike is my ‘good friend’.  I like this beautiful bike very much.。

我的理想 --19 :19:3 来源: 当我闲得没事时,就总自己用微波炉做点东西吃一天,爸爸看见我这样,说我长大恐怕是要当厨师了我立刻把头摇得像拨浪鼓似的,说:“那不是我的理想,我长大想做IT(信息技术)行业”       没错,自从五年前爸爸给我买来电脑后,我就一天天地熟悉它到了去年,我已经和它结下了不解之缘从那时候开始,我就想要在信息技术行业取得成就,为国家计算机事业做出贡献      可是爸爸说我在这个行业中只能做“游戏测试员”,就是什么游戏新出来,总是先让我玩玩,报告游戏中有什么错误我觉得他说的没有错,我最近一段时间老是玩游戏,那些FLASH之类的老也不用了   最近几天,我萌生出了一个不好的想法:将我玩的那个网络游戏的务器给黑了,将我的账号修改成最高级别可是,我想了又想,这样做是不对的,而且被网络警察抓到也是不好的而且当黑客也需要很高的电脑技术的    成为IT行业的一员是我的理想,所以我要向这个目标前进,提高自己的电脑技术.When I got settled, the total use of the microwave to do their own things to eat. One day, my father saw me, I am afraid to say that I grew up as a cook. I immediately shaken like a rattle-drum head, you said : "That is not my ideal. When I grow up I want to IT (inmation technology) industries. "Yes, I bought a computer five years ago after his father, I am familiar with it day by day. Until last year, and I have med a deep bond with it. From then on, I want success in the inmation technology industry to make contributions to the cause of national computer. But my father said I could only do in the field "testing the game," is what the new game, and always let me play with, the report there will be any games. I think what he said is not their fault, I always play games recently, those who do not have a veteran like Flash. In recent days, I sprouted out of a bad idea : I will be playing the game that the network server to the black. My will revise the highest level. However, I Xiangliaoyouxiang, this is wrong, but was caught by the police network is not good. When hackers but also need high computer skills. As a member of the IT industry is my ideal, I would like to advance this goal, to improve their computer skills。

我最喜欢的地方My Favorite Place -- :: 来源: I am a ten years old girl. Not like other kids, I like quiet. And my favorite place is my study room. I like staying in it. Nearly every day I will stay more than two hours in it. There are many books in it. Some are study and some are entertainment. I do homework, books, and play piano in it. It is my private coffer. I like it the most.我是一个十一岁的女孩不像其他的小孩,我喜欢安静我最喜欢的地方是我的书房我喜欢呆在那儿几乎每天我都会在那待超过两个小时我的书房有很多书有些是学习用的,有些是用的我在里面写作业,看书,弹钢琴这是我的小金库我最喜欢这里了。

一个快乐女孩(A happy girl) -- :01:3 来源: 一个快乐女孩(A happy girl)i'm a happy girl.my english name is kitty.are you happy? i'm very happy.i have a good friend.her name is cheng xin ting.she has a pair of big eyes.i like her.i like english.my birthday is in november.i'm a good girl.i'm ten years old.i'm in class seven grade four.my teacher's name is yao hui feng.she is a good teacher!i like her.what color do you like? i like pink and perple.i want a rabbit my birthday.i like to eat hambuger.i like to go to shool.i have a good mother.i have a good father.oh,no!i'm hugry! "mumy! i'm hugry!"good bye!。

好消息和坏消息-- :6:3 A:Drew.You want the good news or the bad news?  Drew.想听好消息还是坏消息?  B:Well,bad news first.  还是先听坏的吧  A:Well the bad news is I ruined one of your DVDs.  坏消息是我弄坏了你的一张DVD  B:Oh,no.I hope it's not X-MEN .That's my favorite movie.  什么?我希望不是X战警那可是我最喜欢的电影了  A:I'm sorry,but it is X-MEN.  不好意思,就是那部片子  B:Damn.What is the good news then?  见鬼那好消息是什么?  A:The good news is the other 3 DVDs are ok.  好消息是你借我的其它三DVD都没事儿  B:No,Joe.You can't do this to me.What has happened to my DVD?  Joe,你不能这么对我我的DVD怎么了?  A:You know,I was trying to watch X-MEN last night.So I opened the case and tried to get it out.But all of a sudden,it fell on the floor.When I picked it up,I found there's lots of dirt on it and my DVD player couldn't it.  你知道,昨晚我想看X战警来着我打开盒盖儿,可突然那张盘就掉到地上去了我捡起来一看,上面全是灰我的机器读不了盘  B:My X-MEN. I just got it. I haven't even seen it.  我的X战警啊我刚买的,我还没看呢  A:I'm sorry,I'm terribly sorry.You know,I'm gonna make it up to you.  实在抱歉我会补给你的  B:How?Giving me one of your shitty DVDs?  怎么补?给我一张你的烂片子?  A:No.Let's go buy some DVDs tomorrow and I can buy an X-MEN you.  不,明天我们一起去买碟我会给你买一张的  B:Shake it off,buddy.You're gonna buy me an X-MEN? I won't hold my breath.Remember last time. You said you would buy me beers my birthday.But you didn't.  算了吧你给我买X战警?我才不信呢记得上次你说要给我生日买十瓶啤酒,结果你没买  A:I really mean it this time.Trust me,will ya?  这次是真的相信我好不好  B:What else could I do?  我还能怎么办呢?  A:All right. I'll call you tomorrow morning,See if we can go together.  好吧明天我打电话给你看看是不是能一起去  B:Ok.You are on.  就这么定了  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]shake it off口语中这句话表示"算了吧,忘了吧"相当于我们长说的get it.  []I won't hold my breath.这句话的表面意思是我才不会憋气呢因为憋时间长了会憋死,所以它的引申含义是"我才不信你的鬼话呢"  [3]You're on.又是一句让人摸不到头脑的话,它表示"就这么定了"如果有人和你打赌,你就可以和他说"Ok.You are on."  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问老外它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  PG DVD5 DVD9 sound track。

:魔豆(The Magic Beans) -01- :9:3 来源: The Magic Beans     Act 1 Scene 1    (Jack’s mother was gambling.)    Mom: Oh, no, not again. (Roaring) Jack, Jack, where are you?    Jack: Here I am, mom. What’s up?    Mom: Send that old cow to the market to exchange some money back.    Jack: But mom, if I sold Rose, we would have no milk anymore.    Mom: Shut up. Do as I said.    Jack: (sign) All right, all right.         Act 1 Scene     (In the market.)    Girl: Sir, do you want any matches? If you buy ten boxes, I’ll give a 0 percent discount.    Jack: Sounds terrific. But I don’t have any money.    Girl: Please, sir, I haven’t eaten anything three days. I’d like to exchange your cow with my matches.    Jack: Sorry, but I don’t need matches. Good-bye, and good luck to you.    Old man: Sir, since the sun is burning, would you like some ice cream?    Jack: Thank you, but I don’t really feel like eating ice cream. See you.    Mr. Bean: I have soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans, peas, and above all, the most amazing beans in the world --- magic beans.    Jack: Wow, sounds wonderful. Beans is my favorite food, I can’t wait to have a bowl of bean soup. I want to buy all the beans with this cow.    Mr. Bean: This cow? What do I need this old skinny cow ? Go away, don’t bother me, kid.    Jack: Sir, please. My mom always told me “Helping someone in need is a honorable deed.”    Mr. Bean: All right, all right. (Sign) Today isn’t my day.         Act     (Jack went home.)    Jack: Mom, where are you? See what I have got.    Mom: Oh, Jack, you must have brought me lots of shining gold. Oh, I’m so excited. (Walked to Jack) What? You used our pretty cow to buy all this junks? Have you lost your mind?    Jack: Mom, these are no junks. There are soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans and magic beans.    Mom: Magic beans? It doesn’t look magical at all. The vendor must be cheating you. I’ll keep other beans, but these magic beans, (opened the window) I’ll just throw them away.         Act 3    (The next morning)    Jack: Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the breeze is whispering, it should be a perfect day. (He looked out of the window) Oh, my God, the magic beans have grown to a huge beanstalk! It’s can be true, it must be my imagination!    Prince: Help, help.    Jack: The voice came from the clouds, how strange! I must go and see what’s going on up there. (He climbed up. Then he saw the prince was stocked in a castle.)    Jack: Hi, what happen to you? How can I help you?    Prince: It’s a long stories, I’ll tell you only if you take one of my leg hair.    (Jack took the prince’s leg hair, and the prince became as small as normal people. The prince opened the door, and welcomed Jack in.)    Prince: Thank you a million saving my life. How can I ever repay you?    Jack: That’s no big deal. So what’s your story?    Prince: Once open a time, there’s a greedy witch who would even destroy the world only to get my hen and harp.    Jack: Your hen and harp? I don’t see they worth it. 英语话剧。

小学英语作文:我的三餐 --9 1::57 来源: 小学英语作文:我的三餐I study in No.1 Primary School in Changsha,i'm in Grade 5.我在长沙第一小学读书,我读五年级Every morning i have an egg ,a cup of milk and some noodles.In the noon,i go home to have lunch.My mother is a good cooker,I like all her food very much. supper,we usually have something light,like vegetable and potato chips.我每天早上吃一个鸡蛋,一杯牛奶和面条中午,我回家吃饭我的妈妈厨艺很好,我喜欢妈妈做的所有饭菜晚上,我们通常吃得清淡些,像青菜,土豆丝什么的。

Mr. Wang --19 :: 来源: Mr. Wang is my PE teacher. He is very tall and strong. He’s a bit fat. His skin is swarthy, but it looks healthy. He has a round face. There are two big eyes on his face. He always wears a pair of glasses. I think Mr. Wang is very handsome. Our PE lessons are very interesting, because Mr. Wang is very humor. He always plays games with us. Sometimes he makes jokes with us. We feel very happy in PE lessons. We all like Mr. Wang.。

My Brother-我的哥哥 --30 ::50 来源: My Brother-我的哥哥  My brother is a bookworm. He is a top student.  He hardly ever goes out to play in a year. One day we had a holiday, and I asked him to play with me. But he said he would never left his desk. He didn't promise to play with me until I cried.  We started playing "seek and hide". I hid behind a cupboard. I waited a while, but he didn't appear. When I ran out, to my surprise, I found him ing. As he was looking me, he happened to find a book. That was why he got playing the game.  This is my brother-cute,hardworking and bright.  我哥哥是个书迷,他是一名尖子生  一年中他几乎很少出去玩有一天放假,我叫哥哥跟我一起玩,可是他说他不愿离开他的书桌直到我哭了他才答应和我玩  我们开始玩“捉迷藏”游戏我藏在一个柜子后面但我等了一会儿也不见他出现我跑出来时,大吃一惊,我发现他正在看书当他在找我时,碰巧发现了一本书那就是为什么他把做游戏的事忘了  这就是我的哥哥,可爱,勤奋,阳光.。