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Cable and streaming services are far outpacing broadcasters when it comes to including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters in their shows.有线电视台和流媒体的电视剧集中出现的男同、女同、双性恋和跨性别角色比电视网络要多得多That was the finding of an annual report by Glaad, released on Tuesday, that seeks to quantify lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representation on television. The “Where We Are on TV” report assesses the presence of such characters in the - season, defined as broadcast, cable and streaming shows expected to premiere between June 1, , and May 31, . (Scheduling changes could affect the figures.)这是Glaad周二(月7日)发布的年度报告中所提到的发现这份报告主要是统计电视剧中出现的女同、男同、双性恋和跨性别角色的数量这份名为《我们在电视上的位置(Where We Are on TV)的报告研究的是年至年美剧季中(指的是电视网、有线电视台和流媒体预计在年6月1日至年3月31日首播的电视剧)这类角色的出现情况(节目安排的改变可能会影响统计数字的准确性)Glaad found that of the 881 regular characters scheduled to appear on prime-time broadcast television, 35, or percent, were identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. There are another 35 recurring characters — people who make multiple appearances in a series but are not part of the main cast — who fit that description.Glaad发现,安排在电视网黄金时段出现的881名主要角色中有35名(%)是同性恋或双性恋另有35名多次出现的角色(不是主要角色)是同性恋或双性恋Scripted cable series will feature 8 regular lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters (up from 6 last season) and 58 recurring ones (up from 1). Original series premiering on the streaming services Amazon, Hulu and Netflix include 3 such series regulars and recurring ones.有线电视台电视剧的主要角色中将包括8名同性恋、双性恋和变性者(比上一季的6名有所上升),多次出现的角色中有58名此类人物(上一季是1名)在亚马逊(Amazon)、Hulu网和Netflix网等流媒体上首播的原创电视剧中有3名主要角色和名多次出现的角色属于这类人群Overall character counts and percentages are harder to tabulate in cable and streaming, said Matt Kane, Glaad’s director of entertainment media, because those programming slates are more fluid. Broadcasters tend to follow clearly defined seasonal schedules.Glaad的媒体主管马特·凯恩(Matt Kane)说,总体来讲,有线电视台和流媒体的角色数量和比例更难统计,因为它们的节目安排变动性更大电视网则往往会遵循每季明确设置的节目表This was the first year that the Glaad report included streaming series. (The report has been prepared since .) Those shows notably included four transgender characters, with two leading roles on the Emmy-winning “Transparent,” the Amazon series about a transitioning patriarch, and “Sense8,” the Netflix thriller about a group of mysteriously interconnected people.今年,Glaad首次将流媒体包含到统计中来(这份报告始于年)值得注意的是,流媒体的电视剧中包括四名跨性别角色,其中两位还是《透明家庭(Transparent)和《超感猎杀(Sense8)的主角前者是亚马逊推出的电视剧,讲述的是一位正在变性的家长,该剧获得了艾美奖;后者是Netflix推出的惊悚剧,讲述的是一群具有神秘联系的人There are no transgender characters on prime-time broadcast television, the report said, and three recurring transgender characters on cable.该报告称,黄金时段的电视网剧集中没有跨性别角色,有线电视台电视剧中有三位多次出现的跨性别角色The number of bisexual characters rose on both broadcast and cable this year, but “many of these characters still fall into dangerous stereotypes about bisexual people,” the report noted. Such characters are often depicted as being immoral, manipulative or self-destructive, the report said.该报告指出,今年,电视网和有线电视台的双性恋角色数量增多,但是“很多这类角色仍被老套地描绘成危险人物”这些角色通常不道德,喜欢操纵别人,或者具有自杀倾向Of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters on television, most are gay men, the study found. These characters are also overwhelmingly white, ranging from 73 percent on streaming series to 69 percent in broadcast.这项研究还发现,电视剧中的同性恋、双性恋和跨性别角色以男同性恋居多而且这些角色绝大多数是白人,流媒体电视剧中的这类角色有73%是白人,电视网的这个比例是69%The full report is at Glaad.org.报告全文参见Glaad.org 157It’s more than fair to say that Wong Kar-wai’s movies are not easy to understand. The Hong Kong director rarely focuses on narratives in his works. Yet, he is undeniably an excellent storyteller who always feeds audiences with a visual and emotional feast.说王家卫的电影难懂,这一点都不夸张这位香港导演在其作品中很少强调叙事手法,然而不可否认的是,他是位优秀的叙事大师,总是能够为观众带来一次又一次打动人心的视觉盛宴His latest eft, The Grandmaster, is another of Wong’s typical movies: light on narrative, but full of his trademark elegance, the movie weaves the director’s familiar themes of love, loss and the corrosive nature of time around gorgeous martial arts sequences.他的最新力作《一代宗师又是一部典型的王氏电影:对于叙事轻描淡写,却充满了王氏特有的优雅印记该片用一系列美轮美奂的武打片段,编织出王家卫所驾轻就熟的主题——爱与失去,以及岁月无情When Wong first announced his intention of creating the movie in , it was described as a biopic of Ip Man, a real-life master of the Wing Chun school of martial arts. Even though we know that Ip will eventually prosper, Wong’s version of Ip (Tony Leung) is a portrait of a sad, isolated figure, and much less accessible than director Wilson Yip’s portrayal of the same character in the Ip Man series.年,当王家卫首次宣布将拍摄这部电影时,该片被称为咏春拳一代宗师叶问的传记片尽管我们清楚叶问势必大火,但王家卫版本的叶问(梁朝伟饰)却刻画出一个孤独的悲情人物形象,比导演叶伟信在《叶问系列影片所刻画出中的那个叶问形象要难懂得多In The Grandmaster, the narrative is framed by Ip’s perception of the world, outlined in voiceovers explaining his background and his observations of life and the people around him.《一代宗师以叶问对世界的认知为叙事框架,画外音则解释了叶问的背景,以及他对生活和周围人的观察The movie, however, also dedicates a lot of screen time to Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), the daughter of Gong Yutian, a martial arts master from northeastern China. Other masters weigh in with their philosophical and physical presence as well.而本片也将大量镜头对准了由章子怡饰演的宫二(章子怡饰)这个角色宫二是中国东北武术大师宫羽田的女儿其他几位武术大师也凭借各自的武术精神和造诣现身片中Wong is a fan of recurring themes and The Grandmaster is no exception. example, time proves once again to be the greatest enemy, causing people not only to grow old but also to get the things they hold dear. In this movie particularly, the idea that age makes them weak and less able to defend themselves troubles the martial arts masters.王家卫钟爱重复使用的主题,而《一代宗师也不例外比如片中再次明了时间是最大的敌人,不仅令韶华老去,还让人们遗忘了那些曾珍视的东西时间让人变得脆弱,无力自护,该片尤其表现了这点是如何令一代宗师身陷困境的Ultimately, the movie poetically delivers the wisdom of martial arts tradition in which Ip was deeply entrenched. But it’s not always easy the audience to understand what Ip is thinking or what the story is trying to convey.最终,影片用诗意手法传达出对叶问影响深远的那份传统武学智慧而对于观众而言,要明白叶问的想法或电影所要传达的内容并非易事As a line in the movie goes: “They say, live without regrets. But how boring life would be if there was no regret.” The culture of martial arts is entrenched in a profound philosophy of life. Its interpretation by Wong cannot be embodied in exquisite action sequences and breathtaking visuals just to make it “easy to understand” — that would be boring, too.正如电影里的一句台词:“说人生无悔,那都是赌气的话若真无悔,那人生该多没趣啊!”武术文化深植于对人生哲学之中对于这点的诠释,王家卫并未动用精良的动作场面或令人惊叹的视觉效果来使之“浅显易懂”——若真那样,也太无趣了 079

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