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A new report by a consortium of British aid agencies says the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is the worst in forty years. VOA's Jim Teeple reports the report blames Israel for the crisis, but Israeli officials say Hamas militants are to blame.  几个英国救援组织联合发表的一份新报告说,加沙地区出现了40年来最差的人道主义状况。这份报告指责以色列造成了目前的危机,但以色列官员说,哈马斯激进分子要为此承担责任。Eight British aid organizations say the humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated to the worst point in 40 years and that it will likely get worse unless Israel eases its blockade of the territory.  8个英国救援组织说,加沙的人道主义状况已经恶化到了40年来的最差水平,而且,如果以色列不放松对加沙地区的封锁,目前的人道危机还会进一步加剧。According to the report, more than one million people or 80 percent of Gaza's population is now dependent on food aid and that Gaza's power, water and sewage systems have collapsed.  这份报告说,有超过100万的加沙居民目前靠食品援助生活,这相当于这一地区总人口的80%。此外,加沙的电力、供水和污水处理系统也都已经瘫痪。Michael Bailey of the Jerusalem OXFAM office says life in Gaza has always been a struggle, but after Israel closed Gaza's borders last year following the Hamas takeover of the territory, things got dramatically worse.  救援组织乐施会耶路撒冷办公室的贝利说,加沙的生活一直都很艰辛。但是,去年哈马斯取得加沙地区的控制权之后,以色列就关闭了加沙边境。此后,加沙地区的情况急剧恶化。"In four weeks, 65,000 jobs were lost. Ninety percent of the manufacturing industry was shut down," Bailey said. "Forty thousand people in the agricultural industry are finding it very hard to maintain their jobs and eight out of ten families in Gaza are dependent on food aid."  他说:“在4个星期里有6万5千人失业。90%的制造业企业关门。在农业方面工作的4万人发现很难维持他们的工作,而每10个加沙家庭中就有8个要靠食品援助过活。”Bailey says 300,000 people in Gaza do not have regular supplies of water and 60 tons of raw sewage is discharged into the ocean every day because sewage treatment plants no longer work. He says many schools also do not have power. As a result he says Gaza's educational system has broken down, and children there fail basic tests in rudimentary subjects. Bailey and the other groups behind the report say they blame Israel for the situation because it controls Gaza's borders.  贝利说,有30万名加沙居民得不到正常的供水。此外,由于污水处理厂关门,每天有60吨未经处理的污水被直接排入大海。他说,很多学校也停电了,导致教育系统瘫痪,加沙儿童无法通过基本课程的考试。贝利和其它参与编写这份报告的救援组织说,他们把目前的情况归咎于以色列,因为以色列控制着加沙边境。"We are saying that because Israel is still in control, it is still the occupying power even though they (Israel) are not inside Gaza; they control all the borders, the air and the sea space," Bailey said. "Therefore whoever is in charge inside Gaza, they are really powerless to control and economy that depends 90 percent on imports for any manufacturing or productivity."  他说:“我们认为,由于以色列依然有控制权,所以虽然它不在加沙领土内,它依旧是占领国。以色列控制着所有的边境、领空和领海。因此,不论谁在加沙内部作主,实际上都没有真正的控制权,也无法解决经济问题,因为加沙的制造业和生产能力90%依赖进口。”The ed States and the European Union consider Hamas a terrorist organization and have cut off all but humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip since the group seized power there last June. 美国和欧盟认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,自从该组织去年6月掌权以来,美国和欧盟已经切断了除人道主义救援外对加沙地带的所有援助项目。Israeli officials have strongly denounced the report, calling it biased.  以色列有关官员强烈抨击这份报告,说它是不公正的。Major Peter Lerner, the spokesman for Israel's military and civil authorities in the Palestinian territories says Hamas militants who seized power in Gaza last year are to blame for the situation. Lerner says Israel is committed to preventing a humanitarian emergency from developing in Gaza - and does so at considerable risk to itself.  巴勒斯坦领土上的以色列军方和民政当局发言人莱纳少校说,去年取得加沙控制权的哈马斯激进分子才应该为目前的状况负责。莱纳说,以色列致力于阻止加沙的人道主义紧急情况进一步发展,而且这样做是冒了很大风险的。"We, Israel actually, function the crossings under fire from Palestinian snipers and mortar fire, which no other state in the world would do, and for us is very problematic obviously," Lerner said. 他说:“实际上,我们以色列人是在受到巴勒斯坦狙击手和迫击炮攻击的情况下管理过境点的,世界上没有别的国家会像我们这么做。很显然,对我们来说,这是一个很大的问题。”Since the beginning of this year the situation in Gaza has been at a boiling point. In January Hamas militants knocked down Gaza's border wall with Egypt in a bid to break the territory's blockade. Since then, Palestinian militants have stepped up rocket attacks against towns and cities in southern Israel, leading to Israeli retaliatory attacks that killed many Palestinians, which led the moderate Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas to suspend peace talks with Israel. The talks were restored this week after direct intervention from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. There are signs that things may improve in Gaza. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will abstain from attacking militants in Gaza if they stop their rocket attacks. Hamas leaders and other Palestinian militants have begun talks with Egyptian officials about establishing a truce with Israel. For the people of Gaza a truce would be the first good news in many months.  有迹象表明,加沙的情况可能会改善。以色列总理奥尔默特说,如果加沙的激进分子停止火箭袭击,以色列也将放弃对他们的攻击。哈马斯领导人和其他巴勒斯坦激进分子已经开始同埃及官员进行会谈,讨论同以色列建立停火协议的问题。对加沙人民来说,停火协议可能是好几个月以来的第一个好消息。200803/29015

UN Announces Food Crisis Task Force潘基文挂帅解决全球粮食危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he will head a new task force to tackle the global food crisis that is plunging tens of millions of people into poverty and hunger. He is calling for international donors to urgently fund a three-quarter-billion-dollar shortfall by the World Food Program. The appeal follows a two-day U.N.-sponsored meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, aimed at finding measures to deal with soaring food prices. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二表示,他将领导一个新的特别工作组来处理全球粮食危机。这场全球性的粮食危机正在使数千万人陷入贫困和饥饿。潘基文还呼吁国际社会增加捐款,以满足世界粮食计划署迫切需要的援助资金。潘基文是在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开两天的紧急会议之后发表这番讲话的。联合国举行这次紧急会议就是为了解决粮食价格飙升引起的严重问题。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says participants at the emergency meeting discussed concrete measures to feed the hungry. He says the dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into an unprecedented challenge of global proportions. He says it has become a crisis for the world's most vulnerable, including the urban poor.  联合国秘书长潘基文说,这次紧急会议的与会者讨论了防止饥饿的具体办法。他指出,世界范围内的粮食价格扶摇直上给全球带来了一场前所未有的挑战。对于世界上最弱势的群体来说,尤其是城市贫民,粮价上涨已经变成了一场致命的危机。Mr. Ban says governments must urgently contribute 5 million to the World Food Program. 潘基文表示,各国政府必须立即行动起来,为世界粮食计划署筹措7.55亿美元的紧急资金。"Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widesp hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale," he said. "We anticipate that additional funding will be required."  他说:“如果这些紧急需求不能完全满足,我们面临的风险将是:饥饿、营养不良和社会动乱将以前所未有的规模再次蔓延。我们预期,更多的救援资金将是必不可少的。”U.N. officials believe 100 million people have been driven into poverty and hunger because of skyrocketing food prices. The World Food Program says it cannot afford to buy food with the money it has. For example, it notes the price of a metric ton of rice has more than doubled since March. 联合国官员相信,由于粮食价格暴涨,目前已经有一亿人陷入贫困和饥饿。世界粮食计划署说,现有的资金根本不够给这些急需救济的人们购买粮食,因为从3月份到现在,每公吨大米的价格已经上涨了两倍多。WFP director Josette Sheeran says the agency has received 1 million in pledges. 世界粮食计划署执行主任约瑟特.施林说,该机构已经得到4.71亿美元的捐款承诺,相当于所需资金的62%。"We only have 18 million of that cash in hand," said Sheeran. "And, so this becomes urgent because we cannot procure the food until we have the cash in hand and so we are bumping into a real urgent time frame of needing to get these commitments in as soon as possible so that we can keep these programs whole and we are getting stretched across the globe where we cannot do so." 施林说:“我们手里现在只有1千8百万美元的现金。所以,情况变得非常紧急,因为拿不到现金就买不到粮食。我们正处于一个危急时刻,迫切需要得到捐款,以使我们的援助计划全面展开。可是我们目前在全球范围完全是心有余而力不足。”World Bank President Robert Zoellick says this crisis will not be over once the emergency needs are addressed. 世界行长佐利克说,即使目前的紧急需求得到满足,这场危机的深远影响也难以消失。"The International Community needs to come in to working together to respond with policy initiatives so that this year's crisis does not become a generation's fact of life," he said. "Aly, hunger and malnutrition are the underlying causes of death of over 3.5 million children every year, robbing the future potential of many millions more." 他说:“国际社会需要齐心协力,通过政策规划来做出回应,防止今年的危机演变成为一代人的命运。我们已经看到,饥饿和营养不良每年都使350多万儿童死亡,并且使另外数以百万计的人丧失了创造未来的潜力。”Increasing food prices are not the only problem afflicting the poor. The ed Nations says farmers in developing countries are planting less and producing less because of the escalating cost of fertilizer and energy. It says efforts must be made to support these farmers. 粮食价格暴涨并不是折磨穷人的唯一问题。联合国说,由于化肥和能源成本飙升,发展中国家的农民不得不减少种植和生产。联合国提出,必须做出努力来持这些农民。The task force chaired by Secretary-General Ban will be made up of various heads of U.N. and international agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank. The group will explore ways to bring down the cost of food and increase agricultural production in poor countries.  由联合国秘书长潘基文挂帅的特别工作组将由联合国和其他国际机构的领导人组成,其中包括联合国粮农组织、联合国儿童基金会和世界。这个特别工作组将探讨各种途经来降低贫穷国家的粮食成本,增加农业生产。 200804/37044

Indian Government Wins Confidence Vote印度政府赢得议会信任投票  India's Congress-Party led coalition government has won a confidence vote, paving the way for it to go ahead with a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. But the vote was interrupted by allegations that government supporters had bribed lawmakers to win the vote. 印度以国大党为首的联合政府赢得印度议会信任投票,从而铺平了和美国进行民用核技术合作的道路。不过,投票因出现有关政府持者向议员行贿争取选票的指控而中断。"The Result of the division is Ayes 275, Noes 256, Ayes have it, Ayes have it." 印度议会议长宣布:“投票结果,赞成票275票,反对票256票, 赞成票获胜。赞成票获胜。” At the end of a raucous two-day debate, the government won the confidence vote Tuesday by a wider than expected margin. It got the support of 275 lawmakers - 19 more than the opposition, and many more than most had expected. Ten lawmakers abstained from voting. The confidence vote was called after communist parties pulled back support from the government, saying they would not allow it to proceed with a civilian nuclear deal with Washington that would give India access to global nuclear commerce. 这次信任投票是印度共产党收回对联合政府的持后进行的。印度共产党表示,他们不允许印度政府和华盛顿达成一项有关民用核技术的协议,这个协议可以使印度进入全球核贸易。A happy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said he had won a convincing victory. He also indicated that he is now y to press ahead with the nuclear deal.  印度总理辛格高兴地说,他赢得了令人信的胜利。他还表示,他现在准备推进这项核交易。"This will send a message to the world at large that India's head and heart is sound, that India is prepared to take its place in the comity of nations," said Manmohan Singh. 辛格说:“这将向全世界各国传递一个讯息,那就是印度的头脑和心脏是健全的,印度准备加入世界各国的行列。”But the government's victory was marred by allegations of vote buying. 不过,印度政府的胜利由于出现贿选的指控而失色。Lawmakers of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party brought bags stuffed with bundles of cash into parliament mid-way through the debate, and waved the money in the air claiming they were paid bribes by a government ally. 反对党人民党在议会辩论的过程中,拿出了一些装有成叠现金的袋子,并且在空中挥舞著这些钞票,声称这些钱是政府的盟友行贿的赃款。Parliament was thrown into confusion as opposition lawmakers demanded the prime minister's resignation. They did not allow him to make a speech in parliament. 在野党议员要求印度总理辞职,议会陷入混乱。在野党议员不准总理在议会发表讲话。The Congress Party says it has won a clean victory, and the allegations of bribing lawmakers were deliberately planted by their opponents because they were set to lose the vote. 国大党声称他们获得了明确无误的胜利。国大党还声称有关行贿的指控是因为反对党知道他们会在选举中失败从而有意给对方栽赃。For days, New Delhi has swirled with reports the Congress Party and the opposition have been offering hefty bribes and other political favors to lawmakers to win their support.  几天以来,新德里一直风传国大党和反对党分别付巨额贿赂以及其他方面的政治好处给议员,争取议员的持。The nuclear pact with the ed States was at the heart of the two-day debate that preceded the vote. Government supporters defended the deal, saying the country desperately needs alternative sources of energy to help it overcome the huge shortfall facing the nation. 在投票之前,印度和美国签订的民用核能条约是两天来议会辩论的焦点。政府持者为这项条约辩护说,印度迫切需要替代能源来源,从而帮助印度克它面临的庞大能源短缺。Opponents said the deal will bring India under greater influence of the ed States, and compromise the country's nuclear weapons program. 反对者表示,这一交易将使印度置于美国的更大影响之下,并且让印度的核武器计划受阻。The nuclear deal still has to be approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the U.S. Congress. India is barred from getting nuclear technology because it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 民用核技术协议仍然需要国际原子能机构、核供应国集团和美国国会的批准。由于印度没有签署《核不扩散条约》 ,印度被禁止获得核技术。200807/44626

fifth wheel ------ 多余的人 英文释义A person who serves no function. 例句 When my father gave all my responsiblies in our familys business to my brothers, I felt like a fifth wheel, and so I started looking for another job.当我父亲把家里的生意都交给我的哥哥们时,我觉得自己是个多余的人,所以开始找别的工作。 /201610/466517

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