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TED演讲视频:监狱里的商业课程Jeff Smith曾在监狱中刑一年。他所接触的真实监狱与预期截然不同——在狱友身上,他看到了无穷的智慧和灵活的商业头脑。他提出了这样一个问题:为什么我们不发掘这样的创业潜力让囚犯们出狱之后为社会做出贡献呢?201702/492977Hi, so today Ive come to the longest pedestrian bridge in Japan大家好!今天我来到了日本最长的吊桥and apparently it opened at the end of last year in 2015, so its still fairly new这里于2015年年底开放, 所以还很新So, lets go inside and see how the bridge is like and lets see the best view of Mt Fuji我们一起去看看这座桥,以及最美的富士山风光吧So the suspension bridge is located in Shizuoka prefecture in Mishima city这座吊桥位于静冈县的三岛市It opened in December 2015 so it’s still so new that it’s not even updated on google earth因为2015年12月刚开放,所以谷歌地图还没更新到So, I went there from Tokyo by car and it took a little under 2 hours我从东京出发,开车花了不到两小时就到了However, you can also get there by bus from JR Mishima station你也可以从三岛市火车站转乘巴士If you decide to drive, they also have a lot of free car parks available如果你开车来,这里也有很多免费停车位So after arriving head towards the ticket gate到达之后请前往售票处and Mishima Sky Walk is actually open 365 days a year三岛空中走廊是全年开放的so they dont have any holidays unless the weather conditions are bad所以这里假期也会开放,除非天气不好For adults its 1000yen for the ticket and for children the prices vary成人票价是1000日元,未成年人的票价略有不同Lets enter and check out whats inside让我们进去看看里面有什么吧Now this was my first time going as well, so I was pretty excited to see what it was like我也是第一次来,所以非常激动,想看看里面是什么样子There were many nice places to take photos of the view but let me show you which one I liked the best虽然有很多拍照的好地方,但请允许我告诉你我最喜欢的地方So this is the look out point and you can see Mt Fuji and the bridge in one shot,这里就是瞭望台,在这里可以同时拍到富士山和吊桥which makes it one pretty awesome photo拍出的照片非常棒not to mention its also my thumbnail for this 更不用说我用它作这个视频的缩略图了Now the moment you had been waiting for, lets cross the bridge现在,期待已久的时刻终于来了,我们要过桥了This bridge is wide enough for about 3-4 adults to easily pass each other这座桥很宽,3-4个成年人能够很轻松地并排通过and what I like about this bridge was that its also made convenient for people on wheel chairs to cross it as well我之所以喜欢这座桥,还因为坐轮椅的人也能方便地过桥The bridge is around 70 meters tall, so it’s pretty cool seeing the ground below from up high桥离地70米左右,从桥上俯瞰时看到的景色也很美So Ive made it to the middle of the bridge现在我已经到桥中央了and its been a bit shaky on the way, but its really safe, so you dont have to worry about that虽然走的时候有点摇晃,但是很安全,你不用担心and from the middle of this bridge you can actually see Fuji-san which is really nice在桥中央可以望见非常漂亮的富士山So, I think it is a really close view and its a great place to see it这里看富士山真的很近,来这里看是非常不错的选择So I came in Summer but I really want to try coming in the other seasons,我是夏天来的,但我也很想在别的季节来这里看看espeically when theres snow on top of Mt Fuji尤其是富士山顶被雪覆盖的时候So lets go talk to one of the staff here and hear a little bit more about this place所以,让我们去跟这里的工作人员聊聊关于这个地方的其他信息吧Why did you guys decide to build a bridge here?你们为什么决定在这里建一座桥Yes, we had been running a business in Mishima city before嗯,我们以前在三岛市做生意and we were thinking if there was anything we could do for Mishima city想着我们能为三岛市做点什么Then we thought we could use this view and do something for this region我们觉得可以利用这里的景色做点事情Something that can gather people together吸引大家前来Nice place, isnt it?非常漂亮的地方呢,是吧?This 400 meter long suspension bridge is Japans longest pedestrian bridge是的,这座长400米的天桥是日本最长的人行天桥The view you see from here is Japans tallest mountain (Mt Fuji) and Japans deepest bay(Suruga Bay)从这里可以看到日本最高的山(富士山)和日本最深的海湾(骏河湾)So you can enjoy 3 of Japans bests at on spot这样,你在一个地方就能看到日本最美的三个景点How wonderful太棒了So on the other side of the bridge there are many shops selling different things like food and souvenirs桥的另一边有很多商店,卖各种各样的东西,有吃的,有纪念品and theres even this shop that sells these cute wooden eggs where you can also find in the nearby forest, theyre called Kicoro还有一家店卖非常可爱的木蛋,附近的森林里也能找到Lets go find Kicolo我们一起去找Kicoro吧Here, we find it! its so cute找到了!好可爱啊so you can find these all over the forest and Im not quite sure why they put it there这个森林里到处都是木蛋,不过,我也不知道人们为什么把它们放在这里but some are in pretty interesting places as well但有些木蛋放的地方非常有意思like this donut looking one that I gave up on trying to get比如这个放得跟甜甜圈一样,不过我拿不到and heres me trying to cool down after all that hunting找了那么久,我先来这里凉快凉快so on the day, they were taking three photographs for everyone that came那天,工作人员会给去的每个人拍三张照片This guy was awesome because he just stood under the sun to take photos for everyone这个小伙子太好了,因为他一直站在太阳底下给大家拍照so you can buy the actual photograph or just stick to the free one like I did你可以买照片,或者像我一样只拿张免费的there were many other interesting things, like this flower drop shop这里还有很多有意思的东西,比如这个投花的小店Theres a flower seed planted here.这里面有花的种子You can throw this from the bridge, and make a wish when you throw it.你可以从桥上把它投下去,投的时候许下你的愿望There are many different colours to choose from and there are 8 different types of nature words at the back有很多颜色可供选择,背后有8种不同类型的来自大自然的话Its fun picking it and you can also take it home挑的过程很有意思,你也可以带回家Theres also another lookout point after you cross the bridge过桥后还会有一个瞭望台Now it’s time to go back to the entrance and get some food现在,是时候回入口处吃点东西了Now there is a cafe back at the entrance, but let me take you somewhere a little bit more unique入口处有个咖啡厅,但我要带你去一个跟特别的地方Now looking back at this, I really do always go to the mist fans, dont I?又是这个,我真的经常走到雾扇面前,不是吗?So the place we are going is actually up this slope, its a little bit behind everything however its still easy to find.我们要去的地方其实在这个斜坡上面,虽然被遮住了,但还是不难找到No, lets be healthy and take the stairs算了,我们还是走台阶吧,有益健康So these stairs were so pretty and it was such a shame no one was using them这些台阶很漂亮,没人使用真是可惜So I decided to use them所以我要把它们利用起来The log deign of these stairs reminded me of the forest that was back over the bridge这种原木台阶的设计让我想起了桥后的那个森林So we have finally arrived and this place is called the Sky Garden终于到了,这个地方叫“天空花园”When you enter the ceiling is filled with chandelier-like plants进来之后,天花板上都是像吊灯一样垂吊的植物and each season the flowers change so you can enjoy different flowers all year round而且,每个季节的花都会变,这样,一年四季都能欣赏到不同的花They even have these flowers headhand and broomstick for you to take photos with the flower这家店还提供花环和扫帚,你可以用它们跟花合影There was also many shops where you could get light refreshments from这里还有很多小吃店So it might actually be a good idea to stop by and eat something before you cross the bridge所以,过桥前先在这里吃点东西或许是个不错的主意because you actually arent allowed to bring anything over因为不准携带食物过桥and you can buy some souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back at home你也可以在这里买点纪念品和礼物带回去送给家人和朋友There is a lot to choose from but probably the one that is only sold here is this long sky walk roll cake这里可以选择的东西很多,但只在这里有卖的可能是空中走廊蛋糕卷If you cant take that home with you there is also a shorter version带回家不方便的话,你也可以买这种比较短的Last but not least check out the show room near the entrance最后,记得去入口旁边的陈列室which has a miniature model of the sky walk and photos of the process of it being made.里面有很多空中走廊的微型模型,以及关于建造过程的图片So thank you for watching until the very end of the , you are so awesome, and I hope you enjoyed the .感谢您一直观看这个视频,你太棒了,希望你喜欢这个视频201707/516689TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479266The wonder of a brand new life崭新的人生向我招手but oh this wonder comes at such a cost可是我必须为此付出代价Ill never be the girl I used to be back then我再也无法变回最初的我and Ill never find the one again再也无法找到那个他Lets make a move, take a shot, you can find the one again赶紧振作,把握机会,真命天子不再遥远!Its never gonna happen.妳们都想太多啦!You gotta shake what youve got, you can find the one again展现完美身材,你一定能找到那个他Nope, its totally hopeless...完全无望You want cute, you want speed, I want hot, you want fine你要可爱甜心?轻巧敏捷?还是性感火辣?这里通通都有!Look at all the choices! You can do it online!快看看这些选择!还能网上下!Its time for you to shine, you can find the one again!闪耀时刻就要来啦,你一定能找到那个他!Come on girls! Here we go, now follow me姊们!快来!我们来啦!快跟上脚步!You can find the one你一定能找到那个他Make it fit, show the line, find the perfect design,合身剪裁,大秀曲线,完美设计就在眼前You did a awe job now let me do mine换我来挥挥魔棒You wanna push it, wanna boost it, wanna lift it, wanna show it尽情推吧!挤吧!勇敢展现傲人曲线you can mix it, imagine it, just let you and let them know it轻松混搭,自由想象,体验独一无二的魔法You wanted dressy, classy, gentle and wassy,高雅的、气质的、温柔的、狂野的Anything from understated to super sexy,件件让妳性感无比Dont you sit there a moment, girl the door is open, any shape, any style,不要枯坐等待,大门为妳敞开,风格款式任妳挑选I can find the one again! (Find the one!)我会再度找到他(找到他!)Look at your mommy! Isnt she gorgeous?快看妈咪!她好迷人啊!Find the one bra for you. Reclaim your shape.快来寻找妳的真命天衣。体验合身的幸褔!201703/496729Two new studies suggest lack of exercise is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer and of death from the disease. 两项新的研究表明,缺乏锻炼会增加患卵巢癌和疾病死亡的风险。In one study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 8,300 ovarian cancer patients and more than 12,600 women without ovarian cancer. 在一项研究中,研究人员分析了8,300多名卵巢癌患者和超过12,600名健康女性的数据。Those who said they had done no recreational physical activity during their lives were 34 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who exercised regularly, the researchers found. 研究人员发现,生活中没有体力活动的人比那些经常锻炼的人患卵巢癌的可能性增加了百分之34。The link between inactivity and a higher risk of ovarian cancer was seen in both normal-weight women and those who were overweight or obese. 正常体重的女性和超重或肥胖的人群中,不活动和更高卵巢癌风险之间都有联系。The findings were recently published online in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 这项研究结果发表在最近的癌症流行病学生物标记及预防杂志上。Kirsten Moysich is a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in Buffalo, N.Y., and the senior author of both studies. 柯尔斯顿是纽约水牛城罗斯维尔癌症中心肿瘤学教授。She told UPI, ;Women may be overwhelmed with mixed messages about physical activity or exercise recommendations 她告诉合众国际社,女性可能对体力活动或运动建议的混合信息不知所措,and opt to be inactive because they feel that they cannot meet the recommended amount of physical activity.;选择不愿活动,因为他们感觉不能满足体力活动的建议量。译文属。 /201606/450551

原味人文风情:Another year over一年又结束Where do they go to?它们都到哪去了?Its a mystery这真是个谜Now its December现在是十二月So much to remember before Christmas Eve圣诞夜前有太多事情要记Im aly late and my train is delayed我已经迟到,我的火车却误点Disruption on the line整个交通大乱I race into work and the place is berserk我冲去工作,那地方完全失控Yes, its Christmas time没错,圣诞时节到了I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物But right now I dont have time to breathe但现在我连呼吸的时间都没有The streets are chaotic街上一团乱The shops idiotic商店很愚蠢Theres a queue for the queue到哪里都大排长龙A grannys taking her time at the front of the line有个老太太在队伍前面慢条斯理Ninety-one, ninety-two...九十一、九十二...Theres a party at work and the manager is twerking inappropriately今天上班有个派对,而经理不正经地扭腰摆臀To top off the day another train is delayed更糟的是又一班火车误点Its a catastrophe真是一场灾难Christmas time is here圣诞时节到Id like to spend the time with the ones I love so dear我想要把时间花在我心爱的人身上Im trying to find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物I dont have time但我没时间Theres only one of me因为只有一个我Tell me how do people do it all告诉我大家如何做到所有事情Ill never get it done我永远做不完If only there was a way to be in two places at once如果有让我能同时在两个地方的方法就好了Wait!等等!That gives me an idea!那让我想到一个点子!If I wasnt alone如果我不是独自一人What if I had a clone?要是我有个复制人呢?I could do so much more我就可以做更多事It would all be a breeze with a couple of more mes如果有很多个我,一切就简单了Id have time galore!我就能拥有许多时间!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!Now I can meet with the boss and empty out my inbox all simultaneously现在我能和老板开会还能同时清空我的收件匣Leaving me time to spend with my family and friends, where I wanna be让我有时间和家人与朋友相处,这就是我想要的I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give is me!我能给的最棒的礼物就是我!I wanna find the greatest gift I can give my family我想要找到能给我家人最棒的礼物The greatest gift that I can give...我能给的最棒礼物......is me!就是我!201703/493268

In self-rescue situations you have to keep moving and cover those miles.在自我救援情况下 要一直前进 穿山越岭Early morning is perfect for this,when temperatures can be between ten and 20 degrees cooler.清晨赶路最理想 就是气温比正午凉爽十多度的时候You really want to stick with the dry riverbed.好好挖这个干河床Im confident that there is going to be water here somewhere.You have lots of trees growing.某个地方肯定会涌出水来 这里还有树Its a question of keeping going and finding the right place.现在就是继续走 找到水源正确的位置 Worth a look here.Outside bend of a dry riverbed.这里值得试试 干涸河床的拐角处And overhanging rock and thats always the last place that the water is left.仔细听听岩石 总会有个地方是剩下的水储藏地This is getting a bit damper here.You see the different color of the sand.这里润润的 沙土的颜色不一样了But not really enough to get any water out of.We can find a better one than this. Lets keep going.但是还不足以从中挤出水来 能找到更好的地方 走吧At the base of the dry riverbed,it changes from sand to bedrock.干河床 从沙土变成了岩石The chances of finding standing pools of water become far greater.找到水源的机会 便大得多了Its water.That is not going to be saltwater.是水 不是盐水 Its like striking gold.In an arid wilderness of baking rock,这比找到金子还难 在充满炽热岩石的寸草不生之地a pool like this would be a lifesaver to the desert survivor.对沙漠求生者来说 这样的水池可真是雪中送炭Its about 20 foot down there.But its quite clear.大约有20英尺高 水很清澈I can see the bottom. Its about six foot.You can shallow jump and go in.都能看到池底 池深约6英尺 可以跳下去Shoot my legs out horizontal.I guess I can get in.跳的时候要把腿伸直 我想我能成功201611/480490

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