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大理市巍山彝族回族自治县生孩子要多少钱大理人流手术哪个医院大理弥渡县妇幼保健人民中心中医院妇科 President Donald Trump has thrown the US government into crisis by accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of wiretapping his phones during the election campaign. That the accusation was made in an early-morning tweet does not make the situation any less serious. Nor does the fact that Mr Trump has tweeted nonsense in the past. His false claim that millions of people voted illegally in November’s election was not a direct and specific allegation against a sitting president. The sources of and evidence for this accusation against Mr Obama must now be established. If they are not, the claims can only have a corrosive effect on trust in the institutions of government, without which the country cannot function.美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)指责其前任巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)在大选期间监听他的电话,此事令美国政府陷入危机。这份指控出现在特朗普凌晨发布的推文中,但这丝毫无损于情况的严肃性。同样无损于这一点的是:特朗普曾经在推文中胡说八道过。他曾错误地宣称数百万人在去1月的大选中非法投票,但那并非针对一位在任总统的直接而具体的指控。现在必须确定针对奥巴马的这一指控的来源和据。如果不确定这两点,那么这番言论只能破坏人们对政府体制的信任,没有这一体制,这个国家将无法运转。The response of the president’s spokespeople has made the situation more opaque and therefore more urgent. They argue that the president’s statements are based on stories that have been widely reported. The problem is that the stories in question do not support Mr Trump’s assertions.特朗普发言人的回应让情况变得更加扑朔迷离,因此也更显紧迫。他们辩称,特朗普的说法基于被广泛报道的新闻。问题是这些新闻并没有撑特朗普的说法。The articles say that US law enforcement and intelligence agencies were investigating connections between Russia and the Trump campaign. The New York Times reported, citing an anonymous official source, that the White House was provided with intelligence from that investigation, drawn from wiretaps. The websites Heatstreet and Breitbart said that the FBI or more broadly “the Obama administrationhad requested and received warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to investigate members of the Trump campaign.这些报道称,美国执法和情报部门正就俄罗斯与特朗普竞选团队之间的关系进行调查。《纽约时报New York Times)的报道援引一位匿名官员提供的消息,称白宫从这项调查中获得了情报,情报来源渠道为监听。网站Heatstreet和Breitbart称,联邦调查局(FBI)、更宽泛地说是“奥巴马政府”,此前已根据《外国情报监视法Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)申请并获得了调查特朗普竞选团队成员的许可令。Even if such a warrant was requested, that fact would remain a universe away, practically, politically and morally, from what Mr Trump has alleged. If the warrant was issued properly, Mr Trump’s statements are a reckless slander. If Mr Trump does have evidence that Mr Obama interfered in a justice department investigation or has illegally ordered a wiretap on a US citizen, he must say so at once. If the alleged information is classified, he has the authority to declassify it.即便真的申请过这一许可令,也与特朗普所指控的事情相去甚远——无论是从事实、政治还是道德角度来说。如果许可令是合法颁发的,那么特朗普的言论就属于草率的毁谤。如果特朗普确实有据明,奥巴马干预了司法部门的调查或非法下令监听一名美国公民,那么特朗普必须马上直截了当地说出来。如果所涉信息属于机密,那么他有权解密。The fact that he has said nothing of the sort as of yet suggests that such a statement will not be volunteered. It is up to other officials to clarify this dangerously opaque situation. Two have led the way. James Comey, the head of the FBI, has requested that the justice department deny the president’s statements. James Clapper, the head of national intelligence during the presidential campaign, has gone on record to deny that there was a wiretap of anyone in the Trump campaign on his watch. Now the justice department must come forward. True, this could upset a legitimate investigation. But letting the matter hang in the air would be immensely damaging. The question of the warrants must be closed quickly even if the costs are high.到目前为止,特朗普还没有说出这样的话,这表明,他不会主动说出这样的话。其他官员必须让这种危险且扑朔迷离的情况明朗起来。有两人已经率先这么做了。美国联邦调查局局长詹姆斯?科米(James Comey)已要求司法部否认特朗普的言论。在美国总统大选期间担任美国国家情报总监的詹姆斯?克拉珀(James Clapper)公开表示,在他在任期间没有对特朗普竞选团队的任何人进行监听。现在司法部必须站出来。确实,这可能会扰乱一个合法的调查。但让此事悬在半空将极具破坏性。即便代价高昂,许可令的问题也必须迅速了结。The Trump administration argues that this matter should be resolved by a congressional intelligence committee. If the president provides the grounds for his statements, then a committee that also investigates alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russian agents will be the right venue for sorting out this tangled affair.特朗普政府认为,此事应由一个国会情报委员会解决。如果特朗普提供有关他指控的依据,那么一个同时在调查特朗普竞选活动与俄罗斯间谍之间关系的委员会,将适合主持理清这团乱麻。Mr Trump’s statements are the most extreme evidence yet that he is in more or less open conflict with all of the institutions of the US government save the military from the intelligence services, to the state department and much of the rest of the civil service. Whether a system designed to require co-operation can work under these conditions remains to be seen. If the currency of this conflict is groundless accusations from the Oval Office, the strains may be too much to bear.特朗普的这些言论是迄今为止最为极端的例,表明他与美国政府除军事部门外的所有机构都或多或少地发生了公开对立——从情报部门,到国务院以及其他很多行政部门。目前还不清楚,这个被设计为需要合作的体制,能否在目前的情况下运转。如果这种对立缘于来自总统办公室的毫无根据的指控,那么这个体制内相互拉扯较劲的力量可能让它无法承受。来 /201703/496342大理药流哪里做的好

大理看妇科去哪里医院大理白族自治州人民医院引产需要多少钱 Chinas fast-growing service sector has become a new magnet for overseas investors looking for opportunities in the country, a report from Industrial Bank Co said.兴业的一份报告称,我国迅速增长的务业已成为吸引在中国寻找投资机会的海外投资者的新磁石。Nearly 50 billion U.S. dollars in foreign direct investment (FDI) entered the sector in the first half of 2016, 8 percent more than that of the same period last year and representing 70.4 percent of the countrys total FDI.2016年上半年,近500亿美元外商直接投FDI)流向了务业,较去年同期增加8%,占我国吸收FDI总额0.4%。FDI in the manufacturing sector, however, declined 2.8 percent, only accounting for 28.3 percent of the total.不过,制造业吸引的FDI数额下降.8%,仅占FDI总额8.3%。Given rising salaries and land prices, the manufacturing industry has lost its appeal to foreign investment, and the emerging service sector is overtaking it, a research note from Industrial Bank said.兴业的研究报告称,随着工资、地价的上涨,制造业失去了对外资的吸引力,新兴的务业正迎头赶上;There is an evident differentiation,; said the report.报告指出:“这其中存在着明显的分化。”Confronted with a slowing economy, China is counting on its service sector to prop up growth and create jobs, rolling out more favorable policies, including easier market access and fewer restrictions on foreign capital.面对经济放缓,我国希望务业能撑增长、创造就业机会,并为此推出了更优惠的政策,其中包括更容易的市场准入及减少对外资的限制。The bank expects more overseas capital to flow into Chinas service sector thanks to an expanding global outsourcing market and further opening of the countrys economy.兴业预计,随着全球外包市场的扩张及中国经济对外开放程度的加深,将有更多海外资本流向我国务业。来 /201608/460370大理东方妇产医院开展无痛人流吗

大理祥云县治疗宫颈糜烂医院 North Korea has conducted its fifth nuclear test its second this year and its largest to date, defying the intensifying international pressure on the isolated communist state.不顾日益加大的国际压力,孤立的共产主义国家朝鲜实施了该国第五次核试验。这是今年的第二次核试验,也是该国迄今规模最大的核试验。Seoul’s defence ministry said an explosion was detected near North Korea’s known nuclear test site at 9:30am Korea time on Friday. South Korea’s military believes the nuclear test had an estimated yield of 10 kilotons, a ministry official said. The nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons.韩国国防部表示,韩国时间周五上午9点半,在朝鲜已知核试验场地附近侦测到一次爆炸。一名国防部官员表示,韩国军方认为,这次核试验当量估计为1万吨。作为参照,当初投放在广岛的核弹当量.5万吨。Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, said the nuclear test showed the “maniacal recklessnessof North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)表示,这次核试验显示了朝鲜领导人金正Kim Jong Un)“疯狂的鲁莽”。“What the Kim Jong-un regime will get from the nuclear test is stronger international sanctions and deeper isolation. This kind of provocation would just hasten its self-destruction,Ms Park said.朴槿惠表示:“金正恩政权从这次核试验中得到的,将是更强烈的国际制裁和更进一步的孤立。这种挑衅只会加剧其自我毁灭。”North Korea had warned it would take “physical counteractionafter Seoul announced a decision in July to deploy a US anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea as a shield against the North’s increasing military threats.今年7月,韩国政府宣布决定在韩国部署一种美国反弹道导弹系统,作为抵御朝鲜日益增强的军事威胁的盾牌。在那之后,朝鲜曾警告称会采取“实际对抗行为”。来 /201609/465994大理弥渡县四维彩超多少钱大理白族自治州中医医院产妇做检查好吗



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