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佛山南海区看男科怎么样三水中医院割包皮手术价格The saga over whether Russia will supply natural gas to China has always resembled rival families negotiating a marriage dowry. For a decade, the two sides have wanted different things.俄罗斯与中国的天然气供应谈判就好像两个合不来的家庭商量结婚的礼,十年来总是谈不拢。Now a match between the worlds largest gas exporter and one of the worlds fastest-growing gas markets seems within reach. Thats in part because Russia is afraid that the longer it waits, the less it will get in dowry. And if the deal goes through, it has the potential to change the way Asia gets its energy.不过现在看来双方达成交易的日子近在咫尺了。俄罗斯担心拖得越久礼越少,而且与中国达成交易有望改变其向亚洲供应能源的方式。俄罗斯是全球最大的天然气出口国,中国是全球增长最快的天然气市场之一。An outline of a deal hashed out last year would have Russias state champion Gazprom supply counterpart China National Petroleum Corporation with 3.75 billion cubic feet a day for 30 years starting in 2018. Chinas current daily gas demand is about 16 billion cubic feet, which the government aims to double by 2020. Russia says the two sides have agreed on a price formula, but not an actual price. Now eyes turn to Vladimir Putins May trip to China.根据去年敲定的计划,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)将从2018年开始向中国石油天然气集团公China National Petroleum Corporation.)每天供应37.5亿立方英尺天然气,为0年。中国目前日均天然气需求量约为160亿立方英尺,政府预计需求量020年将增长一倍。俄罗斯表示,双方已经就定价模式而非实际价格达成一致。现在关注的焦点转向普京(Vladimir Putin) 5月份对中国的访问。Theres cause for optimism as market prices converge. The price Gazprom charges European customers has fallen to per million BTU as the state giant gives discounts to ward off competition from countries such as Norway, says James Henderson at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.天然气市场价格渐趋一致让人们有理由对中俄达成协议感到乐观。牛津能源研究所(Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)的亨德森(James Henderson)表示,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司对欧洲客户的供应价格已降至11美元/百万英国热量单位(BTU),该公司通过价格折扣应对挪威等国的竞争。Meantime, China pays roughly per million BTUs for pipeline gas from Turkmenistan and Myanmar. But China also recently pushed retail gas prices for the average resident in, say, Shanghai to nearly per million BTU, according to Platts. Assuming it costs to distribute gas from northeast China to Shanghai, China is y for gas at the border.同时,中国从土库曼斯坦和缅甸购买天然气的价格大约0美元/百万BTU。但根据普氏能源资讯(Platts)的信息,中国最近将上海市普通居民的天然气零售价格上调至5美元/百万BTU。如果从中国东北向上海输送天然气的成本为4美元,那么中国已经准备好接受11美元的到岸价格。Gazproms options wont get any better. Europe, the bedrock of the companys cash flow, looks sluggish, while Russian rivals muscle in on Gazproms turf. In negotiating a price, global supply is also on Chinas side. The U.S. shale revolution, and U.S. moves to export gas in the next few years, provide Asia with another supply option. Then theres the more than seven billion cubic feet a day of Australian LNG capacity due to come online by 2017, says Nate Taplin at Gavekal, a research firm.俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司也不会有更好的选择。作为其现金流基本来源的欧洲目前经济低迷,而俄罗斯的竞争对手也在抢占其市场份额。在价格谈判方面,全球供应状况也对中国有利。美国的页?气革命和在未来几年出口天然气的打算给亚洲提供了一个新的供应选择。研究公司Gavekal的塔普林(Nate Taplin)表示,到2017年,澳大利亚投产的液化天然气(LNG)日均产能将超0亿立方英尺。If Russia locks in a deal soon, it could spark the development of eastern Siberia as a hub to sell gas to Japan and South Korea. This would put competitive pressure on Asian LNG prices generally--something Middle Eastern and Australian suppliers would have to contend with.如果俄罗斯迅速与中国达成交易,将有助于东西伯利亚地区成为向日本和韩国出口天然气的枢纽。这将给亚洲LNG价格带来普遍的竞争压力,对中东和澳大利亚供应商来说是个挑战。When two of the planets biggest gas players get together, everyone will feel the effect.当天然气市场两个最大的参与者走到一起的时候,其影响将遍及全世界。来 /201402/276722佛山新世纪医院割包皮 Chinese authorities have agreed to allow two British officials into the courtroom to observe the murder trial of Gu Kailai, wife of the disgraced politician Bo Xilai. 中国当局已经同意让两位英国官员旁听谷开来的庭审过程,谷是已落马的政界人士薄熙来之妻;Two officials are going in a consular capacity; when the trial starts on Thursday, said the British embassy in Beijing. 驻北京的英国大使馆表示,本周四开庭的时候,;两位英国官员将以领事官员的身份出庭旁听; According to Chinese state media, Ms Gu and Zhang Xiaojun, a family aide, have been indicted on charges of murdering Neil Heywood, a British businessman who had acted as an adviser to the family. 中国官方媒体报道,谷开来及薄家勤务人员张晓军被控杀害英国商人尼#8226;海伍Neil Heywood),海伍德曾是薄家的顾问Giving foreign diplomats such access is highly unusual, especially for a politically sensitive trial. 让外国外交官旁听庭审是很不寻常的,特别是政治敏感的案件By announcing the date relatively early by Chinese standards, Beijing indicated it was trying to demonstrate some degree of openness in a case linked to conflict in the inner sanctum of the opaque ruling Communist party. 根据中国标准,这次开庭日期的宣布相对较早,表明北京正努力在这件案子上展示一定的开放度,本案与中共党内冲突有关But the court in Hefei, in the central province of Anhui where the trial will be held, said all places in the courtroom had aly been taken when asked about access for reporters. Such an explanation is commonly used to keep the press and public away from sensitive trials. 然而,将要开庭审理此案的安徽省合肥市中级法院,在被问及记者能否旁听时表示,法庭所有的座位都已经有安排。在敏感案件的审理中,这是一种把媒体和公众挡在门外的一个惯用解释Mr Heywood died last November in a hotel room in Chongqing, the southwestern city where Mr Bo was Communist party secretary until he was purged in April. 海伍德去1月死于重庆一家酒店。薄熙来月份被停止职务之前曾担任重庆市委书记Initially, Mr Heywoods family was told he had died of a heart attack, while the British government was offered the explanation that his death followed a drinking binge. Nobody questioned his death at the time. 最初,海伍德的家庭被告知他死于心脏病发作,而英国政府得到的解释则是他死于酗酒之后。当时没有人质疑他的死因But in April, Chinese authorities said Ms Gu had been detained under suspicion of being involved in the alleged murder of Mr Heywood, while her husband had been suspended from all posts and detained, accused of severe violations of party discipline. 但在今年4月份,中国官方称,由于在海伍德被杀案中有重大作案嫌疑,谷开来已经被拘留。同时他的丈夫也由于;严重违反党纪;而被停职,接受审查Those moves came after Wang Lijun, the former Chongqing police chief under Mr Bo, fled to the US consulate in nearby Chengdu, in February offering to provide details about the alleged murder. 在此之前,曾在薄熙来手下工作的重庆市前公安局长王立军曾在今年2月进入成都美国领事馆,提出愿意提供此次谋杀指称的具体细节The drama is unfolding as the ruling party prepares for the once-a-decade leadership succession, which involves intense behind-the-scenes negotiations for posts and factional balancing. Mr Bo had threatened to throw this process into disarray as he made a highly public push for power. 这件事浮出水面之际,中国执政党正准备进行十年一次的领导层换届,这个过程涉及大量关于职务人选和派系平衡的幕后协商。薄熙来曾高调公开争取;入常;,一度对整个换届过程的平稳进行构成了威胁Some party officials believe that a guilty verdict for his wife would be enough to justify Mr Bos removal from the political stage, while others think the party would prosecute him for corruption after Ms Gus trial. 一些中共官员认为,只要薄妻被定罪,就足以把薄熙来赶下政治舞台,而其他人则认为,中共将在谷开来案庭审结束后以腐败罪名对薄熙来提起公诉State media said Ms Gu had been charged with poisoning Mr Heywood and that an investigation had said it was because she was worried about a threat from Mr Heywood to her sons personal security following conflict with the British consultant over ;economic interests;. 官方媒体报道,谷开来被控投毒杀害了海伍德,称经调查发现,由于与这位英国顾问发生;经济利益;上的冲突,谷开来担忧海伍德对她儿子的人身安全构成威胁Some legal experts see this as an indication that the court may show leniency towards Ms Gu. 一些法律专家认为,这表明法庭可能会从宽处理谷开来 /201208/193838佛山新世纪男科收费高吗

佛山市中医医院看男科怎么样大沥狮山镇西樵镇不孕不育医院预约挂号 Checking In办理登机手续Kathy and Evan are at New York Kennedy International Airport. Evan talks with the KLM agent.凯西和艾凡现在在纽约甘乃迪国际机场艾凡正和荷航的地勤人员讲话Evan:Here are our tickets and passports. Were flying to Amsterdam today.艾凡:这是我们的机票和护照我们今天将搭机到阿姆斯特丹Agent:Welcome to KLM. Let see...yes, your passports are still valid and your tickets are in order. How many pieces do you want to check in?地勤:欢迎光临荷航让我查一下……没错,你们的护照仍然有效,机票也没问题有多少件行李要登记托运呢?Evan:Just these two.艾凡:就这两件Agent:Please put them on the scales. Any carry-on baggage?地勤:请把它们放在磅秤上有没有随身行李?Evan:Yes, two pieces. Oh, and this camera.艾凡:有有两件哦,还有这台照相机Agent:It better to put these identification tags on them.地勤:最好把这些识别卷标挂在行李上Evan:And could we have one window seat, please?艾凡:另外可不可以给我们一个靠窗的座位?Agent:Let see. Oh, here are two left. All right, Mr.Whiting. Youre all set. Ive stapled your two baggage claim stubs to your return tickets.地勤:我查看看哦,这里还有两个空位好了,怀汀先生,一切都办好了我已经把两张行李提领存根订在你们两人回程的机票上Evan:These two?艾凡:这两张?Agent:That right. And here are your boarding passes. You have seats A and B. Your flight is on time, and it leaving from gate . Dont get to pay the airport tax bee you board. Have a pleasant flight.地勤:是的这是你们的登机你们的座位是A和B班机会准时起飞,由十二号登机门登机登机前别忘了去缴机场税祝你们旅途愉快Evan:Thanks.艾凡:谢谢 9185顺德区勒流有泌尿科吗

佛山市新世纪医院治疗生殖感染价格 Three-quarters of a million tourists flock to the pristine, white beaches every year - but this booming industry has come at a price. When the influx of foreigners left the government struggling to cope with a relentless stream of rubbish, their answer was to turn one of this islands into a dumping ground.每年,全球有75万名游客来到纯净的马尔代夫海滩,但繁荣的旅游业也让当地付出了代价。大量外国游客持续遗留下的垃圾令当地政府疲于应对,不得不将一座岛屿变成垃圾场。Clouds ofpungent, toxic smoke rising from open fires, piles of filth made up of plastic bottles, crisp packets and consumer detritus... itsa far cry fromthe white sands, crystal-clear waters and gently swaying palm trees that we associate with the Maldives, the quintessential paradise island holiday destination set in the Indian Ocean.焚烧垃圾产生的气体刺鼻有毒,塑料瓶、包装纸、游客丢弃的杂物堆积成山,这与白色沙滩、清澈透明的海水以及摇曳的棕榈树等我们对马尔代夫的印象格格不入。这座经典的度假胜地“天堂岛”座落在印度洋。Of its 200 inhabited islands, which are sp across an area of 35,000 square miles, 99 are dedicated resorts.马尔代夫有人居住00座岛屿分布在3.5万平方英里的海洋上,其中99座已专门开发成度假胜地。Three-quarters of a million tourists visit every year–more than double the domestic population. Of these, over 100,000 travel from the UK.每年5万人来马尔代夫旅游,是当地人口的两倍多。这其中有超0万名游客来自英国。The capital, Malé, is four times more densely populated than London. Given these facts, its hardly surprising that the Maldives has a waste disposal problem.马尔代夫首都马累的人口密度是伦敦倍。因此马尔代夫的垃圾处理难题就不足为奇了。What you are seeing here is a view of the Maldives on which no honeymooners will ever clap eyes.你在这里看到的,是去马尔代夫度蜜月的情侣们绝不会看到的情景。Four miles west of Malé is the countrys dumping ground, Thilafushi–or Rubbish Island as it has simply become known.斯拉夫士岛在马累西部四英里,这里是马尔代夫的垃圾倾倒场,简单说也就是人们所说的“垃圾岛”。The country dumps upwards of 330 tons of rubbish on the island every day, a figure attributed largely to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls relies. Each visitor generates 3.5kg of waste per day.马尔代夫每天在该岛上倾倒超30吨垃圾,垃圾成山大部分原因是岛国马尔代夫依赖旅游产业。每位游客每天产.5公斤垃圾。Now, the government of the Maldives has belatedly banned the dumping of waste on the island, due largely to an increase in the number of waste boats fly-tipping directly into the sea, fed up with waiting seven hours or more to offload their cargo. The freighters are now ferrying debris to India instead.如今,马尔代夫政府已经禁止再向该岛倾倒垃圾,这主要是因为越来越多的垃圾船不愿等待7个小时甚至更久的时间卸货,而直接向海里“违法倾倒”。现在,垃圾船改为将垃圾运往印度。来 /201206/188193顺德区妇幼保健院男科电话佛山包皮整形多少钱



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