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佛山新世纪医院看泌尿科怎么样AIDS remains a challenge to global public health艾滋病仍是全球人类健康的一大威胁Today marks the 28th World AIDS Day.今天是第28个全世界艾滋病日。The ed Nations says the world has made significant advances in treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS since its discovery in 1984, but it remains a challenge to global public health, affecting some 36.9 million people.联合国称自1984年发现艾滋病以来,全球在治疗及预防艾滋病领域已取得巨大进步,但目前仍影响着3690万人的艾滋病仍是全球人类健康所面临的一大威胁。 译文属201512/413283顺德区第二人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱塞斯-戈丁和他的切片面包201509/398083Of course, building a train that could当然,制造一列能达到如此速度的列车reach such a speed is quite impossible.几乎是不可能的But we have built something very like the train.但我们已经制造出了类似的仪器At the worlds largest particle accelerator瑞士日内瓦的欧洲核子研究所at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.坐落着世界上最大的粒子加速器Deep underground, in a circular tunnel 16 miles long,地下深处,长达16英里的环形管道内is a stream of trillions of tiny particles.有一道万亿颗细小微粒所组成的粒子束When the power is turned on, they accelerate from zero to机器启动的瞬间,它们能从静止加速到60,000 miles per hour in a fraction of a second.6万英里的时速Increase the power, and the particles go faster and faster增加动力,这些粒子便能不断加速until theyre whizzing around the tunnel直到粒子流能以每秒1.1万圈的速度at 11,000 times a second, which is almost the speed of light.飞绕管道,这一速度已极近光速But just like the train,但正如虚拟的列车一样they never quite reach that ultimate speed.它们永远不能达到光速They can only get to 99.99% of the limit.只能达到光速的99.99%When that happens,一旦达到这一速度 they, too, start to travel in time.它们也能进行时间旅行We know this because of some extremely我们在一种寿命极短的π介子上short-lived particles called pi-mesons.观察到了时间旅行的过程Ordinarily,通常情况下they disintegrate after just 25 billions of a second.它们会在250亿分之一秒后衰变But when they are accelerated to near light speed,但当其加速到接近光速时they last 30 times longer.寿命变成了原来的30倍These particles are real-life time travelers.这些粒子,是活生生的时间旅行者It really is that simple.其实就是这么简单If we want to travel into the future, we just need to go fast.如果想去未来旅行,我们只需跑快点Really fast.非常快And I think the only way were ever我认为,唯一能实现这个速度的地方likely to do that is by going into space.就是外太空The fastest manned vehicle in history was Apollo 10.阿波罗10号是史上最快的载人航天器It reached 25,000 miles per hour.达到了时速25000英里But to travel in time,但若要实现时间旅行well have to go more than 2,000 times faster.我们还需比这一速度快上2千倍And to do that, wed need a much bigger ship,因此,我们需要一艘更大的飞船a truly enormous machine.一艘巨大的飞船201508/389927高明区男科电话

禅城区妇幼保健院看男科好吗三水中医院男科Every day, super-tiny cells are waging wars inside of us. These ferocious fighters are too small for us to see without a microscope, but theyre capable of overtaking just about any organ in your body. Theyre cancer cells, and theyre actually constantly arising inside of us.每天,超小的细胞们都在我们体内发动着战争,这些凶狠的战士太小,以至于没有显微镜根本看不到,但它们能够打垮我们体内的一切器官。它们就是癌细胞,这些东西不断在我们体内产生。Most of the time,our immune system seeks them out and neutralizes them. But its not always successful. Thats because cancer is not simply one disease-its many. Cancer cells can attack your brain, your liver, your lungs, and a lot of other super important parts of your body. But what about your heart?Heart cancer isnt a thing you hear much about.大多数时候,我们的免疫系统会将它们找出来干掉。但总会有失手的时候。因为癌症不是一种单纯的病—癌症有许多种。癌细胞能够攻击大脑、肝脏、肺,以及许多其他超级重要的身体部位。但心脏呢?Thats because it-almost...doesnt exist. Most hospitals report fewer than one case of heart cancer per year. So why are tumors on this organ so rare? Well, those cancer cells we were just talking about get their power from their ability to divide and multiply.心癌似乎极少听说。这是因为这种病——几乎——不存在。大多数的医院一年都未必出现一例心癌病例。那么为何这个器官极少长肿瘤呢?嘛,刚刚我们谈的那些癌细胞,厉害在它们的分化能力和多样性。Cancerous cells become a problem when they start to divide uncontrollably and take over everything. When theyre behaving normally, cells know when to stop replicating based on instructions encoded in their DNA. Cancerous cells just dont get the memo and keep replicating, and then replicating...and then replicating some more.当癌细胞开始不受控制地分化并统治一切时开始成问题。当它们行为正常时,细胞根据DNA 编码的指令知道何时停止复制。癌细胞缺少这个备注,不停地复制,复制……再复制。But unlike cells in other organs, our heart cells do almost all of their dividing during fetal development. Sometimes-but not often-tumors can form in fetuses while these cells are still able to divide. Once were born,though,our heart cells stop dividing. Tumors that might have grown while we were in utero tend to stop growing at this point.但与其他器官的细胞不同,心脏细胞几乎在胚胎发育时期就分化完了。有时——罕见情况——肿瘤能在胚胎期这些细胞还在分化时形成。出生后,虽然心脏细胞停止了分化。肿瘤可能会在我们尚丰子宫内,停止分化时继续生长。Thats because our hearts are mostly made of muscle cells, which can grow in proportion to our bodies, but they dont multiply the same way that other cells in our bodies do. See, every cell in your body has a chance of becoming abnormal if its DNA is damaged. A few abnormal cells is OK, so long as theyre kept under control by our immune system.由于心脏几乎完全由肌肉细胞组成,它可以根据身体比例生长,但它们不会像身体中的其他细胞那样繁殖。如果DNA出错,体内的一起细胞都有长坏的可能。少量异常细胞没什么问题,只要它们处在免疫系统的控制之下就行。The problem arises when these cells start to divide uncontrollably,and form lumps or growths. Some of these growths might be benign, but...sometimes they arent. But since very little cell division happens in the heart, problem cells are much less likely to turn into a cancerous growth.当这些细胞开始不受控制地分化,形成肿块或肿瘤时,问题就来了。有些肿瘤可能是良性的,但...有时并不是。但是由于心脏很少有细胞分化,问题细胞就相对不可能变成恶性肿瘤。So yes, you can get heart cancer. But its extremely rare,and either begins elsewhere in the body and sps to the heart through the bloodstream, or it affects babies who got the disease in utero. Which means:if youre old enough to be watching this , you probably have one less thing to worry about.是的,人还是有可能得心癌的。但是非常罕见,要么是从身体其他地方出现通过血液系统扩散至心脏,要么就是在子宫内时患上的。也就是说:看这视频时如果你岁数够大,那就可以少当心一件事了。201604/438376He believed that the biggest stars left the biggest impression他相信超级巨星 必须要留下深刻的印象and it was bigger than just their art, you know.那印象必须更甚于他们的作品What you thought of instantly一想到巨星when you thought of these celebrities还有迈克尔and with Michael, what you began to think of instantly首先会想到的was the fedora hat, it was the one glove.就是软呢帽以及单只手套On the show that we did together at Madison square Garden,我们在麦迪逊花园广场的那场演出he came out with a suitcase他拎着口皮箱出来and inside was the glove, and he had the hat,里面装着那只手套与帽子and he had everything he needed to show them,光是这些就够了Nobody does it better than l and these are my trademarks. 我与众不同 这些是我的商标The total package of Michael Jackson became vety important,迈克尔·杰克逊的整体形象 变得非常的重要especially with the advent of culture,尤其随着影音文化的开始which happened at the exact same time当时正好that Billie Jean and Beat lt were becoming hit records.Billie Jean与Beat lt风靡全球201509/401495佛山市医院预约So the fast day isnt about total abstinence.;禁食日;不代表完全断食Its about meals that look like this.你仍然能享用这样一顿午餐Whats great about alternate day fasting而隔日禁食法中最棒便是is what happens on the alternate days.当禁食日隔天能干的事And then thats alternated with something we call the feed day,取而代之的第二天称为;进食日;which is where you can eat whatever you want.在这天里你想吃什么就能吃什么Absolutely whatever you want.你完全可以随心所欲So heres the pattern of alternate day fasting.所以这就是隔日禁食法的模式Fast day.禁食日Feed day.进食日Fast day.禁食日Feed day.进食日It certainly sounds easier than either prolonged fasting它听起来确实比持续性禁食or the daily calorie restriction I looked at earlier.或我看到的每日低热量饮食要容易But is it as effective?可它是否同样有效呢Well, Kristas currently doing a trial with overweight subjects克丽丝塔对超重人群进行测试which suggests it might be.说明这可能是有效的What we saw was that the alternate day fasting group我们发现隔日禁食组actually lost a bit more weight,减掉的体重更多些so about 5lb more after the 6-month period.在六个月后减掉大概两公斤多And they actually saw some pretty nice decreases同时他们的低密度脂蛋白胆固醇in LDL cholesterol,还有甘油三酯as well as triglycerides.确实降低了很多重点解释:1.happen on 偶然碰到;偶然发现例句:I happened on Comrade Wang in town yesterday.昨天我在市内偶然碰到王同志。2.a bit more 稍多的例句:The football team needs a bit more ginger in it.这足球队需要些活力。3.as well as 和…一样例句:He is a friend in word as well as in deed.他是个言行如一的朋友。 201510/406762佛山新世纪男科医院男性专科

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