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In its essence the picture is something从本质上说图片与实物有很大的区别very different as the object, so it#39;s a piece of paper纸张其实是二维的And it#39;s two-dimensional, but it#39;s representing something,但他描绘了某样物品的特征So she obviously interprets that as representing an object,这意味着她认出了图片代表的三维物品a three-dimensional object, and that#39;s so interesting that she does this.她能够这么做简直太神奇了I know exactly what you want.我很清楚知道你要什么This is the one you want这就是你想要的and I#39;m going to go and get it for you.而我会帮你去拿来Kaminski is unsure how many dogs卡密斯卡也不能确定有多少might have similar abilities, but Betsy is proof拥有与柏斯相似的能力 that certain dogs may have the potential不过这明了在智力上to be more intelligent than we ever thought possible.还有很多潜力可以提升So how did the dog acquire these unique abilities?那么是如何获得这些独特技能的呢Did they evolve them over thousands of years,是在千百年的进化中逐渐学会or is it the way dogs have been还是在被人类的驯养过程中brought up in a human environment that counts?受环境影响所至?Dogs and wolves are still the same species today.今天和狼仍是同一物种They can easily interbreed.他们可以顺利地进行杂交Overall, wolves and dogs are 99.8% genetically identical.总体来说和狼99.8%遗传基因相同 Article/201302/226058

How can I create a fulfilling social life as a single person?作为单身人士,我应该怎样创造充实的社交生活呢?Most people think singles are lonely and that they don#39;t have anyone. In fact, the opposite is often true. As a single person, you can become friends with the people that you care about, the people you are compatible with and you enjoy being with, and the way that is different from couples, especially the couples who do all their socializing in twos, is that sometimes when a couple goes out with another couple they really only like one of the other persons and the other one is just attached as a spouse. Whereas when you#39;re single, you can create friendships with the people you actually do want to be with and you can nurture those friendships. You can pay attention to the people that you care about without having to say, ;oh, let me see what my spouse thinks; or ;let me see if we#39;re busy this weekend.; You have your own life, and so you can pay attention to your friends, to your extended family, to neighbors, to colleagues, to mentors, to the people in your life who are important. Something that just got published in the past year is a set of sociology studies that found that if you look at people#39;s connections to friends, neighbors, parents, and siblings, it#39;s single people who are more connective and more likely to be there to help them, and to be involved in their lives than are people who are married or even previously married. It#39;s exactly the opposite of the stereotype of the single person as isolated, and alone and lonely. It#39;s the single people more so than the married people who are creating connections in society.大部分人认为单身男女很孤独,没有另一半。实际上恰恰相反。作为单身人士,你可以和自己在意的人,自己能够和睦相处的人,喜欢的人交朋友。这跟有伴侣的人不同,尤其是经常双双出现在社交场合的情侣。有时,一对情侣与另外一对情侣一起外出的时候,他们只喜欢其他人,另外一半只是作为陪衬。而如果你是单身,你可以跟你喜欢的人建立友情,发展友情。你可以关注自己在乎的人,而不需要说,“让我看一下我的配偶的想法”,或者“让我看一下我们夫妻这个周末是否有空”。你有自己的生活,所以可以关注你的朋友,关注你的大家庭,你的邻居,你的同事,你的导师,关注你生活中比较重要的人。过去一年公布的一系列社会学研究表明,如果看一下人们与朋友,邻居,父母和兄弟的联系,单身男女联系的更多,更有可能帮助他们,更能参与他们的生活,而不是已婚人士或离异人士。这推翻了单身男女很孤独,很寂寞的陈规。单身男女的社交关系网更加广泛。Thanks for watching How To Create A Fulfilling Social Life As A Single Person.感谢收看“单身男女怎样建立充实的社交生活”视频节目。 Article/201210/203230

This film will give you examples of motivating your employees. If your workforce are lazy and lack that spark of energy let VideoJug tell you how to get them motivated. Motivate your employees instantly with the help of this short tutorial.本视频将会就怎样激励你的雇员举出例子。如果你的员工非常懒散,缺乏,让VideoJug告诉你怎样激励他们。在这个短片的指引下,你可以立即让你的员工充满。Step 1: Motivate YOU first1.首先激励你自己Think about the motivations that compel you to do a good job, and focus on them yourself. This way, you will set a good example for your employees to follow, and be more pleasant to work with. Because if you hate your job, and you#39;re in charge,what#39;s there to work up to?考虑一下是什么动力迫使你自己集中精力做好工作。这样的话,你会为雇员树立一个好榜样,更乐意和你一起工作。因为如果你讨厌自己的工作,而你是负责人,那么大家为什么要好好工作呢?Step 2: Get to know your employees2.尝试了解你的员工Get some insight into the lives of the people you hired. Learn about who they are, and where they are going. Find out what motivates each individual to do a good job so you can exploit, we mean capitalize on it.试着了解一下你的员工的生活。了解他们是谁,他们要到哪里去。找出能够激励每个人做好工作的动力,从而最大限度地发挥他们的价值。Step 3: Use smarter goals3.设立更好的目标Convey goals that are specific, realistic, and measurable. As long as they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, they will keep digging.设立更加具体,更加现实,更加可以量化的目标。只要他们能够看到一线希望,他们将会一直努力。Step 4: Delegate Authority4.适当授权You know the bottom line. Instead of micro-managing everyone else#39;s work, explain to them what your bottom line is, and assign them a certain amount of authority so that they can take charge of the task at hand. By opening up new possibilities,your employees will be encouraged to do the job the way they would do it if they were in charge.你知道自己的底线。不要具体地管理每一个员工的工作,向他们解释清楚你的底线,给予他们适当的权利,这样他们就可以亲自负责这项任务。通过开辟新的可能性,你的雇员会以自己的方式来进行工作。Step 5: Work out a Reward System5.制定奖励机制Provide a clear system of incentives for your employees, such as awards and recognition, a pay raise, increased time off,more responsibility (or less), a promotion, or a customized position. Once you have achieved success, don#39;t forget to celebrate!为你的雇员制定清晰明确的激励机制,例如奖品和褒奖,加薪,增加休假,授予更多职责,升值,或者一个订制的职位。一旦你获得成功,不要忘记庆祝!Thanks for watching How To Motivate Your Employees感谢收看本期“怎样激励员工”节目。 Article/201209/197976

How To Lucid DreamA lucid dream is one in which you become aware that you are dreaming, but don't wake up. Although some people naturally have the ability to lucid dream, most have to learn and develop the technique. Here's some advice on how to improve your chances of having lucid dreams.Step 1: Prepare (准备)The first step is to improve your ability to remember dreams, and just generally make yourself more aware of your dreams. Start by telling yourself each night before you go to bed, that you will have lucid dreams and that you will remember them in the morning. Repeating this over and over to yourself will make it more likely to happen. Keep a dream journal in which you record the details of all the dreams you remember, to help keep track of recurring images and themes. Also, use an alarm clock to start waking yourself earlier than your usual time, as this will help you remember dreams more clearly. As soon as you wake up, lie still for a few moments and try to recall all the details of your dream before you get up. Remember, there's not much point having lucid dreams if you can't recall them when you're awake. Taking supplements such as vitamin B-6, melatonin and 5-HTP can also increase the vividness of your dreams.Step 2: Knowing that you're dreaming (明白你的梦境)Sometimes when you are dreaming you won't be sure whether you are dreaming or awake. You can train yourself to look out for signs that you are dreaming. These are things which would be impossible in real life, such as being able to breathe under water or fly. You can also train yourself to know that you're dreaming by using reality checks. This can be done in the form of actions like pinching yourself or looking at your hands, or simply asking yourself the question ”am I awake?”. Start performing reality checks during the day when you know you are awake, to get your mind into the habit of asking the question. This will make you more likely to ask the question while dreaming. Sometimes the realisation that you are in a dream world can be such a shock that you suddenly wake up, but in time you will learn to keep dreaming and even take control of your dreams.Step 3: Controlling your dreams (控制梦境)Once you have developed the ability to recognise that you are in a dreaming state, you might then be able to actually take control of your dreams. For example, if you have recurring dreams of being chased, you may be able to control the dreams so that you turn around and confront your chaser and ask them what they want. Many people report that they can not only control their own actions in a dream, but control other characters in the dream as well. It's also possible to take control of scary dreams and nightmares and turn them into something much more pleasant. Don't worry if you can't induce a lucid dream on your first attempts. With patience and regular practice most people can develop the ability to have the lucid dream experience.Sweet dreams! Article/201002/96756

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