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芜湖阳痿手术费用芜湖韩式包皮整形价格While the technology industry is closely watching Apple Inc.#39;s patent war against rivals using Google Inc.#39;s Android mobile operating system, China aly has homegrown software that is trying to take on Android in the country#39;s fast-growing smartphone market. 在科技业密切关注苹果公司(Apple Inc.)与使用谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)移动操作系统的竞争对手之间的专利战之际,中国已经有了本土研发的、试图在中国迅速增长的智能手机市场上与安卓叫板的软件。 Alibaba Group, China#39;s largest e-commerce company by transactions, is seeing stronger demand from handset makers for its Aliyun mobile operating software it launched last year, Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)总参谋长曾鸣在接受《华尔街日报》采访时说,移动设备生产商对去年推出的“阿里云”移动操作系统的需求增强。按成交额计算,阿里巴巴集团是中国最大的电子商务公司。 The company expects the number of smartphone makers using Linux-based Aliyun to increase to five by the end of this year from two currently: Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co., whose phones are sold under its K-Touch brand, and major home appliances maker Haier Electronics Group Co. 该公司预计,今年年底前,搭载基于Linux的阿里云的智能手机生产商数量将从目前的两家增至五家。目前的两家是:生产天语(K-Touch)手机的北京天宇朗通通信设备股份有限公司(Beijing Tianyu Communication Equipment Co.)和主要家电生产商海尔电器集团有限公司(Haier Electronics Group Co.)。 #39;We want to be as strong as Android in China,#39; Mr. Zeng said on the sidelines of a conference. #39;We have quite a few [new handset partners] lined up,#39; he said, declining to provide the names of the handset makers. 曾鸣在一个会议的间歇说,我们希望在中国能和安卓一样有影响力,有很多新手机合作伙伴将与我们进行合作。他拒绝透露这些手机生产商的名字。 Unlike Apple#39;s iOS or Google#39;s Android, on which apps are installed on the device, Aliyun runs Web-based apps that are stored on remote servers. The system also comes with its own mapping and email applications. 在苹果的iOS和谷歌的安卓操作系统中,应用程序是安装在手机上的。与此不同的是,阿里云运行的是存储在远程务器上的基于网络的应用程序。此外,阿里云还有自己的地图和电子邮件应用。 As Apple#39;s patent litigation against rival handset makers are widely viewed as an attack on Android, its U.S. court victory last month against Samsung Electronics Co. has fueled discussions about possible alternatives to Google#39;s software. 由于苹果针对竞争对手手机生产商的专利战被普遍视为是对安卓发起的一次攻击,苹果上个月在美国法院对三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)的胜诉引发外界围绕可能替代安卓的其他软件展开了讨论。 While Microsoft Corp.#39;s Windows Phone is the most obvious candidate, other lesser-known platforms such as Aliyun are also drawing more attention than ever. 尽管微软(Microsoft Corp.)的Windows Phone操作系统是最显而易见的可能替代者,阿里云等其他不那么为人所知的平台也开始吸引比以往更多的关注。 #39;If I were a handset maker and if the only option is Android, I would be scared,#39; Mr. Zeng said. #39;Any company would like to have at least two suppliers.#39; 曾鸣说,假如我是一家手机生产商,而且唯一的选择只有安卓,我会被吓坏的;任何公司都希望至少有两家供应商。 It took Alibaba about three years to develop the Aliyun operating system, which the company unveiled in July 2011. The project involved more than 1,600 engineers, the company said. 阿里巴巴集团用了约三年的时间开发出阿里云操作系统,该系统于2011年7月发布。该公司说,有1,600多名工程师参与了这个项目。 With one billion mobile phone users, the Chinese market has room for a broad range of handset vendors, from high-end players like Apple, to those selling inexpensive smartphones that cost less than 0-a category that has seen explosive growth in the past year. Given the market#39;s diversity, Alibaba sees room for more mobile operating systems beyond Android and Microsoft#39;s Windows Phone. 中国市场有10亿手机用户,在这里各类手机厂商都有生存发展的空间,从苹果等高端品牌厂商,到销售不到200美元低价智能手机的公司。低价手机市场过去一年出现了爆炸性增长。鉴于市场的多样性,阿里巴巴集团认为,除安卓和微软Windows Phone移动操作系统外,市场还有其他操作系统的生存空间。 China is also set to overtake the U.S. this year as the world#39;s largest smartphone market. According to market-research firm IDC, China will account for 26.5% of global smartphone shipments in 2012, compared with 17.8% for the U.S. 中国今年将超过美国,成为世界上最大的智能手机市场。据市场研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)的数据,2012年中国将占全球智能手机发货量的26.5%,美国则占17.8%。 Mr. Zeng said Android faces challenges in China because Google#39;s search, Google Maps and Gmail functions are unavailable or limited in the country. 曾鸣说,安卓在中国面临挑战,因为谷歌搜索、谷歌地图和Gmail功能在中国不是无法使用就是受到限制。 In 2010, Google rerouted its search engine from mainland China to Hong Kong due to censorship concerns. While Android is still available in China, Google has steadily lost market share in search and other online services to Chinese rivals. 010年,由于对审查制度的担心,谷歌将搜索引擎务器从中国内地请迁至香港。虽然在中国安卓系统能够正常使用,但在搜索以及其它在线务上,谷歌的市场份额正在逐渐被其竞争对手蚕食。 #39;Android is not able to provide good user experience in the Chinese market…. but we can,#39; Mr. Zeng said. 曾鸣说,安卓无法在中国市场提供良好的用户体验,但我们可以。 Still, some handset makers say it won#39;t be easy for any mobile operating system, even for Windows Phone, to replace Android, which has aly built a strong ecosystem with handset makers and app developers around the world. 不过一些手机制造商说,任何一款手机操作系统(甚至包括Windows Phone系统在内)想要取代安卓都不容易。安卓已经同全球手机厂商和应用程序开发人员构筑了一个强大的生态系统。 According to IDC, 68.1% of smartphones shipped world-wide in the second quarter used Android, while 16.9% were Apple products running on iOS. Windows Phone accounted for only 3.5%. IDC的数据显示,今年全球二季度出货的智能手机中,68.1%搭载的是安卓系统,16.9%是苹果iOS系统,Windows Phone系统占据的市场份额仅为3.5%。 Luo Zhongsheng, the head of the handset business at ZTE Corp., the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in China in the second quarter, said in a recent interview that he expects Android to remain dominant because it would take a long time for new app ecosystems to develop around other software platforms. #39;Nobody can challenge Android for the time being,#39; Mr. Luo said. 中兴通讯股份有限公司(ZTE Corp.)手机事业部负责人罗忠生在最近一次采访中表示,预计安卓仍将占据主导地位,因为围绕其它软件平台研发一个新的应用程序生态系统需要很长时间。他说,目前无人能够挑战安卓。今年二季度中兴通讯是全国第五大智能手机厂商。 Alibaba#39;s Mr. Zeng acknowledged that it will take time for Aliyun to become a major smartphone operating system. But the company remains hopeful and continues to bet on the business. Recently, Alibaba announced its first major update to Aliyun, including an upgraded search-engine function and more efficient management of data traffic. 曾鸣承认,阿里云想要成为一款主流智能手机操作系统还需要一点时间。但该公司仍然对此寄予希望并继续押注这项业务。近日,阿里巴巴宣布阿里云的首次重大升级,其中包括升级搜索引擎并提高数据流量管理的效率。 The advantages for Aliyun include, for example, the integration of the online payment services provided by Alipay, an Alibaba affiliate, into the operating system to make mobile transactions easier and more secure, Mr. Zeng said. 曾鸣说,阿里云的优势包括融合了阿里巴巴子公司付宝提供的在线付务,这可令移动交易更便捷、更安全。 For Alibaba, which operates popular shopping websites Taobao and Tmall, part of the incentive for developing its own mobile operating system came from the expected migration of online shopping and other Internet activities from personal computers to mobile gadgets, Mr. Zeng said, adding that Aliyun could help generate more mobile transactions for shopping sites. 曾鸣说,对阿里巴巴而言,促使其开发自有操作系统的部分原因是网购以及其它互联网活动预计将从个人计算机向移动设备迁移的趋势。他还说阿里云会给购物网站带来更多移动交易。阿里巴巴目前运营着人气颇高的购物网站淘宝和天猫。 #39;E-commerce is one of few bright spots in China#39;s economy now,#39; said Mr. Zeng, who expects Taobao and Tmall to host one trillion yuan (7.6 billion) in transactions this year-more than double the 400 billion yuan posted in 2010. 曾鸣说,电子商务是眼下中国经济为数不多的亮点之一。他预计淘宝和天猫今年的交易规模能达到人民币1万亿元(约合1,576亿美元),是2010年4,000亿元交易规模的两倍多。 Mr. Zeng said the e-commerce sector isn#39;t seeing the slowdown many other sectors in China are experiencing. Demand for online shopping continues to grow fast, and the market is becoming more competitive as many companies are focusing increasingly on e-commerce to seek new growth opportunities, he said. 曾鸣说,电子商务领域没有出现中国其它很多行业正在经历的增长放缓的局面。他说,网络购物需求仍在继续快速增长,随着很多企业越来越重视电子商务以寻求新的增长机会,这个市场的竞争也越来越激烈。 Online retail sales in China are projected to triple to more than 0 billion by 2015, and the country is also expected to overtake the U.S. as the world#39;s largest market around that time, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group. China aly has 193 million online shoppers, more than 170 million in the U.S., the report said. 波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)的一份报告显示,到2015年中国网络零售规模预计将增加两倍,超过3,600亿美元。届时中国预计也将超过美国成为全球最大的市场。这份报告说,中国目前已有1.93亿网购者,这一数字大于美国的1.7亿人。 /201209/198889芜湖哪里治疗泌尿最好 Here#39;s what you need to know about the new flagship smartphone from Samsung: It can swim, but it won#39;t make any waves. 以下是关于三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)新款旗舰智能手机所必知的特性:它能游泳,但不会掀起水波。The Galaxy S5 has a waterproof exterior that survived a dunking in a margarita, a plunge in to a toilet, and left overnight in strawberry Jell-O. (Yes, I tried.) Galaxy S5配备有防水外壳,无论是泡在鸡尾酒里、掉进马桶里还是彻夜浸在草莓果冻中,它都能安然无恙。(是的,我都试过。)In most other ways, this update to Samsung#39;s top-selling Galaxy S4 barely moves the needle. Aside from the waterproofing, the Galaxy S5#39;s most original new feature is a heart rate sensor that works well only if you hold very, very still. It also has a fingerprint er more versatile than that in Apple#39;s iPhone 5S, but a camera that still doesn#39;t take great pictures in low light. 从其他方面来看,这款三星最畅销S4手机的升级机型几乎未有大的变化。 除防水以外,Galaxy S5最为原创的新性能是心率感应器,但你得一丝不动地握稳手机,它才能有效地发挥作用。S5还配备了较苹果公司(Apple)手机iPhone 5S用处更多的指纹感应器,但其相机仍难以在暗光条件下拍出好照片来。Anybody weighing this phone as an upgrade or a switch from another model may rightly wonder: Has smartphone evolution stalled? 任何考虑将S5当作换代机型,或是转而改用S5的人或许都会问:智能手机的发展进程停滞了吗?有这种疑问也不无道理。 When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 in February, the company said it was going #39;back to basics,#39; simplifying the parts of the phone that matter most. Now that the phone is hitting stores, at 0 with 2-year contract, it is clear these adjustments do make for a better, faster phone -- but they often don#39;t go far enough. 2月份三星发布Galaxy S5时表示要“返璞归真”,对手机最重要的部分进行了简化。如今S5已开售,两年合约机价格200美元。现在看来这些调整显然有助于打造一款个更好更快的手机,但通常都并不够。The Galaxy S5 is easier to use than the S4. Samsung is playing down a long list of the dubious and confusing services it touted with the previous model, like #39;air gesture#39; controls to manipulate the screen without touch. It also no longer pre-installs some space-hogging apps like the Samsung Hub for buying music and . Galaxy S5比S4使用起来更简单,弱化了该公司在推出S4时宣传的许多不实用且令人困惑的性能,例如无需接触即可操作屏幕的“手势感应”功能。S5也不再预装一些占据空间的应用,例如用于购买音乐和视频的Samsung Hub。A few of the Galaxy S5#39;s software tweaks might make iPhone users envious, such as using keywords to search the ever-growing list of Android settings. My favorite feature, #39;ultra power savings mode,#39; turns off nonessential services when battery-power is low and you want to preserve juice for phone service. Galaxy S5软件上的一些调整可能会让iPhone用户羡慕,这些调整包括可利用关键字搜索不断加长的安卓设置列表。我最喜欢的一个功能是“超级省电模式”,这个功能可以在低电量、且用户还想保持待机的时候关掉不必要的功能。Samsung still needs to keep simplifying the interface. At the top edge of the screen, a dozen different blinking icons call attention to things you don#39;t always need to know about. And for many basic functions, such as Web browsing, viewing pictures, even taking voice commands, the Galaxy S5 comes preloaded with two different apps. Good grief, does anyone really need the built-in #39;gallery#39; and #39;photo#39; apps? 不过,三星仍然需要简化其界面。屏幕的最上端有一些闪烁的图标,会将你的注意力拉到并不一定需要了解的程序上。而对于浏览网页、浏览图片甚至是发送语音命令等许多基本功能,Galaxy S5都预先装入了两套不同的应用程序。天啊,谁真的需要这些内置的“照片库”和“照片”应用程序呢?The Galaxy S5 hardware does offer some nice-to-have improvements. 不过,Galaxy S5的硬件确实有一些锦上添花的改进。The waterproofing -- which Samsung calls #39;dust and water resistance#39; works well, provided you use the included plug to seal the charging port. It passed all the torture tests I could cook up, but you shouldn#39;t deliberately try such high jinks. Samsung says the waterproofing is really just for accidents. 被三星称为“防尘”、“防水”的Galaxy S5防水功能表现不错,你可以将该款手机自带的塞子塞住充电口。Galaxy S5通过了我能够想到的防水考验,不过你还是不要刻意尝试这些“胡闹”的做法。三星称,防水功能只是?了以防万一。While the extra fortification is a welcome addition for those with slippery palms, it isn#39;t unique -- Sony#39;s flagship smartphone is also water-friendly. 虽然对于使用手机时不太小心的人来说,这是个受到欢迎的新功能,但是并非只有Galaxy S5才拥有这一功能,索尼公司(Sony co., J.SNY, 又名:新力公司)的旗舰手机同样也可防水。Though the plastic phone lacks the stylishness and luxury feel of the new all-metal HTC One (M8), the back of the phone now features a dotted Band-Aid-like texture, which helps with grip. 虽然这款塑料外壳手机缺少宏达国际电子股份有限公司(HTC Co., 2498.TW, 简称:宏达国际)全金属外壳手机One (M8)时髦和奢华的感觉,不过Galaxy S5背面使用了点状纹理材质,易于手握。Samsung improved things inside the case, too. Notably, the Galaxy S5 showed an edge in 4G LTE connectivity. During simultaneous testing with an iPhone 5S on the ATamp;T network, the Galaxy S5 logged faster median downloads and uploads in five of six San Francisco area locations. 三星也改进了手机内部的一些硬件,其中引人注意的是在连接4G LTE时的表现。将iPhone 5S和Galaxy S5同时在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc., T)网络下运行,在旧金山六个地点中的五个,后者都比前者的上传下载平均速度更快。The Galaxy S5 has impressive battery life, running a streaming online test for more than six hours of continuous use -- about 20% longer than the iPhone 5S. But beware of screen controls, a max brightness setting pared the Galaxy S5#39;s battery performance. Galaxy S5的电池寿命也给人深刻印象。在与iPhone 5S进行比较时,不间断运行在线流视频超过六个小时之后,Galaxy S5的电池寿命比前者多出约20%。不过要注意屏幕亮度控制,将屏幕亮度调到最大会缩短Galaxy S5的电池寿命。The fingerprint sensor also is a welcome addition to the Galaxy S5. Unlike the iPhone 5S, which only uses the fingerprint sensor for Apple-based authorizations, the Galaxy 5S#39;s lets you make PayPal payments, too. The downside: it is incompatible with Microsoft Exchange server security; Samsung said it is working on a solution. 指纹传感器也是Galaxy S5一个受欢迎的新增功能。与iPhone 5S的传感器只适用于苹果公司授权的应用不同,Galaxy 5S的传感器还可用于进行贝宝(PayPal)付。不足之处是:与Microsoft Exchange务器的安全系统不兼容;三星称,公司正在寻找解决方案。 The larger screen is probably the Galaxy#39;s single biggest advantage over the iPhone, but with the S5, Samsung took a step in the wrong direction. At this point, we generally expect phones to get slimmer and lighter, but the Galaxy S5 is actually heavier and wider than its predecessor. 屏幕更大可能是Galaxy手机与iPhone相比的最大优势,不过在S5上,三星走错了方向。目前人们普遍预期手机会更轻更薄,但是Galaxy S5实际上比之前的机型更重更宽。 We#39;ve also come to expect that each new phone will feature a better camera. Samsung says it improved the sensor and the camera#39;s control software, including a superfast autofocus. Yet the Galaxy S5 struggled in my real-world stress tests, especially in low light. Samsung said the effect was caused by its #39;picture stabilization#39; software, which can be turned off. 人们也期待每一款新手机的照相功能都能更进一步。三星表示,公司改善了照相传感器及其控制软件,包括超快速自动对焦的功能。然而Galaxy S5仍难以通过笔者的压力测试,尤其是在低光情况下。三星称,这是由其图像稳定软件造成的,该功能可以关闭。 Samsung may market the Galaxy S5 as a significant upgrade, but it is best seen as a refinement. Smartphone technology may be reaching a plateau where core elements like the processor, screen and sensors no longer matter as much as the software that helps you use them. And that is an area where Samsung still trails. 三星或许会宣传Galaxy S5的功能有显著提升,但是说小幅改进为佳。智能手机技术可能到达了这样一个阶段:处理器、屏幕和传感器等核心元素不再像软件那么重要。而软件正是三星仍然落后的领域。The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a powerful phone with a big screen, but it is not the only phone that now does, despite Samsung#39;s marketing dominance. Existing Galaxy SIII and S4 customers will appreciate the ways its software has matured, but should look at HTC One and Moto X Android phones, too. IPhone users itching for a larger screen should wait, however, to see what new form factors Apple might deliver this fall. 三星Galaxy S5是一款功能强大的大屏手机,但并非目前唯一具有这些元素的手机,尽管三星在市场居于主导地位。现有的Galaxy SIII和S4的用户将会欣赏其成熟的软件,但也应该看看HTC One和Moto X等安卓手机。不过渴望更大屏幕的IPhone用户应会等待,观望苹果公司在今年秋天可能会推出什么新元素。 /201404/285485芜湖那家治疗慢性前列腺比较好

芜湖哪家医院看男科最好The estimated cost of an MBA for a single student who lives off campus at Stanford University is slightly more than 2,000. Add to that tidy sum the opportunity costs of quitting a job at Google that paid about ,000 a year, and your all-in cost for the Master of the Universe degree comes to a formidable, if not mind-numbing, number: nearly 0,000.在校外居住的学生就读斯坦福大学(Stanford University)MBA的成本,大约超过212,000美元。再加上从谷歌(Google)辞职所产生的每年约75,000美元的机会成本,攻读这种被戏称为“宇宙之王”的学位的总成本累计接近390,000美元,这样一笔庞大的费用,恐怕会令许多人目瞪口呆。That’s the kind of hole Amanda Bradford dug for herself when she graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business just three months ago. So what is she doing with that world-class education?三个月前刚刚从斯坦福大学商学院毕业的阿曼达o布拉德福德,便为自己挖了这样一个大坑。那么,她接受如此顶级的教育是要做什么?She is launching an app on iTunes. Not just any app, mind you. It’s yet another dating app, a Tinder-like application for super picky people who want to meet other super picky people. In a world cluttered with the likes of OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk, there are more than 200 entries listed under dating apps on iTunes alone.她正在iTunes上发布一款应用程序。注意,这可不是一款普通的应用。这是一款约会应用,类似于交友应用Tinder,专为超级挑剔的人找到同样挑剔的约会对象。如今同类产品多如牛毛,比如OkCupid、Coffee Meets Bagal、Hinge、Plenty of Fish和Zoosk等,仅iTunes上便有200多款约会应用。Do we really need another app for people who can’t get dates on their own? And does it really take an MBA from Stanford to launch an app company?在这样的情况下,我们真的有必要为那些靠自己无法找到约会对象的人再推出一款新应用吗?成立一家手机应用公司,真的需要有MBA学位吗?Probably not. But none of that seems to have deterred 29-year-old Bradford, whose resume at least makes her prime dating material on what she is calling The League. Among other things, the app allows would-be daters to see the educational and work backgrounds of The League’s members, hooking them into the LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages of users.可能并不需要。但这并没有让29岁的布拉德福德打消念头。至少,在这款被她称为The League的应用上,布拉德福德的履历可以让她成为优质约会对象。这款应用允许想要约会的人查看The League会员的教育和工作背景,诱导他们进入用户的LinkedIn个人资料和Facebook页面。A glimpse of Bradford’s CV would lead most to wonder why she would waste her time with an app in a highly crowded field. After all, she graduated in 2007 from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in information systems, a somewhat rare young woman with a STEM credential. Bradford then landed a job as a sales engineer and later account executive at salesforce.com. After a three-year stint there, she moved to one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley: Google, first as a “pre-sales engineer” and finally in a business development role, working with Google product and engineering teams. Bradford even spent nine months at Sequoia Capital, the high-flying Silicon Valley venture capital firm, as an investor.布拉德福德的简历会让大多数人产生一个疑问——她为什么浪费时间,在一个高度饱和的领域里开发一款应用?毕竟,她在2007年毕业于卡耐基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon),取得了信息系统专业的学位,而能取得STEM(科学、技术、工程与数学)学位的女性可谓凤毛麟角。毕业后,布拉德福德成为一名销售工程师,后来在企业云计算公司salesforce.com担任客户经理。在这家公司工作三年之后,她又前往硅谷最热门的公司之一:谷歌,最初担任“售前工程师”,后来进入业务开发部门,与谷歌的产品和工程设计团队共事。布拉德福德甚至还在硅谷著名的风险投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)做了9个月的投资者。You’d think someone with that kind of resume, topped by a Stanford MBA no less, would think up a more substantive business than a dating app. Last year, a record 18% of Stanford MBAs founded companies, but few of those startups were created to do launch an app.你肯定会想,有如此了不起的履历,再加上毫不逊色的斯坦福大学MBA学位,一个人应该想出更实质性的业务,而不是一款约会应用。去年,斯坦福大学MBA学生创立公司的比例达到创纪录的18%,但几乎没有几家初创公司是专门开发一款手机应用的。Nonetheless, the path to app-dom was clear when Bradford and her first-year classmates downloaded Tinder and became increasingly intrigued–and appalled–by what they saw.然而,布拉德福德与一年级同学当初下载Tinder的时候,便已经明确了进入手机应用行业的目标。因为这款应用让她们越来越着迷,越来越震惊。“We would send each other the most horrifying Tinder pictures we’d seen that day, guys doing asinine things, half-naked people,” Bradford says in an interview at her San Francisco office. And though she and her friends would laugh about the awful material on the dating app, she was struck toward the end of 2013 by something else: just about everyone she knew was using it.布拉德福德在位于旧金山的办公室接受采访时说道:“我们会在彼此之间发送当天看到的最恐怖的Tinder图片,男孩子们做的蠢事,以及人们半裸的照片。”虽然她和闺蜜们时常嘲笑这款约会应用里糟糕的约会对象,但在2013年底,另外一件事却令布拉德福德感到震惊:几乎所有人都在用它。“What I saw was a huge consumer behavior shift in my demographic,” Bradford says. “Guys and girls in my network who I’d never seen on a dating app … all of a sudden had this Tinder app installed on their phones. It was kind of this fun thing that everyone in my generation was doing.”布拉德福德说道:“我发现同龄消费者的行为发生了巨大的转变。我交往的男孩和女孩以前从来不会选择约会应用……但突然之间,所有人都在手机上安装了Tinder。我的同龄人都在使用这款软件,这是一件有趣的事。”But she saw problems with Tinder. There was the sleaze factor. There were millions of users, making it hard to sort out who might be compatible. Also, dating apps had a stigma, “this reputation for a one night stand, or a hookup,” she says. Furthermore, getting on such an app made a user’s search for love—or whatever—public. Many successful people didn’t want their personal and professional brands potentially tainted by association with a dating app.不过,她也看到了Tinder的问题所在。这款应用上存在一些不端行为。Tinder有数以百万计的用户,筛选出一位能够共处的约会对象并不容易。此外,约会应用都有一个污点,“通常都以一夜情或约炮著称,”她说道。此外,使用这种应用会让一个人寻找爱情或其他任何对象的过程公开化。许多成功人士不希望与约会应用有任何关系,以免自己的个人和职业品牌受到影响。“There was this kind of mismatch: the more successful you were, the less likely you were to be on a dating app,” Bradford says.布拉德福德说道:“现在有一种不匹配的现象:一个人越成功,就越不可能使用约会应用。”The light switch was thrown. Instead of creating another app for the masses to clutter with offensive comments and tasteless photos, she would create an alternative to be populated by “a high caliber community” of smart, well-educated, successful people.于是她产生了灵感。她没有选择为大众开发另外一款充斥着无礼言论和粗俗照片的手机应用,而是要创建一款面向“高素质人才社区”的约会应用,这些人都受过良好教育,是精明的成功人士。With The League, most new membership will come via referrals, and the app will use an algorithm to evaluate applicants’ educational and professional qualifications. The app will have privacy settings to regulate who sees a member’s profile, barring, for example, colleagues. “You don’t have to worry about being the talk of the water cooler at work,” Bradford says.The League的大多数新会员将来自老会员推荐,该应用会通过一种算法对申请者的教育与职业等级进行评估。这款应用还将提供隐私设置,限制会员资料的访问权限,比如禁止同事查看。布拉德福德说道:“你不必担心会成为公司同事闲聊时的话题。”While many people, no doubt, have wished for a better dating app or thought about creating one, Bradford’s position at Stanford put her in a spot to do something about it. “The Stanford ecosystem is very, very supportive,” she says. “I’ve never been to a more entrepreneurial place. Half my classes were on entrepreneurship, and launching a company, and how to start a company—it’s in the water there. I went to a ton of people for advice, from faculty, to speakers on campus, to alums, to people on campus who had done startups.”肯定有许多人希望有一款更优秀的约会应用,或考虑自己创建一款这样的应用,而斯坦福大学为布拉德福德提供了先天的优势,让她能够把这个想法付诸实施。她说道:“斯坦福大学非常持我。我从来没有见过创业氛围如此浓厚的地方。我有一半同学正在研究创业或者正在创建公司,想知道如何创业——在斯坦福你会身临其境。我向许多人征求意见,包括老师、演讲嘉宾、校友以及曾经创业的同学。”She applied successfully to get into the Stanford Venture Studio, a facility in which graduate students from all disciplines can test and develop business ideas, take part in group sessions, get advice from successful entrepreneurs and alumni, and practice pitching.她成功加入了斯坦福创业工作室(Stanford Venture Studio)。来自不同学科的研究生都可以在这个工作室测试和开发商业创意,参与小组座谈会,向成功的创业者和校友取经,练习推销技能等。Bradford refined her idea by pitching it to BASES, the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students. And she sought constant feedback from her girlfriends, who were members of her target market of smart, up-and-coming young people. Her Stanford friends, she says, were “very instrumental in shaping the product and feature set.”布拉德福德通过向斯坦福大学创业学生商业协会(Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students,BASES)推销,对自己的创意进行不断完善。她还可以从闺蜜们那里得到持续的反馈,她们都是聪明进取的年轻人,也是这款应用的目标群体。她说道,她在斯坦福大学的朋友“在产品成形和功能设置方面给我带来了很大启发。”During a Stanford independent study course, Bradford built the app’s wireframes, essentially blueprints. She created the technical specifications. But when she outsourced prototype development to India, she ran into difficulties, as she found no effective way to create the prototype without working side-by-side with other developers.在斯坦福大学的独立研究课程期间,布拉德福德构建出手机应用的线框原型,并开发出应用的技术规格。但在将原型开发外包给印度时,她却遇到了麻烦,因为如果不能与其他开发者并肩工作,很难创建应用的原型。Ultimately, she joined forces with Derrick Staten, who received a BA in International Relations from Stanford, but has expertise in mobile operating systems and experience in venture capital.最终,她选择与德里克o斯塔恩合作。斯塔恩获得了斯坦福大学国际关系专业文学学士学位,并拥有手机操作系统开发的专业知识,以及为风投工作的经验。Now, the two are putting the final touches on the app and continue to gather would-be members onto a waiting list. They hope to launch within weeks, first in San Francisco and eventually in up to 10 major U.S. cities.现在,两人正在对应用进行最后修正,并继续收集潜在会员信息。他们希望在数周内上线,首先在旧金山,然后推广到美国10个主要城市。Will it be worth her big investment in a Stanford MBA? Who knows. But she’s aly getting plenty of publicity. Sex, after all, sells. And sex among elites may sell even better.布拉德福德为斯坦福大学MBA付出了巨额成本,换来的结果就是一款新的手机约会应用,这是否值得?目前还没有人知道。但她现在已经得到了许多人的关注。毕竟,与性爱相关的产品总可以大卖。而能够解决精英性爱问题的产品似乎更有市场。 /201410/332279芜湖皮肤病医院有几家 芜湖市鸠江区妇幼保健人民中医院男科大夫

芜湖市第一医院包皮手术怎么样;We may have underestimated Apple Inc.#39;s (AAPL) progress in China.;“我们可能低估了苹果公司(Apple Inc.)在中国的快速发展。”So begins a story in the International Business TimesFriday reporting on the numbers in the first attached chart.《国际财经时报》(International Business Times)上周五在报道上图中的数字时这样写道。They come from an Upstream survey of 4,505 smartphone customers in five emerging markets in which respondents were asked what brand they hoped to buy next. Apple edged out Samsung 32% to 29% overall. The gap was considerably wider in China, where 42% said they wanted their next phone to be an iPhone.这张图表来自Upstream对五个新兴市场的4,505名智能手机用户的调查,调查内容是受访者希望购买的下一部手机是什么品牌。总体而言,32%的受访者希望购买苹果产品,高于三星的29%。这个差距在中国表现得更为明显,42%的受访者表示下一部手机想买iPhone。How can this be? Apple#39;s share of smartphone sales in China last quarter, according to IDC, was a slim 7%.怎么会这样?IDC的数据显示,上个季度,苹果手机仅占中国智能手机销量的7%。There#39;s a clue to what may be happening in a second study released last week by Xerox#39; (XRX) WDS subsidiary that measured something I#39;m calling brand magnetism.上上周发布的第二份研究报告来自于施乐(Xerox)子公司WDS,它或许能提供一些线索,有助于大家了解市场正在发生的情况;报告衡量的是我称之为品牌磁性的东西。As part of a study of customer loyalty, WDS researchers surveyed 3,000 smartphone customers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Fully 76% of iPhone owners said they were sticking with Apple. Samsung came in second at 58%. No other smartphone manufacturer managed to break 40%.作为客户忠诚度研究的一部分内容,WDS研究人员对美国、英国和澳大利亚的3,000位智能手机用户进行了调查。76%的iPhone用户表示,他们将继续使用苹果手机。三星排在第二位,为58%。没有其他任何一家智能手机生产商超过40%。By contrast, Samsung was the favorite choice of ;switchers.; Among customers who were switching smartphone brands or coming from a feature phone, 34% bought Samsungs vs. 24% Apple iPhones.相比之下,三星是“换品牌手机用户”青睐的品牌。在更换智能手机品牌或从功能性手机转而使用智能手机的客户中,34%的人买了三星手机,高于苹果iPhone的24%。;This metric speaks a lot to the marketing might of Samsung,; said WDS#39;s Tim Deluca-Smith. ;The company has been very successful in developing solid relationships with almost every mobile operator on the planet and then building devices to a variety of price-points. This exposes the Samsung portfolio to an enormous base of potential customers.;“这个指标非常能说明三星强大的营销能力,”WDS的蒂姆#8226;德鲁卡-史密斯说。“这家公司几乎与全球每家移动运营商都建立了稳固的关系,打造出了各种价格区间的设备。它使得三星产品组合的潜在客户群非常庞大。”That sounds like Samsung.听起来很像三星。An earlier consumer retention study by Consumer Research Intelligence Partners found that among people who switched smartphone brands, Apple was able to take three times as many Samsung customers (33%) as Samsung was able to steal from Apple (11%)消费者情报研究机构Consumer Research Intelligence Partners早些时候进行的一项调查发现,更换智能手机品牌的用户中,苹果赢得三星用户的比例(33%)是三星赢得苹果用户比例(11%)的三倍。One more data point. The Upsteam survey found that although nearly a third of customers in the developing world covet the iPhone, they download their apps and other content from Google (GOOG) Play (40%) or directly from their mobile operator (26%). Only 28% are currently using Apple#39;s App Store -- although judging from Upstream#39;s litany of complaints, that could change:另外还有一个数据。Upstream的调查发现,尽管近1/3的发展中国家用户渴望拥有iPhone,但他们会从谷歌(Google)的Google Play (40%)或直接从移动运营商(26%)那里下载应用软件和其他内容。仅28%的人在使用苹果的应用软件商店App Store——从Upstream调查获得的客户投诉来看,这种状况可能会发生改变:These [non-Apple] app stores are not without their frustrations. Results from the report show that the most prevalent app store problem experienced by emerging market consumers is the high level of promotional messages received (24%), suggesting that users are not amenable to in-app advertising. Furthermore the data revealed difficulty in navigating app stores to find downloadable content (24%) is another primary frustration. For example, 1 in 5 respondents point out that app stores have a lack of personalised suggestions (20%) and 1 in 10 (11%) say a major problem with current app stores options is the lack of payment methods offered when purchasing content. With many emerging market consumers not having access to credit cards, it will be the app stores that cater to all payment methods that will achieve widesp success.这些(非苹果)应用软件商店并不是没有问题。这份报告的调查结果显示,新兴市场客户遇到的最普遍的应用软件商店问题是无孔不入的推广信息(24%),表明用户不愿接受应用软件内置广告。此外,这个数据也揭示出在应用软件商店中寻找可下载内容的困难(24%),这是另一件让人沮丧的事情。比如,每5位受访者中就有一位(20%)指出,应用软件商店缺乏个性化建议;每10位受访者中就有一位(11%)指出,现有应用软件商店的一个主要问题是购买内容时的付方式有限。由于很多新兴市场消费者没有信用卡,能提供所有付款方式的应用软件商店将获得最大范围的成功。Catering to all price points and payment methods is not exactly Apple#39;s forte.迎合所有的价格区间和付款方式,这些确实不是苹果的特长。 /201403/280258 芜湖最好的割包皮的医院芜湖鸠江区男科医院看男科好吗



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